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// 𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗𝖊’𝖘 𝖆 𝖕𝖔𝖘𝖘𝖎𝖇𝖎𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖞 //







This is a huge story not getting the attention it deserves.

Anyone surprised? These folks are black.  

this is evil…. environmental racism as it is 

Idk if this is related but the company dumping shit into the air should have to pay for these peoples treatments….

This is a map of superfund sites in Harris County (taken from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality). Superfund sites are areas that have been contaminated with hazardous substances, usually chemical spills that are very, very bad for people. The whole point of superfund sites is that they get quarantined to be decontanimated.

But, as usual, the EPA and these companies fucking suck, and they just let them sit there. I visited one in second ward and the fence around it is falling apart. No warning signs, no nothing. Homes, with young kids around it.

Houston floods. A lot. The water from these floods carries the contaminated soil everywhere. Anyone who lives anywhere near these things are in danger, and the people who do live around them are poor minorities. (Also, Houston doesn’t have any zoning, which means refineries can set up camp wherever they want, so they’ve been encroaching on historically poor and brown neighborhoods.)

None of these sites have popped up yesterday. These illnesses that people are getting haven’t happened overnight. This is systemic murder of the lower class. These people have been poisoned for YEARS while the city, these companies, and the EPA do NOTHING.

If y'all want to learn more, or if you’re in the Houston area and you’d like to go on a toxic tour, check out Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services.

Like FLINT!!!!!!🤔

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Current economy doesn’t allow saving anymore. And to say “well find another job then” is ridiculous

You all seem to have real problems with this money. Why don’t you just get rid of it?

I wish we would. People who have a lot of it find that imagining it has value and using it to prevent other people from accessing resources benefits them. And since they’re the ones with the most power, they get to decide to keep it around.

Alright so I have a solution: eat them


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Aaliyah in 1998 vacationing in Fiji with bestfriend Kidada Jones, Quincy Jones III, and friend Elaine.

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Harry Moody aka Harry James Moody (American, based Los Angeles, CA, USA) - Abstract Twilight #6/12, Paintings: Oil on Canvas

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Psychogeographies by Dustin Yellin commissioned by the New York City Ballet

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Tadanobu Asano in “Ichi the Killer” (2001), directed by Takashi Miike

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Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2019.

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fkatwigs: her name was cara. 

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Loïs Mailou Jones painting in her Paris studio in 1937 or 1938, with kitten supervising from her shoulder

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jourdan and amy @ jpg ss20

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Missy Elliott’s 2000s gum

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Asuka Kurosawa / A Snake of June (2002)

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“we cannot endure the heartbreaking splendor of sunsets.”

abraham joshua heschel, man is not alone (1951)

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The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie ,  John Cassavetes , 1976.

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Black girls deserve to learn free from bias and stereotypes.

Most black girls experience this hatred at schools. And classmates are not the only problem, there is no support from teachers, too. That’s why they get so affected by their school experiences. Black kids deserve to be treated just like everybody else, they want to study, they want to learn something ,too. However due to prejudice they are 5 times more likely to be suspended than their white peers and it can ruin their lives forever.  National Women’s Law Center created this video to change the situation. Join the movement to help black girls feel normal and get the same opportunities everybody else has.


Finally something focusing on black girls!

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[A white fortune cookie paper with black text on the front and an icon of a bee. It reads: You will soon gain something you have always desired.]

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Adut Akech for Valentino Fragrance

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