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** Permission to post it was granted by the artist
Do not repost/edit the art without permission
Please, support the artist on their pages too **

Artist : SeerLight (DA / IG / twitter)

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Critical Role - Quotes and Funny Moments - Campaign 2 (45/?)

  • Yasha: “What do you mean, Caleb killed his whole family?”
    Nott: “It’s a figure of speech.”
  • Caduceus [calmly]: “I don’t mean to raise my voice…”
    Fjord [hands up]: “What did I walk into?”
    Nott: “Caduceus is screaming at us right now.”
    Beau: “He’s really passionate.” 
  • Nott: “I’m going to get some bolts.”
    Matt: “Make a stealth check.”
    Nott: “A stealth check? […] No, I’m not going to steal them, I’m going to buy them.”
    Taliesin: “Woah, character development!”
    Matt: “I apologise for assuming.”
  • Jester [to Caduceus, singsong]: “It is meant for youuuu.”
    Caduceus: “I don’t think it’s meant for me.”
    Jester [singsong]: “It’s maybe meant for somebody eeelse.”
  • [After Jester establishes that TravellerCon is going to be held at a vulcano]
    Travis: “FyreFest!”
  • Beau: “What level [of the Kryn prison] was Yezza on?”
    Matt: “He was between the first and second level.”
    Nott [defensively]: “He’s dangerous. He’s a flight risk.”
    Beau: “Of course. Level two.”
    Fjord: “He’s not.”
    Nott: “They took all sharp objects from him. He wasn’t wearing shoe laces. They don’t know what he’s capable of.”
    Fjord: “He didn’t have shoes.”
    Nott: “Well that’s because he’s crazy. He could kill with a shoe.”
    Fjord: “Yeah, crazy boring.”
    Nott: “You’re boring. Your face is boring. Shut up.”
  • Caleb [agitated and anxious]: “Just sit with me while I have a drink, okay?”
    Nott: “Sure I’ll sit around you drinking tea while you’re getting drunk, it’s fine. Go ahead.”
    Caleb: “I’m not going to get drunk. I’m having a shot and calm my nerves.”
    Caduceus: “Seems to be working.”
  • [On the subject of having Dairon pretend to be their house manager]
    Nott: “Yeah Jester you grew up with house servants, right? You know how to command one ‘round the house.
    Jester: “You don’t. Well, you be nice. They are people that are at the house…”
    Nott: “…Well sure, we’ll learn their names and stuff…
    Marisha: “Your Scanlan is showing.”
    Sam: “My Sam Riegel is showing.”
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what do yoU MEAN???


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (2010), dir. David Yates

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self-care bear 

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Hey, literature folks. Have y'all noticed that people are using kennings again? I mean, sea pancake, danger noodle, sea roomba. 

How’s that different from describing the sea as the whale-road or gannet’s bath? 


- Kylo Bean on twitter

​What’s really cool is that these kennings accomplish nearly the exact opposite of classical kennings. Sea Pancake and Danger Noodle and Sea Roomba function as familiarizers or diminutives—they make the actual thing seem friendlier and more local.

Classic kennings like Whale-Road and Gannet’s Bath function as a way to make the mundane and normal more epic and dramatic and cool…

It’s crazy how the same device, with thousands of years of separation, are used for nearly opposite purposes!

Part of me wants to burst into a speculative lecture on the secondary orality of internet culture, and part of me wants to point out that kennings were never really gone (eye candy? couch potato? sleeping policeman?) and now I’m torn between the two

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my wildest dream is to have a wild untamed garden full of flowers and vines and pathways and hidden benches and alcoves like the secret garden

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This is so wholesome

Update: he finally got the cat to the vet to see if she had a microchip

I was already on board with his sweet wholesome open-to-love-and-nurturing heart but I was fully unprepared for getting to that last tweet and seeing how off the hook HOT dude is

https://twitter.com/pariszarcilla?lang=en heres his twitter is here there is also additonal cat photos of his children. 


aww, the kids grow up so fast. ;-;


This is, by far, the single most adorable fucking thing I have ever seen. 



I love that he kept …. All of them.

I’ve reblogged the earlier part of this thread before, and the new stuff makes it even better.

This is the Tumblr equivalent of a warm hug on a cold day.

You’re welcome.

I remember this thread, but I never saw the grown-up pics ❤


All hail Catdad

I saw Catdad for the first time today, and my day instantly became exponentially better.



I live for cat dad-

Cat dad has saved us all

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« Back to you, Matt! » : an anthology, part 2 
[part 1 can be found here]

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Details: Mid Ocean and The Ocean, ca. 1900, by Frederick Judd Waugh.

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Elsa The Fifth Spirit!

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Fun fact: anxiety/panic attack symptoms and female heart attack symptoms? Really fucking similar from description! It’s delightful! Thinking you may be having a heart attack doesn’t make panic worse at all!

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equal pay. 

the shocking demand is for equal pay with her male counterparts.


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“why can’t female heroes kick arse in heels” because it’s not practical and will literally snap your damn ankle you can scream weaponised femininity all you want but first off, you need to admit that they’re not an almighty symbol of empowerment, and secondly that if you do a job with a lot of physical activity in heels you’re risking your own safety. all these women fighting in heels on tv are going to end up seriously injuring themselves. 

weaponised femininity is a concept made up in an attempt to get us to embrace the industries created to hold us back/profit from our insecurities so that we can continue to fit into the male expectation of what a woman should be and not question why we are forced to spend thousands on our appearance every year

just a small anecdote. I had a friend who worked in theater; she was the stage manager and an actress came to her in tears one day because the director absolutely refused to let her do a choreographed fight scene in less than 3 inch heels because “they’re platforms so you’ll be okay.” My friend, who is a woman’s size 10, brought her own heels in the next day and DEMANDED the director put them on and try the choreography before the actress did it. He finally agreed to change it, without putting the heels on.

so like I know you might think of “all those women on tv fighting in heels” as fictional woman who WOULD hurt themselves in real life, but its fiction so its okay…except those women are portrayed by real actresses who are actually fighting in actual heels, being directed by dudes who have never worn a pair of heels in their lives, alongside men who aren’t expected to constantly wear things that make their stunts 2x more dangerous than they have to be. Just a thought.

Men take “let’s see feminine women being badass” to mean “let’s see women impractically focused on their appearance in combat situations.“

That’s why I loved Black Panther even more Nakia took off her heels and used them as weapons and was running and driving around barefoot in that one scene

A number of stuntwomen have spoken out about getting injured on sets because the character is wearing heels and skimpy clothing that provide no protection or padding. It literally harms rl women.


The only way I wanna see a women fight with heels is if she takes them off and fights with them a la Mulan/Nakia style.

sorry i can’t hear the noise of male entitlement over the sound of Evangeline Lilly and every other woman sighing in frustration

They photoshopped the heels onto wonder woman. Not even Gal Gadot could fight in them, but it was so important to The Look™ that they frame by frame added them. Gal wore flats to the red carpet in protest.

My high school had a dress code that required skirts and pantyhose/tights for girls. Our male gym teacher insisted ten minutes was more than enough time to change after gym class. We asked him if he’d ever tried to put on pantyhose over sweaty/damp legs. He tried it. Took 45 minutes. Two things changed: all-male school board changed the dress code for girls to include dress pants, and our gym change time increased to 20 minutes. Men literally have no frame of reference for their privilege and misogyny and need to be schooled.

“Weaponized femininity” with the current definition is so stupid. I’d like to see reasonable weaponized femininity. Hair clips that can double as throwing knives, clutches that can be transformed into shields, wearing dresses both for the look and for the added range of motion. None of this “Fighting in 5 inch heels” or “Stupidly tight spandex that you can’t move in but still Looks Good.”

Anybody out there advocating for “weaponized femininity” needs to be advicating for practicality and safety as well

I’ve seen people ask the original question and it’s such a bad question. Like, why don’t female Olympians compete in heels? Why don’t women with very physical jobs wear stilettos to work? Oh, because it’s dangerous and makes everything harder? Ohhhhh.

No matter how good of a fighter you are, you’re not going to make fighting harder for yourself on purpose if it’s potentially life-or-death. You’re gonna fucking wear sensible shoes.

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