My name is Miles. he/him. Jewish, ay'lonit, maybe bi maybe gay. I've been described as "impressively devoted to elves" and "an artistic angel". Taking a break from crying over gay wizards to cry over trans newsboys instead












There’s a special place in hell for a system that doesn’t raise minimum wage making consumers responsible for the staff’s basic living needs.

I didnt KNOW you were supposed to tip hotel housekeepers

Yea I didnt even know housekeepers needed tips. This new info to me.

^this shit is news to me.

Oh shit I didn’t know.

Passing this along so people know 

as someone who worked for years as a hotel housekeeper PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a MONETARY tip for your housekeeper EVERY DAY you stay in the hotel. The shit (sometimes literally) they see every day is ridiculous and they’re so under appreciated. Also You will most likely not have the same housekeeper every day so please don’t wait until the morning you check out to leave a tip. I usually tip $10 and write a little thank you note with a comment on something I noticed. Like ‘Thank you for taking care of my room and making the pillows extra fluffy!’ 

for people that also use showers at truck stops, the same thing applies. 90% of truck drivers get free showers so there’s NO reason to not leave a tip for the janitor. a few years ago people left tips fairly regularly, even if it was just a dollar or two (which adds up when you’re cleaning 40+ showers a day) and let me tell you from experience that those rooms are disgusting and not in ways you’d expect. janitors usually don’t make more than minimum wage and in my state that’s $7.25!!!!! that’s nothing! workers that clean up after us have to deal with so much and they deserve better! obviously they deserve raises from their companies but there’s NO reason we can’t all show appreciation with a few dollars tip also!

Reblogging cause I had no clue we were supposed to tip.

Like, if you do tip, can you make sure it’s explicitly a tip by leaving a note next to it. A lot of guests tend to be super sloppy with their money when staying in a hotel room cuz theyre there to gamble or that theyre travelling internationally and they tend to keep cash out to keep track of it.

Also speaking from experience, it’s better if you tip directly to your housekeeper than leaving it in a room cuz I have had supervisors who LOVE checking checked out vacant rooms before I could clean them and take any money out they could find.

you can leave the tip directly in the middle of your pillow, and they will 100% know

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i cannot express how distraught this question makes me feel


for college i want to start making chimera plushies but i cant stand the idea of cutting up a plushie..

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cute things to call your significant other:

  • demon
  • wily old serpent
  • foul fiend
  • hereditary enemy
  • wily adversary
  • my dear
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forgive me

i don’t know what specific part you’re asking for forgiveness for

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if only i saw this yesterday

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why isn’t there more gravity falls/scooby doo crossover stuff ;U;;

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Ya know, I spend a lot of time complaining about comic artists pandering to straight men for someone whose favorite covers and panels are the ones where Nightwing has flowing hair and/or his ass on full display.

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I know it’s late January, but it has come to my attention that there’s some argument about whether or not this is allowed, so just to let you know where this blog stands.

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reblog if you, too, support dick grayson in his dad-punching ways

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Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life

#it would be nice to get my sense of purpose back

“Oh wow my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this,”

“my will to live! i haven’t seen this in 15 years!”

“I knew I lost that potential somewhere!”

“Mental stability, my old friend!”

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My friend: Okay but what is your ideal female cast 

me: fat/chubby women with different bodytypes


2020 is the year we are going to draw fat ladies with different body types besides hourglass figure. We have to expand our body diversity in fat characters as well

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

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no one:

the writers for psych:

what if like,, two of the characters are arguing and one starts to leave and the other's like "hey" so they turn back around with a resigned look on their face so they can finish their lecture and what if we did this every fucking episode idk man i think itd be c

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My dad told me recently that the most important public health workers are garbage collectors and janitors. So much of our health relies on a clean environment. These people do some of the most important work in society. If we learned in dirty public environments full of garbage, we’d all be sick. I cannot thank these people enough for the valuable work that they do.

Shout out to all garbage collectors, janitors and housekeepers!

The tags below tell a story

Solidarity to all workers of the world! They are the ones who truly keep the world running!

Don’t forget, all labour is important, even those you declare worthless. 


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My favorite anecdote from the Avatar art book is that the animal hybrid thing is based on something Michael DiMartino used to doodle as a kid, and then the crew got really into it as a concept and came up with wilder and wilder combinations so that by the time the show ended he was starting to go “maybe you guys are taking this too far.”

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No such thing as a tomato sauce boat. No such thing as a salad dressing boat. But I guess if you’re gravy you get ~SpEcIaL nAuTiCaL pRiViLeGeS~

I mean, marinara, it’s right there in the name. Who is more deserving, I ask you?

…you know you can put any sauce you want in your own gravy boat, OP? You know that, right?

Well yeah. You can put lemonade in it if you want to. Or use it as a spittoon. Or a paperweight. Whatever.

But when you’re not using it? When you have cleaned it and put it back in the cupboard? What is it then? That’s right. It reverts to being a gravy boat. Because that’s what it’s, as they say, “for.”

And when you take it out again and fill it with, idk, salsa verde, what will people say? They’ll say, “Oh, that’s a good use for a gravy boat.” No one ever says “how clever of you to use a salsa boat to serve gravy.” Because the boat defaults to gravy. That is the problem.

If I go to the store and ask for a raita boat, I get funny looks. If I ask for a gravy boat, they know exactly what I’m talking about. Fair? No. Fact? Yes.

Can you see that this is about what is a marked use and what is an unmarked use? Can you see that, friend orbisonblue? That this is not just about what I, personally, can do with my tableware, but what our society considers to be “normal’ sauce-serving practice, and what is “abnormal”? Can you?

Archaeologists determining if mundane objects are also ritual objects 

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