Because it became convenient to do so. Warning this blog is NSFW. I got bored with the flashy robo-wang background but i like the blog title. I get bored with my background a lot expect frequent changes.


I work in a fast casual restaurant and it’s basically like a fancy [NAME RETRACTED] for salad. The other night I was walking this lady through what she wanted on her salad and I asked what dressing she would like and she said water. I didn’t know what to say so I repeated myself and she said water agin! I finally came to and was like ma’am you’ll get your drink at the end of the line I’m asking what dressing you want

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i used to think green apple was a flavor invented by the candy industry like blue raspberry bc i had never seen a green apple before I just thought all apples were red and long story short when i realized i was red green colorblind it really fucked me up

there’s also yellow apples

now yall are just fuckin lying to me

i just assumed that everyone just ate apples if they were in the mood for a surprise i dunno

this post is so beautiful i love it

as someone who is not red/green colourblind i can confirm that even if two apples are the same type they can taste wildly fucking different you aren’t wrong apples are for people who like surprises.

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mildlyinteresting-blog: “Giraffe Crane”

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mildlyinteresting-blog: “This amusing little quip at the bottom of my favorite comic shops’ receipt.”

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Arthur encountered a herd of wild ponies and I think this mare thought he was a foal

o no

this smol hors

does his ma not feed him

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Made this for my brother! It was a kick to make!


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Local shop adopted this little fellow. Profits have gone up.

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How’s the Swedish Christmas goat doing? Has it caught fire this year?

This is how apparently

Security never saved it before. This is just the next level of difficulty and the gradual increase has only acted as training and made the Swedes unstoppable.

The swedes r like^

Security has saved it for the last 3 years, what are you talking about?

Well, it went via flaming arrow that one time, and tbh as a security pro there ain’t much you can do if someone shoots a flaming arrow over your head and into the goat.

Except, of course, nod in respect to your worthy and victorious opponent.

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The only thing with red dead and the horse colours/names of colours are some are fine and some are just such random bullshit it’s like you didn’t even try. I just find it weird how well they got everything else and instead of just googling colours they just …did shit like brindle? Which doesn’t really happenen with horses along with a few of the other weird colour…things they did


So I heard photomode hit ps4, was curious to see if the new horses did too. And I love them! I am a sucker for creams and brindle. I hope one day they come to online so Turtle can have them too. ☺️

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i can’t believe superwholock existed as one the largest fandom(s) on this website. there hasn’t been a trace of it on my dashboard in years. No mention, no whisper. a ghost. i still follow people who reblogged it. i myself reblogged it. and yet here we are, not daring to ever mention it. im risking my life making this po

For those new to this site, “Superwholock” was the crossover fandom for the overlap of three of the biggest individual fandoms on tumblr - soup, the Finnish municipality of Perho, and Enlightenment philosopher John Locke.

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me: I just wish I was an archaic greek goatheard and I could live alone on a mountain with only my heard of tiny goats and not have any other worries or responsibilities

my mother: but you’d inevitably find someone’s exposed baby and end up embroiled in their family drama 20 years later

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Have you ever thought of a Chinese dragon combined with a dachshund or a ferret?



you mean like. a little. wiener dog dragon ohhohoohh man


you guys are making me not want to curve the body of our lung dragons when I rig the model

noodle bois would become sausage bois have to change their noodle names to shit like bratwurst and salami

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Some quick colored doodles.

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I swear if you don’t unmute this I’m going to be really upset

shave and a hair cut

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I can’t believe this is a controversial statement in some parts of America but here’s a true fact:

A “Child detention camp” is ALWAYS A BAD THING

Anyone who supports literally locking children in cages and treating them worse than zoo animals? That’s a BAD PERSON

There is no fucking “Grey area” on the subject of whether or not its okay to take people and put them in cages and treat them like they are not even human beings and it fucking horrifies me that we live in a world where people actually act like this is something that should be debated like “Should we commit a crime against humanity? Y/N? Answers on this piece of paper and we have to respect everyones opinion even if we disagree with them”

And to all the people who say “Oh ICE agents aren’t monsters their just doing their jobs” hey guess what your literally saying that ICE “Are just following orders”

So go google that phrase and its historical context and see if you still think that ICE and fascist pieces of shit like them aren’t literally fucking demons

And if you still support ICE after that and still think that ICE are not bad people I really don’t know what to say other than “Have fun in hell” because that’s where you’ll be going after you die

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The NRA, which is backed by Russia, owns the US.





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Me too (smirk)


Oops! I accidentally re-blogged this picture of NRA President WAYNE LA PIERRE and RUSSIAN SPY MARIA BUTINA

I am ashamed


I wouldn’t dream of sharing this photo of Wayne LaPierre and Russian Spy Maria Butina.


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