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Disney Princesses by Maxine Vee

This is awesome

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To the ones that make

  • Headcanons
  • Incorrect quotes
  • Funny dialogues
  • Imagines
  • Moodboards
  • Drabbles
  • Shit posts
  • Discourses
  • Asks
  • Edited Images
  • Cursed images
  • Memes
  • Screenshots of the game
  • Rp as characters
  • Reblog chains etc

If no one has said thank you to you or sent appreciation, here is this post to say it now.

You guys also put effort and work into these forms of content and this community thrives with it.

Thank you

Sincerely, a member of the Hogwarts Mystery Community.

Tag your favorite creators if you want

Mine are @harrypotterhogwartsshitpost @cupidscrystals @incorrecthogwartsmysteryquotes @loverosier

You are appreciated you wonderful human you.

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Dear person reading this, 

      You deserve a life full of happiness and positivity. So don’t let others get to you and believe in yourself.

You are loved!

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whenever someone cuts you off by going “…anyway” respond with this

Genuinely love this

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Forrest Gump❣️


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Models: @olivia_sang_ x @olaynoel 

Stylist: @hardwire.warrior
Photography: @kgori.kreations

Wow…. that’s so beautiful

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Source: 1 2 3 4 5 6 If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts


Reblogging because I care about you guys


Rohypnol has an INCREDIBLY salty taste to it. It’s disgusting. And it also isn’t a drug that acts immediately! The minute you notice the salty taste, you have about 5-10 minutes to get somewhere safe or call an ambulance, and it CAN be fought if you’re aware of it. It will make you woozy, it will make you so dizzy you can’t stand upright, it will certainly make you unable to walk properly, but if you struggle to remain conscious you can get about 20 extra minutes of consciousness from the drug before it will knock you out completely. If you’re in a public place, and the person who drugged you is trying to take you somewhere private, start. a. fight. Insist as LOUDLY and as VIOLENTLY as you can that you refuse to go anywhere with them. Odds are they’re trying to make as little of a scene as possible as they drag you away, and if you’re putting up a fight and very clearly ‘drunk’, eyes will turn on them and they’ll either need to let you go, or cause a serious scene, which they don’t want. Don’t just act like you’re just protesting being taken home, though. Fight like your life depends on it even if they aren’t assaulting you. Cause. A. Scene. That’s the last thing they want. 

Everyone should reblog this!

Very useful.

To that last one that shit is NO JOKE

Boasting the FUCK out of this

RE the ocean receding, because this one didn’t give a reason- you want to get to high ground because that means a tsunami is coming.

Take care every one of you!!!

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happy Thursday the 20th

I’d have to wait months or even years for another chance to reblog this, so why the fuck not?

next days you can reblog this on a Thursday the 20th

August 2015

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June 2019

February 2020

August 2020

You know, just in case you wanted to set your queue for the next 6 years


Tbh the picture or gif ain’t loading but ig it’s worth it

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I blow on it but underestimate how hot it is and hashafashasha anyway


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That’s how you introduce a trans character on TV!

okay but was he played by a trans man?

Yes! His name is Alex Blue Davis and they exclusively auditioned trans actors for the part

This interview discusses it:

Hey, Hey, HEY, HEY, HEY!

Our Girl Shonda KILLIN’ IT with the casting!

Honestly I was so proud and happy when I first saw this episode

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It doesn’t end there:

another addition

do you ever just like. feel unbelievably proud of someone you’d never even heard of previously

oh my god


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Where can I buy that

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I feel bad about having 16 blogs in total but I’m gonna start a 17th blog (a writeblr) so yeah…

It just be like that sometimes

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i still can’t believe that the incredibles is likely set in the 1960s

the entire film is designed with classic 50s-60s art styles, a lot of the interior design of the parr household is in 60s style, fashion is generally reminiscent of the 60s, in the beginning of the film all the photographs and video are grainy and shot in 60s style, the technology in bob’s office is very dated, when edna is going on her “no capes” rant she cites superheroes who died from cape designs and says their deaths were in the 50s, all the cars in the film have 60s models, any advanced tech we really see is seemingly kept secret from the general public, here’s a newspaper from the film:

may 16th, 1962

some people are saying that the technology on bob’s desk was too advanced for the 1960s but not really, in the 60s computers DID exist they were just big and bulky and small screened, which matches bob’s:

you could argue that some of the fashion isn’t very realistic to the 60s as some of the women wear pants, but women did wear pants in the 60s even if it wasn’t common. as for the mens fashion, it’s kinda spot on. the business suits with short sleeved button ups and skinny black ties, the turtlenecks, and for more dressed down looks wearing a t-shirt and jeans isn’t very unrealistic (and that little boy on the red tricycle, wearing a baseball cap, and chewing bubble gum is like classic 60s imagery)

some outfits were likely oversights and/or them not wanting the time period to be too glaring. the sequel looks like they’re going to be making the womens wardrobe fit the stereotypical 60s timeframe better, as you can see in the trailer:

the writer and director of the incredibles has even said that he based the film on classic 60s superheroes and comics like god guys please use google search, why would i lie about this

Also in the original version of Syndrome meeting the kids he didn’t say the “Busy” line he says “I didn’t think they let you guys breed?!” Which, aside from being incredibly dark all on its own, suggests that America took fascist measures to control the populace of superhumans, making Bob’s struggle to keep the family hidden and everyone’s elation at Jack Jack not having powers utterly depressing ALSO the age of Violet puts the prologue scene somewhere in the 40s which forces the viewer to consider two possibilities, one that World War 2 never happened because of the existence of superheroes in America as a deterrent or two that superheroes were created by America as a weapon for use in the second world war

What have you done to my childhood…?

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villain, tearing up again: no one has ever told me I’m good at anything!

hero: where are your parents I just want to talk


hero: i mean… you did good at being bad!

villain: oh… thank you?

hero: *awkwardness intensifies* no problem…


villain: I did BAD?!?!


hero: hey man its okay that was good you uh you did good back there

villain: i did good??

hero: i mean- bad!! you did bad!!



villain: *choking back tears* uh, yeah, i’m actually trying really hard here man

hero: *now looking uncomfortable* oh

Movie please

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A middle aged man in the 1890s: *condescendingly explaining what a candle is*

A 13 year old: ok gov'ner


Do you think kids during the industrial revolution had that same weird millennial/gen z experience of having technology change so much while they were growing up

Gov’ner 😂😂😂

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Yo if you’re a boy with mental illness, a boy with disabilities, a boy who is/was an abuse victim, a boy who has an ED, a boy with trauma, I need you to know that you are not a burden, that you don’t need to “harden up”, that you are very brave, and that you shouldn’t just have to “get over it”.

Say it a little louder

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