Book recommendations (pt5).

• Animal Farm: Many of you might already know about this book. It actually takes place in a farm where the animals get tired of the people that are manipulating them and they decide to rebel. The pigs take the lead but in the end things kind of get messy and not as planned

• Hell: So this book was written by Henri Barbusee. It is basically about a man who lives in motel and finds out that there’s a hole in one of the walls that leads to the room next to him. Together with him we actually see all types of people come by, from lovers, to people that reveal their life secrets right before they die. It’s so worth reading it, I highly recommend it.

• The stranger: This is a novel by Albert Camus and it is about a man who ends up in court where he is accused of murder. He doesn’t get judged for his action so much though as for his odd behavior around other things like the death of his mother, his friends and many more. The way Camus describe every scene is truly outstanding; you actually smell the ocean, feel the warmth of the sun you live the whole story like you’re there with the characters, it’s very good.

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Since I’ve talked about English Literature and Psychology in previous posts I thought I would be fun if I wrote a post about the third “subject” that I find really interesting, Jurisprudence.

• Job prospects: I don’t know but the idea of having my own (or work at another) solicitor’s office, having cases and defending clients at court sounds so nice, and also the financial part is of course another advantage.

• Your work place: Another part that we all have to consider while applying for colleges or universities is the possible environment you’re going to work in. Of course everyone doesn’t follow the same career but if you go straight for lawyer then having a routine and working at an office is what will most likely happen and for me that’s exactly what I have in mind

• The purpose of this job: Defending people, searching for evidence and trying to keep innocent people out of jail.

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5 Things To Do Before Going Back To School.

• Start waking up at a decent time: So since you will be forced to wake up around 7:00 am (at least for my school) when you go back to school, it would be good for you if you started putting your alarm a little earlier every day until you reach an hour close to the one you will wake up to when you start your routine. Start a week or two before and take it easy by taking it 30 minutes down every day; it will be very helpful.

• Organize your room-backpack: I don’t know about you but personally I get very happy and inspired every time I change my room and generally the place around me. Start this school year with a change, you don’t have to go and spend 100€ on things just to make your room look prettier, work with the stuff you have and make them look good. Buy your school supplies a little earlier as well and organize your bag so you will be one hundred percent ready and organized. Oh and if you are into it make a little study corner too somewhere in your house.

• Get your nails/hair done, get a facial and/or make a waxing appointment.(OPTIONAL!!)

• Do the last things you want to do before summer is officially over: I made a list and I’ve crossed out pretty much everything except one or two things because I really don’t want fall to come without finishing all the things I want to when it’s still considered summer season. Think about some things you still want to do (ex have a sleepover with your best friend, or have a pool day) call your friends and make them happen RIGHT NOW don’t wait.

• Do a revision: Start a quick revision by yourself one week before you start school and reread some of your subjects (the ones you like at least) and try remember all the things you did last year.

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Things I Learned This School Year.

Hello there, so since I’m done with my first grade of high school for over a month now I thought it would be really nice to share with you some of the things I learned throughout this year that I really think have changed who I am today, cause at the end of the day it’s not all about books it’s about taking care of yourself first. Let’s go!

• Love your body: Oh hun I can not stress this enough; I went into high school being so insecure about my body (believing I was fat at 55 kilos which is just crazy) and generally not feeling so great about myself with my acne, crappy phone etc. Learn to appreciate yourself throughout this year. I became so comfortable with my weight because I exercise every once in a while and I am very careful of what I eat and I know I’m doing the best I can. Did I gain 7 kilos?? Yes I did, but I know that this weight gain was so necessary since I was feeling so weak and dizzy at times before, and because I chose studying over gym. So if you feel upset about your body it’s seriously something that with dedication you can reach every goal you have for it, it’s natural that if you study all day and don’t have time or energy to work out your body will gain two kilos or three but that’s life baby and we are humans so don’t beat yourself up because your stomach got bigger or your thighs IT’S NATURAL❤️.

• Reconsider your friends: As we grow as people and personalities it’s natural to change the people we hang out with. Either because they don’t have the same beliefs or values as us or because they’re underestimating and insult us in any possible way. For me this year racists, homophobes, sexists and every other person that was violating other people’s rights was just cut off of my life, no need for all this negativity trust me.

• Allow yourself to make mistakes: Assignments all wrong or out of subject, essays that came out completely awful, Science tests that I completely failed; it’s all part of the program. Don’t freak out. I had one specific subject last year that went miserably awful, Science. Didn’t understand the teacher, the stuff we were doing and overall couldn’t keep up with the pressure because I had my mind in classes that I was really interested in like Ancient Greek or History. If this happened in Junior High I would probably cry if I had seen these grades, but now that I realized that what I want to do has nothing to do with Science and I didn’t fail at the class I really want to focus on the things that matter for my future (without this meaning that you don’t try just a bit to do something at the subject you’re not interested at). Always keep your notes in class, always behave kindly, and if you don’t get it at the tests and all that like me, grab your teacher and tell him that you can’t understand and that you’re trying, it’s better to let him know that you can’t learn it than let him think you don’t care about his class.

• Find and accept who you are: For me I think that the most outstanding thing I did this year was coming out to my family. Reached a very very very low point of my life (real depression) and got myself almost to the top within months. It’s going to be difficult and it will take a lot of work (or help, maybe professional) and courage to find out what is happening inside your head more so to explain all this to the people that know you and love you the most, your family and friends. At the age of 16 it’s really difficult to realize what you want to do in your life, surround yourself with good hearted people, even finding out your sexuality. Please try and do the best that you can to realize who you are as a person. For me what really motivated me to get me to know myself better and let the person I am to come out to everyone as well (even tho it seems a little negative) was that I was thinking that if I die I want my people to know what friend or son they had by their sides, something that pushed me to find out what things and values I live by and make other people know that as well. Who I really am.

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Booklist (to buy).

• Anna Karenina: So this is a book I wanted to buy for more than a month now because of the movie I saw (based on the book).I fell in love with the movie “Anna Karenina” and the romance behind the whole situation that I really want to read the book too by Leo Tolstoy.

• America’s Queen: America’s Queen is a biography of Jackie Kennedy Onassis that talks about her whole life and everything she and her family went through and I found it so interesting.

• The Secrets of my Life: That’s a book written by Caitlyn Jenner a trans woman who was known as Bruce Jenner before her transition. I wasn’t a big fan of her but I watched some speeches of her and some of the things she did for the LGBT community and I think that it would be nice to give it a try.

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Movies/Series that totally inspired me.

• Sex And The City: So basic I know, but I actually really really like the series.The whole vibe with the girl squad and of course Carrie Bradshaw’s career and life is just what I need the days that I’m feeling down or I need a push of inspiration and let’s be real she is a successful writer living in New York with her friends around, single and ex writer at Vogue can it get any better? (9/10)

• Jackie: Loved the movie and her story. It’s a biography of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, I want to buy a book called “America’s Queen” which is again about her life as well and I don’t know guys I really like everything about her how fashionable,classy she was and what happened to her was pretty awful but the whole era is just wow (7/10).

• Anna Karenina: Such a great movie like god. It is one of the most insane dramatic and tragic love stories I’ve ever seen, you definitely need to check it out if you haven’t seen it already. It just shows where people could go for love and for me this romance and passion is what I call love (8,5/10).

• Fifty Shades: Okay I know that this is a very controversial movie series but can we just focus on Anastasia and on the loyalty of their relationship? Her job is what I want to do as well, work in a publishing house after finishing my studies at English Lit and seeing her succeeding and all that totally gave me courage. And then again her relationship with Christian not a fan of every aspect of it yeah but I loved how loyal they were to one another and would sacrifice anything for their love (7/10).

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Tips for doing well on your exams.

Heyy, so since I recently finished with my exams I thought it would be great to share with you guys some advices and things that I learned during this period of time to make your exams week(s) less exhausting.

• Make a study-plan: Okay so because during my exams I had a week when I was giving another subject everyday making a study plan helped me so much. Organize your time so you can be able to study more than one lesson per day and finish everything on time.

• Sleep: Oh god, I can not stress this enough guys, you have to sleep 7 hours every day at least. During my exams from all the stress and the anxiety that I was having to finish everything on time and read everything over and over again so I’m 100% prepared I was sleeping for about 3-4 hours, something I don’t recommend doing. I was writing good but I was feeling so tired all day and needed 2 cups of coffee to get me going and when we finally finished I needed two weeks to recover from this unhealthy schedule and I was sleeping all day. So in order to avoid that study the things you have to study but get to bed early and wake up early the next day to do your revision.

• Get a tutor: I did it and many other children are doing it too, just because you need help with a subject you’re not good at doesn’t make you stupid or anything you are just asking for a helping hand from a person that knows.

• Eat good: Eat good and full meals, you will need all the energy you can get. All the studying and memorizing and learning require food, stop your diet or whatever for two or three weeks and eat whatever you want and think that will make you feel more energetic and strong.

• Always paraphrase: So in junior high school I wasn’t a really big fan of this method, but during the exams on my first year of high school I understood that there’s no way to memorize the entire book as it is so what I did is that I read the entire thing to the point that I may didn’t know every single word but if you would ask me something I would remember it because I actually learned and understood it.

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4 Things every student does in school.

Hello, I’ve been gone for the past 3 months I think, because of school and stuff but also because I wanted to take a break from this platform since I was completely out of creative ideas for my posts after uploading once or twice every week; but now I’m back with another post and I hope you’ll like it.

• Eating in class: Okay there, let’s be real we ALL eat in class. I mean come on sometimes for any reason the break is just not enough for you so are you going to let that sandwich in your bag waiting for you for about 45 minutes?? I think not, *just be careful when you’re chewing, don’t be loud*.

• Counting the students to see when its your time to read: We’ve all been there; when it’s last period and you have Literature.Of course you’re not paying attention and don’t want to read 5 chapters when you are thinking about the delicious lunch that is waiting for you at home, so what you’re doing you ask? Counting the students in your class so you can do the math and see when it will be your turn to read.

• Lying about gum: Whoever didn’t lie about having gum at school I think that the whole class ate his whole packet in less than 2 minutes. I don’t know what’s the deal with gum and in almost every student’s mind seems like gold.

• Passes Notes: Boring lesson and your best friend sits in front of you…passing notes. The quiet way to talk to your friend and still don’t get detention (if your teacher doesn’t catch you while you are giving the paper to your friend though)

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Book recommendations (pt4).

• 1984: Ughh one of the biggest books I’ve ever read.I really liked it don’t get me wrong,I got the meaning behind it and generally I really liked the plot and the story but I found it very tiring.In some places there were too many details that were a little unnecessary but besides all that and only for the impression that left me after I was done with it (about many things like the way some “great” people manipulate us or whatever) I say that it really worth a shot.

• Simon VS The Homo Sapiens Agenda: So this book about a gay guy who is very closed when it comes to talking about his difference and doesn’t want anyone to suspect what is going on with him, but unfortunately for him information arrives to the wrong person in school and our story begins.I really enjoyed it, it wasn’t too big or tiring and I got really fascinated by all the drama,sadness and struggles (gossip etc but also all the awareness that it brings about the issue of homophobia and the negativity around this community) of this boy, in my opinion is a good book.

• The hunger games: Okay I don’t have to say a lot about this, whoever saw the movie or read the books understands. Pure magic, I only got the first book because in the movies I didn’t really love the rebellion part as much as the trials/game but I will for sure give the other ones a chance to amaze me as well.

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3 Websites/Apps that every student needs.

Today’s post is all about websites that I use in my daily school routine for essays or generally for homework that might make your life a lot easier too.Let’s get on into it.

• Photomath: Photomath is actually an app where you can take a photo of a math equation and it can solve it for you BUT unlike some other apps that give straight up the answer it gives you the details of the solving procedure.I know that some of you might think that this is actually not good and I know that we’re supposed to do all the homework by ourselves but I sometimes use it when I’m just not in the mood to do Maths but still need to get all my school work done for the next day.

• Hemingway: So this a site that I’ve been really using lately when it comes to double-checking and correcting essays.I really like Word don’t get me wrong but after I finish a big essay I always make mistakes (e.x. some words might not be correctly written or might not “fit”) so I copy and paste the whole article or whatever it is there and it highlights the mistakes or anything that is not correctly done in my work.

• IXL: This is a website for maths practice problems that I told you in my previous post.There’s not much to explain, it provides you with all kinds of exercises for whatever you need and at least for me it has done wonders.

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Tips for studying maths.

So since I’ve been struggling a lot with Maths this year and it’s not a subject that you can approach the same way you do with other subjects like History or Biology I decided to write a post about it giving you some ideas on how to get better at it.Of course it’s important to have methods that works for you and facilitates you while studying but now I’m going to talk to you about the things that help me the most and hope they help you as well.

• Mark all your questions: So if you got like any type of homework wrong and the result didn’t come out the way it was supposed to or you were confused in any way during solving an exercise, mark that down and the next day or whenever you have Maths ask your teacher don’t just pass it and leave it because you will eventually learn nothing.

• Use your flashcards: Especially if you have a test the next day or anything or even for everyday classes write theory or equations whatever you want to quickly look over to before class without carrying the entire notebook everywhere.

• Do practice problems (solve them): For me personally the best way to study for maths is to do practice problems and actually solve them by myself because reading through a text book and flipping through word out examples don’t help me at all and since teachers actually ask us to solve equations by ourselves doing practice alone is the best thing.There are so many sites that you could go and look for examples and exercises (if you want to know just request it in the comments and I will write a post about it).

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Common study mistakes.

So today’s post is going to be about some mistakes that we all kind of make while studying and need to be stopped.

• Read from your teacher’s notes: This is something that I believe all of us have done and many have regretted.Even tho the teacher’s notes and papers are really good for looking over information before you go give a test,if you don’t spend time to write your own notes from the lesson you won’t be able to make that connection of the information you just got in your mind and it will be hard to memorize all the stuff you need to.

• Study in bed: So let’s be real and admit we have all done it at some point or another, but taking homework to bed is such a terrible decision.Your brain has associated bed with sleep so getting work done in such place won’t be so easy, go to your desk sit on your chair and get your exercises done; not to mention that laying in bed and writing can sometimes cause back problems because of your posture.

• Read while eating: Just a clear no.At least for me studying and eating can’t go together, I think that food really distracts you and you’re not focused enough on your work; I don’t know if that applies to you but personally if I do that I’m 100% sure I won’t be finished with anything studying related thing I will have to do.

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How to catch up on your school work.

Hey studyblr world, I’ve been gone for about two months or so (since October I think) because I had to focus on my school more and I really wanted to take a break after uploading for five months straight every week, but now I’m back with another post.On December one of you guys asked me to do a “How to catch up at school” post so here it is.

• Get all the school work bullet down: Okay,so the first thing you will need to do is call/email your teachers or one of your classmates to inform you about all the school work you have missed and need to catch up on.Once you did that it would be really helpful if you kind of written everything down in a bullet journal.At least for me,having all the work I need to do right in front me and in order really gets me overwhelmed and ready to study

• Make a time plan: So if you have a ton of work that you need to get done with in like a day or so you really need to have your time all scheduled and planned out.I really think that it will really help you a lot if you just devote a good 5 minutes to kind of write down everything you need to get done with between 6:00-7:30pm for example because not only you will get your work done quicker but also the results will be for sure better that those if you just go on and exhaust yourself for three hours in a raw without a break and without a plan of what you’re doing.

• Relax: The worst thing you can do in these cases is panic about how much work you have and how you will never manage to finish it.Relax; take a breath, make some tea/coffee get your pencil case out and start writing.

• Cut down any distractions: Oh please turn off that phone right now!!If you are about to start doing three essays for your Literature lesson tomorrow you don’t need to worry about your phone too (or anything else).Isolate yourself into your study place and take all the time you need to get your work done without loosing your concentration.

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How to read books.

• Do your research: That’s important.In order to read more books you need to actually be passionate about them and like readings them so do your research and find new books that you like and you find interesting, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve finished 170 pages of a book in one day from my excitement about it.

• Take a break: If you’re tired of reading or your schedule is very full don’t force yourself to read.Take a break and focus on you want for a while and after a week or so I promise you you will feel so excited to get back into reading.

• Make it a habit: Make it your every day thing.Don’t say that you need to read a book, no, you must read a book because that’s what you do.

• Always finish whatever book you start: Don’t dumb books.When you get a book finish it because a. You never know how it will finish and you might end up loving it after like the boring part is over and the fan begins (aka police related books) and b. because you 80% read the summary of the book before you purchase it so if you found it interesting enough to give money for it better finish it and see what does the entire book is about not just these 50 pages.

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The magic of Psychology.

Hey guys, so I’ve already uploaded a post talking about the reasons why I really love and want to study Literature but one of my other options as well is Psychology, so I thought it would be cool to share some of my ideas about this love of mine too.

• The fact that we learn about…us: Isn’t it so perfect to learn new things that affects you directly, cause they are might actually happening to you right now? Anxiety,Stress,Depression all those sicknesses that many people are struggling with every single day and the fact that you can actually “see” through a person’s head and understand him and help him is just so magical and unique to me.

• The fact that you help people: If someone needs to talk or solve any problem he has isn’t it great to be the one who will help him get over his breakdown and help him get his life together again??

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How to keep up with your agenda/planner.

• Decorate it: I think I’ve mentioned this before but having a very nice,organized and decorated agenda will definitely make you want to check it out every day.I used to not check at my agenda at all a year ago but when I decided to devote a little more time into making it more my style (printing inspirational photos,drawing,organize it much more with Doodling/Diary Pages) I absolutely fell in love with it.

• Begin the 100 Days Challenge: So this is something that I’m sure most of you are aware of but for those who don’t know what I’m talking about this is like a “Challenge”, it’s called 100 Days of Productivity and it’s actually what it sounds like (you have to be productive for 100 days).This has helped me so much so far; in days that I don’t really feel like being productive or getting out of bed just because I decided to start this and finish it successfully I find the courage to do anything I have to for the day.

• Make it a habit: You have to learn to live through your agenda.I mean since another day comes you have to plan it, you have to organize your time and see what you are going to do with it which means you’re going to use your agenda.After a lot of time having it I think you will learn like most of us how to make it an everyday thing I mean since tomorrow is another you have to use another agenda page it’s obvious, opening your agenda every morning will be like drinking your coffee ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

• Use it for everything: Use it to write literally everything, numbers you need to call back,reminders, to do lists everything you need you will know it’s in your agenda.

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Places to study.

So as a high school student I’ve learnt how difficult it is to concentrate at times; and a thing that I found out that helps me very much to just focus on my work and get things done is to create a good environment for studying (in or outside the house).So today I’m going to recommend you some “study places” that may help you finish your school work easier.

• The cafeteria: So that’s my basic place to go when I want to leave the house and do my homework for whatever reason (too much noise,not inspiring environment or even too many distractions).Grab your books,your phone and earphones and go to the nearest café order coffee or chocolate or anything it is that you drink and get your work done, I promise it’s so helpful.

• Living room/Bedroom/Office: If you don’t want to leave the house cause it’s too hot or too cold or whatever and want to stay home then create a study corner there.Go to your room or living room, make some coffee (or again whatever you want to drink) prepare all of your stuff and try not to get distracted no matter what.Put classical music on,open your books and laptop and finish that damn assignment.

• Library: I think this one is the best choice if you’re like me and get distracted by literally anything.Take what you need and leave, it’s always quite and a good place to go and study if you’re tired of your room.Also let’s not forget about the books, you have access to so many books that you might need in your essay or research that it’s crazy not to use them (I know internet is good too, but it’s not always reliable).

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Book recommendations (pt3).

Hey guys sorry that this post is for only two books but my schedule at school is out of control so I don’t really have time to read many books but here is what I think for the ones I managed to read:

• They Both Die At tTe End: So this book is basically based on an app that tells you when you’re going to die so when it’s your last day you can go on this app and you can find other people who are also scheduled to die on that certain day and you can meet up with them and talk about what you’re going through,plan your last day together and make it sort of an adventure.It sounds really creepy and depressing but at the same time it’s such an interesting plot premise and I really loved it.Before I bought it I heard really good things about Adam Silvera and his writing and they all came true.I highly recommend it.

• Kids of Appetite: This one is kind of a teenage mystery book it has murders in it but it’s not only that; it’s sort of a love story but it’s more about how our love of music and art might intersect with our love of another human.I highly recommend that as well.

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What made me want to study Literature.

Hey guys, how are you??So I just wanted to say have a nice October with books and lots of coffee.Today’s post as you saw is about what made me want to study Literature.Shall we?

• The world of books: I know that this may sounds lame and basic but this whole world of books is just too good.If you think about how easily a book can make you forget about every problem and concern that you have and let the magic take you into the plot of the book you’ll understand what I mean and since Literature is like 90% book related I’m pretty sure that’s my thing.

• My ability to write/read and remember: So in order to study something or do anything else you want to do you need to not only love and want it very much but also be good at it.If you find it difficult to write an essay or remember dates,names or whatever then Literature for example is not for you.

• The love for teaching: As I mentioned in my previous point you have to like what you’re doing and be passionate about it.If you like to interact with children and other people then you have to look for these kind of jobs and if you don’t then you will need to do something that doesn’t necessarily needs many people around you.

• My inspiration: Lastly the inspiration and motivation some teachers gave me throughout my school years was one of the reasons why I chose to study Literature.If you don’t have good teachers or you don’t like them for some reason then find another role model that represents what you believe and stand for.It will help you so much to admire somebody and have him/her as your idol.

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How to fall in love with books and linguistics.

As a lover of books and linguistic subjects and a future college student of Literature I thought it would be nice to share with you how to start being interested in such things.

• Pick a starter book (that you find interesting) and force yourself to finish all of it: So I know this sounds weird but like everything else in life you have to set the foundations for this too.Buy a book that you find really interesting and force yourself to read all of it (try not to dumb it when you find it difficult to read because of time or job or whatever) I promise you that after reading a nice book that you actually feel passionate about you will want to read more.More of the same author more of this type of book just read more and more,so just try it.

• Read a variety of different books: Don’t stick with one type of book cause you will most likely get sick of it. If you’ve bought a mystery novel last month this month buy a poetry book or a science fiction book just try different things and don’t stick with only one category.

• Set a goal-read number: So if you’re a starter at this book reading habit then I suggest you start by setting a realistic goal of how many books you want to read during this month or these two or three months.This has helped me so much especially on days when I wasn’t in the mood for reading but I forced myself to do so cause I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my goal at the end (and guess what, every time I was finished with the first page I couldn’t let the book down).

• Watch BookTubers: Now if you’re a person who spends kind of a lot of time watching YouTube videos (me) then I suggest you watch a few BookTubers as well, it’s like studyblr but in a video version (Study Hacks,Book Hauls,Book Recommendations) everything you like *jk my favorite BookTuber is King Books go check her out*.

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