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oh to be frolicking and picking wildflowers 💐
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“Then let’s just stay together!”

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#og himbo

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me: I’m doing pretty well, I feel pretty good
me ten minutes later: not once in my life have I ever been ok

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You ever write something and you think, “I’ve used this exact sentence structure/phrasing/convention approximately eight million times before but goddammit I’m going to do it again?”

That’s about where I’m at right now.

If artists are allowed to have a signature style, then so am I, motherfucker.

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wanna b held…… treasured….. really Valued if u kno what i mean

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ancient greek word of the day: πυρίφοιτος (pyriphoitos), walking in fire, epith. of Persephone

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Pride and Prejudice + Sunshine

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its true that crying wont solve things but we dont cry to solve. we cry to release

Taking the lid off a pot that’s boiling too much wont solve the problem of the heat being too high, but it will release the pressure so you’ll have time to get the heat under control before everything inside the pot explodes 

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in His Dark Materials | 1x03 The Spies

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because @nyxnevin said this meant something in her tags so here it is in tweet format. it’s also a great opportunity for shamelessly promoting my twitter!!!!!

But this. This is so true. Because even when you’re not writing, you can hear the symphony playing and you keep trying to catch parts of it.

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Would you ever want to be famous? Why or why not?


Oh yeah absolutely! But only for something like writing a book.

And I would like to be famous mostly because………if you’re famous, it usually means pple like the things you make/produce. And I like getting validation that the stuff I make is good and that people enjoy it. It makes me feel like the time I put into making that stuff is worth it and worth noticing, if that makes any sense.

Also, there’s the whole ‘I get to spoil everyone I love and grant all their wishes’ bit haha. There’s places I want to go, people I would love to visit, majors I wish I could have gotten if I had more money. And being famous usually = money ^-^

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I cant fault Mr. Darcy for going to parties and not talking to anyone, because that’s exactly what I do at parties. Following around the one person I know, and insulting everyone else while I’m at it, either intentionally or not? Sounds like a blast

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Reading a draft of your own fic chapter and l o v i n g it is great up until you get to the point where you just stopped fucking writing

hello 911 I’d like to report my own murder

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“Anyone you’re dating who gets upset upon learning you’re bi is doing you a favor by disqualifying themselves from the list of People Who Get to Date You.”

yo this is hella important

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Apollo and Athena on a full moon 🌕

Academy of Athens

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i want to become a healthier version of myself. that means i have work to do and it can be a bit overwhelming. but i have plenty of time. and so do you.

it’s never too late to change your habits, to change your mind, to change your direction.

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schoolwork’s been tough but i am getting by on some tiny scraps of spare time to draw soft kgs

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