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Heterosexual pride flag


what is wrong. like with all of you.

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A weeb told me i looked better with long hair and i told him he looked better as sperm

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i hope robbing pewdiepie becomes a new Challenge like planking or the cinnamon challenge. i think more people should rob pewdiepie (or other nazis if he is too far away)

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If you’re a man, and a woman friend confides in you about how shitty men are, it’s because she considers you one of the good ones–someone it’s safe to vent to. Don’t ruin that vibe with some “not all men” crap. She knows. That’s why she’s talking to you. You don’t have to say it; she’s already telling you, just not in so many words. If you were one of the ones she was talking about, she wouldn’t be confiding in you about it, so instead of getting offended, you should feel honored, my droogie.

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Oh??? you like women??? Name 3 of them

You win this round my friend

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Oh??? you like women??? Name 3 of them

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some people shouldnt be allowed to draw women

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If your art style consists on making big eyes that make up more than 50% of a woman’s head, small mouth with big lips, really small button nose that almost doesn’t exists and a slim figure then stop watching so much disney

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Did the guy who burgled pewdiepie like know it was pewdiepie’s house or did he just take from some fancy ass lookin’ house and now that guy’s watching the news sweating profusely like oh shit what if it was me

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idk girls and gays i don’t think enough people even within the lgbt talk enough about or even realize how humiliating and often frightening the lesbian experience can be. like i think a lot of people don’t understand that it’s deeply degrading and downright terrifying to be openly lesbian around straight men and have them blatantly fetishize you and/or talk openly and brazenly about wanting to fuck you knowing that you’d never consent to sex with a man (and obviously getting off to that fact) and how coming out as a lesbian often makes them even less respectful of your boundaries and more aggressive in pushing and breaking them. how it’s not just a nuisance but a real source of trauma for many of us but we’re expected to laugh it off and hardly anyone really seems to take it seriously or treat it as a real form of homophobia either

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hey guys I found another song with the same BPM as party rock anthem

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oh you mean spiderman: class traitor edition


I don’t know if you’ve seen spider-cop but

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I was on insta looking through my tagged pics and i was like woah whats up with me in here and it finally clicked, me, wearing a hawaiian shirt, looking like a whole lesbian

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as much as the world fails you, never regret having a good heart. 

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we are already living in the cyberpunk future and i know this because within a span of 3 days we went from this tweet:


to thousands of people making phony images and replying to them with their passionate desire to have them as a tshirt to overload the bots with nonsense and junk and send out warnings to shoppers like this:


and now we even have people replying to pictures of baby yoda with “i want this on a tshirt” knowing how ravenous disney is being with copyright in hopes to get the stores taken down altogether

i dont know what it is about stuff like this and the whole turn mei into a symbol of hk protesters thing but, its really reassuring for some reason

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shiro and keith are the epitome of that sibling trope where one hits the other too hard and they start crying and the one who hit them frantically tells them they can hit back as hard as they want if they dont tell mom 

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when’s my rich eccentric old relative with no heirs of their own who my parents never told me about because they’re considered an embarrassment to the family going to show up at my house suddenly without invitation or prior announcement and offer me a place on their expedition to find a legendary treasure or lost city widely regarded to be a myth by the greater scientific community

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In The Departed (2006), Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg play two different characters— a subtle nod to them being two different actors, despite my wife being unable to tell them apart on the first viewing of the movie.

op this is the funniest post you’ve made yet

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