Percival stans, y’all okay?

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For like book one, only. 😭


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I love all the D&D LIs, I might go back and restart the series at some point to choose a different route


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VOS MC is probably my favourite Choices MC so far.

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Art Commission: Open Heart by @ahousset

2020? Really? 2020?

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stream christmas tree farm by taylor swift

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AAAY~~! THEY’RE FINALLY DONE!!! Daayummm, took me a solid 6 days to finish this :“D And I’m proud 👏👌👍💞 Whaddya think~? :) Ah yes, the guy with blonde hair and tan skin is my MC 😉 He’s dating Aiden ~! 💕

High School Story is the first book I played in Choices. It holds a lot of memories :”) 💞 and Aiden Zhou is the first Li I dated. I still love him so much 💞💓💕

Oh, and by the way, Imma post a lot of drawing this winter holiday. Basically Choices stuff all over and over. I’m thinking of opening a commission. Anyone interested?

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This chapter was so cute🥺🥺

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miss americana: a raw and emotionally revealing look at one of the most iconic artists of our time during a transformational period in her life as she learns to embrace her role not only as a songwriter and performer, but as a woman harnessing the full power of her voice

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Honestly I love Thomas and getting into a relationship with him but I’d love a scene bonding with Luz, just MC and Luz getting to experience having a mother figure again, not that MC would be replacing her mom or anything but just her having a female figure in her life again!!! That little girl deserves the world!

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(this is vague and could be wrong because i kept switching between it and playing moty)


  • oph in february 2020 (RIP)
  • rod no date yet - in progress
  • trh2 some time in january - you might get to see the babies?
  • theres a book with a really fucking crazy asset??? not sure which book though, might be the bb holiday special but apparently everyone messaged andrew and asked which book it was because it was so good
  • one more historical book coming (?)
  • theres books where they’re taking inspiration from horror genres
  • something scary for october 2020 (a book perhaps?)
    • the mystery book might have some horror elements
  • 2020 lineup looks “dope”


  • they want to balance books for 2020. so adventure, sci-fi and romance are more evened out. no promises but this is a goal for the team
  • their decisions right now are from 10-12 months ago because decisions take time to be implemented
    • they’ve learned from 2019 and are super excited for 2020
    • they do listen to the fanbase and look at data


  • blades doesn’t feel like you’re playing choices, feels like an rpg (really good according to andrew)
  • blades has andrew’s favourite li ever (has worked on lis like jake mckenzie before)
  • super ambitious
  • new codes, different from other choices book, longest worked on project yet
  • art is super pretty - lots of monsters, creatures
  • (also he calls it blades not bolas)
  • aiming to have this out in january

distant shores

  • the lis are really good (they said its gonna be hard to pick)
  • the music is really good - pirate music
  • talked about pirate elements so parrots, gold, treasures
  • the writers really seem to like it and are excited
  • “historical fun”
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Some things don’t change

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PB: oh2 is really good but will make you cry

Me: ……………

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Choices Livestream (12/6/19)


Okay, so the writers speak soooo quietly that I might have misheard something but here’s the general info. Feel free to add more!

  • Andrew is resposible for every Russian reference in Choices books lol (the jokes etc)
  • Andrew is working on a mystery book 👀
  • Open Heart in February 2020 and it’s really good! (it’s gonna make you cry but also make you happy)
  • Ride or Die 2 doesnt have a release date (😢), they dont know how long it’ll take and say that the writers write also different books but they said it’s gonna be wild, it’s still in progress
  • BSC - no plans for another book, theyre happy with how they ended it (”we might get back to it”)
  • they say that sometimes they decide on a sequel after a book ends, sometimes in the middle of the book (they said it after someone asked about MOTY); no concrete info though :(
  • more betrayals coming in TRM and more exciting things are planned for the book
  • If a book is on hiatus they will tell us about it in advance. The fact that a chapter is not showing up in the app doesnt mean the book is on hiatus, it means it was not updated yet
  • Chapter 1 of TRH2 = 💞💓💗❤️💞 (everyone went “awww”)
  • Distant Shores = pirate book and it’s great, looking great!
  • BOLAS “It’s so good!” (comes out in January ?)
  • Baby Bump releases on Monday
  • The Royal Heir 2: it’s being worked on, it’s coming VERY soon (someone said the end of the January) 
  • TRH2: baby clothes, polical stuff, you might go to Hollywood for some reason? 👀
  • D&D is all wrapped up, the special is coming out soon
  • Blades of…. - is a very ambitious book, art, super good, Andrew is SUPER excited for it “whatever you’re expecting, expect something even better!”
  • Andrew wrote the LIs for BOLAS and fell in love with them lmao
  • Favorite characters: Cyrus (the most fun and horrible to write)
  • Fave characters: Bertrand bc of of his sexy stern eyebrows
  • Andrew’s fave characters: Jake from ES and Lily from BB (he said that everytime we complain about her jokes he feels sad because he writes these jokes lol)
  • Kara’s fave character: Maxwell (he wasnt in the first drafts, the writers added him later because something was missing)
  • Andrew just ordered a TRR fanart on livestream
  • I LOVE YOUs IN BB ARE COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • BB3 is wild! It’s the last book (BB is a trilogy) but they might revist the universe
  • lots of surprises, plot twists, new characters and crying
  • BB holiday special is coming out soon (it’s set between BB1 and BB2, youre not a vampire yet)
  • in 2020 they’ll try to balance the books so that there’s something for everyone (if you like romance, there’s at least one romance for you, if you like horror there’s at least one for you etc)
  • they listen to what we say
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Btw, Thomas needs that cup in his life 💖


imagine being this adorable

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After all those spooky, sleepless Christmas Eves in the tower, Rapunzel had certainly earned a peaceful holiday. It had been a wonderful Christmas Eve. And there would be many more like it for years to come.

This was meant to be posted for christmas but I didnt finish it in time oops xD Based on this story that I remember I read a long time ago and have always loved it xD

Happy holidays!!! :D

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pb saw us calling ethan a giraffe

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We’re having a baby

MC: We’re having a baby

Percival: That’s gre–

Ernest: *slams the adoption papers on the desk* it’s you,sign up here

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The Walker–Sinclaire children headcanons

A/N: I wrote this in class on my agenda,bored and with nothing to do. I hope y'all like it! I’m still not over D&D and I don’t think I will EVER shut up about them.

This might be a long post and I’m on phone,so please,keep your bitterness to yourself.

Vincent was born in December,1817 and his godmother is Mrs. Briar Marlcaster.

  • He’s mama’s boy for sure.
  • Haves Celestine’s hair colour and it’s as messy as Ernest’s
  • He haves his father’s deep blue eyes
  • He’s a mini Ernest. He was a ‘rather sullen child’ but when he turned 12,his father turned severe on him and told him to settle down and look forward Ledford Park’s sake.
  • He haves his mother’s quick wit but blushes easily as his father.
  • Also at the age of 12 he befriended Jade Foredale and they both developed a high admiration for each other and they got engaged when Vincent was 19.
  • On his debut,Celestine cried because she refused to acknowledge his boy as a man and he had to comfort her.
  • He’s pretty good with the sword,but he likes better the dual daggers.
  • He is the heir of Edgewater due to be the firstborn,and at the age of 10 he was named Viscount Sinclaire.

Lydia Sinclaire was born in May 1818 and her godfather is Luke Harper.

  • Papa’s girl
  • Which means,always spoiled by her father.
  • Brown hair but perfectly made like her mother.
  • Could rival her mother’s beauty when Celestine was young.
  • Smart kid fond of arts
  • Heiress of Edgewater.
  • She was for a long time a great friend of Harry Marlcaster
  • Fun fact! She was the last Walker–Sinclaire sibling to perish
  • Ernest was always overprotective over her,always scowling at the men who danced with her,specially the eldest ones. The only ones he trusted to dance with his girl was Luke,Hamid and Bart.
  • When she got engaged to the young Mr. Marlcaster,he didn’t want to accept his baby girl was now a grown up and tried to persuade her to live an old maid like Jane Austen,but that ended up getting her mad.
  • Speaking of,she haves for sure her mother’s bad temper

William Sinclaire was born in 1820 and his godmother is Viscountess Theresa.

  • Viscountess Theresa’s spoiled boy
  • He was born autistic and since mental health wasn’t explored as much,people assumed he was crazy
  • But he was the smartest of them all.
  • He haves our father’s eyes and smile,he’s alike him.
  • He’s a high introvert due to his sickness and his father visited all over the doctors of Europe to discover what was going on with his son.
  • He was and always had been a very close friend of Nicolette Marlcaster,Briar’s second daughter.
  • He fell for the outgoing,lively and breathtaking Josette Harper–Parsons. They had the extrovert-adopts-introvert-and-fall-in-love trope and became Luke’s protege.
  • Fun fact! He was the first one of the siblings to die due to a broken heart of the death of the Countess Of Edgewater and his mother.

Annette Sinclaire was born in 1824 and her godfather is Percival Renard,who by then was 13 (soon to be 14)

  • Papa’s spoiled girl
  • Black hair and imposing blue eyes,desired by men and perfect made curls.
  • Annabelle Parsons’s protege
  • Never liked men in a romantic nor sexual way
  • She obligued to marry Edward Foredale so she could uncover her romance with Sandrine Bennett,daughter of a exiled French duchess.
  • She never had natural children. She adopted little girls whose mothers died,honouring his father’s visits to the ‘ill reputed’ houses and give them a better life.
  • She liked to steal her ‘husband’s clothes and imitate the men she despised to her beloved.
  • One day,she dressed as a full man to help Sandrine to shut the rumour that Sandrine was having an affair with Edward Foredale and was the first time she could afford to kiss her beloved in public.
  • Her uncles Bart and Hamid recognized her and made her promise she’d never run such a risk without their consentment again.
  • Fun fact! She smokes and likes to steal Edwards’s exquisite’s liquors and her London townhouse haves a secret passage that not even Edward knows about, where she spends whole days with Sandrine.

Helen Sinclaire (†) her godmother was supposed to be Viscountess Lavinia,but she never had the chance to do her duty.

  • Little Helen was born ill
  • Ernest admitted that she was about to die,but Celestine never accepted it
  • When she died,Celestine and Ernest’s marriage has never been the same and with that,the procreating of the lineage ended.
  • It was Percival’s initiative to bury the girl beside her grandparents,the late Earl of Edgewater and Mary.

Percival Renard–Sinclaire is the eldest of them all and the Duke or Karlington

  • He grew up with the most advanced studies. His trainees were Hamid and Mr. Sinclaire for the duty of running a duchy with the King watching closely due to his special lineage of traitors and corrupt dukes.
  • He brought joy and hope to his servants and made the little village a better place.
  • At the age of 12 he was told the truth about his parents and when he was finally a grown man,he never acknowledged him as his father and due to his long and faithful service to the King,he accepted the request to execute him publicly as an act of treason to the crown to restore the honour of the former Queen and Percival’s mother.
  • Due to his high rank,he had to marry well and he ended up marrying Lena Chambers doing her a favour: together,they’d grow a bigger fortune and secure safety to the young Chambers,who was also homosexual. He never meddled in her affairs and provided her all she needed. He never loved her,but it was a marriage of fraternity,loyalty and pure admiration and tenderness for the other. He defended her from the former Miss Holloway’s twins and when the Industrial Revolution hitted England,he founded one of the first train stations and his fortune grew stronger.
  • He adopted a boy with Lena’s approval. He taught him everything he knew and with that,he secured his legacy and changed England forever.
  • He ended up being known for the first Duke of Karlington to be loved and admired and not feared. When he passed away,England was devastated for their loss.

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@noeschoices​ This is simply an extraordinary lineage. I need you to write more about this. Maybe something for each sibling! I was heartbroken when I read about poor Helen but was expecting it after reading about William. So baby Helen passed away, I’m guessing Ernest and Celestine were not young at this point? And if William died of a broken heart, Celestine passed away sometime after Helen? I can only imagine what kind of effect that had on Ernest. As for the other siblings, each and every single one sound incredibly delightful, especially the other two daughters. Your imagination is exquisite, please write more! 

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Today’s mood:

I miss Ernest Sinclaire. That’s it.

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