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Taking this advice as an adult

Post-depression me had literally NO music to listen to.

Literally only reblogging for the last comment

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If you have a vagina that doesn’t make you better then anyone else. If you have a dick that doesn’t make you better then anyone else. If you’re part of the lgbt+ it doesn’t make you better that anyone else. If you’re Mexican, black, asian, white, or etc. It still doesn’t make you better then anyone else.

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“Why Harley, if I didn’t know better I’d swear you were trying to kill me.”

This actually ended up freeing him

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“Courtney, when I say I love you I am not ashamed, nor will anyone ever ever come close to intimidating, persuading, etc. me into thinking otherwise. I wear you on my sleeve.”

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Kazuo Haba


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Jump Is the 2019 Winning Entry of the Nature Photographer of the Year Competition

Hungarian photographer Csaba Daróczi won this year’s Nature Photographer of the Year award with this beautiful photo, Jump! The Nature Photographer of the Year competition is an annual, worldwide nature photograph contest; the NPOTY writes:

In 2019 people from all over the  world, over 73 countries, competed to become the winner of this contest.  Our judges reviewed almost 14.000 images which was a tough but great  job. They saw the most amazing images, some sad and cruel, some full of  wonder. It was clear that nature photography is alive and kicking in all  its forms.

The  award ceremony where we present all the winning images of the Nature  Photographer of the Year contest will take place during the Nature Talks Photo Festival  in the Netherlands. This nature photography festival is a yearly two  day event where visitors attend to enjoy presentations from more than 50  top nature photographers. On the 14th and 15th of November 2020 we  expect about 3250 visitors. During Nature Talks there’s also a 2000 m2  exhibition floor with all the top brands, you can attend different photo  workshops, masterclasses, see nature movies, the photo exhibition of  the winners and much more.

The Nature Photographer of the Year  competition is open to residents of every country and to almost all ages  starting from 10 years old. There are 10 different categories to enter,  a portfolio award and a young NPOTY award.

NPOTY also donates a share of entry fees and other profits to nature conservation projects around the globe.

Truly a stunning catch of these beautiful buns - congrats to Csaba Daróczi!

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Greaser archetype: Popular across decades

Hard character with soft spot: Instant heartbreaker

Bad boy™ who did bad things: Fan favorite

Mark: Makes a character incorporating all three

Fans: Love character


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House of 1000 Corpses

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i don’t trust people who praise lesbian content on the factor that there’s no “stereotypes, gender roles or butch/femme” in it

did you know that butches and femmes are valid lesbians who deserve representation too or

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When you burnt out and start to get cranky

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some of you didnt grow up at all and it shows

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“One death has already been attributed to the Glow Cloud. But listen, it’s probably nothing. If we had to shut down the town for every mysterious event that at least one death could be attributed to, we’d never have time to do anything, right?“ 

- Welcome to Night Vale episode 2: Glow Cloud 

hey quick question what the fuck made you think it was okay to make light of murdered children by quoting a fucking fantasy podcast? would you be willing to look a survivor in the face and tell them that it’s more important for you to get your funnies than for anything to be done about their best friend getting shot in english class? tell them that it’s nothing, no big deal, it would be too inconvenient to deal with it?

You don’t know how Welcome to Night Vale works, do you?

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Pewdiepie is creating war criminals. Yeah, I take back my reblog from five minutes ago. This is, without a doubt, the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever read on tumblr. And I’ve seen pro-anorexia blogs. 


really? the man who is consciously introducing MILLIONS of children world wide to fascism isn’t as bad as a war criminal? he’s creating future war criminals you fucking idiot


Can we talk about how fucking absurd it is to actually believe that PewDiePie holds a candle to the atrocities committed by war criminals..


The best part is that Marc Evan Jackson (who plays Shawn) doesn’t know a damn thing about Pewdiepie. The writing staff gave him that and he delivered it perfectly regardless.


I cannot stress enough how much I love The Good Place.

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Inktober 2019
Days 12-17
The Last Jedi critters

Background compositions based on the real life versions of the locations and wildlife:

Ahch-To & porg
Skellig Michael island (Ireland) + puffin

Canto Bight & fathier
Dubrovnik (Croatia) + donkey

Crait & vulptex
Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia) + Andean fox

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“I’m the baby, gotta love me!” 💚 Baby Yoda is so precious.

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There’s no reincarnation with The Force? I mean, are the Force post-mortem rules written down somewhere? 

Oh wait…

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has anyone done this yet

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