I'm never away from it. And I'm always watching. If you want to know about the girl behind the mobile, just ask.  This is a pro-Mark Gatiss blog; he's a national treasure. 


the best way to spend the season’s first snowfall ♡

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Kids.  Teenagers.  As someone staring 40 in the face lemme tell you a thing.

You are going to be horrified and embarrassed at some point by the shit you are doing now.

And you are going to wish with all your might you’d done more of it.  

You’re gonna wish you had more selfies, more photos, more videos being dumb with your friends.  You’re going to wish you’d had your hair even higher or your shoes even sparklier.  

Go.  Document the shit out of your ridiculous life.  Fuck trends but if you wanna be trendy, go all in.  Fuck in-groups and subcultures but if one sings to you, do it all.  Be exactly as cool or punk rock or goth or fandom or country or hardcore or hip hop or whatever, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Just don’t hurt people.  That’s the only thing you’ll ever genuinely live to regret.

@palejoke tagged: #I mean no offense but why a 40 y/o on the hellsite

I think I have talked about this before, but because life doesn’t end at twenty or thirty or forty or fifty and thinking that folks are going to fall out of social media or that there won’t always be someone your age and my age and twice both of our ages interested in [insert anything, ever] is a very limiting worldview.  

Somewhere there is a sixty-five year old who unironically loves Taylor Swift’s music and a fifty-two year old writing Superwholock fanfic and a ninty year old who absolutely lives for the next episode of Archer and a seventy-one year old that can kick anyone’s ass in k-pop trivia.  There will always be these folks, and all the Internet has done is give fans of all ages a chance to interact in a way that they never had before.

Before BBSes and the Internet and Usenet and the World Wide Web and fanrings and forums and social media, those people would just love it in their own way, in the privacy of their own homes.  But now anyone can make an Ao3 account or a basic fansite or tumbl about whatever they want, and sometimes you’re gonna learn those people are old but they still get it, and sometimes you’re going to find out those folks are still kids, twelve or fourteen at the oldest, and marvel at their maturity and skill and attention to detail.  

And that is rad as hell, that is fucking incredible, that is… whatever the kids are saying these days, hah.

As a sidenote, once, about a decade ago, I decided to email one of my favourite authors before she bit it … she was pushing 90 at the time. ( … she’s still alive now).

Anyways, we got to having a long discussion, because I shared my deadname with her late husband, and I actually had quite a long conversation with her.

The part of the conversation I’d like to share with you about this now pushing 100-tear-old author isn’t that she developed a liking for her breakfast eggs from her honeymoon in Vienna, or that her Husband would sometimes steal her drafts to read them as soon as he could, or that she superglued a potted plant to her bookshelf to watch her orange cat try to knock it over and fail.

Nono, I mention this to bring up what she would do as a writing exercise whenever she didn’t feel like writing her serious work.

In short, erotic darkwing duck slashfic. You can find it online.

This is the greatest addition this post has gotten so far.


I love all the posts written by older fans, with their insight, and their generous attitude towards young fans, and young fanfic writers, and young fanartists. 

Older fans who patiently explain to whomever questioned the validity of older fans participation…

that it’s older fans running the AO3 servers and the entire OTW organization;

Older fans most often writing the actually well written fanfic; 

Older fans planning, organizing and executing massive cons;

Older fans who write out fandom history dating back to pre-internet so that history can be known and preserved and enjoyed;

Older fan lawyers enforcing Fair Use laws pro bono to keep fans from being sued for creating fic or art or any other media;

Older fans behaving well with life-lived-and-learned healthy boundaries;

or conversely dealing out smack-downs to those not behaving well be they older trolls or naively inexperienced younguns;

Older fans letting fans of all ages remember that zany enthusiasm is not the province only of the young - it is the province of humanity

And we’re right there loving being human with you.

I don’t think I’ve ever hit reblog so quickly.

Write that letter to your favourite author or actor. Send that very kind tweet to someone you admire. Go to that con and meet friends and take those selfies. Just be kind.

I lost my favourite actor this year and I regret not doing the above sooner. I had tickets to see him in June, but he passed away early that month.

I’m terribly lucky I got to meet him when I was 10, but my 43 year old self wanted to thank him again.

Don’t put off things. You never know what might happen.

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good omens + richard siken quotes

“and you’re trying to choke down the feeling, and you’re trembling, but he reaches over and touches you like a prayer for which no words exist, and you feel your heart taking root in your body, like you’ve discovered something you don’t have a name for”

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Right, I know they exist, but could someone point me in the right direction of the 2 image files of ‘to the world’ for 2 separate monitors. I’ve scrolled through hundreds of screencaps now with out any luck!

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Family trip to see Hamilton. 💕

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Just a little reminder as we’ve moved into November, now is the time to release all those holiday plot bunnies you’ve collected. I’ll set up the Mystrade Holiday Collection 2019 on AO3 next week so we can put all the holiday goodies in one place. It’ll be an open collection for any and all Mystrade fics pertaining to winter holidays (whatever ones you please). Please spread the word.


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Thinking about The Douglas Theory vs The Neil Theory when did the switch happen. Personally, I always imagined that it happened that night after several bottles of wine, a lot of brainstorming and silly discussions about dolphins and bananas and stuff, and I think I shall keep this headcannon because I simply like it :).

But the brain cannot help but ponder :). 

An argument against The Douglas Theory is they have figured it out too quickly, the whole switch. After all they have never bodyswapped before…

or did they?

What if they are actually used to bodyswapping? It starts simply as a favour (such as: Crowley, could you in my body tell my neighbour I am uncomfortable with his advances? I’m aftraid my previous attempts were not assertive enough my dear.), and it it simply goes from there (Aziraphale! What did you do in my body in Hell that there are now posters DO NOT LICK THE WALLS?!), and sometimes they do it only for shits and giggles. So when they saw Agnes’ message, they got it right away…

I think one of the best things about this fandom, is that all our theories are valid. I personally think that they didn’t swap until right before they parted the following day. I think they needed that night- for another bottle of wine, for confessions of love, and for intimacy. 

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This photo does not do justice to this morning’s sunrise 🌄 #Splottlife

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Matthew Sweet on Twitter
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“Barely Counts as a Sin” by tabbystardust

(Bigger version on AO3)

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and TWICE A YEAR it comes back to bite him in the ass

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Someone has taken over my heating pad. #catsofinstagram

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From the DVD commentary, episode 1:

Crowley and Aziraphale are leaving the St. James’s Park 

Douglas Mackinnon: Here we have a Sherlock easter egg that nobody has got as we speak. Do you even know the Sherlock easter egg that we have here?

Neil Gaiman: I believe it’s the Diogenes Club…?

Douglas Mackinnon: Yeah, it’s the exterior of the Diogenes club, which is just about to appear and - just there. That is the Diogenes Club where Sherlock and Watson go to visit Mycroft. And I had a plan that I never quite got to. I was gonna have them walk in their Victorian costumes, walk into the club in the background, you know, doubles of Benedict and Martin. But we never quite got there.


Oh yeah, @antheas-blackberry and I have fond memories of that corner. 😂

We needed that extra scene!

Also Sherlock community totally did get it. I mean, I noticed when I first watched it and so did many Mystrade peeps

I noticed it right away as I’ve taken many a photo there and literally paced back and forth there for hours a year ago before I went to a talk INSIDE with Mark.

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its chrimmus

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Sunday #runview #latergram (at Cardiff Bay Official)

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Good Omens Inktober 2019 roundup. Thanks to @neil-gaiman et al. for providing oodles of inspiration this year. Let’s hope the world hasn’t ended before Inktober 2020…

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