Yall rlly need to stop sexualizing the kids. And not just the girls. I see you nasty fuckers drawing the boys all sweaty and shirtless. Fuck off they’re 15

Yall won’t reblog this but go and reblog posts sayin the same about the girls and turn right around to reblog some more pics of 15 year old boys in sexual positions cause yall need something to jack off to I fucking see you

reblog this version cowards.

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this is based off a post by @absentlyabbie​  It got me through last years holidays, and i hope it helps you too.

Hold on.

@deadcatwithaflamethrower @the-vagabond-tabby @lferion @theotherguysride @elegantmess-southernbelle @rowanartist

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the world was severely lacking weird little girl memes so i had to fill the void


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lets make a videogame how hard can it be

nevermind you have to know shit about computers

hey!! sorry to hijack this post, but there are a bunch of ways you can make videogames without knowing shit about computers!! 

for starters, there’s Twine, which is fucking great for making all kinds of interactive experiences (it’s what Crystal Warrior Ke$ha was made in so you KNOW it’s good) at all skill levels (i picked it up and made a game in two minutes a few nights ago)

if you want a bit more involved experience there’s Inform 7 which is a simple language for text-based adventure games that reads like slightly-weird English and also relatively easy to learn

you can do some pretty fucking cool stuff with Unity (my personal engine of choice) but you may need to dig a bit farther to get at the good stuff. there’s lots of really good presets though (i made an entire game just mixing and matching pre-existing templates and adding in my own art, won an award at a game jam for that one) and if you want help the community’s pretty dang friendly from what i’ve seen!

this is just a taste of what’s out there from what i’ve seen, but there’s so many cool resources out there. if anyone wants help getting started, i’m around to give you a leg up on making something in the coolest, most unexplored art medium around!

I’m addin’ to this post because lowering the barrier to entry for making games is super important to me!!!! If y’all have any questions about making games, you’re welcome to come and ask! I made this list a while back with some friends, so it has some of the programs John already mentioned.

2D Editors:

GameMaker : Potential for pure drag-and-drop “programming”. It is recommended to read-up on the program’s functions to make good use of it. Good for prototyping. Uses its own language called Game Maker Language (GML) that is similar to a C language (e.g. C++ or C#). For both Mac and PC; free version available.

Construct2 : Drag and drop level editor that uses an “If-Then” event sheet structure for programming. Good for prototyping and for beginners. For PC; free version available.

GameSalad : Drag and drop with no code requirement. Good for programming. For both Mac and PC; free version available.

Solpeo : HTML5 based game engine for 2D and isometric game development. Some programming knowledge needed. Platforms supported: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+. Free version available.

Stencyl : Drag and Drop “programming,” templates you can edit the variables/values for.

Scratch : Lego-block-style coding platform by MIT; totally free and a great intro to thinking in code. Very kid-friendly and comes with a community site. Browser version available.

3D Editors:

Unity : 3D editor that creates 3D games. Can build games for browser, as an app, or for mobile devices (iOS and Android). For both Mac and PC; free version available.

UDK (Unreal Development Kit) : Full-fledged, highly advanced editor. Features a complete set of tools that go from level design to visual scripting to cut-scene creation. Uses it’s own programming language called Unreal Script that can be arranged with Kismet, a visual code editor. For Mac and PC; free.

2D Art/Animation Software:

GIMP : Free photo editing and digital painting software.

Easy Paint Tool SAI : Free digital painting software with a UI similar to Photoshop.

Mischief : Free digital painting software with an endless canvas.

3D Art/Animation Software:

Sculptris : From the company that created Zbrush, this free software is ideal for beginning 3D sculptors.

Maya : Animation, VFX, lighting, and rendering software.

Magical Voxel : Voxel Art (3D Pixel Art). Very intuitive and quick to pick up.

SketchUp :  Architectural modeling software, great for creating 3D environments and buildings. Free version available.

Text-Based Games:

Twine : Create interactive text stories using Twine’s visual map system that links your game together. Easy to learn and use. End result is browser-based. For Mac and PC; free.

Quest : Interactive text stories that you can build in-browser.

Ren’Py : Create visual novels using a modified version of Python that reads like a combination of stage directions and a CYOA novel. For PC, Mac, and Linux; free.

Audio Resources/Editors:

Indie Game Music : This site offers free indie music with no need to worry about royalties or licenses.

Audacity : A free, open-source, cross-platform sound editor that allows you to record and arrange sound.

Super Flash Bros. : This site allows you to record theremin-like (8bit) sounds and export them as .wav files for your games.

FL Studio : Free music composition software.

Miscellaneous Tools:

Donjon RPG Tools : Randomly generates maps, items, XP, etc.

W3Schools : Web-code tutorial database: HTML, CSS, Javascript+.

Debut Video Capture : Video screen capture to record Let’s Play videos, showcase your game on Youtube, etc.

Korsakow : Free tool for creating interactive and database films.

Processing : Flexible programming language used for visual and interactive artworks and simulations.

From Student to Designer, Part 2 : Tips for making a well-rounded, solid portfolio

Places to Publish/Share: : Platform for self-publishing games : Place to share Twine Games

@slimetony how does it feel to have your shitpost be turned into a helpful resource

It feels like a betrayal of every tenant of humor I subscribe to. Helping people is an alien concept to me. It makes me upset.

​some other good game design programs are TyranoBuilder and Unreal Engine (tyrano builder is suuuuuppper easy to use but it costs money, unreal is free on the epic games store)

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You’re going to receive GOOD NEWS this week.




















I don’t think I’ve reblogged this yet this week, but I did see it earlier today, and I got a new job! 

And I went in assuming that it would just be a volunteer job, but I’m getting paid $15 an hour! 


I came into work and bumped into my boss and she said that she was looking for me because she wanted to let me know about my raise. This shit worked in an hour omg

i fuckin need some good news right about now so pile it on

please lol

DUDE! I had a HUGE medical bill and I just found out that the hospital payed it in full!

Well no harm in hoping right?

*fingers crossed even when I feel like I’ll be disappointed later on*

All I need

I don’t have anything to loose

I’ve probably reblogged this before but I haven’t got anything to lose

Never reblogged this before. First try for everything right???



give me something please

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National Suicide Prevention Hotline:  1-800-273-8255

Trans Lifeline USA:  1-877-565-8860

Trans Lifeline Canada: 1-877-330-6366

The Trevor Project Hotline:  1-866-488-7386

The Trevor Project also offers texting and chat

You are an amazing person. Don’t give up on yourself.

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What the



I feel seen.


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FYI for all fic writers


if you are a fanfic writer posting on ao3 and this app has your fics on there, IT IS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. 

so here’s what you can do. go to the google report form or the apple report form and say that it is copyright infringement. you’ll have to just show your ao3 profile link to prove it. 

this is how i’m phrasing it, but please modify what you say so it doesn’t look like a mass complaint and ruin the legitimacy of the claim: 

“I post my fanfiction works on, a platform that hosts transformative works. This app is reposting all of my writing content (at least 29 of my works) without my knowledge or consent. I did not give permission to the developer of this app to do so. Since I have copyrights to my own fanworks, as well do all writers that this app is reposting without their permission, I strongly urge the Apple Store to consider the legality of this app, which basically exists just to repost/copy all the works of fanfiction authors of”

again, PHRASE IT IN YOUR OWN WAY but this is just an example of how to go about it, if the “explanation for complaint” seems intimidating to you.

i strongly urge every ao3 author to report this, and get this app down. otherwise, as AO3 suggests, we’ll have to issue DCMA Takedowns. those are a bitch to file. they take a lot of time and a lot of fees. hopefully, enough of us reporting this to apple/google will simply ban the app, and we can put this whole mess behind us. 


email someone got - reported on the twitter feed. looks like as authors we’ll have to individually report that our content is stolen on the app. 





If the app developer wasn’t making money I wouldn’t care, but as it is all my fics are on this app and I’m NOT happy. Reported and also reported to Ao3



All Writers Published on Ao3:

This app, “Fanfic Pocket Archive Library”, is lifting all public content from Ao3 and making it available through a service they profit from.

Your work has been stolen and is being used to make money for a third party.

^above are the ways in which the app makes money off of Ao3 content. The developer is called Simple Soft Alliance. Here’s the app’s Terms and Conditions.

Any fanfiction that can be accessed without a password on Ao3 is already available in this app. Yours, mine, every fan creator’s. Whether this is illegal I do not know, but it is certainly unethical and needs to be fought. Ao3 is a site of unparalleled integrity and shows the utmost respect to creators, so this content grab is an even bigger slap in the face for that reason.

🚨Please flag/report this app in your app store. 🚨

🚩Google Playstore link

🚩Apple Store link (download app, then go to report it here )

Feel free to contact Ao3 as well to alert them to this issue. Let’s take em down, folks. In the meantime, you can put your Ao3 in private mode to prevent any more data theft.

Please reblog and tag your writer friends. Signal boost this.

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Colonialism is not a concept of a bygone era.

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What if when they get back to Marion’s place and Nott either breaks it off with Yeza or otherwise decides she doesn’t want to go back with him it’s learned somewhere after a few months that Marion and Yeza are now in a relationship and Nott isn’t sure how to feel about that and Jester is multiple different types of conflicted because she wants her mom with her dad and she likes Yeza but it’s super weird because he used to be the love of Nott’s life and now he isn’t and like. 

She isn’t sure how she can scare Yeza off from her mom in order to parent trap her, when theres a lot of history between all four of the people involved in this plan to break the two of them up to get his dad back with her. And Nott and Jester just, don’t have a plan for this at all?

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Brianna Brochu

Brianna Brochu

Brianna Brochu

Brianna Brochu

Brianna Brochu

Brianna Brochu

Brianna Brochu

Brianna Brochu

So can we all just report her

“Harassed” she attempted to poison her roommate in numerous ways, who as a result was left incredibly sick and traumatized.

The victim, Jazzy Rowe, has a GoFundMe that I haven’t seen being spread:

She hasn’t met her goal in 9 months.

It’s February 9, 2020, and she still hasn’t met her goal.

Hey guys, I want to boost this. She needs our help because she is sick with infections after being poisoned for months that require testing and treatment because last I heard the doctors don’t know what is wrong with her.




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if you read in a frog paper “specimen was released in the field immediately after capture” chances are very good that what it actually means is

“i dropped the damn frog and despite the fact that we fell all over each other no one could recapture it”

sometimes when i am sad i go read through the tags on this post, because they are 70% other biologists saying things like “AND ALSO FUCK FIELD MICE” and “THAT CRAB ALMOST BROKE MY FINGER” and I am reassured that I am not the only one who has bobbled a wood frog right into their cleavage.

plus six or seven people who just….can’t figure out what a frog paper could possibly be. (guys it’s…a scientific paper. about frogs.)

and this one

which made me laugh despairingly because i mean

bro you don’t even know.

what is the code entomologists use for “i stepped on it, i’m so sorry, it was dark out and the specimen was very small”

“Impromptu dissection was performed under less-than-optimal lighting conditions.”

‘impromptu dissection’ is an alarming phrase in any context and i thank you for it

What’s biologist for “the little fucker BIT me and I yote it into the undergrowth on reflex”?

“Specimen was removed from the study pool due to abnormal interaction responses”

I am reblogging this 98% for the second to last comment holy shit I’m fucking choking

I’m enjoying the tags/replies discussing the proper conjugation of “to yeet.” I am in favor of the decision that the future perfect is “will have yitten.”

Expanding this, NASA has a few gems from their report language:

“Underwent unplanned rapid disassembly” – it exploded, and it wasn’t an explosion we wanted to happen

“Lithobraking maneuver” – it stopped because it hit the goddamned ground.

“Engine-rich exhaust” – the engine bell melted or evaporated, or the engine ejected itself out the back of the rocket without having a very good reason to do so.

“Fishing orbit” – the craft is in the ocean instead of space and we didn’t mean to put it there

“Thrust was observed along an undesired vector” – the engine leaked and the rocket spun off into oblivion.

“Wearing his manager hat” – a moron who shouldn’t be an engineer (a reference to the infamous quote “take off your engineer hat and put on your manager hat” in the meeting in which the Challenger was cleared for launch)

“Received an unrequested transfer” – he’s dead.


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ok so i found something that really disgusted me, so i found out pagewriter made a reblog from this anon he sent to me and basically what he did was try to kiss me and told me he loved me, it also disgusts me because 1, i was a minor at the time (17 years old and im pretty sure he’s like 21 or something, not 17 as he says he is) and two because he has a girlfriend and is doing this shit to me, and im wondering if he ever did this to anyone else. im just absolutely disgusted. if anyone wants to see the reblog here-


yeah i see whats going on now. i had my friend kick him from my discord server and he will later be banned. if im gonna be honest, he’s done this thing with me and i thought i was the only one who he did this to, he not too long ago made me get into a rp with our sonas which im glad i stopped it since looking at this now, was gonna get uncomfortable, but even after i called it off, he constantly begged me to continue the rp, and he was persistant. a long time ago me and him did a rp which included his character slim and my hh character addison, it started off with his character saving addison from a demon but then he started making his character carry my character bridal style and then took him to a diner which he then made him hold his hand, all without my consent or approval, right after they just met and i wasnt ok with it, i told him i would have prefered if he didnt make his character hold my character (did i mention my character is underage and that page insisted that i use that specific character) hand, but he simply ignored me and made his character grab my character’s hand anyway, and thats when i called off the rp, which he was also persitent about starting back up. i cant get the screenshots since im on my laptop but i will include them later when i can use my phone. i now want nothing to do with him and never want to rp with him again-


Thank you for the screenshots. This sick fuck, I can’t.


I'mma leave this here





Mother fucking topic: @pagewriter210

And here we have a pedophile and sick fucking liar.

Page is ‘17,’ according to him. Wanna know something odd? His characters immediately fall in love with others. Wanna know why? He just wants smut roleplays. Sad, I know. He has a girlfriend, as well! He does smut roleplays with youngsters. Mango Anon, a 14 year old, helped me out. They’re a victim to this sick fuck. @linisacutiepie, was also in a incident with this man child. Parents got involved. Page was seen venting about it with sick crocodile tears. (I’ll show the evidence in my next post if Tumblr cooperates) He lied to his own friends. He said Lins parents had deleted the conversation and he said he couldn’t see it. Hah! L i e s. If you delete a conversation, the other user can still see it. Suspicious as fuck. He said they were just doing BATIM (bendy and the ink machine) roleplays and were swearing. I don’t believe that. He was likely writing smut with the poor child.

That’s enough of this bitch today. Peepity-Peep out!


@treetop-artz​ Here you go, hun. All the info and proof you may need. =(

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me when fjord becomes the “bad cop” and more intimidating

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She’s female, litter trained. Don’t know if she’s had her shots or been fixed yet– she’s awfully young for it– but we can arrange that if need be. She’s still on soft food although she’s trying to eat kibble. She’s very bright and energetic, and currently answers to the name Lily.

We live in a rural neighbourhood where people tend to dump animals; we are the soft touches in the neighbourhood where all the strays tend to go. We can’t care for all of them inside– it wouldn’t be fair to our family cats– but Lily was so little and lost we were afraid she’d go in the road.

We cannot keep her and our local shelter isn’t a no-kill. We really really would like it if someone could take her into a loving home. Craigslist isn’t an option because we have a local problem where people will take free animals just to hurt them.

If you could spread this so Lily can find a good home, it would be appreciated. Thank you.


This little one is looking for a forever home. If you’re in eastern kentucky and want a very sweet kitten please DM me.


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A man has built Ogo, a hands-free wheelchair for his paraplegic friend (video)

Holy shit this is awesome.

For any wheelchair users following me! 

-FemaleWarrior, She/They 

every few months I forget about this and then see it again and it is always one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

So this time I looked it up, I wondered how to get one and how much it cost. Turns out  it was a bit hard to find, actually, and that’s because it’s no longer called the Ogo, it’s called the Omeo.

They are pretty advanced as a product now, in terms of accessories, color options, etc (they have an off road conversion kit and stuff!). They are kind of expensive, tho not necessarily when compared to other wheel chairs, which cost anywhere from a couple hundred bucks for a shitty one, to like 4k for a high end electric one. An Omeo will cost you just under 2k.

Here is their website, if you want to learn more:

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It’s humid and rainy, but I’m looking cute anyway! The benefit of green (good color), freshly relaxed and dyed hair (also good color!), and having an extra half hour to make sure those wings are precise!

Also I like having a pendant for daily wear. Never really did casual necklaces since I couldn’t find a token that suited me. Either too much symbolism for things I don’t identify with (ie, cross, pentagram), or no symbolism just something random. This one works for me, and is casual enough to throw on daily.

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Not to be gay on main…. But all I want is to live in a small medieval town. I’m the town baker. My bakery is my home and I’m always wearing an apron and covered in flour.

Nextdoor is a forge, and I am very close with the blacksmith that works there. Every morning I bring him a freshly baked loaf of bread. As I hand it to him our hands touch briefly. His hands are rough, yet they’re so careful and gentle with everything he touches. I secretly want him to be that gentle with me.

One day, he walks into my bakery, he’s still sweaty from the intense heat of the forge. In his hands is a small dagger in it’s sheath. He hands it to me and tells me it’s to protect myself if needed.

I take the dagger out of it’s sheath. It’s beautifully made. There are intricate designs engraved into the metal. It’s so much more complicated than anything else yeah blacksmith has ever made. It must’ve been so time consuming to make.

I look up at him and with just one look I understand why he’s giving it to me. With one look we both understand that we love each other. He leans in and kisses me. It’s so soft and sweet, and gentle.

He comes by every day to get a loaf of bread and kiss me. We keep our relationship a secret. And everyone wonders why neither of us have found wives. But we know exactly why. And we’re completely content with being secret lovers.

Is that really too much to ask?

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Your sixth most recent emoji is how your guardian angel feels about you

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