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my advice to girls is to stop feeling guilty about everything especially when it comes to guys. you don’t need to feel guilty for rejecting a guy even if he really likes you or he’s a nice guy. you don’t need to feel guilty about having boundaries or standards or expectations. you don’t need to feel guilty for saying no. treat people with respect but remember u don’t owe men anything. not a relationship, not sex, not your time, energy, attention, affection, not a reply or a message, not even a smile

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how are you?



next question please

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i don’t know why anyone has to feel insecure about their bodies, when objectively, humans are all freakish horrors. Every last one of us. Hairless, fleshy, gangly beasts walking upright straight as a tree with bony tentacles on the ends of our limbs. 

you have a hole in your face full of sharp bones and you’re worried that your belly is a little squishy 

broke: all bodies are beautiful! 

woke: all bodies are made of warm meat wrapped around wet bones with blood-plump organs stuffed inside. rad 

Actually, your face isn’t filled with sharp bones! Bones are derived from the mesoderm, one of three tissue layers in very early embryonic development that diversify into all of the organs in the body. Teeth on the other hand, come from the ectoderm. So congrats! Your face isn’t filled with sharp bones- it’s filled with sharp skin! Have fun!

I HATE that

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oh to be part of a secret syndicate that rejoices in art and beauty when the sun sets in a hidden room where the walls are lined with bookcases containing the most exquisite of literary works and where we can drink wine, play pool, read, write, share books and art and talk about our new favorite obsessions and ambitions. to perhaps meet a beautiful young lady whose every word feels like art that not even the pages at your fingers make you drown in.

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i’m coining a new literary criticism called feralism and it’s when you wildly misread the text as a glamorization of hedonism like how we as a society read the great gatsby and now want to throw banging 20s themed gatsby parties or read the secret history and want to hold a bacchanal. it recognizes literature as a vessel for the repressed human need to just lose your fucking mind.

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“Please one more kiss in the kitchen before we turn the lights off”

— W. S. Merwin, “Wish”, in The Essential W. S. Merwin

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A movement towards expansion and growth. Embrace the unknown, feel the joy of uncertainty and change.

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The energy this January is….strange.

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think of me when the sky is pink

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foreshadowing done well makes me go feral like there’s NOTHING better than getting to the end a book or an important storyline moment and realising that the author laced information so intricately into their writing that weren’t noticeable upon first read but when you read back sections they’re light giant red flags like wow writing is amazing

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subah koj @ iris van herpen ss19

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still the cutest shit

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