I'm a responsible adult, and the way to remain so is to indulge in whatever obsession occupies me at the time. At the moment, that's mostly Mormor. Oh, and I like cats. Obviously. Header image by the amazing @katzensprotte.

Chapter 29: Guns at the Altar

Back in the room, I throw myself in a chair, light a cigarette and lean back in satisfaction as I inhale.

“Well, that was… rather satisfying…” I say wryly and cross my legs at the ankle.

I think back to the events of the last few hours… Mycroft’s terrified face, and then his anguish as he realized how truly fucked he is… how terribly he miscalculated when he fucked with you.

How serious and completely not arrogant his brother was when he realized the same… (aww… where are the clever comments now, Sherl?)

And then, the absolute best part, the crown jewel of the entire mission - the walk back from the cell back to the guest room. I had slung my arm around your shoulder before I had even realized I had done it. I was in soldier mode - stopping to smell the roses during a triumphant moment. And you didn’t give me a scathing look, or shrug out from under my arm. We just strutted down the hall like badass soldiers, enjoying our moment in the sun as the Albanians watched us pass.

A smile spreads slowly across my face.

“How was it for you, Boss?” I drawl, and hand the cigarette to you.

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Ever thought about doodling Jim and Seb as old men?



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Chapter Eleven: Death Winked

Aw, my sweethearts… God, why is it that adding a small furry thing to our living arrangement makes me love *you* more?

I get up, into your arms, let myself be held by my beloved for all of two seconds before Tez starts climbing your leg again.

I pluck him off, wave my finger in front of his face. “*You*. Are such a menace. If you don’t stop it, you will be locked out of the kitchen for mealtimes…” He swipes at my finger. I sigh. “Utterly incorrigible, just like Tigerdaddy…”

You look at me indignantly. “What did *I* do?”

“You’re ruining breakfast, for a start. That bacon is done,” I point, and you rush to save the bacon and eggs from burning as I take Tez out of the kitchen, serve him biscuits in the living room. “You can stay here so daddy and Tigerdaddy can have breakfast without risking spearing you with our forks. Yes, mew, I know,” I explain, then head back to the kitchen. The moment I open the door Tez flies past me and attacks you again. I stare at him, helpless - how can something so tiny be so *fast*?

You dive at him, grab him, and manage to shove him into the living room and close the door before he manages to get back in.

Indignant wails start up immediately. We look at each other.

“Breakfast on the patio, my love?” you suggest. I nod. “Sorry - I had no idea something so small would be so disruptive…”

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“Who beat you up, tiger?”

“I dunno, boss. Maybe we’ve got a ghost.”

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Wedding songs game


What songs did/would you play when getting married?

What about your OTP?

My husband and me: 

Walking in: Echoes - Pink Floyd
Signing the register: Voyage 34 - Porcupine Tree
Walking out: Feeling Good - Muse

Jim and Seb:

Walking in: Super Psycho Love - Simon Curtis
Signing the register: Somebody to Love - Queen
Walking out: Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins

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Wedding songs game

What songs did/would you play when getting married?

What about your OTP?

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do you ever just sit around and think I’m in my twenties.

I do, but then something inevitably reminds me I am in my forties and Nirvana are not a new band and my parents are retired and my baby brother is on his second marriage.

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I like how it’s described as a union could “cripple American Capitalism” when more precisely it’s just that a union would be so powerful as to force WalMart (or any other company) to pay their workers like human beings. That’s not going to break Walmart. They’ll barely notice.

They’ve successfully convinced us that the unions are the greedy monsters. For so many years, the companies have painted unions as “we want you to pay janitors three million dollars a year and if you don’t we’ll set your stores on fire”. 

But it’s more like “We want you to take an almost imperceptible fraction of your bountiful profits and use it to make your employees’ live marginally better, and maybe give them medical benefits, y’know, so they don’t die”.

Big companies did not stop hiring ten year olds to work in coal mines because they just woke up one day and said “my god, we’re monsters”. They did it because their workers stood together and said “really, enough of this crap”.

Companies are not going to give people raises unless it’s economically necessary that they do so. Anything they can do to lower their expenses, and raise their profits, they are going to do. And no one person can stop them.

But thousands of people, millions of people? Better chances.


Unionizing is our wet dream I promise you.


Rb to kill wal mart


I am dead serious: If you are a Walmart employee, at any level and in any store — like if you are a high school kid with a part time job stocking shelves — message me any question you have about unions. Like ask me “What’s a union” if you want. I will explain it to you.

I am a grievance chair for a white collar union whose workplace only unionized within the last five years and whose management fought as every step of the way, but in the end we fucking won. It can be done, and I can tell you how.


mutuals do this


To anyone that wants to claim it wouldn’t work:

Just another reminder that Walmart Germany was a spectacular fail because of ver.di (which is a national service trade union that has it’s control over almost all trade and service companies in Germany) among other things.

Like, ver.di essentially came up to the CEO of Walmart Germany and was like “Hi, welcome, we wish you the best and that we can work together well :)” and the dude was like “hahaha no” and tried to pull the american concept here so ver.di pulled out a list of all the breaches of german law that Walmart was doing (underpaying workers, trying to avoid paying health care by using part-timers, trying to be open for more than 80 hours per week, firing people on short notice without warning or exit payments, etc) and long story short, they got some massive hefty fines for it. They also set up a list of demands for the workers and organized national strikes to push them through, making the employees of 85 hypermarkets neatly stand in front of the store doors with signs, whistles and chants (and certainly not the “Wallmart! Wallmart!” chant). In the end, that plus other things caused them to bail after 9 years with a gigantic loss (almost a billion just from sales) from one of the best retail markets in the world.

So all those issues like “no healthcare” or “work full-time and need food stamps” or “work on sundays and holidays” and shit? Unions are there to set their foot down against that for you. They are there to keep you safe from the corps wrath while fighting for your rights.

Cause if you, an individual, complain, they just fire you and laugh about it. A union is a collection of hundreds up to MILLIONS of people, supported by lawyers, going against employers for you.

In Denmark, due to union negotiations & refusal to work for slave wages, the McDonald’s basic pay comes out to about $20 US / Hour. The big mac there costs about 60 cents more.

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Mormor Six Sentence Sunday

I think of this as I feel your presence behind me, like a dark, predatory force of nature… knowing the only reason I’m alive is because you allow it… and because I allow you to have this power over me.

I breathe in deeply as I consider this. I’m not sure why we do this, I’m really not, but there’s nowhere else I would rather be than hanging suspended in the delicate balance between life and death, with you as the authority who ultimately decides my fate.

I think you’ve decided we’re going to live a long life together… I think it’s about 99.999% certain in your mind. It’s the 0.001% that I’m always aware of when I allow myself to be powerless in your hands… you’re god and the devil rolled into one devastatingly desirable and divinely diabolical package, decorated with a black satin ribbon…

Crime and Punishment Chapter 3

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Chapter 29: Blood & Fire

That is - Countess Báthory??! I remember reading about her - speculations about what she was like, whether she actually committed the atrocities or was the victim of a conspiracy against her - and - she’s still - alive - eh - around?!

The history student I was, a long time ago, is beside himself. I could have a chat with Countess Báthory!!!

The veteran is shaking his head, saying You better be damn careful around her. She is obviously immensely powerful, and she wants Jim dead. And Jim seems - fascinated by her more than anything. Protect him, soldier.

And the husband is - disappointed - Cut off our honeymoon already? We’ve only been married for three days… and I don’t think the day I spent dead technically counts.

But it’s probably wise to make a tactical retreat from Nevada… there might be some friends of Titiana who are less than keen on our presence. But to immediately go to London to get together with the Countess Báthory, exciting though it may be, doesn’t sound too enticing either…

“Jim… I understand, but - I’ve only just become a vampire. I don’t know what that entails. I may need some time to adjust, to come into my strength, to work out what I can do now I can’t shoot people. Could we - take two nights out, maybe? Go somewhere - Liberia, maybe. I’d like to - walk down the beach with you… look at the stars…”

Read it on AO3!

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Chapter 28: A God Among Insects

Here in the dark, I have nothing to do but think. Unfortunately, none of my thoughts are the least bit encouraging at the moment.

I’ve been captured by Jim Moriarty, the most dangerous criminal in England

I shake my head grimly.

Correction - in the world.

He sees me as responsible for his current situation

I sigh.

He’s not wrong… I knew exactly what Evanson was doing.

If I’m lucky, he’ll just kill me and be done with it

“There is no such thing as luck,” I mumble in the silence.

I hear a shuffling outside the room, then am momentarily blinded as the room is flooded by harsh fluorescent light again. Several sets of footsteps enter the room - at least 4, by the sound.

I’m outnumbered

As my tightly-closed eyes adjust, I drop my hands and blink rapidly, bringing into focus a group of men.

Moriarty is here.

With his pet.

And… Sherlock!

Keeping my expression as neutral as possible, I scan Sherlock, standing between two burly men, his hands cuffed, his face bruised. What a pair we must make. He snarls, blaming me for his predicament, before they drag him back out of the room and close the door, leaving me alone with the spider and his tiger.

He’s right, you know.

Shut up, Mycroft

Moriarty’s dark eyes sparkle with glee when he speaks with saccharine sweetness.

“What do you want, James? And why does my brother need to be involved?” I glare at him.

“Or was he just a distraction for him?” I nod toward his pet.

Read it on AO3!

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Happy Feels Masterpost


whinst requested: fluff/romance/happy ending fic

Because we all have those days when we just need all the happy feels. Some of these contain angst and/or smut (no surprise there) but they should all be overall fluffy/happy ending. As always please check the tags and warnings before reading and feel free to send in requests. Enjoy!

Domestic Bliss

Burning The World

You Need Me

Ice Cream and Arguing

T-Shirst and Westwoods

Apples to Apple



Moriarty-Moran Household Christmas

Christmas Fiasco

The Christmas Spirit

Eyes Ears and Heart


Where We Love Is Home

Make a deal with the devil

Spinning and Spinning with Nowhere to Go


My Bloody Valentine

The State of Relevance

Lines Spoken on a Balcony Overlooking The City Centre

Das Wiegenlied (The Lullaby)



Honorable Mention

It Started With a Snowball

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright



As long as you’re here tomorrow

I’ll Bring You The Stars

Counting Scars

Signs of Love

The Best Kind of Mornings

The Winner

Sing With Me Now

Forts and Pillow Fights


The One in Red

Sleepless in Belgravia

Eye of the Tiger

Jim, Sleeping Not Dead

Presents earned

Conversations Between Us

Breaking Point

Six Feet Under The Stars

You Kiss By The Book

Space Oddity

I love you, Boss

Crescendo and Fire and Ice

A Bit of Normalcy

A World Without You

An Uncomplicated Story of a First Kiss


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Mormor Six Sentence Sunday

Ohhhhh, god, yes - your lips on me for the briefest of moments before your fangs pierce my skin and that electric heat shoots through me - the pain hardly even registers any more as it’s known to be a prelude to ecstasy - and then you suck, and a shiver runs through me - nothing, nothing compares to my beloved drinking from me; the entire purpose of my existence was to become a big, strong chalice for you to quench your thirst, it’s rapture

And you stop, but you’re not stopping abruptly any more, you have taken to slowing down your drinking and ending up just sort of licking at the wounds, so it feels like less of a sudden loss. You look at me for a brief moment and then bite yourself - a weird image, like watching something illicit and intimate, like you touching yourself - 

and then the elixir of life comes pouring out and is held in front of my face, its luscious smells, champagne, lust, the beauty of darkness, a flurry of raven wings - and then I drink it, drink you, drink the endless night in your eyes, the life-in-death whose looks are free and lips are red, April’s hoar-frost, elfish light, golden fire - 

And you pull back, and I whine - the enchantment feels stronger each time, and it’s so hard, so hard to stop… I’d quit smoking in a heartbeat, but this…. never –

In Sanguine Veritas, Chapter 23

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Chapter 27: Pressure Points

He hurt my Jim…




And I saw the end result - sweet, terrified James, utterly convinced that the Devil would drag him to hell for eternal pain and suffering. If he dared leave his church…

What mind came up with these sick games? Guess I’m about to find out…

Jaw tight, I look up at you.

“It. Will be. My. Pleasure.” I say through gritted teeth.

I’m anxious to go, but I can’t be at eye level with your cock without giving it a kiss. And licking it. And sucking it.

We stare at each other while I suck you, and I think there’s a downright murderous look on my face, and that it excites you terribly - because you come fast and hard, holding my head and moaning. When you finish, you stroke my face tenderly.

And I stand up, get dressed with no preamble, and give you a long look before I leave the room.

I stalk down the hall, and I’m ushered to the holding cell by one of the guards. When I arrive, I drag in a chair and put it on the floor of the cell with a thump. Then I throw myself in it, sprawl back and light a cigarette. The man in the expensive rumpled suit sits up, and observes me dispassionately.

“So you’re the Devil! Pleased to make your acquaintance…” I say, glowering. “I’d say I’m a big fan of your work, but… I’ve seen it up close. And since it appears that only my Boss outranks you, that makes him God.” I take a long drag from my cigarette, and exhale smoke at the man. “Never thought I’d be one of God’s warriors. I guess that makes me a fucking angel… huh.” A feral grin spreads across my face. “Not one of the sweet little cherubs, though. The kind you find in Revelations. Wings of fire. Sexy, right?” I tilt my head and look at him. “Well, Satan? Ready for the Apocalypse?”

Read it on AO3!

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Oh, Sinnerman, where you gonna run to?

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「🔫  s ᴇ ʙ ᴀ s ᴛ ɪ ᴀ ɴ   ᴍ ᴏ ʀ ᴀ ɴ

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