A place for actual equality, common sense, and attempts at positivity. This blog is run by Jackson (Black) and Yuki (Japanese). If our opinions dont match up with your perception of what our races and genders should beleive, that is your problem, not ours. 

The worst thing I laughed at.

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this scene is such a delight tbh

I think about this scene a lot

My life as a teenage robot walked so tangled could run

Biker uncles love cool machines this would 100% bee like that

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Men> Women

This one is bad


Women> Men

This one is also bad


Men = Women

This one is good!

Feminism is not Misandry, please don’t degrade such a wonderful movement by using these terms as synonyms.

The absolute best place to find misandry is in feminism.

Feminism has a looooong history of misandry, and even today, it’s hard to find man-hate that isnt coming from a feminist. This website alone has tons of man-hate posts. Posts trivializing experiences men face, insisting misandry doesnt exist, encouraging discrimination and bigotry. And I have yet to see a single one of these posts that didnt come from a feminist.

Movements and ideologies are judged by the actions of their members. Communism oppresses, tons of Hippies abused drugs, and feminism is full of misandry. Dont like it? Wrk to change feminism for the better. Be critical of feminism. Oppose the misandry. Make your claims a reality.

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I think it’s really insulting that westerners talk about communism. y'all had it too good and now y'all are being spoiled little brats. let me talk to you about the women and men executed and how their bodies were thrown out of trains and the basic food being rationed so harshly that we actually started black markets for fucking sugar and oil and let me talk to you about how they used to spy on everyone, we had mikes in our homes, how they made kids rat on each other and how controlled the education was. lights went out at 7. my parents used to study by a candle. everything. was. controlled. everyone. was. oppressed.


#the fastest way to make me lose all respect for you is if you’re one of the tumblr shitbabies who romanticizes communism #my grandfather was the only member of his family who survived the russian revolution #he hid in the family crypt and had to listen to the sounds of the bolsheviks slaughtering his whole family #women and children too #all shot execution style because they owned a tiny farm in what is now ukraine #the members of his extended family were all sent to gulags and we only know they were even there because we found records of their deaths #so don’t fucking come in here with your pop communism nonsense #not when my family has suffered under it #not when the families of millions #billions of people #have suffered for something you think is a cute and edgy way to rebel #go fuck yourselves honestly you ignorant pieces of shit #i consider myself a socialist but there is a huge fucking difference between socialist policies as implemented today in sweden etc. #and the utter living horror that was life under communism #stay classy tumblr 

>Destroy Tumblr’s Unapologetic Romanticizing of Communism 2k15

We’ve been fucking slacking then because every year it’s just gotten worse. 

Remember kids! You can criticise capitalism and your current government WITHOUT praising actual fascist dictatorial regimes!

Pro-Communism IS NOT the direct alternative to anti-capitalism, and there are too many under-educated western people on this site living in privilege and ignorance who don’t seem to get that. You don’t fight The Man by singing the praises of a different evil system that none of the Tumblr commie babies even understand, let alone could live in for a week.

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Pay no attention to the many women who also think feminists are humorless, you misogynist.

And the fact that respect is earned, not self-entitled.


Also? “Feminists don’t have a sense of humor” is Man for “Women have stopped pretending to laugh at my rape jokes, stoopid-woman-driver jokes and monster-mother-in-law jokes.”


Both @feministism and @gardnerhill are pretty much purposely offensive without the need for hiding behind jokes. (They do both).

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“The oppressed cannot oppress the oppressors”

-Things nazis probably said.

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Men being victims of their own shitty system is not a woman problem but they assume we’re here to agree to everything they say and be sory for them when they actually face consequences for their actions.


Women literally ARE oppressed, we don’t just “think” we are. We just are. Lol who are my victims????? Men????? Aaaawe I’m sorry a mean tumblr girl hurt your feelings, log off and you’ll be just fine, male. The systems that hurt you are the ones OTHER MEN created, women aren’t doing shit to you on a systematic level. If all it takes for you to break down is a tumblr post, then I guess men are even more pathetic than I thought. Complain to someone who gives a shit.


And you think that shit would change my mind?

You think this, “its tots okay I get to disrespect your entire humanity, because I think Im oppressed.” Will change anyones mind? This ad hoc rationalization used only to justify your cruelty and hatred of others?

No its not by any streach of logic because the only result of such thinking is pain and misery for both you and your victims.


The oppressed hating their oppressor isn’t the same as the oppressor hating the oppressed. I hate men because they have oppressed women systematically across the vast majority of cultures since day one. That isn’t the same as a man hating a woman because he thinks all women are whores. But tbh I’m not gonna talk to someone who says they wish women couldn’t vote lol shut your mouth male


@greenwire is a known bigot, not to mention a straight up liar.

These people are bigots through and through, and if they can’t see how similar they sound to racists and homophobes, then they’re a lost cause. I honestly wish they didn’t have the right to vote. Looking at you @starinyourhand and @radcybergoth


Lol @greenwire


And most child abusers are black and native american/pacific islander

And most parents guilty of filicide are mothers

By your bigotted logic, we should not hire people based on their race along with their sex.

The scenario is not “extremely elaborate”. Feminists such as yourself justify and excuse discrimination that you would never support towards other groups all the time. The double standards of bad activists and selectove bigots isnt rare.

You are defending assuming the worst out of people for how they were born. You are saying it’s fine to assume the worst out of men based on statistics. Well apply that to groups you actually care about. Put your money where your mouth is. Vocally spread, in the name of feminism, that Native Americans and Black people shouldnt be hired in child care based not on their actions, but on their race.

“ in order to claim that women whites and asians who are wary of men blacks and native americans around children in their care are bigots”

That’s why i made the comparison. Because all i have to do is switch the target of your bigtory to make it offensive to the #woke crowd.

greenwire: men abuse children in their care at a rate 3.4 TIMES that of women. 

And by the way, look at how irrationally, disproportionately angry men get when someone even hypothetically limits their career options. This man had to invent an extremely elaborate and unlikely hypothetical scenario in order to claim that women who are wary of men around children in their care are bigots. Imagine.


Somebody smack these mra’s with some statistics, I’ve misplaced my proving sexist pricks wrong folder on a flash drive somewhere


Lol I’m not gonna debate with a rape apologist who says I can’t be wary of men because men are the people who raped me and men are the oppressor class of women. Fuck off


Hello standard sexist radfem.


* people like you who show bias against men are why men have much higher false arrest rate, false conviction rate, much longer sentencing disparity, bias in courts, and face gendered crime definitions that let women off for the same biolent behavior.

* black people commit the most violent crime by race, so any justification of “statsistics say theyre more violent” also applies to black people. And if you even try to bring up how discrimination can lead to false arrests and conviction ratesto separate the comparison, i would like to direct you to point 1.

* personal experiences do not excuse bigotry. I know people who have been raped by people of the same sex. I have personally known literally dozens of violent black criminals growing up as well as many of the victims to their violence. None of that excuses discrimination and overall bigotry against innocent people in that group who have done nothing wrong.

*”men are the people who ruined my life”

And if they were instead black, would you be fine treating them like garbage? If they were gay, would you refuse to hire them? Youre just justifying bigotry.

* youre advocating for being suspicious of people and assuming them to be criminals for how they were born, rather than their actions. Which is exactly what racists and homophobes do.


It really isn’t captain lol men commit literally over 70% of all violent crime and over 90% of rapes. Fear of black people is rooted in racism and hate, fear of men is based in reality. Lol men are the people who ruined my life don’t tell me the facts male


no, women just get away unreported with abusing children more because the entire criminal justice system is biased towards them. its the same logic behind why black people appear to commit more crime.


Women “abuse kids more” cause we do 95% of all childcare lol when men are around kids they abuse them way more compared to women


there’s too much to unpack here, throwing the whole suitcase away. you’re probably gonna read it as lack of arguments and you’re in your right to do so, but really I’ve discussed MRA points too many times in my life and had ground to reject them. I’m too tired and I don’t feel like explaining how systematic oppression works (and that it’s about physical, institutional, mental, political etc systems more than individuals etc etc etc) for 1002nd time in my life. thanks for concern about me or something though.


sorry but really, you’re the wrong one.

crime statistics in this situation really don’t matter, since men have faced discrimination for a long time with the system not recognizing them as victims when raped by women. in fact, it was legally impossible for women to “rape” men in the eyes of the law until 2014, and even today men face societal pressure to not report it from both toxic masculinity and radical feminists who unironically believe women cannot rape men. in fact, they can’t even talk about being traumatized by women either so you can’t claim only women are traumatized by only men either.

men as a whole are not “oppressors” as a class, nor do they all participate in the “oppression” of women. the only real oppressors in society are rich people (the bourgeoise) and their police/security force goons, and the rest of us (the proletariat) are all oppressed. suuuure, men might theoretically make a few more dollars than you on average, but both you and men are earning ten dollars an hour while ceos are earning ten times that amount every few seconds. suuure, straight people have a slightly less chance of being murdered because they arent gay, but most of them still cannot call ambulances without going into financial debt while the rich own 20 mansions and private pedophile haven islands. its ridiculous to say both are oppressors. you are only dividing the working class against itself.

In this theoretical situation, you are literally arguing that a capitalist boss (a woman who owns a daycare, a mean of production essentially) is justified in discriminating against a worker because of his gender. idpol power struggle doesnt matter when you are talking about the most important axis of oppression of all: class. it doesnt matter if the woman is “traumatized” (she probably isnt in this situation anyways), discrimination on the basis of sex is morally wrong and unacceptable in all cases. especially in the case of a boss employing sexist discrimination against workers. its not sexist to believe this. sexism is sexism, misogyny is just as bad as misandry conceptually and should be equally hated. severity and appearance in real life simply doesn’t matter.

in conclusion, please get yourself as far away from radfem circles as possible. it’s actively harming your worldview.


thanks :) there’s some ftm radfems, but it makes sense you haven’t met us yet.

I’m in class, so I’ll check it out later.

my point is, a woman not hiring a man when:

  • over 90% of rapists, murderers etc and over 80% of pedophiles etc are males
  • men are her oppressors as a class, and statistically high chances are she was traumatised by them
  • men don’t have problems finding employment, and actually are typically in a better socioeconomical situation than women of similiar race, orientation etc

is not comparable to straight people discriminating a gay man when:

  • there is no similiar statistics about gay people, gay people are also not preparators of hate crime etc against straight people but rather the opposite
  • straight people are systematically (as a class) oppressors of gay people, meaning they benefit from homophobia existing, and gay people are statistically likely to be traumatised by homophobia, not the opposite
  • gay men are severely disadvantaged, typically in worse living condition than straight people, and have problems finding employment

this comparison may have sounded fair to you, but it wasn’t. it’s actually kinda misogynistic to use it cause it guilts women by telling them misandry is comparable to homophobia when societal dynamics wise it’s really not.


My apologies for misgendering you. Every radfem I’ve seen has been a women so I assumed you were too. What you’re looking for is on page 23. The point I’m trying to make is that while it may be true men commit some crimes more than women, they are a small, small minority of men.


1) sources? even if it’s true, fathers are often not involved in upbringing (physically and/or mentally absent) which would influence that. I remember seeing opposite statistics somewhere though.

2) why do you misgender a trans man (me) lmfao


The majority of child abusers are women. Why do you abuse childern? Asking because according to you this is how the world works


over 90% of rape is commited by male people, over 90% of murder is commited by male people, almost all serial killers are male people, most male people masturbate to acts of violence and/or degradation, over 80% of pedophiles are male people. similiar is not true for gay people.

facts over feelings and feminism is not about men. sorry.


Imagine if you would, a woman who owns a successful daycare business. She maintains her own standards because she’s the boss.

Now imagine that that a gay man who applied to the job was rejected. He womders why and looks up the owner’s twitter account. It reads

“One of them tried applying again. I three his application right in the trash. We dont hire those people. Safety of the children first.”

The gay man goes to the media with this information. He was a victim of discrimination! She gets blasted online and on the news as a bigot. She tries to defend herself by stating that she only wants to protect children. That this applicant would likely rape or abuse the children because that’s just what people like him are like.

Everyone calls her homophobic. How dare she refuse someone an oppurtunity due to her own biases. How dare she assume the worst of an innocent person for how they were born. To defend her bigotry with “my/children’s safety over your feelings”. What a closed minded individual.

But it turns out that she was actually discriminating against and assuming the worst out of this gay man, not for being gay, but for being male. She thought he would molest or harm the children, not for his sexuality, but for his sex.

If you are the kind of person who was angry at the original scenario but find the real reason completely acceptable, you are guilty of having a double standard. You are guilty of bigotry. There are tons of very popular posts on this website encouraging treating people as criminals and as suspicious for how they were born. “My safety over your feelings” is often used to justify bigotry. If you wouldnt be fine with it when it happens to gay people or black people or whoever, you shouldnt be fine with it when it happens to men. You arent #woke. You arent supporting equality. You arent a good feminist. Youre a bigot. Plain and simple.

Thats a common feminist response to justify their actions and to justify not helping men but it’s wrong.

These are rules and regulations that are instilled by society, not men. Women make up half of society. Women vote. Women protest. Women can run for political positions. And women can voice their opinions. Women are the majority of people who take care of kids and shape thier minds and personalities. Women can and do help shape our societies rules. Politicians base their decisions on what people want. And if women dont want change for men, then their policies reflect that.

Not too long ago, India (of all places) tried to make rape a gender neutral crime. One where women could be charged and men would be recognized as victims and could receive the services that a victim should receive. Female politicians, womens rights activists, and especially feminists opposed it and got the crime definition switched back to a gendered one. Even in India of all places, women have the power to influence rules and regulations.

The fact is that men do face discrimination and inequality. And a large hurdle for getting those inequalities recognized is feminists. Feminists who insist that men cannot and do not experience inequalities. Feminists who encourage the problem and insist on not working to fit it, while demanding male help on even the most trivial of issues (pockets, air conditioning, “man-spreading”).

@radcybergoth Also “women arent doing shit to you on a systematic level” ignoring the facts that i just noted about women in india changing laws, women are not so weak that they have no influence in society. Feminist Mary P Koss, the award winning feminist who doesnt believe women are capable of sexual violence or rape is an advisor to the CDC. Her studies influence their definition of rape. As well as the definition various states and colleges use. The feminist deluth model, which is a regabilitation program for domestic violence, based on patriarchal theory, states that only men can be abusers and women can only be victims. And treats the people who come in as such, regardless of who was the actual aggressor. Various states use the Deluth model to handle domestic violence cases. Feminist CEO of NIA, a feminist domestic violence program directly discourages recognizing male victims of abuse. Feminists protesting male abuse shelters and telling the government that the public doesnt approve of them, so they dont fund them like they do women. Facebook groups of women who all agree to vote men guilty while on juries because “even if he’s innocent, that’s one less man on the street”. Literal posts on this very website about how it’s entirely acceptable to profile men as dangerous and discriminate against them. And this bigotry’s makn support is from feminist women. Like i’ve spent a good amount of time arguing with feminists about how profiling a man as a criminal is still bigotry when you do it to men.

And your “the oppressed cant oppressed” rhetoric is exactly what the nazis did to wxcuse their actions. The jews were considered “privileged” back then because they were disproportionately wealthy and in positions of power. And nazis excused any and all bad actions against them by convincing themselves that their discrimination , their profiling, gheir bigotry wasnt bad when they targetted the “oppressors”. In fact jewish people are still disproportionately in positions of power and tend to have better paying jobs. The only reason we dont called them “oppressors” and “privileged” now is because of their past. That’s what youre doing. Youre excusing your bad actions and the bigotry youre perpetuating by calling the other side “oppressors”. No matter how you try to excuse it, profiling innocent people and treating them like criminals for how they were born is bigotry and leads to systematic discrimination. Youre a part of that.

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Im trying this next time.

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People complaining that frozen 2 is racist because the native people don’t look like native AMERICANS need to shut up because they don’t know shit about SCANDINAVIA and the Sami people.



Oh my god, that’s fucking hilarious.

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It’s funny how feminists say things like this, AND praise Handmaid’s Tale for…being about the oppression of women. Along with other narratives.

Also, feminists regularly claim most of history was misogynist, but narratives based on those periods shouldn’t be misogynist because…


Actually, none of you are making any actual argument, besides an implicit “because I don’t like it”. Which is really the crux of the issue, I think.


Yeah seriously anytime someone uses the “but it was realistic to that era” argument for Game of Thrones I’m like ARE YOU SHITTING ME THIS IS NOT HISTORICAL FICTION THERE ARE FUCKING DRAGONS AND ZOMBIES GET CREATIVE ALREADY. I just. Cannot.



Like, you can have dragons, but not basic respect for women? Boring. Tired. Basic and sexist.


I will never understand why people create whole ass fantasy worlds and still oppress women in those worlds.

Because having a perfect world woth no issues doesnt make for a good story. They can get rid of murder too. But they dont for a reason.

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The idea that female characters look better by knocking down or showing up male characters is actually really misogynist, because it implies that every single man is already at the top of the heap and the only way a woman could possibly get above him is by dragging him down to her level and then giving him a kick.

DO I want to bring out the video again?

Yes, Yes I do.

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Japanese teacher: Oh Guam sounds so nice. You probably dont know this, but The Japanese really have a thing for Guam.

Guamanian students: Yeah. We’re pretty popular with the Japanese.

Japanese Teacher, just now remembering Japanese history with Guam:

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When Elon Musk is calling you a fucking nutcase i think theres something wrong. 


You can call it Woody Allen’s Dipshit Syndrome, you fucking old weirdo



what the fuck

Not comparable to Woody Allen. If the child was in fact raised away from the family and couldnt be groomed, then his actions were only questionable. It isnt incest since they werent related and there wasnt any grooming of the child.

It’s just an age difference thing and the fact that no parent and child should have had intercourse with the same person. And he was essentially responsible for that.

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Dec 4: Remember that time we learned Clark Kent totally peeked at all his Christmas presents with his X-Ray vision? (Justice League, “Comfort and Joy”)

Because Clark is awesome and loves christmas.

remember that time we learned clark kent is a grown man who still believes santa exists

when you’re alien that lift cars with one hand, shoot lasers from your eyes, santa doesn’t seem THAT ridiculous

Well, tbf, they are next door neighbours

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Omg! 😂

I love them

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