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Oh boy now I have an excuse to talk about the time someone reposted a baby picture of my corgi and claimed it was their newly bought wolfdog









@specsthespectraldragon you can’t just SAY THAT and not TELL ME MORE

Here’s the photo in question, because obviously you all want to see it:

But yeah, this photo has been up on the internet for a while, because I had a Cheezburger account and posted it there, so I have seen it around a few places, and one of those places was a dude bragging about his 75% wolf wolfdog… with this picture attached. It was pretty boggling.

Also for your viewing pleasure, the 100% non-wolf this puppy became.


that’s a high content wolfdog if I ever saw one

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Fanexus is an upcoming social media platform with integrated wiki, that centers the needs of both fandoms and original creators, endeavoring to create an experience that maximizes the joy of connecting with people who share your passion, while minimizing toxicity.

Fanexus is built by fans, for fans, on the following tenets:

  1. Put the needs of fandom and original creators front and center  
  2. Organize and archive fan and indie content to preserve it and make it easily accessible
  3. Promote variety and freedom of artistic expression
  4. Stand against bullying and foster a welcoming environment
  5. Support awareness of online dangers and encourage critical thinking
  6. Evolve in response to feedback

With a wiki integrated into a social media platform, fans and creators will be able to easily document new ideas as they evolve, by creating wiki pages for their fanon terminology, alternative universes, original characters, worldbuilding, and wholly original creations.  

Fanexus seeks to combat the toxicity and bullying that has become especially virulent in fandom in recent years, with refined filtering, blocking and privacy features, and by penalizing bullies, including those who target people based on their preferred characters and ships.

Users will be given greater control over what they see and who they interact with, allowing them to have an experience that caters to their specific tastes, countering the homogenization of fan culture, and promoting creative diversity and freedom.

Fanexus understands that fantasy and artistic depiction don’t equal endorsement, and will stand against censorship while endeavoring to create a safe and pleasant online environment through education and by encouraging good netiquette.  

Fanexus will promote professional articles and resources raising awareness about online predators, mental health, critical thinking, prosocial behavior, healthy engagement with art and fiction, and other issues that impact the fandom and creative community.  

Fanexus seeks to evolve as fandom evolves, and will take feedback from the fan community and develop in response to fandom’s changing needs.  

In-depth information about each of Fanexus’s features will be provided in the lead up to the launch of the beta, which currently aims to be at the end of April. Please watch this space if you wish to learn more.  

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…So I’m rewatching FMA:B, and I totally just realized: for the first Scar fight, Mustang wasn’t actually being a fucking idiot. The man’s a veteran combat alchemist with PTSD up to his ears; no way he’d just forget that rain shuts down his brand of alchemy. He even showed up to that fight with a firearm drawn, because he was prepared to not be using his alchemy. So why the hell would he put the gun down and try to fight a serial killer with alchemy that he should have known he couldn’t use?

Because Mustang wasn’t trying to fight Scar.

Ed being saved at the last second is excellent dramatic tension, but ignore the storytelling stuff and look at the scene from a tactical perspective. Scar can destroy/kill anything he touches. His hand is literally inches away from Ed’s face, and Ed can’t even get to his feet, let alone defend himself. Scar’s really fucking fast, and the backup is standing a good twenty feet back. Which is why everyone stands there and lets him have a little monologue, because this isn’t a showdown with a serial killer; it’s a hostage situation. If Scar went for the kill, they wouldn’t be able to stop him. They’re not going to talk him down, Ed’s not going to escape, so the immediate priority is to make Scar move away. Ideally without alerting him to the fact that he’s got a hostage at his feet.

So Mustang hands Hawkeye his weapon and steps up as a shiny distraction, trying to get Scar to walk away from the helpless Fullmetal Alchemist and come fuck up the Flame Alchemist instead. Note that Hawkeye doesn’t move until Scar’s begun walking forwards; she’s not going to make any sudden moves while the serial killers got a victim in arms reach. But one Ed’s out of immediate danger, she’s charging in to cover Mustang, and shots get fired.

Also notice how Ed doesn’t react to the situation until Havoc’s helping Ed sit up? Yeah, that also seems… purposeful. When Scar’s giving his short monologue, he’s literally standing over Ed. Of course Ed’s going to be silent and stay perfectly still - if he draws Scar’s attention, then he’ll be killed or used as a hostage. So he just keeps laying there while Scar’s standing over him, and doesn’t try to wiggle away or say anything, because it would be a very bad time to be noticed.

Basically it’s a good thing that Scar isn’t the type to use human shields, because if he was I really doubt Ed would have made it out of that episode alive.

I agree with what you say about Roy but I don’t think Ed stayed still on purpose. He is only 14 and he almost got killed, to me he was shocked and I think Havoc “brought him back to reality” and made him realize where he was and what happened.

And for Riza I don’t think she knew about Roy’s plan either. To me Roy knew what he was doing but he completely improvised. When Roy gives his gun to Riza she looks really confused and I doubt that she’s acting.

But I completely agree with the rest. Also this scene helps with Roy’s cover of “I’m a stupid colonel don’t fear me lol” and then the guy throw a whole coup d'État.

#and by this point mustang probably definitely worked out#that scar would much rather attack the Flame Alchemist ‘hero of ishval’#than a kid (x)

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Okay, obscure pet peeve time, since a lot of stories I’ve read – both professional and fan-written – get this one wrong:

  • A sanitary sewer is where stuff you pour down the sink or flush down the toilet goes. It has predictable, constant flow, a closed structure, and is typically not human-accessible without excavation unless it’s combined with or routed through a storm sewer (see below).

  • A storm sewer is where stuff that goes down the drains and gutters in the streets ends up. It has irregular flow (to the point that it may be completely dry for portions of the year, depending on the climate), a non-closed structure that may incorporate open watercourses (e.g., creeks and streams) as portions of its network, and – owing to the need to provide adequate surge capacity during periods of high precipitation – may have main tunnels that are large enough to walk upright in.

In most cities with well-developed infrastructure, these two sewer networks are entirely separate. The pipes that comprise the sanitary sewer may be routed through portions of the tunnels that comprise the storm sewer for ease of access, and breakages or overflow in the sanitary sewer network may result in waste being periodically dumped into the storm sewer, but in general, the kind of sewer you can walk in will have you wading through rainwater, not waste.

Certainly, this doesn’t mean storm sewers are clean – you’ve seen the sorts of things people dump in the streets! – but it does mean your protagonists aren’t necessarily going to get covered in shit just from walking through a sewer.

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Sometimes I think about the fact that the people who translated Radiant Historia were so bad at military ranks that they accidentally made the dynamic between Hugo and Viola way more complex and interesting than it was in the Japanese version.

Viola’s rank in the Japanese version is 准将 (Junshō), or Brigadier General. This is the lowest-level kind of general you can be, and makes her subordinate to both Raul (中将/Lieutenant General) and Hugo (大将/full General). The game was obviously written with this in mind:

However, the NA translation team were… not good at military ranks.

And, for mysterious reasons of their own, they changed Viola’s rank from Brigadier General to Field Marshal.

“Field Marshal” isn’t a common rank, and most of the audience is going to be unfamiliar with it, but essentially, where a full general (i.e., Hugo) commands an army, a field marshal commands multiple armies. Viola, in the NA version, outranks Hugo. Which, at first glance, opens up quite a few plot holes. Why would Hugo be able to ship her out to a border fortress if he’s not the one giving her orders?

Well, because that’s where the fighting is. When the country is caught in an extended feud trying to maintain its borders, and your choices of high command are a war hero legendary for her prowess in battle, a politician who received his rank for non-military reasons, and a desk jockey strategist with PTSD, there’s an obvious choice for who the best person to run the show is. Viola, even knowing that this assignment was a political move pushed for by Hugo, has no reason either to doubt that it was approved by Noah or to object, because someone is genuinely needed to keep Granorg out and she is, genuinely, the best person to do it. Unlike Hugo, she’s motivated by loyalty to Alistel rather than personal ambition, so she’ll do her job and not complain even knowing that putting her in charge of the war is a scheme to keep her out of Hugo’s nonexistent hair on the home front.

Hugo has now neatly gotten rid of Viola in a move that looks to the general public like an unimpeachable display of respect for her: he asked for her to be promoted above him, so he can’t possibly be power-hungry and trying to keep her down. He gets to spin himself as a humble servant of Alistel while getting everything he wants. Even to someone like Raul who’s suspicious of Hugo’s motives, it looks like Hugo is banking that Viola will be too occupied with the war to pay much attention to what he’s doing, and has gambled away some political power for a larger payoff. In actuality, though, Hugo has sacrificed nothing: anytime he wants to give Viola orders, he can just say they come from Noah.

Which adds an entirely new level to this:

Hugo, without the ultimate civil authority of Noah to fall back on, has no legal power over a field marshal. Hugo has no right to be giving Viola orders; she is, in fact, his commanding officer. Without Noah, Hugo has nothing. Without Noah, Field Marshal Viola- installed by Hugo in that position himself- is the ultimate authority in Alistel, and Hugo’s decisions are completely subject to hers. If his edifice of lies collapses, Hugo loses not only Viola’s loyalty, but the entire basis of his regime. He becomes the traitorous rebel.

All because the NA translators didn’t bother to go to Wikipedia and search “military ranks.”

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Sometimes I think about the fact that the people who translated Radiant Historia were so bad at military ranks that they accidentally made the dynamic between Hugo and Viola way more complex and interesting than it was in the Japanese version.

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Okay, I know we all give Phoenix a hard time for defending an orca (which he deserves, chaos beast that he is), but, like… there’s also the fact that Simon Blackquill had to prosecute an orca. And Edgeworth, chief prosecutor that he is, had to be notified this was happening and then assign the case to one of his prosecutors. And he chose Simon. Just… imagine that conversation. Imagine it.

Edgeworth: Prosecutor Blackquill, here’s the file with your new trial.

Simon: Hmph, I suppose I can find time to- wait. (opens file, scans it, slowly looks back up) Edgeworth-dono… are you out of your damned mind?

Edgeworth: You’ll have to investigate around the aquarium. They have a penguin exhibit.

Simon: Come Taka, Fool Bright, we have work to do!

Also, I like to think that, by the time he becomes chief prosecutor, Edgeworth is just… enured to the madness. He’s been friends with Phoenix for the better part of a decade, he’s been through the crazy events of AAI 1 and 2, he’s tripped over more dead bodies than is statistically probable… He’s still passionate about truth and justice and rooting out corruption, but just about everything that happens, he’s got a ‘reminds me of the time’ story for. Athena’s being held hostage? Oh yeah, Maya was held hostage once by a professional assassin. We’re bringing possession and spirit mediums into court? That’s nice, tell them to say hi to Mia when they’re done, and also tell the crazy red-head to stay away. Someone’s boss/mentor/father turned out to be corrupt and also a murderer? Hoo boy, the stories he could tell.

I think the most telling comparison for how chill he’s gotten about all this is that time a dog stole his jabot when he was twenty and he went running after it and fell on his face, versus Khura’in where he’s just standing there, a small dog literally dangling from his ruffles, and just,

This is the face of a man who has been through some crazy shit and just high-key doesn’t care anymore, could we just focus on the investigation, please, he’s got paperwork to do after this.

you’re missing the best part though: simon WILLINGLY took the case. simon blackquill saw a case that everyone else said “no this is stupid,” and said “fuck YES i will prosecute this whale. Fuck You.”

^This is so much better than any response I could think of to the section above it.

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my favorite calvin and hobbes comic is the one where his dad just rolls up and casually destroys his entire night by pointing out some neat trivia about record players


#his expression in the last panel is black comic gold #the best part is that his dad was trying to be nice

are you sure. are you sure calvin’s dad is not a seasoned elder trickster. are you sure this isn’t the exact outcome he was hoping for

ok but that’s actually canon


You forgot this one

*looks pointedly at ETD*

Calvin’s dad is basically a Calvin who has learned that he can’t get away with running outside naked or throwing snowballs at neighborhood girls, but he is still precisely the same little shit under the thin veneer of civilization.

@lyricwritesprose Calvin and Hobbes has been one of my favorite things since I could read and Calvin’s dad one of my favorite characters, but that last comment blew my mind wide open. Of course that’s what he is. Of course.

one of the most subtly delightful things about calvin and hobbes is that you can SEE that calvin is his parents’ kid: his dad is so playful and imaginative, and his mom has a heck of a temper and a good sense of what’s right and wrong. calvin is a smart, passionate, imaginative kid who gets really upset when he thinks things are stupid or unfair. he drives his parents crazy sometimes because he’s a kid. but they were probably a lot like calvin themselves, when they were little. 

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I mostly do photography for my personal entertainment/art reference collections/travel journaling but this absolute curmudgeon of a barking owl needs to be shared

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Announcing the Winners of the 2019 McGingerbread Hell Competition


Wow! It was another great year for the McGingerbread Hell Gingerbread House Competition! The judges had their work cut out for them selecting between so many fine selections. Congratulations and great job to everyone who submitted an entry in this year’s contest. However, only six houses could make the cut.

Let’s start out with announcing the winners for Honorable Mention.

Honorable Mention: Priced to Sell! by Tina B.

The judges were wowed by the impressive nub, the tumorous turret, and the fantastically mismatched windows.

Quote from the Project Description: A true GEM of a house! 6,738 SF beautifully set on .23 parklike acres. Mediterranian villa in front, stately Federal in the back; it’s the mullet of houses!…Entertain in your beautiful backyard featuring a real StoneTek™ patio! The heavily pruned weeping cherry tree will be a real showstopper in 30-40 years! The largest roof in the neighborhood has Chex shingle roof in molasses brown. 4 BR / 5.5 BA / $899,000 / Days on market - 923

Honorable Mention: Festive Roofline Soup by Jessica C.

The judges LOVED the complexity of the roofline, the absurd gabling, and the 3 car garage.

Quote from the Project Description: Features include: • Flaked almond shingles covering a roofline so complex that it required trigonometrical expertise from my math teacher father to work out measurements…[and] A low maintenance yard as the house takes up almost the entire block! Now accepting offers; the sellers are motivated as the couple are in the middle of divorce proceedings.

Honorable Mention: Vinyl Vanity by Joseph & Kayla S.

The judges were impressed by the impressive garage to roof ratio, the roof detailings, the candy-cane columns, and excellent lawyer foyer.

Quote from the Project Description: This 2 square foot, two and a half story Craftsmen Tudor Post Classical Revival estate is the luxurious home that your friends and neighbors never wanted…The car is truly the heart of Tudor England, so we put the garage proudly up front, where the yawning chasm of the door greets the outside world with disdain…Be sure to schedule your private tour soon, this edifice is sure to not last long. On the market. If you’re curious about the price, you’re probably too economically responsible for this property.

And now, our top 3:

Third Place: A Jersey Thing by Nùria O.

Judges were impressed by the size, shape, and meticulous detailing of the project, which is reminiscent of a truly terrible McModern. Anjulie, seeing the size of the huge roof said “this is some sustainable sh*t.” This project captures the true McMansion ethos in truly making us say “what the hell is going on here?”

Project Description: Inspired by a beatiful RealLife™ McMansion™ in Beach Haven, NJ, this year’s featured McGingerbread mansion is a modern 5-bedroom, 16-bathroom home made entirely in construction-grade gingerbread and held together with royal icing made from free-range egg whites. The nonpareil- and sugar-crystal-covered walls provide both isolation from stormy weather and give a vintage air to counterbalance the futuristic lines of the design…On the back of the house, you can walk out to a large deck (perfect for entertainment) boasting a valuable one-piece handrail. From there you can access the beautiful mediterranean garden, set in candy charcoal and stones, environmentally friendly as it’s practically maintenance free. Don’t miss your chance to visit this unique home—feel the sugar rush!

Second Place: Victorian Opulence by Beth & Tina C.

Reigning McGingerbread champs Beth & Tina C. returned to the scene this year with yet another gorgeous gingerbread. Judges were wowed by the complexity and scale of the project. Sarah was impressed by the intricate piping and lots of frilly details, and the homage to the traditional Victorian gingerbread form. Anjulie described it as “unbearably neat” - she loved the uncantilevered bay window, the detached garage that makes entryway irrelevant, and the hilarious-front balcoiny with half-wall (not code compliant). Kate was impressed by the detailing and the extensive cantilevers which too serious structural engineering to pull off.

Project description: New from the creators that brought you a true monstrosity last year: The Victorian Opulence! Featuring a lovely wrap around porch, adorable detached garage, and a truly magnificent waterfall in the backyard, this monolith of a house features thee decks overlooking somewhat patchy but still rescueable landscaping. Other features include an outdoor patio, a tower for all your princess capturing needs, and a truly cursed facade featuring a curved roof of all things! With several nubbins featuring windows, there is no angle on this house you can’t see out of! Standing at nearly 2 feet tall and with an approximate total floor area of 550 square inches-excluding outdoor seating area-this Victorian style home will surely be the envy of all the gingerbread men in your country club. (Snow removal not included as part of HOA membership fees.)

And finally…

First Prize: Simply Having a Wonderful Building Crime by Erin E.

The judges all agreed: this house was outrageous - its execution was fantastic, and its design was full of so many delightful, humorous details. Sarah remarked: “This one is perfectly McMasion-scaled, with weirdly placed windows and gratuitous features to boot.” Anjulie couldn’t sing the praises enough: “I was particularly taken with the garage that is so far detached it makes the front door totally irrelevant…it’s a castle of grand sadness. The Pete Buttigieg sign is the literal icing on top.” Kate loved the details: the Pete sign, the ridiculously diverse selection of windows, the piped on invasive plants and basketball hoop, and the glass and siding effects. Part of the competition lies in its absurdity and humor, and in that particular category, this house took the cake.

Project description: This home Defies the Ordinary. Located on a 2.3 acre lot, you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors–and can watch from the top of the turret to be sure they’re suitably jealous! Enjoy sitting al fresco under the portico above the garage, or on the hand-laid M&M stone patio! The two-story entryway accounts for just a few of the more than 60 sugar glass windows! All of the walls join up exactly where the architect expected them to, and no windows were covered up on accident!!!

Constructed over two weeks, out of ten pounds of flour, four pounds of powdered sugar, and more than half a gallon of corn syrup, this modest four-story house will surely stand the test of time. It’s been meticulously decorated with royal icing vines, wreaths, and Christmas lights, and landscaped with gingerbread boulders, definitely-naturally-this-green icing grass, and coconut macaroon topiary. The roof stands at 17 inches high, and is crafted from waffle cookie shingles over gingerbread rafters. For sale for just $1,895,000, this house is just perfect for new families or young professionals just starting out!

Special thanks to everyone who entered this year and to our judges Sarah Archer and Anjulie Rao for their contributions in pulling off yet another successful entry our search for the Gingerbread McMansion Hall of Fame!

See you next week with this month’s 1970 McMansion.

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like “batman’s rogues reflect him” i get, but fully, actually saying batman is just as bonkers as his rogues on the basis that he wears a bat costume is………. maybe the wildest take? i’m glad people are having fun but gosh golly darn, i am so much less worried about a guy in a bat costume that refuses to kill people and pulls babies out of burning buildings than i am the guy who flips a coin to decide who lives and who dies


“batman is just as messed up as his rogues” makes me scratch my head because i don’t know how to tell you there’s a difference between being sad all the time and murder, i feel like that is a concept most people know intuitively

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Prosecutor Edgeworth… I know him. He’s a feared prosecutor. He doesn’t feel pain. He doesn’t feel remorse. He won’t stop until he gets his “guilty” verdict…

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25-35 is such a weird fucking age because you’re 100% a bread-and-butter Standard Edition Millennial but the cool teens are like “ok boomer” because you have a Real Job but the actual Boomers at your job are like “I’m not going to listen to a literal fucking child” as they download 16 self-replicating viruses and meanwhile the Gen Xers are telling you to refinance a mortgage for a house you don’t have and you’re sitting there at the Adults Table with the pretty tasty casserole you cooked because you’ve finally figured out how to do that now but everyone is eating the Boomer’s store-bought macaroni instead and admittedly they do sort of taste similar so it probably wasn’t worth all the trouble of cooking from scratch and you’re trying to comfort the freshly-graduated sobbing 22-year-old next to you because she just woke up here and doesn’t know where she is but you have like maybe 5k dollars in a savings account labelled RETIREMENT that grows approx. twelve cents a year and you keep eating dry macaroni while smiling incomprehensibly and periodically blacking out like ??????????

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it’s a good thing it was guda in that interrogation chair and not me because I would’ve fucked over chaldea and the continued existence of humanity without hesitation for such a once in a million lifetimes chance to talk about fate lore at length to a captive audience. they ask their first question and I immediately whip out a flash drive with a powerpoint. “I’m glad you asked” i say as I plug it into the computer. foolish inquisitors think they have me locked in a room when it is they who are locked in the room with me. 

me: -and that is why attila the hun is actually a fragment of an AI created by a cannibalistic comet in order to harvest the energy generated by human civilisation and which wiped out nearly all the gods 14.000 years ago. are you following along so far?

interrogator: this has nothing to do with our question

me: I’ll take that as a yes. anyway that concludes the background of the second singularity. as for its actual events, most of them were actually not that noteworthy but you’ll find that in the scathach trial quest-

interrogator: see there you go again talking about quests and routes and stuff. what the fuck are you on about?

me: oh, was I not clear enough? let me take it from the top then. it all starts with the events of the fifth holy grail war held in an alternate timeline version of fuyuki city in 2004-

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You know what’s my favorite part of the Captain Marvel mythos? You have, on the one hand, a godly deity with some of the greatest powers on this earth who radiates such a kind, warm wisdom that he inspires everyone who meets him. And then on the other, you have an 11 year old homeless boy with a big heart and an inability to stay on the side lines who says stuff like “holy moly”. 

And they’re both the same person. Do you even know what a confusing conundrum Captain Marvel is as a person? Like he interacts with citizens and villains and other Leaguers and he just…. doesn’t make any sense and says these completely bizarre things and its bloody beautiful.


Cap: Haven’t you ever starved? Felt hunger so deep it ate away at your bones? Have you never wept because you thirsted for just a drop of water but none was to be found?

Hal: No, holy shit no if I get hungry I go to Taco Bell. Holy fuck man, have you? are you okay? I have $6 lets get some food.

Cap: uh actually I don’t eat, you know, God thing and all

Hal: But you said-

Cap: Hey look at the time, gotta fly!


Cap: *giving a beautiful speech on growth and humanity and redemption that has his teammates looking at him with awe, Wally is wiping tears from his eyes*

Cap: Gee whiz guys! Look at this rock I just saw on the ground! It looks like a whale! I’m gonna keep it, anyway, where was I? *continues his speech*


Clark: Hmm we need information those orphan kids have but they won’t talk to us.

Cap: Don’t worry, I got this *walks away, sudden lightning then again 10 minutes later just before he comes back* They told me everything, just needed someone smaller and less intimidating to talk to them

Clark: What? We are literally the same size


Cap: Ug I hate when you go into a convenience store and the owner calls you names and chases you out with a broom

Diana: It can be difficult living in Mans World sometimes, I was unaware you spent your free hours here.

Cap, sweating: Oh I don’t, because I am the Ancient Gods’ vessel I mostly just sit at the Rock of Eternity…….. doing Godly Stuff 

Diana: But you said-

Clark: Okay, wait, wait wait, you hate when you go into a store and they what

After they find out the truth, it is still very confusing.

Billy: you guys ever stay up at night and question your own value as a civilian, and know deep down your true worth comes from being needed by others only as a hero?

Clark: wha-?

Bruce: do you need someone to talk to, Billy?

Billy, in a hurry: no thanks! I talked to Harley last week! Gotta go!

Bruce: you talked to WHO?

what if before they found out they thought he had some shapeshifting powers because a lot of those situations seem like a shape changing thing plus he’s friends with a talking tiger

what if they think he spends his free time as a cat?

Clark probably thinks the broom is because he walked into a store and the owner thought he was a stray cat and chased him out because that’s the only time that could ever happen.

Hal probably thinks his speech on hunger is from spending free time as a cat after he hears about this theory because have you ever met a cat? That’s the kind of dramatic thing you’d expect a cat to say when a meal is a few minutes late. The fact that he said no to the food is rather strange but maybe he’s only hungry as a cat and he would rather eat a fish or something

Children are scared of dogs but have you ever seen one scared of a cat? I think not and a talking cat can easily get information. They just know there’s lightning every time he shape shifts now. Batman proceeds to try to learn how to make the Watchtower Lightning proof so he can hang out in other form in a show of Bat Support. Probably adds shelves everywhere to Caps confusion.

Heck, the rock was shaped like a whale. A fish like shape you could say.

Everything points to Captain Marvel being a cat in his free time because he just likes hanging around people and no one looks twice at cats and let them do their own thing.

broke: the JLA thinks Cap is just generally weird and doesn’t understand him

woke: the JLA thinks Cap is a shape shifting magical cat and tries to be accommodating and Billy is too awkward and embarrassed to correct them so he just goes with it and accepts their cat toys and fish with the grace of someone lying their ass off.

okay the idea that the League concludes from the available evidence that he’s a magic stray cat rather than a magic homeless orphan is one of my favorite ideas ever because just

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How can anyone hate Junji Ito 

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i’m taking a tv writing course and my prof used to work. for 4kids. so my weeb ass has to sit there and listen to him talk about how his team improved foreign series….. meanwhile my inner monologue is just joey wheeler’s garbage brooklyn accent dub voice saying “SHADOW REALM! SHADOW REALM! SHADOW REALM!” on loop like some existential nightmare

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I worked at a hardware store down the street from a convent and the sisters were of the Franciscan order and st francis is the patron saint of animals so anyway one day one of them came in and she was like “i need a mouse trap, we have a mouse in the convent!” and it’s the facts that mice in your kitchen are huge health hazards but I said “sister……….would st. francis approve” and IMMEDIATELY it was clear I’d hit a nerve she said “THAT’S WHAT THE OTHERS SAID, BUT I’M NOT HAVING A MOUSE IN THE KITCHEN” and it was SO freaking funny because I know the other sisters and that they were messing with her too but I was the Last Straw.

ppl tagging this “not sure if this is true” like. is that what the kids online are doin’ these days? lying about working in a hardware store or about bein’ friends with members of the catholic church? is that how we’re getting notes now??

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