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remember when ted cruz decided to circumvent actually saying the word “ratfucking” out loud by phrasing it in the weirdest way possible and ended up implying he had sex with rodents. 

he decided saying"Trump may be a rat, but I have no desire to copulate with him" was the best possible way to get his point across. like…why? if you wanna avoid the term just say you’re not gonna rely on sabotage and smear tactics or something. the rat part doesn’t need to be there.

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you’re telling me we are young came out NINE YEARS AGO

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My mother had three pregnancies, and two children.  She had a miscarriage, between my brother and I, in that four year span between our births, there was another pregnancy, another child desperately wanted, who didn’t live to term.

My mother had her pre-natal care, and her post-miscarriage care, at Planned Parenthood.

Because it was the best place for her.  Because at the time, she had a two year old child and a bike and they were living just around that nice little sweet spot between ‘desperately poor’ and ‘almost have enough to consider a savings account.’  And when you are poor, and female, and need health services, Planned Parenthood is there.

And my mother walked past the protesters, walked past the people who screamed at her about not killing her baby, about how she was a whore, and she was going to hell.  My mother, in mourning for a child that she had lost, blaming herself, hating herself for failing at this most feminine of things, walked through that, to care for herself, to get the medical care she needed.  So that someday, two years later, she could have me.

I cannot speak to the courage that must have taken.  But that path is walked by thousands of women.  Every single day.

She donated to Planned Parenthood until her death.  And she said to me, that the people who screamed at her saw her only as a vessel for a baby.  They didn’t care about her, they didn’t care about her baby, either.  They were pro-birth, not pro-life, because none of them would be there after her baby was born, to offer help and support and care. 

The protesters didn’t care about her.  And the medical professionals inside did.  It is the right of every woman to have access to safe, affordable, quality health care, no matter where she comes from, what her income is, or what choices she makes with her life.  And that is what these kind of bills are attempting to take away. 

This is important.

For many, clinics like Planned Parenthood are one of the only options for free or low cost health care.

97% of Planned Parenthood services are health and wellness related, not abortion. (And legally, federal money cannot be used for abortion services).

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Going into therapy like

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Asking your mom for help finding a christmas gift for your dad be like

Approximately 8 minutes later:

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Asking your mom for help finding a christmas gift for your dad be like

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Teen should not be a porn category pass it on

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reblog if you’re gay or if you just really like rain

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there should be a plague inc fandom

devolving a symptom that mutated on its own

“there are no healthy people left on earth”

when greenland closes their portsbefore you can infect them:
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What really gets me right in the giggle dick about “okay millennial” is how it was said as if it hasn’t been said to us our entire fucking lives.


Doesn’t really have the same oomph, does it? But hey, you tried; have a participation trophy.


Okay millennial


Gen X: okay boomer

Millenial: okay boomer

Gen Z: okay boomer


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why are these kids just out here in their prom pics looking like the personified embodiment of capitalism and america that youd see in an old soviet propaganda poster

i can tell you right now that these are rich people. it’s not the hot tub in the background. it’s not even the money suit. it’s the fact that both girls are dressed and styled like women in their 40s. seriously, i have two cousins who are rich as hell and this is how they dress. ive seen pictures of groups of them flocked together, usually somewhere with a golf course in the background, every last one of them dressed exactly like their mothers. i dont know why. but i can tell you right now with absolute certainty these girls went to a debutante ball and have had their own horse since they were 10. they named it trudy or something. i know all this because those girls are about to leave the house looking like the desperate housewives and nobody sees anything wrong with that 

Damn, chill^
I purchased my first horse as a child with birthday funds, lets save all that salt for fries honey.

“i purchased my first horse as a child with birthday funds”

“my first horse”

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The reason I stay up late is because I don’t want my free time to end and tomorrow to start

I feel so called out and yet so understood.

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