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I'm sorry if anybody had already asked this, but why exactly do you hate the episode Kindred Spirits? It's not exactly my favorite either to be fair.


Well..I was definitely exaggerating when I said I hated it, but to say I like it in any capacity wouldn’t be true, either. I gave a fairly minimal response the last time  this came up, but since you asked point-blank I’ll just get to the heart of the matter.

Vlad’s main pull for me is that he needs Danny. He can minimize it all he likes, but he needs to feel like Danny will join him eventually. And ultimately, in needing Danny, Vlad cares about him. This basis to their dynamic is what makes it interesting. It’s not often that the villain’s weakness is the hero, at least on an emotional level. There’s lots of room for turmoil and for growth, and thus for interesting character arcs.

But Kindred Spirits sees Vlad basically say “I don’t actually care about you. I just care about this self-servient distortion of you I have in my head. I don’t want to put any effort towards an actual, genuine relationship with you. I don’t want to compromise and I don’t want to change” and I’m not gonna lie, it’s sort of a punch to the gut for me. It feels like a cruel miscarriage of the more equal dynamic he could’ve had with Danny.

Yes, this could play out interestingly in itself, but as I’ve said multiple times before, I have no taste or tolerance for angst compared to the phandom mean. Exploring what could’ve happened post-KS (had the writers not backpedaled on Vlad’s character in season 3) isn’t a notion that inspires confidence. It would be either turning Vlad into a monster or giving him a heel-face turn he didn’t deserve, and thus still cheapening his character.

To be clear, I do like a lot of what Kindred Spirits does. Vlad plays God, doesn’t realize his mistake, hurts the people he wants to be close to him and in doing so hurts his own goals– I love that and I think that definitely ought to be a part of his character. We see a wide emotional range from him that’s missing in other episodes– I love that, too. We see what he does in the shadows and how far his obsessions run. We see his selfishness and narcissism come back to bite him in the ass like it should, and we see him at his lowest point, defeated and alone, like we should. But it’s hard for me to divorce those things from the context enough for me to really and truly like the episode.

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Failure is simply a stepping stone to success

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That feeling you get when you go down stairs to get a snack but there’s people over.

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I’ve done it. I’ve found my new danny phantom OTP. Forget Grey Ghost, forget Unidentified Flying Ship. I would lay my life down for this ship. I’ll take it with me to the grave. From now until the end of time, I will never find another ship I love as much as this one:

Lancer and his briefcase

Alas, fool, the briefcase is like a well loved child to the far superior ship Lance Lancer

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theres an eyeshadow shade on etsy called anti creep stick



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This was meant to be some of my favorite Vlad Plasmius redesigns (and one of my own), but I forgot halfway through and didn’t check my references. So the left one is vaugely based on @c-c-c-cody ’s -who,’s actual design is awesome btw.

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Who in your AU is most likely to use "cabbage" as an insult?


Tucker. Without question. He considers any vegetable a capital offense.

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i want to be radioactive but not like lethally or anything. just slightly above average so that when people try to take photos of me the image is grainy and blurred and geiger counters click ominously when i’m nearby. y'know, fun stuff.

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I like how your Danny looks like an alien 👽


that has consistently been one of my favorite things ppl say about my danny for years, because i just know he’d take it as high praise

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Some pajama Vlad dev sketches for a comic I’m planning

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no fear: Netflix and Nickelodeon are partnered to make new shows
one fear: Danny Phantom gets rebooted/a special or something but they handle everything wrong

wait nvm I just realized that a reboot/continuation would imply that Phantom Planet is canon so what’s the goddamn point

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I actually have a DP rewrite that will never see the light of day, but I wanted to share a few of the character redesigns.

So basically it’s the same plot of the first season (and some of the second) but on a more mature level, and everything is taken more seriously.

Another big difference is that Danny doesn’t necessarily have the Phantom alter-ego, and is actually All The Way Dead but is very good at hiding it. Instead of being the town’s “superhero,” he’s more of like a cryptid, and a lot of the local kids suspect he is dead, but no one can prove anything for sure. (Wes exists in this AU)

The ghosts in this version are more human (and yes they are dead), instead of having the bright neon colors they have in the show.

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uh oh sisters

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When his parents learned about his powers, Danny would drift across the house. As a reminder, as a way for them to warm up to his ghost abilities.

He didn’t transform. Never became intangible. Most of the time his eyes didn’t even glow. He simply floated as if stuck underwater.

To reach the top shelf, to relax, maybe even fall asleep.

Each and every time, his parents would stare. Never asking questions, never demanded more or less of a performance. They’d just look at the gaping space between his worn sneakers and the floor and be unable to draw their eyes away until Danny left, or something else called to their attention.

It was uncomfortable, at the best of times. It has Danny shifting and landing, with hot needles just under the skin.

But above all, it was a start.

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owo? what’s this?

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concerns if a danny phantom reboot is confirmed:

  • regardless of whether or not butch hartman is involved, a reboot can go very wrong in many, many ways
  • this would change the fandom’s dynamic where most of its imagination and creativity stems from complete reliance on fan content after 10+ years of no canon content and im just not sure if im ready for that kind of change

pros to if a danny phantom reboot is confirmed:

  • i will release 9 new Diddly Darn Images

hey @diddly-darn-ghost

is it time to live in fear yet

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Is there going to be any ghost king!Danny in the epverse? Even if Danny just outright refuses the title.


Not sure yet! There’s a possibility it could play a fundamental part in the finale and in Pariah’s return, but I’m still tossing around ideas for how the finale goes down, so it may not make the final cut.

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@taliaxlatia and I had some thoughts

no we won’t be taking constructive criticism

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If Danny Phantom gets a reboot he needs a transformation sequence with more flair! More pizzaz! More oomph! It lasts like five minutes lmao

Ooooooh and do the same to Vlads

Vlad: OoOh! So you think you have style Daniel??? Watch the master at work!!!

10 minutes later

Plasmius: Now prepare to-

Danny: Zzzzzzzzzzzz


I’m sorry I thought this said a magical transformation with pizza and now I’m picturing Danny transforming while holding a pizza into a magical ghost delivery boy with charm

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