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Hercules. The ESFJ.

Seriously, Disney’s Hercules is the best example of an ESFJ. Let me explain.

-ESFJs dream of fitting in. They dream of that far off place, with a great, warm welcome. They love feeling like they belong, like they have a purpose in society that is well-defined and allows them to help other people. They will go to desperate measures to find this place for themselves.

-They will help people, no matter what the cost. They are the heroes of everyone’s stories. If you ask an ESFJ to do something for you, they’re going to have a really, really hard time saying no to you unless they hate your guts. 

-They are suckers for love. Which is both good and bad. The ESFJ is an amazing lover. Society’s idea of a “perfect partner” is probably the ESFJ; a warm, selfless caregiver who wills stop at nothing to satisfy their partner. 

-However, while this may be true, the ESFJ is incredibly susceptible to being used or feeling unappreciated in the relationship. They may allow others to bully them, believing that their partner is more valuable or perhaps a better person than they are.

-Ultimately, if the ESFJ keeps going along this path, they may end up breaking themselves apart to keep the relationship together. They may lose a part of themselves along the way, and it can be incredibly hard for them to find their way back to being “themselves.” Fe is not Fi…

-However, ESFJs are, well, charming. They’re the life of the party and can typically feel healed and refreshed after spending a lot of quality time with lots of good friends. Their past troubles with relationships (not excluding non-romantic ones!) may leave them with trust issues, but it is always people that help to cheer them back up and get them on the right path.

Disney doesn’t really touch much on the negative sides of the ESFJ, but it’s what can be expected: they can be dramatic, petty, nosy, and can be seen as annoying by many because they try to “save you” by meddling with your relationships and activities. Their end goal is to be as helpful as possible, buuut if they lose sight of this, they may become overbearing.

A lot of MBTI enthusiasts are not ESFJs…and vice versa. It can be difficult to deal with an ESFJ when you’re, say, an INTP. But just remember: all it takes is a smile and some “how are you?”’s to turn your ESFJ’s frown upside down. Seriously. Just. Smile. At. Them. They’ll do the rest of the talking, guaranteed. 

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Hiya. I've read multiple times that Ne doms are the most introverted extroverts. So who would be the most extroverted introverts? Is there a most extroverted enneagram type (and also a most introverted one)?



There’s some debate between INFPs and ISFJs for the most extroverted introvert – SiFe lends itself to being present and engaged, and Ne is always eager for more information and ideas.

The most extroverted Enneagram type is likely a 7; the most introverted, 5.

- ENFP Mod

Personally, I would make a small adjustment and argue that the ISFJ and ISFP personality types have the potential to be the “most extroverted introverts,” reason being that it doesn’t make sense to grant the title to the introvert whose auxiliary function is the exact same one that makes the ENFP and ENTP the most introverted of the extroverts: Ne. 

INFPs that I know can act like extroverts for short periods of time, but typically need time to recharge very quickly; FiNe is far more focused on introspection and their inner world than FiSe. ISFPs that I have met can display extroverted behavior for hours via Se before they feel the need to recuperate. 

In general, the dominant function needs to be followed immediately by a very classically “extroverted” function: Se or Fe. These two functions are the most externally engaging functions, and it only makes sense that in a social atmosphere, introverts such as the ISFP and ISFJ would shine, as Fi and Si take a step back to allow the auxiliary function to take the driver’s seat. 

Additionally, in the simplest terms, the “F” factor is also important here because while the ISTP can seem extroverted in some instances, they are usually in their heads, while ISFP and ISFJ typically enter a conversation with a subject related to emotional matters (i.e. “How are you?” “Tell me about how you and your girlfriend are doing!”), which can lead others to believe they are classic “extroverts.” 

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These two love the arts. Separately, neither may be too much of an “artsy” person, but together their creativity shines. 


  • ENFJ feels as though they have someone to confide in and share secrets with. Their advice is taken seriously by their ISFP partner and the two have deep, meaningful conversations. They may find that they can relate to one another on a level that they had never experienced with any other individual before.
  • ISFP can be a great inspiration to the ENFJ. They are richly complicated individuals with a whole inner world of depth and character; this inner world (Fi) is fascinating to the ENFJ, and it becomes the ENFJ’s mission to figure out their partner through conversation and emotional connection.
  • Their Se connects intensely. They have quite literal sensuous air–a love of food, music, sights, and all things physical are enjoyed. 
  • ENFJ pushes ISFP to live their dreams and ISFP encourages ENFJ to relax, take a step back, and find inner peace (J pushes P, Fi stabilizes Fe)


  • When they fight, they may seem completely out of synch. ISFP and ENFJ typically have different motivations, life goals, and even beliefs. If they can’t find common ground and learn to sort out their differences, they can find themselves feeling as if they’re polar opposites and entirely out of touch.
  • ENFJ may try to change ISFP’s beliefs or be too much of a “preacher.” ISFP may retaliate, starting fights. If ISFP does not retaliate, the relationship could “fester” and start slowly falling apart. For this reason, the ENFJ must make sure they have not crossed ISFP’s boundaries and ISFP must communicate those boundaries to ENFJ and tell them when they have been crossed.
  • ENFJ, if big on abstract thinking, may confuse ISFP. ISFP is very detail-oriented and may feel disconnected from their partner’s dreams of the future. 

Altogether, this couple is passionate and deep, intense and feeling, but also runs the risk of failing if the two do not communicate their boundaries and stop to try to understand one another in full. Overall, it is a compatible couple that loves the arts and self-expression!

hey guys look! for once they have eyes!! whatcha think?

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MBTI Spotify??



Hey guysss so I just created 16 new public playlists on Spotify under the name “aviatta” that correspond to–you guessed it!–the 16 personality types! I plan on making them collaborative if they get enough followers….?

SO you should go follow them! And so I get a good idea of what songs should go with each type, PLEASE comment below and tell me a) your type and b) your favorite songs/songs that you think correspond with your type. You can also suggest songs for other types!!

this will hopefully turn out to have been a good idea?? MBTI blogs should reblog so this gets out there ;D

I’m still adding songs to the playlists! I just added like 20 from the latest of these suggestions!

Aaand hello again guys!

Check out the Spotify if you haven’t already (I’ve got a new ENTP x ESFJ playlist too) and hit me up with MBTI couple requests! I hope to get the actual art for this account back in action.

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Are INFP and ISTJ compatible?


Don’t ask if they are compatible. All types can be compatible together! 

But the general traits of the relationships are:

  • ISTJ brings stability to the INFP, who appreciates their hardworking, cool demeanor
  • INFP is the “soft,” affectionate lover that a lot of ISTJs crave. They also are full of interesting quirks–something that the healthy ISTJ will appreciate
  • They have a lot of potential to get on each other’s nerves, with ISTJ being very present-oriented and very organized, while INFP is very future-oriented and unorganized
  • They appreciate each other’s willingness to simply stay inside and enjoy quality time together
  • They are slow to anger or upset as a couple; emotional stability is something that is not hard to achieve
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Hi I’m an ENTP and as a child I would use Ne alllll the time and was really bubbly and kind to all my peers. However when I got to high school I started using Ti a lot more and less Ne and suddenly everyone realised I was pretty mean. I want to go back to my bubbly, kind childhood personality but I’m almost terrified to start using Ne again. Using Ne and being myself in school these days just makes me feel really vulnerable. Has this happened to you before and do you have any advice??


Can I retweet everything you just said? I was a bubbly, eccentric Ne child who went through puberty diving deep into a Ti-Fe funk and came out the other end being my Ne self again. Ne took a few years to get used to again, because letting it out in social environments while keeping Ti on the backburner can be difficult. 

My advice is to look to your Fe. It can really, really help you to balance out your Ne presentation to others. Most people tend to be SFJs or STJs, so appealing to them with mild Ne + mild Ti OR mild Fe is a good idea. Ne will blow their minds if you use too much of it at once!

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So i'm an INTJ (f) and my dad's an ESTJ and our relationship is really weird and it's driving me crazy! We can have these really intense, in-depth conversations for hours at a time then, he spirals into these very self-centered monologues and ruins the mood for the rest of the day. I admit, we are both unhealthy to a certain extent... Could this be why it's so screwy? I also was wondering what an ESTJ/ESFJ relationship is like, as those are my parents' types (they argue, like, all the time) Help


The tendency to do that is plain unhealthy. If an ESTJ goes on self-centered monologues and ruins people’s days by doing so…well, have you ever looked up Narcissistic Personality Disorder? My mother has this and she does the same thing. 

ESTJ x ESFJ is super common. They represent the classic parent tropes. ESTJ is the commando alpha of the family and of the relationship, driving everyone to success. ESFJ is the caregiver, offering emotional support and steady encouragement while reminding everyone of the everyday tasks at hand. 

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In the last 4 years, I’ve dated an INFP, an INTJ, and now I’m dating an ESFJ. This is my personal view of ENTP with each of these types…


  • INFP is a good match for ENTP if the ENTP is looking for a partner who is loyal, affectionate, unique, and accepting.
    • ENTP must also realize that INFP will have strong emotional outbursts from time to time, and they must not be too unprepared for it, else the relationship might come to a blinding halt. 
  • ENTP is a good match for INFP if INFP is looking for a partner who is quirky, passionate, fun, and interesting. 
    • INFP must also realize that ENTP will not be romanticizing the relationship the same way they do, and they may see it as a “growing experience” rather than a beautiful union between two individuals. ENTPs can also be rude, and if INFP is not prepared for this, the relationship may quickly come to an end. 
  • INFP and ENTP have amazing inside jokes and strong quality time with one another
  • They love watching TV shows and movies together and can talk about their similar interests for hours
  • Time, space, the universe, humanity’s destiny, and other “deep” and “philosophical” topics are frequently discussed
  • Great minds think alike. Both are likely to be intelligent, creative, possible artistic
  • Fun adventures that don’t get too crazy. Lots of walks in the park, bowling alleys, etc. 


  • INTJ is a good match for ENTP if ENTP is looking for a partner who is loyal, patient, level-headed, and highly motivated.
    • ENTP must also realize that being in a relationship with INTJ means routinizing activities, which may eventually irritate the ENTP to the point where they feel like they have to suddenly flee to reach freedom again. This is not a fairy tale romance, either; it is a pragmatic life commitment. 
  • ENTP is a good match for INTJ if INTJ is looking for a partner who loves to debate with them, ask them questions, and bring them out of their comfort zone–physically, emotionally, and mentally.
    • INTJ must also realize that ENTP’s hellbent quest for self-growth is a very strong factor in the relationship, and ENTP will want to change things up frequently. If INTJ can’t keep up, they may become frustrated to the point of leaving.
  • If INTJ is willing to discuss their ideas in depth, these two can have thrilling debates and conversations with one another about current events, future plans, and some philosophical discussions
  • Feelings are hardly ever hurt and communication between the two is typically amazing; these pairs often tell each other all of their emotions with total honesty and find a solution to the problem(s) at hand
  • They make a great parenting combo, with INTJ being the organizer and the ENTP being the adventure-provider
  • They become uncharacteristically “lovey dovey” with each other. INTJ may suddenly start to make a ton of puns, ENTP may suddenly find pet-names cute


  • ESFJ is a good match for ENTP if the ENTP is looking for a partner who is fun, structured, loving, and excitable.
    • ENTP must also be aware that having a relationship with ESFJ can be challenging in that the ESFJ does not typically share ENTP’s interests, nor do they like to talk about those interests. If ENTP can’t find a way to satisfy their minds and do their hobbies, they may feel trapped and flee the relationship.
  • ENTP is a good match for ESFJ if ESFJ is looking for a partner who is creative, quirky, fun, and interesting.
    • ESFJ must also be aware that ENTP will not naturally be a very “helpful” or very affectionate partner without reminders. If they cannot find a way to accept this or work with this behaviorism, they may feel neglected and leave the relationship. 
  • They make a very fun combination. ENTP brings out ESFJ’s Ne, and ESFJ balances ENTP’s Fe and Si, leaving ENTP feeling “whole” and ESFJ feeling intrigued and excited
  • If they can achieve great communication and understanding of their differences, these two have the potential to be fantastic parents
    • ESFJ is the classic caregiver, ENTP is the adventure-bringer. They work together to motivate and encourage their children.
  • ESFJ, if open to it, will find themselves looking deeper into their beliefs because of ENTP’s questions and debating, and ENTP, if open to it, will find themselves becoming more “sensing”; they will be more conscious of the world immediately around them and more open to living in the moment
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heyy i'm entp girl and i really like your blog ;) i can relate so well. what amazing the most is your post about intj, i never meet one before. how do i spot them?


I’m pretty sure I’ve done one of these posts before, but after having dated an INTJ for over a year, I’m more of an expert now, so here we go:

How to Spot an INTJ:

  • They are reallllyyy confident and act like they’re absolutely fine all the time. They can have several crippling mental illnesses or just gotten dumped and they’ll still act like a king/queen. 
  • They are highly routinized. They may not act like what you think a J would act like on the surface; their rooms can be messes and their appearances can be tussled, but their routines and schedules are usually completely organized and it’s hard to get them to change their plans. You’ll likely notice their lives revolve around this routine if you know them well enough.
  • They’re quiet until they hear someone say something interesting, and then they are loud. Unlike the majority of their INTP counterparts, INTJs can do just fine being the center of attention–for short periods of time. They own that spotlight in debates and they will not pass up an opportunity to let everyone know that they know all
  • Look for weird jokes and twisted humor….but at the same time, a secret love of cute things. 
  • They always have a book with them. It’s so weird.
  • When online, they’re learning. Whether it’s watching an educational video or reading the news, they’re soaking up that new data. Unless they’re watching The Office…but that’s a different story
  • Not a ton of thought into appearance. In my experience, it takes a lot of conscious effort for an INTJ to change their wardrobe to be trendy and fashionable. They’ve probably been wearing the same types of clothes for yearssss. The INTJ males I’ve met usually wear t-shirts, running shoes, cargos/jeans, and loosely style their hair. The females tend to wear glasses/headbands/hair ties, few vibrant colors, and own maybe 2 pairs of shoes. 
    • This isn’t universal, obviously, just what I’ve observed. 
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I am an intp and my two best friends entp and enfp are dating. Send h e l p


Oh geez, good luck with that one buddy. No one can help you now.

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wooow my boyfriend is a Virgo ENTP like you. You guys are pretty cool. And I’m a Leo INTJ, what’s your partners sign?


My ex was an INTJ Capricorn! Also thanks, us virgo ENTPs are pretty complicated apparently

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what's ur sun/moon/rising? also when u take into account someone's MBTI type do u also like consider their birth chart?


Ummm…my sun sign is Virgo, moon is Gemini, rising sign is …what, Libra? I honestly forget what rising means.

Personally, I don’t put much faith into astrology, but I think the Secret Language of Birthdays descriptions are actually freaky accurate. It’s accurately described like 90% of my relationships. But I don’t use it except for with people I consider to be romantic interests haha

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Thoughts of INFJ female and INTJ male together? I can't seem to get any search results on your tumblr.


I know, the search function seems to be broken. I’m working on it.

But INFJ female and INTJ male? I can’t say anything other than that’s technically supposed to work. INxJs make good pairs because they’re so rare; finding another person like them that likes them back is a fantastic thing. Typically, the relationships are long lasting and full of interesting conversations and comfortable dates. INFJ pushes INTJ to see something I call a “humanity lens,” or the ability to see people as actual individuals with unique personalities, as INTJs can often forget that. INTJ slowly teaches INFJ emotional stability if it is lacking, as INTJ is usually an expert in compartmentalizing emotions. 

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Were you living together?


Nah, INTJ and I weren’t living together, thankfully. But I’ll still see him time to time around my uni next fall, so that’ll be rough. 

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forever mood

The INFJ ego, y’all

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INTJ x ENTP INcompatibility

Arsty is back…with an update. A personal update–this is not for all INTJxENTP couples (obviously!)

INTJ and I broke up after over a year of dating. When we first started dating, I thought it would be nice to have a relationship full of security and have a social life of fun to balance myself between the crazies and the serious aspects of life..but I was wrong. INTJ didn’t like my ENTP friends and hated it when I’d hang out with them. Every time I told him I was going to go join them for the evening, he’d get irritated and lecture me on how I needed to be more responsible. Yeah, my ENTP friends and I had gotten into trouble before, but we learned our lesson and kept the fun under control…

But I was committed to INTJ, so I pulled away from my friends. And they were the only friends I had, since my last friend group was lost in the last breakup with my INFP ex. So I started to feel isolated and depressed. I only got to go out when INTJ wanted to go out, and we never did anything new or exciting, even though I had told him numerous times that’s what I need in a relationship to feel happy. 

We broke up, got “back together,” and for the last 3 months we have hardly seen each other but were still calling it a “relationship.” Finally, I had to just tell him that I needed more from life. I needed my freedom, friends, and fun. I couldn’t stick around the house all week, every week, and wait for him to get done with his work, only to retire for the night before 10 pm (and I usually am up till 2 am lol).

Maybe I’ll end up with another INTJ someday in the future, but this INTJ was too high of an I and too high of a J for me, who is a high E and a high P. It just didn’t work out the way we thought it would, and that’s ok. 

I realized my mistake in the end. I had gone after INTJ originally because I knew he was an NTJ and I simply assumed we’d be perfect for each other because of MBTI compatibility. We went from strangers to partners overnight because he didn’t want to get to know me first, but I realize now that I definitely should have gotten to know him first. I may have not wanted a relationship with him. 

All in all, don’t rely on MBTI too much to analyze compatibility. While INTJ and I were good for over a year, in the end it was exactly what was supposed to make us compatible that made us incompatible; we were just too different with I and J. 

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Hey guys, it’s been forever…again. But here we go. 


These guys are hot and cold. They are fire and ice. 

ENFJ is a passionate, warm individual with a lot of motivation and detailed goals and ENTP is an energetic, cold individual with little motivation and vivid dreams of the future. ENTP’s indifference and spontaneity can drive ENFJ crazy, and ENFJ’s tendency to go to great lengths to avoid conflict can frustrate ENTP to no end. However, these two still tend to have a special sort of connection, as they tend to have similar interests and both enjoy social activities. 

Thus, the challenges are great, but if the two can communicate and compromise to respect the other’s wishes and desires, then their relationship can be successful and one that people wonder at for decades to come. 

The things to watch out for are the following:

  • Don’t jump in too fast. This duo is famous for doing this, and while going from 0 to 60 may sound fun, the differences between the two personalities are too many to jump in without communicating first. 
  • Too much upfrontedness. When both personalities are healthy, they tend to be blatantly honest with one another. However, ENFJ’s tendency to be judgmental and ENTP’s tendency to be arrogant can start massive conflicts.
  • Weird communication styles. ENFJ has dominant Fe and ENTP has tertiary Fe. While this doesn’t sound bad, it must be noted that ENFJ is very emotionally-centered and ENTP is not, and since neither have Fi, there can be many communication errors that lead to conflict. 
  • ENFJ may try to “fix” ENTP too much, and ENTP doesn’t want to be fixed. ENFJs are known for trying their best to help people, but when these people are close to them, they can take on the role of a preacher to try to preach their way of life to the other person. ENTPs have a surprisingly similar behavior at times; they will try to teach their way of thinking to anyone who will listen to them. Thus, if the two can’t talk out their problems and compromise a little, this may be the demise of the relationship

Things to look forward to:

  • Lots of fun times. These two have a blast with one another and can be found all around the town doing cool, new things together. ENFJ will keep ENTP to a schedule, but will likely not protest too much when ENTP wants to go for a spontaneous romantic dinner with ENFJ; ENFJs are secretly suckers for novelty, after all, and ENTP is a novel personality. 
  • Fiery romance. Through all of the bickering (whether serious or simply banter), ENTP and ENFJ can get heated up, and that’s not necessarily bad ;) my friend in an ENTP x ENFJ relationship describes it as a “fiery, passionate, sexy romance”  
  • Witty conversation. These two never run out of things to talk about. They have a healthy mix of similar and different traits, and this leads to the both of them being curious about similar things, but responding to them differently. For example, if someone says that koalas are useless animals, ENTPs will eat that up and either ask questions or start debating to get those answers and ENFJ will most likely be immediately looking it up on the internet to decide whether this is true or not. This immediate, energetic response from both of them to new information leads to a lot of great discussions.
  • It is charming. ENTP is a verbal charmer and will flirt endlessly. ENFJ is a warm, compassionate charmer and will go to great lengths to make their partner happy. Combined, ENFJ and ENTP can have some pretty cute “romance movie” moments. 
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what types are most likely to be weebs


INTP, INFP, ISFP, hands down.

Then ENFP. Possibly ENTP, but…let’s pretend not. 

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Of Course, ESTP...

…it the one that has their results looking like they shot us the bird.

edit: oh, i didn’t even see ENTJ. Damn, that’s one big middle finger. Go figure.

How To Read This Graph

It’s part of the results of this study.

Each type was asked one of the questions on the right. If they Strongly Agreed with the statement, they gave it a “1.” If they Strongly Disagreed, they gave it a “5.”

That’s the reason why ESTJ is so high. They don’t like anyone.
Also, there was only one ESTJ. There were at least 2 of every other type.

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The Cube: This Test Will Reveal Your Dominant Personality Traits
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