i am the devil, but it is all the same to me.

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by Alfred Wierusz-Kowalski (Polish;1849-1915)

oil on canvas, private collection


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Having Amy explain that she had to burn Jo’s manuscript because nothing else would hurt Jo was such a great moment in Little Women. I loved that self-awareness; I know what I did, and I wanted to. Framing the burning of the manuscript as this intentional, deliciously wicked thing made me so happy (at the same time that I felt horrible for Jo) because it is honest. Girls/women aren’t saints, we aren’t born nice, sometimes, we want to hurt people, even the people we love.

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Well, I’m not a poet. I’m just a woman. And as a woman, there’s no way for me to make my own money. Not enough to earn a living, or to support my family. And if I had my own money, which I don’t, that money would belong to my husband the moment we got married. And if we had children, they would be his, not mine. They would be his property.


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i came. i saw. i left early

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The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio, February 21, 1947


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“Dig a Little Deeper” by Heather Theurer

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Exhibition quality German hunting knife with chiseled silver mountings and sheath, stag handle. Late 19th or early 20th century.

from Rock Island Auctions

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patiently waiting for someone to fall in love with me. i refuse 2 date. i refuse 2 flirt or make a move. how could this go wrong.

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I love Greta Gerwig and this is an incredible important post. If it’s hard for Gerwig, it’s disgustingly impossible for Ava DuVernay, Nia DaCosta, Dee Rees, Regina King, etc.


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Walt Whitman, ‘Song of Myself’, Leaves of Grass

[Text ID: “I exist as I am, that is enough,”]

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Rosemary is just fed up

Goddamit I am fucking here AGAIN and this time its WORSE

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Its because womens worth in society is measured by how fuckable they are so people think the key to body positivity is to say all physical traits are attractive rather than to change the idea that girls need to be attractive in the first place.

If your fat positivity revolves around “big girls are pretty to <3” then youre missing the entire point


so much fat positivity revolves around sexual prowess . what about 10 yr old kids getting bullied for their weight u gonna tell them “dont cry dude ur so thicc” like what lmao

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Billy Porter literally goes to every single award show in every single industry for some reason and I absolutely love it. Billy I don’t know why you’re here but we need infinite red carpet looks from you so thank you. Endless invites

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yeah libraries are cool but have you ever found a library with a secret doorway disguised as a bookshelf that leads to a smaller, hidden library filled with ancient books full of mysteries and forgotten knowledge? me neither and i’m sad about it

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HDM Meme [1/8] Characters ➪ Lee Scoresby

“Lee Scoresby. I can fight and I can fly. I don’t come cheap and neither should I. You’ll get gold for gold.”

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Moritz Ludwig von Schwind

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