Covers and sleeves of ToQger Character Book 2 scanned by silverwind.

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Shipping asks: 6,11, and one of your own choice.


Thank you for asking <3

6. Not really, actually. Because it depends on the content of the series, movies, personalities, or I just simply ship 2 people that I like… But most of the couples that I ship are 2 insecure people, or 2 people with 2 personalities (but of course they have to match perfectly (in my opinion)). So all in one, my fav type has to be at least one insecure person.

11. Hints or moments are important for a ship, but I ship plently of crackships so it’s very difficult to find moments, or even fanfictions, fanart, video edits,… So I mostly depends on the characters’s personalities to decide whether I wanted to ship them or not.

One of my fav, Keiichirou x Umika are also like this. Until the end, they barely have any moments together. But their personalities are perfect for each other, and both of them are my fav characters. So why not?

19. Hmm, I kinda love all 3 of them. But honestly, angst is my most favorite since most of my otps are fit for this (even if they’re the cutest or the purest couple). And I’m also in to bad/sad ending lol

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I got bored, so this is my list about my fav/worst (or maybe just least favorite) and most underrated SS characters, divided into colors (every color i can think of lol)

1. Red

- Favorite: Asaka Keiichirou/Patren Ichigou

Takeru used to be my number one Red Sentai ranger. But after watching every episode, including movies or sequels, I actually fell in love with this guy. His character changed my opinion several times. At first, I hated him, and I kinda think that he will be my first Red Sentai ranger that I wanna bash lol. And of course, I was wrong. Keiichirou deserves all my love ❤️❤️❤️

- Least favorite: Akashi Satoru/Bouken Red

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never hated him or disliked him. I do like him but he’s a little overrated to me. In fact, Boukenger is my first season that I prefer other colors than Red or 6th. I mean, people love him and they praise a lot about him. But to me, he doesn’t that special. I still like him, but not that much.

- Most underrated: Sakurada Hiromu/Red Buster

People will talk about how cool Marvelous is, how cool is Takeru,… But not many people noticed Hiromu much. I love his character development and how determinate he was. But he didn’t get much attention, maybe because of how Gokaiger outshined lots of Sentai series afterward?

2. Blue

- Most favorite: Sela/Zyuoh Shark

I prefer heroines more so Sela deserves this (to me lol). Sela is a generous girl, and kinda naive inside. I’ve always loved this type of a character. But honestly, most of the Blue Sentai rangers don’t leave too much impressions to me, even for Sela.

- Least favorite: No one

- Most underrated: Yoimachi Tooma/Lupin Blue

I love LuPat and all of the characters in general. But honestly, Tooma didn’t get much attention because there are too many episodes about WRed and the other Patrangers. But he was kinda luckier than Umika because he had more episodes that he outshined than she.

3. Green/Black

- Most favorite: Jou Hanto/Go-On Green

How cute he is? According to me, Green Sentai rangers have a same trait: they are not the best in their team, but they have one talent that better than the others. Hanto didn’t have that. But I love his childish and light-hearted trait. He would always helped people, even if he had to wearing girls’s outfit.

- Least favorite: Hikawa Sakuya/Patren Nigou

Same as Satoru, I like Sakuya but not that much. I don’t really know if I had any problems about him. I just don’t really into him. Maybe he was just too naive.

- Most underrated: Tusk/Zyuoh Elephant

He deserves more attentions. No more, no less.

4. Yellow

- Most favorite: Rouyama Saki/Go-On Yellow

Omfg I love her x3. I used to be obsess with Saki for a long time. And until now, no one can get her 1st character in my fking heart. I mean, how can I just ignore her and her blooming smile? And you have no idea how happy I was when she got a lot of attenttion in 10 years grandprix.

- Least favorite: honestly no one, Yellow heroines are my favs 💛💛💛

-Most underrated: Mamiya Natsuki/Bouken Yellow

So… she just need to be known that she was the last Lemurian? I mean seriously?

5. Pink/White (i can’t post any photo since I can only use 10 photos, sorry)

- Most favorite: Myoujin Tsukasa/Patren Sangou

She’s the queen and the little cupcake at the same time. And I don’t know how long since I have loved a Pink heroine? And her trait was quite like Sela, Tsukasa believed in people easily. But like I said, I love that type.

- Worst: Nishihori Sakura/Bouken Pink

Yeah, I hate her. I mean, she got many episodes to develop. But how much did she grow up? Nothing. And I can’t stand how she just followed Satoru into space? More like stalking to me. Sakura was also too skeptical. All in one, Sakura was way too overrated. She literally the worst character.

- Most underrated: Raptor-283/Washi Pink

Let me ask: Is Raptor an extra-senshi or just a fking mentor?

6. Gold/Silver (6th in general)

- Most favorite: Takao Noel/Lupin X/Patren X

Badass. Just that. He was both cute and badass in the same time.

- Least favorite: Ikari Gai/Gokai Silver

Idk why but I don’t like him, a lot lmao.

- Most underrated: Mondou Misao/Zyuoh The World

Idk about the international fandom, but in my place, people hate him a lot because he was too insecure. But i found it cute. He was just a little baby needed protection.

With orange, violet, rare colors… I will not mention, because I only love them lol.

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What Team?


Got this idea a while ago and it wouldn’t leave me alone till I wrote it. So here we are, more than 5k words later. 

There’s some bullying in this and some mild homophobia, as well as fighting so be warned. It’s a happy ending though. 

No ships, really. Primarily EJ/Ricky/Seb friendship. 

Set in the middle of s1, post-1x06 but before 1x09.

– – –

He’s running late for rehearsal when Ricky stumbles across some kids bullying Seb. Ricky interveens but of course it doesn’t go exactly to plan. 

– – –

Ricky was on his way to rehearsal when he heard it. Having stayed after class to talk to his chemistry teacher about the less than stellar grade he’d gotten on a quiz so the hallways were pretty deserted. No one wanted to stay at school for longer than necessary after all. Ricky was just glad he hadn’t put in his earbuds for the walk to the drama room or else he would have missed it entirely. 

“Just leave me alone.” A voice said, sounding broken.

Ricky paused.

It came from just around the corner and the voice was familiar so Ricky took a detour and came face-to-face with Seb, looking small and dejected. He was backed against some lockers and surrounded by three guys in letterman jackets, who Ricky recognized from EJ’s lunch table as being on the water polo team. 

“What’s going on?” Ricky asked, looking around at all of them. He could feel the tension and anxiety radiating off of Seb. Ricky took a step closer to Seb. He didn’t know exactly what was going on but he had a feeling it wasn’t good. 

Keep reading

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Shipping Asks


1. What was your first OTP? 

2. What is your current OTP?

3. Do you have any OT3/OT+ ships? What are your favorites?

4. What is/are your favorite trope(s)?

5. What is/are your least favorite trope(s)?

6. Do you have a certain kind of ship you’re more attracted to?

7. Are most of your ships “pure” or “problematic”?

8. Who is the most shippable person you can think of?

9. Are there any fandoms you don’t have any ships for?

10. Do characters have to have canon interactions for you to ship them?

11. What makes a great ship in your own opinion?

12. What drives you away from a ship?

13. Is there anything you ship but refuse to interact with the community for?

14. Has a fanbase ever made you ship or not ship something? Why?

15. Do you like/participate in ship wars? Why or why not?

16. Are there any ships you just can’t/don’t understand? What are they?

17. Are there any popular ships that you just don’t like? What are they?

18. What is your favorite unpopular ship?

19. Do you prefer fluff, angst, or smut for your ships? 

20. Do you prefer bigger fanbases or smaller ones?

21. Have you ever received hate for a ship you liked? 

22. Do you have any ships that you ship, but would never want to see as canon?

23. Have you ever had a ship become canon, but you didn’t like how it was portrayed?

24. What is your favorite canon ship?

25. What are your favorite ships from a dead fandom?

26. What are your favorite shipping scenes?

27. What are your views on reader x canon ships?

28. What is your best shipping advice?

29. Do you like OCs (Original Characters)?

30. What are some of your favorite shipping blogs?

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rewatching this about several times because of the iconic sneeze

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Lupat Episode 10 - Keiichiro approaching to Kairi.

Ryusoulger vs Lupat - Kairi approaching to Keiichiro.

This is a good contrast, both of them care about each other. I’m so excited 😭💖

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Portwell Ice Cream Shop AU

  • E.J. starts working at an ice cream shop after school.
  • He hates it because he’s not good with people and people show up in large crowds because obviously everyone loves ice cream.
  • He also hates the stupid uniform he has to wear.
  • His boss really sucks for making them wear it.
  • It’s a striped green shirt with khaki shorts and a green cap.
  • He looks like Steve from Blues Clues.
  • But E.J. works with Ricky so it’s not absolutely terrible.
  • And then one Saturday, everything changes.
  • A group of girls walk in and he immediately sees her.
  • She’s all smiles and has the most beautiful brown eyes E.J. has ever seen.
  • She orders her ice cream and E.J. doesn’t know how to function.
  • Because she’s beautiful and wow he’s never seen anyone so confident and magical.
  • And maybe E.J. starts to hate his job a little less.
  • She comes in every Saturday afternoon and Ricky starts to notice how nervous E.J. gets when she’s there.
  • And it’s stupid really because he doesn’t even really know her and he doesn’t know her name.
  • “So when are you gonna do something about this crush of yours?” Ricky snickers when she leaves.
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” E.J tries to play it cool, except doesn’t because E.J. isn’t even cool to begin with.
  • Ricky is right though but there’s no way E.J. is going to admit it.
  • Then one Saturday, she doesn’t show up like E.J. thought she would and he’s disappointed.
  • That Saturday is the longest Saturday of his life.
  • He sees her at school on Monday and she goes up to him and greets him.
  • “You’re James, right?” she points at him and smiles.
  • E.J. doesn’t know what to do and kind of forgets how to breathe.
  • “I’m, Gina.” she shakes his hand.
  • E.J. hates his real name but he loves the way it sounds when Gina says it.
  • “Well, I should get to class.” She points. “I just wanted to say hello since I saw you standing here.”
  • She starts to walk away.
  • But then E.J. gathers some courage and blurts out “Will you be getting some ice cream on Saturday?”
  • She turns around and nods her head yes and E.J. gets butterflies in his stomach.
  • E.J. is crushed that Saturday because she shows up with some guy he doesn’t know.
  • He thinks it’s her boyfriend.
  • Why wouldn’t it be?
  • Gina is wonderful and of course she would have a boyfriend.
  • He watches them carefully and sees the look in Gina’s eyes.
  • Her eyes aren’t as bright and they start to argue.
  • E.J. clenches his fists because, doesn’t that guy know just how lucky he is to be with her?
  • “Hey, man. Relax.” Ricky puts a hand on E.J.’s shoulder when he sees what’s going on.
  • Except now that guy is pulling Gina’s arm and E.J. jumps over the counter like he’s Spider-Man or something , yells at the guy and punches him right then and there.
  • Of course the other guy punches him back and E.J. stumbles.
  • Ricky and their boss separate the two and Ricky takes E.J. to the back and puts ice on his eye.
  • Gina shows up a few minutes later and Ricky leaves them.
  • “That was really brave.” She says and holds the ice against his eye. “You could’ve gotten fired but that was really brave. Thank you.”
  • “Your boyfriend’s a tool.” E.J. tries to smile but his face kind of hurts a lot.
  • Gina laughs. “Yeah he is, except he’s not my boyfriend.”
  • “He’s not?” E.J. asks eagerly.
  • “Nope.” Gina smiles softly and they look into each other’s eyes.
  • He doesn’t know how it happens but suddenly, Gina places her lips on his and they’re kissing.
  • E.J. melts in the kiss and wraps his hand around her neck.
  • It’s soft and intense and better than he thought it would be.
  • “Why…did you do that?” E.J.’s eyes are closed.
  • “I wanted to.” She says casually and kisses his cheek.
  • He starts to relax around her after that and they eventually hang out.
  • They go on picnics and visit museums and he realizes they’re more alike than he thought.
  • They sing along in the car and both like musicals.
  • And one day E.J. invites Gina over and shows her his CD collection.
  • E.J. really loves music.
  • Her eyes are wide and she runs her fingers over the CDs.
  • He plays music and Gina starts to dance.
  • Gina’s a great dancer and she tries to teach him except E.J. has two left feet and falls a lot.
  • She also likes to take photographs and carries a camera with her everywhere she goes.
  • She sticks her tongue out and furrows her brows every time she takes a photo and E.J. thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen.
  • They go to the park one day and Gina climbs a tree.
  • E.J. follows her even though he’s kind of terrified of heights and his legs are shaky.
  • Gina steadies him and they make it to the top.
  • “What are we doing up here?” His voice is shaky so she puts her hand on his to help him relax and it works because suddenly, he forgets he’s up there and just stares into her eyes.
  • “I like to climb this tree and get a better view of the world.” She scoots closer to him. “You see things differently when you see them from a new perspective.”
  • He’s speechless because he never thought of it that way.
  • She honks her horn one night and invites him on an adventure.
  • By adventure she means going to the grocery store at two in the morning to buy milk and cereal because she’s hungry.
  • He tells her that she can eat the cereal that he has inside but she gets in the car before he can even finish his sentence.
  • So he agrees to go with her because he’s whipped and the look she gives him makes it hard to say no.
  • So they buy milk, cereal, spoons and bowls.
  • E.J. watches her has never felt closer.
  • “I love you.” He suddenly blurts out.
  • Gina raises her eyebrows and kisses him.
  • He means it. He really means it.
  • “I love you too, James.” They continue to kiss.
  • E.J. lays in bed that night, thinking how he got so lucky when his path crossed with Gina Porter.
  • He has the ice cream shop to thank for that.
  • The ice cream shop had led him to her.
  • He didn’t remember what his life was like before her but he knew he didn’t want to go back.


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i’m not the troy you want.

e.j. caswell

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2nd verse of What I’ve Been Looking For was like EJ couldn’t stand Nini’s attidude anymore lol, his voice was kinda angry tho lol

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both EJ and Gina should have a proper song for themselves. I’m not gonna say it twice. They can even have a duet together.

One had a song that didn’t go with his voice well and one didn’t even have a chance to sing in the series? C'mon.

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give me gina as belle & ej as beast or we riot

EJ is a senior for crying out loud, let him have his moment.

Gina needs a main role for herself too, why an understudy?

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ocean eyes

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If they were going to make BATB, EJ would be Gaston for sure for crying out loud (but srsly i don’t really want that. He had the Gaston vibe, but I swear just let him get the lead role)

Gina or Nini can be Belle. But srsly like 70% Belle will be Nini.

Ricky is the little Beasty aww. But Chip is fit for him somehow lol (or Seb can be Chip).

Plot twist said EJ will be the Beast or Ricky is Belle :)

Ashlyn is Mrs. Potts okayyy.

And srsly, I don’t really want the leads for Rini. Don’t get me wrong, i love them, but everything can’t be just about them.

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Matt Cornett x Brooklyn Elizabeth

beautiful <3

original photos by nicolerenardphoto (ig)

recolored with lightroom by @allylovesall

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I used to prefer EJ and Gina as best friends or siblings. But now forget it, even if they were a couple or not idc. If they were happy, so did I. My fav characters’s happiness are my first priority

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billie eilish

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Just a random quote headers

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random sea & sky lockscreens 

please like or reblog if you save/use ♡

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