On here, you'll find anything that's made me smile or laugh or feel. I'm in love with the show Sherlock and I'm pretty much just a nerd. I'll also be using this blog to keep myself accountable. Whether it's for working out or for studying or for learning. It's mostly for me but hang around if you feel like feeling.

Reblog if u cannot wait to start middle school and get away from all the drama lies and tears from elementary school <|3

cant wait till fucking high school’s over 

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So this just happened on my dash and I am SCREAMING

Here to see the Queen?  Oh apparently yes.

This needs more notes, like NOW.

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I am wisdom

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it be like that sometimes 

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Hey! You are SO worth being kind to. Treat yourself like you’d treat your best pal <3 <3 <3

Be kind to you.

Love from The Sad Ghost Club

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i genuinely hope anyone ages 13-15 on this website (or, god forbid, younger) stays safe and keeps their private information secure and really private 

please, if you’re really young on tumblr, try not to get swept up in the discourse and the tremendous amount of arguing with strangers that goes on here. i know you probably feel mature for your age but this website, like, really psychologically affects youth, and i encourage you to be cautious about your interactions with people on here

 please, kiddos, stay safe

additionally, for my young, non-adult followers,

  • depression memes about wanting to die aren’t a healthy coping mechanism and can lead to worsening symptoms of your own mental health if overindulged in
  • you are not garbage. or trash. i know these terms are popular on here, but you shouldn’t be calling yourself that. you have everything you need inside of you to become your best self, even if it’s hard to see that
  • seriously, really don’t trust adults who want to date you. don’t trust adults who call you hot, flirt with you, ask you sexual questions, or ask you for nudes. (that last one is VERY illegal, also, please get help from a trusted non-creepy adult if this happens to you)
  • the opinions of complete strangers who aren’t interacting with you typically aren’t worth it. move on, use the block button. it’s not worth engaging with people who are going to make you feel awful or unsafe
  • take breaks from tumblr if it’s getting really stressful for you. talk to friends if you’ve got em, play a videogame or do whatever it is that can take your mind off the massive amounts of Hell on this website
  • recovery is good. it’s really, really good. if you’re having mental health issues, please seek out help if you can, or ask a trusted adult or friend for guidance. you are not alone. don’t let this website make you feel like you are

I started tumblr in 6th grade. Im now 20. I can back up ALL of this and wish I’d known this when i was younger bc i did myself a lot of harm online in my teen years.

Please, its not just annoying paranoid adults being overprotective or “not getting it.” please take this advice and be safe.

Above all, develop and enforce your personal boundaries and trust your gut, always. Never letting anyone (including yourself) cross them or talk you into things youre even a little uncomfortable with, or convince you your gut feeling is wrong. Thats about the best one rule you can follow even as an adult to be safe. If you won’t follow any others, just follow that one, please.

Ngl I’m 35 and I found reading this a useful reminder. Even as adults we need to remember to moderate our time spent engaging in intense discourse, and remember to pick our battles. I’ve had some of my worst moments because I was having horrible RSD responses to the words of random strangers, many of whom were probably young enough to be my children. 

Just because they’re words doesn’t mean they can’t hurt, even if you are old enough that you think you should “know better.” Take a break, friends. 

Hi! I’d like to use a picture that someone else used to help bring some more attention to this very important post, hope that’s okay!

Please share this post! It’s really really important! More so to the younger users, but in general for all of us as well! 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

(the pic i used isn’t mine btw, sorry i don’t know where i got it from)

I have noticed that calling yourself stupid or dumb has replaced the trash/garbage meme…. seriously, don’t do that. You are making things harder on yourself and legitimizing others not taking you seriously.

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Hey y’all, there’s a program working on this!

The Menstruatin’ with Satan program, founded by The Satanic Temple Arizona, is collecting donations of pads, tampons, and other menstrual supplies for incarcerated women, as well as fighting to raise the monthly allotment of products!

If you’re not in AZ, you can help out the Temple by buying them products on their Amazon Wish List, here.

And if you are in Arizona, help ‘em out! There are a bunch of drop-off and volunteer locations.

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hey just so you know “love hurts” means thinks like 

unrequited love is painful to process and get over,

it sucks when you love someone but they’re far away so you can’t be with them right now, 

sometimes we do something selfish out of love that we have to fix and work to do better next time, 

sometimes the people we love aren’t kind to themselves, and it hurts to see,

it’s painful to love someone deeply and see them go through something hard that you can’t fix for them, 

but “love hurts” does Not mean that being loved should be painful, scary, unpleasant, manipulative, or guilt-ridden. If someone you love hurts you again and again, even if they think they love you, they don’t. Not enough to be gentle, to be kind. You’ve gotta try to believe you deserve better. Love doesn’t “hurt” like that.

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ok this is “earring magic ken” who was introduced in 1992 (and discontinued shortly thereafter)

basically mattel had done a survey and discovered that girls didn’t think ken was “cool” enough

SO someone had the bright idea to research coolness by sending people to raves which, at the time, were mostly hosted & attended by gay men. so they went to these raves and took notes on what the fashions were and finally landed on this outfit, mesh shirt & all 

this doll became the best selling ken doll in history, mostly because gay men bought it in droves. (many of them said his necklace was supposed to be a cockring) but mattel and a number of parents weren’t very amused and discontinued the doll 



MAGIC EARRING KEN. This bitch gay as HELL. supposedly the aforementioned rings on him are for “magic earrings” and clip on charms. These charms are advertised as totally COMPLETELY heterosexual, not gay at ALL, see there’s a Barbie that also has Magic Earring Action with clip on charms! Ken wears them to match, because he’s STRAIGHT

Here’s the issue: THERE IS NO MATCHING BARBIE. Magic Earring Ken is out here straight up wearing cock rings on his jacket with a thinly devised advertising ploy to make it SEEM not-gay. But it’s DEFINITELY GAY.
(And if you’re thinking, why cock rings? Well way back in 1992 gay culture was HUGE on wearing cock rings, it was the in-style. Everyone who was gay wore one, even women; you sewed them to your leather jacket, and the placement indicated some of your sexual preference. In case you were wondering, Ken is a Bottom.)

AND IT GETS BETTER. Magic Earring Ken was on the shelves for six weeks before they pulled him. In that short amount of time? Magic Earring Ken became the BEST SELLING Barbie Doll Mattel has EVER SOLD.
LET THAT SINK IN. SIX WEEKS. And now every time these wheezy old hetero windbag execs go to look at their sales board, they’re forever haunted by Magic Earring Ken at the top of their charts.

Gay as hell, Cock Ring Bottom Ken, the Best Selling Mattel Doll.

please take the time out of your day to read about Magic Earring Ken™

gay history

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Omg look at this little cutie, how can anyone hurt them. There are only 30 of these left in the world due to illegal fishing.

Please donate to the National Marine Mammal Foundation’s last-ditch effort to capture the last 30 animals alive and relocate them to a seaside sanctuary in the northern Gulf of California. This is their last chance.


Reblogging LOUDLY.

I’m aware some people don’t like the notion of zoos and sanctuaries, but there’s no reset button for Extinct.

Okay so I read this and cried. 

Please, please help the National Marine Mammal Foundation capture the last 30 Vaquitas. They’ll be sent to a sanctuary where they’ll be taken care of, nurtured and every attempt will be made to bolster the species. 



oreiubgoweir bguer




Everyone who can.

Please Help these little guys!

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I’m astounded by the privilege of people who disdainfully look at me at say, “I don’t like relying on pills.”

Yeah, well, me either but I don’t have the luxury of being able to survive without them.

My dad does that, despite needing an asthma spray his whole life. So if meds aren’t it’s pillform it’s all good? Now he has to take like 3 meds since his stroke and still has the audacity to say that.

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Presented by myself and @goodluckdetective without comment

That. That is the entire high literature summed up. You just broke all man-written novels

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Being queer of any variety means you are especially attuned to your team colors like some football but and I think that’s wonderful

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Taking your own life. Interesting expression, taking it from who? Once it’s over its not you who will miss it. Your own death is something that happened to everyone else. Your life is not your own, keep your hands off it.


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Whoop there it is…


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If you wanna wear a swim suit with your ostomy bag do it

If you wanna wear a flower crown on your bald head do it

If you wanna wear short skirts when you have cellulite or braces do it

If you wanna wear tank tops or short sleeves while having scars do it

If you wanna paint your wheelchair hot pink do it

If you wanna wear heels with your cane do it

If you wanna go topless with surgery scars do it

If you wanna show off your body, with or without hair on it do it.

If you wanna dye your hair a hundred different colors do it

If you carry your meds on you and take them in public do it

Its your body. Dont let anyone or anything take that away from you. Be unashamed. Love yourself.

Feel free to add.

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I once whatched an episode of supernanny (we had a Brazilian version) and the dad was PISSED at supernanny for saying he couldn’t hit his kids because “I was raised like that and turned out just fine” and she dead ass looked him in the eye and asked “do you resent your parents? Do you love and trust them? Did you always tell them the truth and counted on them, or did you hide things from them in fear of their response?” and when he was like”… well, that’s just how parents and kids go” she was like “no, it isn’t. Do you really want your children to live like that? Do you want your kids to respect you or do you want them to trust you?” and that guy B R O K E


parents: my kids disrespect me all the time and don’t listen to a single thing I say and I’ve tried everything to fix it but none of it has worked, you’re our last hope supernanny

supernanny: do you ever spend time with them, listen to them, talk to them or show interest in their lives at all?

parents: no why would I do that


parents: my children are spawns of satan, every day i wake up to them screaming and running around the home where they’re always knocking shit over and causing a mess. they are so rude and they never calm down and we’re on our last legs because we want a divorce because of them

supernanny: do they have any toys?

parents: do they have any what


watching supernanny is so surreal because it’s like my cat from hell where 99.9% of the time it’s always the parents fucking up and never the kids as they’re just abiding by how they’ve been raised

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Dr. Mae Jemison, MD, the first black woman in space and first actual astronaut to appear on a Star Trek show, one of the very few people on this planet of whom two pictures can be posted depicting them doing their job on a spaceship with entirely different contexts.

Holy shit this is a serious contender for the best post I’ve ever seen on tumblr.

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