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Snowshoe Hare transitioning from its brown summer coat to white winter coat, Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge, Maine, USA

photo by JLS Photography/CC

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Rare zebra mutation spotted in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. It has been named Tira, after Antony Tira, the Maasai guide who first spotted it. It was beautifully photographed by Frank Liu.

Read more about this cute little dude and his mutation here.

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50 years ago today, Deputy Chairman of the Black Panther Party Fred Hampton was assassinated by the US government. He was 21.

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Reblog if you think a woman can be complete without children



Trying to prove a point to my parents

Or without a man

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“So if you’re poor you’re dead" 

Sometimes, someone just sums it all up in a few words. It’s time. Medicare For All. #Bernie2020

Fuck US healthcare 

Seriously fuck US healthcare

US healthcare is already fucked. 

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merry christmas

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SORRY FOR THE REPOST of the first two, but did a dragonite design to finish out the sea-snake dratini line!

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THIS. I wish I could be as eloquent as this person. Because this is how you make a difference.

for everyone in the notes asking: this was @raindovemodel​ (who is no longer active on tumblr, they’re active on instagram where this was posted but i wont link it because tumblr would hide this in the notes)

Rain (any pronouns) is a genderfluid model & posts a lot about how their ability to “pass” as either a man or a woman influences them, and shows off the absurdity of double standards such as mens vs womens olympic uniforms and societal treatment based on perceived gender

They’re also incredibly patient with transphobes and other bigots, and much more so than most of us can manage and I think it’s amazing that they put up with what people say & do

BRO !!!!!!

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Actually you know what. Just don’t mow. Get rid of your lawnmower. Turn your whole yard into a wildflower field or an edible garden. Lawns are the invention of the upper class to show wealth through wasted plots of grass that is meticulously tended for no reason other than to be grass. It’s literally an empty plot of land they kept because they had so much money they didn’t need it to grow food. Not using a yard as just a yard is an act of rebellion.

One of the main industries still supporting lawns is chemical pest control companies, and they’re also responsible for the insecticides that crashed the bird populations in the 40s and 50s as well as a lot of what’s killing bees and butterflies now. The herbicides they produce specifically targets “bad” plants like dandelions, buttercups, and clovers, which are plants bees rely on for early spring feeding. Grass is just grass; it would be great for feeding small mammals if people would let it grow more than three inches, but they won’t.

So, yeah. Kill lawnmower culture. Plant some native flowers. Grow some vegetables and fruit trees. Put out bird feeders and bee sugar spots and homes for both. Be kind to bugs and birds and rabbits and opossums and whoever else might wander by. Make your neighborhood a lot more beautiful.

I can be evicted for not mowing, so my alternative is to tear out the grass (itself an invasive species planted by the owner) and replace it with low growing native ground covers. In my area, that means certain species of white clover, and alpine strawberries.

Lawn tearing is a hugely involved project that has pressed my entire household to the limits of our disabilities, however.

For most people, the best choice is “overseeding.”

This is a technique wherein you acquire enough seed for the replacement ground cover to do the entire space 2-3 times, and seed the lawn area thoroughly enough that the grass simply cannot compete with the sheer number of other plants.

To learn about local ground covers and flower mixes for your area, try contacting the farmers associations and agricultural boards nearby. FFA and the 4H are both happy to provide this info.

To buy the seed in large quantities, be prepared to shop from a farm supply chain. While flowers will usually need to be purchased from a garden supplier, ground covers such as clover and rye are best bought from the fallow field or grazing pasture sections of farmer supplies. This will ensure you get the large quantities needed for over seeding at the lowest possible price.

White clover in particular is native to give swaths of the US and Canada (please check your local area though), and for lawn replacement over seeding, you want 10lbs of seed per acre.

If you have pulled your lawn, you can get away with 5 lbs per acre.

Mix in a local wild flower collection with your cover clover and you’ll have a flower field yard that is truly spectacular in short order.

If you’re not at risk of fines or eviction for having ground cover over 6 inches, then you can simply aerate your yard, throw down the flower seed, and let it go wild.

If you have the time and patience and energy, a more traditional lawn replacement- one more closely reassembling the neighbors lawn and garden rather than a wild lot - will be “xeriscape” areas made with local species. Xeriscape is a style of yard designed to use no irrigation, while still remaining pretty, alive, fertile and active. Most tea and culinary herbs grow very well in xeriscapes, but fruits and vegetables tend not to get enough water to produce well.

If you have a way of irrigating, such as large rain barrels or a cistern, a high water table, a stream spring or pond on your property, or just regular and thorough soaking rain interspersed with strong sunlight and sun exposure, a fruit and vegetable garden is very rewarding as well, but it will require constant maintenance that your xeriscape or flower field will not.

If you get Heritage flowers that will reseed themselves, the flower field will require effectively no maintenance after planting. A xeriscape should be touched up every season, or thoroughly pruned and maintained once a year.

An edible garden, however, is an often daily commitment.

The easiest place to start is local berries. Whatever berries grow (or grew) wild in your area. Berry bushes are extremely low maintenance, but when they fruit, you should try to pick the fruit relatively quickly. Otherwise it will draw ants, flies, and other unpleasantries to your yard and, if the bushes are near the house, into your home too.

The next lowest intensity plants would be fruit trees and fruit vines. Again, these need to be determined by your climate. In Florida, for example, oranges and passionfruit are great choices. In Pennsylvania, apples and grapes will do better.

Run the vines along the property fence if you have one, or trellis them up a sun-facing wall of your home.

Fruit trees need full sun exposure, and have very individual planting requirements based on the age, type and size of the tree. The store where you purchase the tree will provide you with detailed information.

As for more traditional vegetable garden content, all of it will be more work and commitment than the fruits listed through here, but the easiest place to start is with vining vegetables such as cucumber and squash. Leafy greens, tomatoes and tomatillas are also very beginner friendly!

However, greens grow best in the cooler, dimmer early spring and late fall seasons.

Onions and potatoes that went to sprout in your kitchen will grow easily, but getting a good harvest from them is more tricky, so leave that until your second year when you are more confident in your skills. That said, potato and onion flowers are quite pretty, so feel free to let them grow!

If you’re interested in a good reference book for designing and dealing with an eating garden as a yard replacement, Half Acre Homestead is a hugely valuable book.

For xeriscapes, because they vary so hugely by location, you’ll want to stick to local information sources : your local gardeners guild, the future farmers association, 4h, and the local agricultural oversight board. All of these people are hugely passionate about plants and the environment, and will be invaluable resources.

Additionally, they will know who has the best rotten hay and animal manure for mulching and composting.

This for longer than I meant it to, but hopefully it will help you get started on destroying lawn culture and getting more in touch with the local environmental community!

unfortunately, a lot of rental properties won’t let you do that either
fuck the lawn culture pushing landlords

also worth noting that overgrown/long grass lawns can really fuck with people with limited mobility (at least the grass where I’m from, it tires me, able bodied, out trying to navigate), and also brings the danger of hidden venomous snakes (i’m australian, enough said). of course, the solution to this would be low growing ground covers.

That’s true. My landlord “misplaced” my security deposit of over $1000 USD and refuses to do any necessary home maintenance tasks like plumbing or replacing a broken kitchen stove, however, so I’m taking a very “well fuck it” attitude towards all this.

For mobility purposes, I find that the best choice is just to make a path. Packed dirt, or paving stones, leading to the kinds of places you might hang out in your yard, and let the rest grow tall. I use a cane, though, not a chair, so I’m not sure how well that will work in all cases.

reblogging for rebellious, disability-friendly botany

Also for a super low, mobility-friendly and low-maintanence option look up moss lawns! They’re super pretty too and give a soft fairy tale or haunted forest look :)

Clover also works really well for low mobility and doesn’t get overly high like the grass here in MN does. We’ve pretty much let the clover take over the back yard, now we’re moving onto the front.

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from this post

mario is luigi’s number one fan

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ghost eyes

you are walking through the high-altitude cloud forest of Costa Rica on a Friday morning, as you do. you trample through the underbrush, heedless of your surroundings. suddenly, you stop. you feel… watched.

and judged. definitely judged.

you turn to run, but it is too late! you are surrounded by the alien stare of the Ghost Glass Frog. it’s curtains for you now, buddy.

oh no! aaaaaaagh. aaaaaagh!

the Ghost Glass Frog, which looks cross between Kermit and Hypno Frog, is a small and weirdly adorable meme creature found across southern Central America. they live in trees, surviving on a diet of insects and are harmless to humans. (though they may hop onto your face and chirp a bunch)

maybe don’t stare into these for too long, though

like all species of Glass Frog, the Ghost Glass Frog is a master of stealth. their bright green skin makes them nearly invisible against the leaves.

but the eyes do kind of give them away

though their true weirdness, and their namesake, lies… *editor’s note: pause for dramatic effect* BELOW

their underbellies are almost completely transparent, giving us a perfect view of their guts for God only knows what reason. 

*editor’s note: write something clever here when we stop rolling on the floor making disgusted noises*

maybe they thought a bird’s-eye view of their spleen would give most predators pause. (they were absolutely correct ew ew ew)

you wanna know what else is transparent? my ability to give a fuck

Ghost Glass Frogs lay their transparent eggs (which contain their transparent children) on the edges of leaves that overhang fast-flowing streams. one or both parents stick around to protect the eggs, which is roughly equivalent of a human giving their kids a free ride through college. pretty impressive parenting for an amphibian.

away from my children or I’ll show you my weird frog spleen, evildoer!

when the tadpoles hatch, they drop into the water and are off to have adventures and show their internal organs to complete strangers on a fairly regular basis. in a few months they gain legs and a froggy outlook on life, at which point they hop out of the water to complete the cycle.

the frog cycle, the only cycle that matters

so as frogs go, this sticky customer is certainly gutsier than most. and for that, they deserve the world’s tiniest and moistest high five.

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Can we all agree that most book to movie adaptations would improve if they were animated instead of live-action?

Most of the problems are with the sfx, stunts, and characters not matching book descriptions. Animation would solve all of this and the only reason it’s not a widely used medium for movie adaptations is cause “It’S nOt SeRiOuS eNoUgH bLeH” or “aNiMaTiOn Is FoR kIdS mYeH” like??? Fuckin make a good movie!!! Let pretentious assholes miss out on good movies!!! Fuck em!!! Just try and change my mind!

You’re right and you should say it.

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today’s unpopular opinion: a high school class that teaches you about taxes or bank accounts or whatever else is functionally useless and would not help most people with adulting.

like, I actually had several classes about practical skills, including filling out a dummy tax form and balancing a checkbook and learning about compound interest and making a household budget. the problem is that, as a kid, you generally lack the context for those things, since most kids aren’t making independent financial decisions. it’s totally meaningless. when you’re in middle school and high school, finances are essentially just complex word problems: “you have $50 to spend and here are a bunch of groceries with made-up prices. how many things can you buy without going over budget? show your work.” 

that’s a completely different thing than “you are $4k in credit card debt and your card has a $5k limit with a 18-24% variable interest rate, and you have $200 in your bank account, $100 of which is earmarked for your internet bill and $60 of which is for your car insurance. it is monday, and you get paid on friday. how do you eat something other than pasta?”

I submit that the collective fear we young adults feel about finances has absolutely jack shit to do with not being taught how to do things, and everything to do with thinking there’s some magic trick or mathematical formula that keeps you from being poor.

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One of the most important things you can teach your kids is when and how to say no to authority figures.

Even more important is to find a way to teach them that anyone with power doesn’t deserve to be trusted

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we are already living in the cyberpunk future and i know this because within a span of 3 days we went from this tweet:


to thousands of people making phony images and replying to them with their passionate desire to have them as a tshirt to overload the bots with nonsense and junk and send out warnings to shoppers like this:


and now we even have people replying to pictures of baby yoda with “i want this on a tshirt” knowing how ravenous disney is being with copyright in hopes to get the stores taken down altogether

i dont know what it is about stuff like this and the whole turn mei into a symbol of hk protesters thing but, its really reassuring for some reason

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For some reason a bird speaking Japanese is mildly off putting.

> Literal translation

Bird:“ ‘Uhm Hello, this is the Ono family.”

Bird: “What’s wrong?”

Owner: “Abe-chan, you’re a little too early. Once the phone’s picked up, then properly say hello.”

Bird: “Okay, understood.”

Owner: “Do you really understand? I’m counting on you. Hello, this is the Ono family residence in Gifu.”]

Bird: “Okay, I understand!”

Owner: “Got it.”

> That’s clearly some sort of Pokemon.

> Off-putting? It’s like birds were meant to speak Japanese!

> For some reason it’s never occurred to me that birds can mimic languages other than English. It’s so cool, though!

quoth the raven; “moshi moshi”

Mildly annoyed voice: Hai, WAKARIMASHITAAAAAA!

the smol,, “doushitano” when he said his line early asndshdakjsf

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I know I’m late to the party, but having just watched the The Amazing World of Gumball episode “The Parents”, I’m quite surprised that (from a cursory glance) it didn’t appear to generate significant drama in the fandom. In any other fandom, I’d have expected it to create a full-on schism.

Was there drama and I just missed it, or was there a particular reason it didn’t?

Edit: Wow, even on Reddit there was minimal drama. Has Steven Universe just broken cartoon fandom?

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The basic premise of the Pokémon journey is objectively hilarious when applied to literally any other profession. Like, imagine if becoming a dentist involved going on a yearlong walking tour of the surrounding countryside, cleaning the teeth of various fanciful monsters with increasingly esoteric dental apparatus, culminating in performing a six-hour root canal for a five-headed dragon who may or may not be God.

Halfway through your journey you discover that the American Dental Association is really an ancient conspiracy that’s scheming to use fluoridated drinking water to turn people’s teeth into radio receivers for communications from aliens. Resolving this situation somehow involves you filling a cavity for a woolly mammoth. The incongruity of a living mammoth in the modern era is never satisfyingly addressed.

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