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oh god this is too much of a mood

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white boy friday

me waiting for the fall robotics tournament charter bus to arrive

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happy valentine’s day

Himbo and Bimbo power couple right here

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*blows kiss up to the sky* for all my underrated childhood crushes in animated movies 😭💕 | Instagram 

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The Cat in the Ventilation Shaft

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Most peaceful and relaxing place.

Credit: dorpell

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you know what i’m talking about

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guys shut the fuck up this is the only thing im gonna talk about for the rest of all time 

(publicly shared video of a sweetheart’s dance from Rodney Stanger on fb)

This is really the cleanest Sweethearts Dance I’ve ever seen in my life. I am in love! I am transfixed! Footwork smooth and strong like a mfin mountain river! Incredible! 🤩 😳 🥰

Oh my God this is incredible to watch!

Found the credit, from the Great Plains Dance Company. This is Jocy Bird and Trae Little Sky dancing in the Sweetheart Special at the Seminole Tribal Fair in Hollywood, Florida.

Jocy Bird and Trae Little Sky are married and apparently an adorable couple and I am loving their beaming grins as they dance so smoothly together. 💖

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we all know pokemon was made by an autistic person but consider the idea that it was made for autistic people as well:

1. absolutely nothing in the entire game requires dexterity or quick reaction time. you can beat the game with no problems even if you have the reaction time of a shuckle

2. game mechanics based on categorization, things placed neatly into categories that are easy to memorize

3. there are multiplayer elements but the game itself? completely single player. no social interaction required to enjoy the hell out of this game

4. you are not only encouraged but expected to have empathy for and form an attachment to these virtual creatures that do not actually exist, which is very easy for an autistic person with hyperempathy to do

5. the whole point of the game is collecting things. autistics will understand this one

6. making eye contact with an npc is an act of aggression

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a word of advice: open your windows. wash your sheets. exfoliate your legs. read a paperback. make your bed. moisturize every inch of your body. go to sleep with soft skin and sheets that smell like the wind and a mind full of words worth dreaming about

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Cate Blanchett and Taika Waititi on the set of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

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Gifset that I’m going to make into icons later, hnnnggggg-

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“Stop following me!  You aren’t really my twin sister.”

I love how the bird acts like they aren’t following them when the cat turns around

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Tiny generic sebright dinosaur~

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Goddess / Hero


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