Hi! welcome to my blog. For those who want to know my name, just guess it. I'm a Catholic. I'm a fan of Jim Caviezel. I'll post lots of things here, enjoy! MBTI type: ISTP. Socionics: SLI. Cognitive function: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe. Enneagram: 5 sx/sp/so

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From➪ Amy’s Snapchat (Peebles.jpg)

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Flying a drone through fireworks

I really don’t think anything exists man

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Q: what does unhealthy Fe look like in INTPs?


Being culturally insensitive or dismissive of people’s feelings while at the same time craving affirmation / for them to think you’re the smartest person in the room. Being petty and pissy over things that ultimately don’t matter in the grand scheme of things (some of the examples given tie to Sheldon’s Si – his annoyance that his sandwich contents were ‘out of order’ produce a melodramatic moment). Arrogance in wanting glory that might lead to you… uh, being fired.

Note: Sheldon is mistyped a lot as a IXTJ type. Asperger’s aside, he’s a pretty good depiction of an unhealthy Fe-inferior. His ideas are good but rarely fleshed out completely in any kind of Te manner (he dismissively says he doesn’t have to “prove” his theory, nor has any interest in compiling it in a way that others can easily understand – a high Te is great at condensing complex information into a format just about any layperson can read – and use – this is a fault of his high Ne in wanting to share concepts and theories before he’s fully finished developing them). And, all those inferior Fe explosions (the angst, the melodrama, the attention-grabs, the deliberate saying of things to get an emotional reaction, and the tantrums) … you would never find an IXTJ participating in. =)

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The Passion of The Christ - Jim Caviezel (complete interview).

When he speaks of his faith, the words just flow…………coming from his heart.

He truly walks the walk & talks the talk.

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Person of Interest’s Director of Photography Teodoro Maniaci’s highlights from Season 1

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