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if i may:


licherally nobody is doing it like him

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And that’s why it’s my favorite

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i want this to be the next netflix movie


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The first Pride was a riot.

Wall sticker in Marlborough lesbian pub, Brighton.

i’m actually realizing this now

but the original poster said “queer power” and someone erased that and replaced it with “gay power”

real classy

#is this real

Well. I’m not exactly an expert at image analysis, but the bottom text in the first one looks much cleaner than the top text while the second one matches better. Also, the creases in the second one on the Q and U seem like the sort of detail that wouldn’t be faked. Finally, this actually matches up significantly better to “queer” politics than “gay” politics; it was always queers who advocated and took the front lines in direct action.

If you put the image in an editor or just view the full size of the first image, it becomes very obvious that the text on the bottom was added later: all of the vertical lines in every letter are pixel perfect straight lines. That is basically impossible with a photo of a poster that is both visibly at an angle, and has paper weathering and other distortion. Look at the verticals of the white text to compare. The only distortion of the text is the jpg artifacts we would expect in that level of contrast. There is no lighting on the pink text either, another highly suspicious trait.

Additionally, if you crop out the pink text in op and run an image search you get the second photo, as well as four or five other photos of the poster, all reading “queer power.”

With the pink text left in, however, the only version of the poster is this exact image, sourcing to op.

I want every single person who ever argued with me on That Queer Post to take a long, hard look at this. I have been told at least dozens of times that “nobody is saying you can’t identify as queer,” that I’m “ignoring history,” that they’re not trying to shift back to gay, etc.

Now, here’s this post, in which queer people are having their art defaced in order to rewrite their identity. Where they’re being forcibly rewritten as gay. Where history is being literally goddamn erased. It’s got three times the notes of That Queer Post, and as far as I can tell, @bifoxstiles is the first one to challenge this narrative. And I’m not gonna hold my breath on y'all to call out OP.

They’re literally stealing our history, rewriting it into a new version that excludes more than half of the community. And nobody’s challenging this. You’re too busy trying to shut down inclusive, egalitarian language.

Shame on every last one of you.

Uhhhh. That’s like a really famous poster, at least if you are over a certain age. I recognized it immediately. 

Yeah. It… it never said ‘Gay Power’ originally. It said ‘Queer Power.’

What the actual fuck.


Ironically, just before this crossed my dash, Oxford University Press shared a link to a new archive of queer oral history. If not for Tumblr’s recent push to wipe “queer” from our collective memory, I wouldn’t have thought twice about OUP using the term. After all, it was chanted in pride and defiance when over a million of us participated in the 1993 March on Washington to demand an end to discrimination…


Video clip from that day: “We’ve come to Washington to show everyone that we’re here, we’re queer, and we’re not going anywhere!”

Queer theory, queer studiesnew queer cinemaqueer liberation: it was and remains the umbrella term in academia, since “gay” leaves out the bulk of people discriminated against for their gender and/or sexuality.

In the past year, I’ve seen some Tumblr members trying to suppress the word “queer,” just as people back then tried to suppress us. The excuse is that it’s sometimes used as a slur. But so is “gay.” In my 45 years, I have heard/seen “gay” used as an slur far more often.

At first, I tried to respect the fact that “queer” bothered some Tumblr users, even though it was painful for me to see queer-positive posts tagged “q slur.” But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that caving in to those asking us to drop the term “queer” would permit homophobic and/or transphobic sensibilities to define our identities. Do we have to drop “gay” now as well, or tag it “g slur”? Since when did we stop reclaiming these words as a matter of pride? 

Isn’t this just the latest ploy of internalized homophobia/transphobia sneaking up on us? 

Unfortunately, erasing “queer” from our vocabulary has hurtful real-world consequences.

Silencing “queer” silences many of those who fought, marched, rioted and died for your rights. It erases those of us who are queer but not gay: trans, intersex, nonbinary, lesbian, bisexual, aromantic, asexual people, and more (see why the term is so necessary?) Erasure/minimization of queer people is how we end up with disrespectful historical revisionism like that Stonewall movie. Or the Photoshopped poster above, rewriting our history with a lie. 

And that’s the real kicker.

Erase “queer” from our vocabulary, and we erase future generations’ ability to learn about their past. How will they be able to find LBGTA+ history, if you teach them not to use one of the main keywords they need to search for to find it? 

How much of our past and present community will be rendered invisible and their needs ignored (this article is really, REALLY worth a read), if those now lobbying against the term “queer” are successful?

Decades ago, when being out was taking a huge risk, we chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it!” It would be a bitter irony if, even as mainstream society becomes “used to it,” as demonstrated from the Supreme Court to the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise, our own community becomes less “used to it.”

Think about the forces of prejudice who were trying to silence us when that “queer power” sign was made. Please don’t let them win.

Long post for the people that like telling me to stop saying queer.

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There aren’t enough eye roll emojis in the world. 🙄

The Scott Stans really are that desperate to bend over backwards to call an entire fandom racist because some of the fandom doesn’t like Scott McCall, refusing to accept it has nothing to do with his race and that much of their anger is out of jealousy.

Baby, you’re just jealous that Scott was never the fan favorite. Just accept it.

This post is not up for debate.

You know that thing where the people who have always been the majority try to spin a victim narrative and it just comes across as whiny and delusional…… That’s them

I never liked Scott.  I didn’t even know he was even played by a latino actor until around S3.  Not to mention I’m not even white.  I don’t think this has anything to do with racism.

To say that the fandom has no racism is reductive, there’s thousands of us and sure we’ll have some bad eggs (well more) but have you seen what Tumblr does? It’s baby’s first social activism and a lot of that is education and learning - whether you want to or not

I’ve seen more people become aware of their own faults through osmotic learning on Tumblr than I thought possible

Tumblr’s a hell site and needs major revamp but this I cannot praise highly enough

So you get a baby little fanbrat in s1 who doesn’t like Scott because he’s latino by season six they’ll have checked their own biases and still might dislike Scott but they’ll know that they have preconceptions and are usually TRYING to be better and dislike him for ten other reasons but might like posey in Jane the virgin which is a huge improvement.

And if someone is genuinely racist they get slapped down HARD and somewhere in that dogpile someone politely explains what they did wrong, speaking from experience because I made a mistake and I was corrected and I can honestly say I learned and didn’t do it again (the antis will now go looking for it)

Were a huge fandom but we’re in an environment where people want change and so whether we do it actively or passively we do change

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Sprays is literally dating a black girl, he would get smacked real quick if he tried to say it.


The boy and his fans get upset when he hate on him but the guy basically just gives us more ammo on how he’s an idiot.


So… if Sprays had posted “hood rat sh*t”, it might be a little more acceptable because we know Sprays stays down with the chocolate kids but on the other hand, I don’t know that Sprays would say that because he actually interacts with black people.

I’m not going to call Posey a giant racist for this, but I am going to tell him to kindly stfd and stfu and maybe don’t call a group of predominantly black men “hood rats”, especially when you really don’t know what it means.

And for the love of CHRISTMAS, delete the words WEIRD, BIZARRE, AND TWISTED fr your vocabulary! They never do you any favors!!

That said, the video is pretty cute

“I was looking at your butt because I thought you were going to twerk, I wasn’t just looking to look”

“… that boy was lookin at my booty!” lol, I gave it a thumbs up!

Shed slap him right back to season 4

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taste your beating heart by cnomad (19/19 | 112k+ | M)
AU – Canon Divergence, Spark Stiles Stilinski, Post-Season 3A, Slow Build

Something was wrong in Beacon Hills. Derek was halfway across the country when he felt a call to return to his hometown, and somehow Stiles had been talked into letting the werewolf stay in his guest bedroom. This could lead to nothing good.

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He doesn't call himself a fox. THEY are hungry IM the same, not we. // You mean he isn't a fox and is making a distinction between what he hungers for and Stiles?


I do not think that the thing that possessed stiles was singular and I think the two of them were contentious

I think the bandage figure was the nogitsune and it was one of noshiko’s tails, but that - that is void

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That’s a weird cat

That’s a Pokemon

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Hamlet as a D&D paladin.

Keep reading

some gems of insight from the reblogs (@aspiring-protagonist​ and @moderndayathena​):

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Think about why it’s illegal to hire a hit man.

All you’re really doing is speaking and giving someone money.

It’s legal to speak.

It’s legal to give someone money.

Even if they actually complete the job, you’re not the one who committed the murder.

So why is it illegal to hire a hit man?

Could it be because inciting violence is not protected under free speech?

And if that’s the case, why should free speech protect Nazis advocating genocide?

Never reblogged something harder in my life

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oh my goodness, one of dian fossey’s first close up observations with gorillas happened when she was trying to climb a tree to see them better, but so badly that by the time she’d gotten up the entire group had come out of hiding to look at her: “Nearly all members of the group had totally exposed themselves, forgetting about hiding coyly behind foliage screens because it was obvious to them that the observer had been distracted by tree-climbing problems, an activity they could understand.”

hello, fellow apes

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I understand this isn’t my regular content but OH MY GOD????💕

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The trickster stories are all about food, Lydia. The coyote, the raven, the fox. They’re all hungry. I’m the same. I just crave something a little different. I eat what you feel. And I’m insatiable.

He doesn’t call himself a fox. THEY are hungry IM the same, not we.

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There aren’t enough eye roll emojis in the world. 🙄

The Scott Stans really are that desperate to bend over backwards to call an entire fandom racist because some of the fandom doesn’t like Scott McCall, refusing to accept it has nothing to do with his race and that much of their anger is out of jealousy.

Baby, you’re just jealous that Scott was never the fan favorite. Just accept it.

This post is not up for debate.

You know that thing where the people who have always been the majority try to spin a victim narrative and it just comes across as whiny and delusional…… That’s them

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I know next to nothing about that delusional princeescaluswords troll except that he obsessively stalks the Sterek and Steter tags on both tumblr and ao3 just to harass non Scott/Posey fans and spam Teen Wolf stories that aren’t centered around his toxic fave Scott McCall with hate





He’s a 50+ year old white, male, republican in a safe office job with too much time on his hands and a heart full of hate. That’s really all you need to know. I mean if we extrapolate from this info, we know he probably feels entitled to tell minorities and women how to enjoy the things they enjoy, which explains his fandom behavior pretty well, just saying.

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