Here. Have a Marvel salad with a dressing of angst, SpiderSon, and IronDad, with other random fandom toppings. Probably not what you ordered, but its what you're gonna get.



The original tweet is in response to a tweet about Ellen Maud who sought out medical help and was routinely told to just lose weight. She later died of cancer.

This is something I cannot advocate for enough

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We always dream of being someone staying ourselves and we do…

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yall look at this shit ad*be is tryna pull now on ppl who have outdated software:

(note for context: i’m all for piracy, but in this case my copy of CS6 was downloaded years ago when they were giving it away to students. i got it totally legally.)

so here is what NOT to do if you’re a loyal fan of adobe who has the cash to shell out for a newer and shittier version of the product you already paid for.

1) DON’T use your search bar to find and open the Run app

2) DON’T type in services.msc

3) DON’T find Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Services and right-click to get a dropdown menu, and don’t select ‘properties’

4) if you happen to click properties, DON’T use the startup type dropdown to locate the option to disable the program. be sure you DON’T click apply to finalize that change. 

5) DO NOT do the same thing in order to also disable Adobe Genuine Software Monitor 

if you do all of these things, this WILL disable adobe’s ability to monitor the software, and you will be forced to continue using the same older software that you already paid for instead of having to sign up for a newer, shittier version and pay more for it. so if you have lots of cash to spare and are cool with putting it the pockets of racketeering capitalists, definitely don’t do any of these things. 

however, you SHOULD reblog this to spread the word, as we certainly want to make sure lots of people know what NOT to do :)


Pretend to be upset.

OP how could you

I hope none of my friends who use Adobe programs find this, follow your detailed instructions, and spread the word. That would be devastating!

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when the character goes “oh.

when the character goes “oh. oh no.”

when the character goes “oh. oh fuck.”


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straight people shut up challenge

Frank stop. Go read a book or yell at a cloud it would be just as useful as this statement you left on Twitter.

He did add this later, which is… something?

[x] good ending

This is what people mean when they say that privilege is invisible to the people who have it. It never occurred to him that knowing someone’s orientation would be important to anyone, because to him, a straight man, representation is everywhere. It’s overabundant. It’s so common as to be taken for granted. To him, representation of his sexuality isn’t important because it’s there

I love that he learned. I love watching people understand their own blind spots when it comes to privilege. 

Can also be filed under: why cancel culture is dumb, people need to make mistakes to grow

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who would win in a fight: an army of lush employees vs an army of bath and body works employees??? discuss

lush employees, who are more adept at guerrilla warfare and fabian tactics. bath and body works employees rely too much on pitched battle and are not equipped well enough for prolonged conflict

I disagree with some of that, I feel as though the Bath and Body Works employees are pretty well trained in the art of handling an all out attack. Their defenses are high and well coordinated. Remember, they deal with white moms on the daily, whereas I feel that Lush employees are more used to dealing with a younger generation of customers.I feel as though they’d be equally matched but in the end I feel with the advancement in technology that Lush possesses over Bath and Body Works in terms of sheer amount that they sell, ultimately Lush wins, but not without heavy casualties.

All true, but everyone is forgetting Bath and Body Works employees have extreme training dealing with the hell on Earth that is Semi Annual Sale. Have you ever seen someone come between a white woman in her 40s and Vanilla Bean Noel at 75% off? Bath and Body Works employees have and still live to tell their stories

I think terrain is an important consideration? Lush employees are better at straight melee since they’re used to fighting in close quarters, whereas B&BW employees have more experience in moving through wider terrain and using ranged attacks.

this is the kind of discourse I want on my dash

My wife: “All the B&BW folks would have to do is throw a few water balloons into a Lush store and it would be all over.”


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i feel like i’m losing my mind this is legit the funniest shit i’ve come across

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saw a kitty squishing some flowers in the yard and she looked at me like she had arcane secrets 

artistic rendition

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There’s one (1) think in Disney’s Mulan that irks me. 
The jaw line. 
Mulan’s jaw line is drawn differently when she’s acting as Ping. No kidding:

this is her “regular, Fa Mulan” face. In this version her jaw is even highlighted by the makeup. Look how round is it.


and this is her Ping jaw. Square. Totally square.


Isn’t consistency in the character base shapes like, an important thing??

Not to mention how she immediately regains her long lashes as soon as she is exposed. With her round jaw obviously.



That feel when you’re Asian and your father with a bad leg was about to be sent off to surely die in a war for your great empire so you squared up both metaphorically and physically.

it’s on the fricking vhs cover

this has bothered me since 1999

Why do you have to come for Mulan like this

It’s called contour sweetie

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happy pride month kings

he was fucking just eating cookie dough alone on the dance floor I can’t handle this

if I’m alone on the dance floor eating raw cookie dough and a guy notices me and actually finds me attractive?, that’s a keeper

Okay apparently it was cocaine but still someone seeing me on the dance floor eating raw cocaine and still thinks I’m attractive? Keeper fucking material

fact checked it y'all

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Someone spilled their dogs all over the floor 🤦🏻‍♂️


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anyway stan spider-puppy

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say it with me kiddos: Miles Morales already has a great dad. He didn’t need Peter B. as a father figure - Peter B. needed Miles as a son figure

Miles’ dad is such a great dad that Miles is able to train people who need dad practice.

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VIBE CHECK *gets swatted into a tree*

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Even if grapes weren’t $28, non-Indigenous people (more specifically, in this case, non-Inuit people) have no place telling Inuit people not to eat meat


Discourse entirely to the side, I’m here for a little girl who hears, “This is going to be dinner for us,” and just tries to take a bite out of the tail.  I mean, that’s peak toddler logic, right there.  Relatable to any parent ever.

(Also, indigenous practices are not equivalent to trophy hunting and thirty dollar bags of grapes are nothing short of fucking appalling.  But mostly cute toddler.)


indigenous hunting is like, the ONE kind of hunting that shouldnt offend anyone and yet

listen, i fucking love whales. i do. i have advocated against cetacean captivity and whale hunting since i was like 13. i HATE whale hunting. but have you ever seen the prices for food in a grocery store in indigenous areas, if they even have one? 

i can guarantee no vegan has ever paid $22 usd for a bag of grapes, and you cannot farm that far north. they can forage for some foods, but its not enough to sustain themselves and get a nutritionally complete diet. this isnt just cultural or religious practices (although cultural and religious practices are significant and shouldnt be stripped from them), its literal survival. indigenous people hunt in a very sustainable way (a single bowhead whale can feed an entire community for a year), they arent out here killing a bear just to hang it on their wall. they are trying to survive. subsistence hunting by native tribes is 100% morally correct, even if (like me) the thought of animals dying makes you sad. fight against the japanese whaling fleets who kill hundreds of whales under the guise of research and then sell the meat. fight against wealthy americans who kill animals just to stuff them and put them on their wall. fight against seaworld and their disgusting cetacean captivity practices. but dont come at native people who depend on subsistence hunting to survive. fucking colonizers. 


Inuits in the Arctic can survive perfectly on a plant based diet 😤

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I saw someone mention TinTin and DANG IT! That movie is underrated and gorgeous. It’s more on the “realistic’ side of stylized but loops back so much it’s stylized again.

Also here is spider-verse because it’s in several loops but not this one. 



If 2D animation had to die, at the very least we could have more than one type of CG animation.


Can this count too?




‪Really hoping “stylized CG” is the animation trend studios chase in the early 2020’s‬

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He’s coming to boop you

he can boop me as much as he wants❤️

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Dozens of NYC Subway riders, fresh off a Robyn concert, singing “Dancing On My Own” while waiting for the E train. (Video by Triszh Hermogenes) 

I’m reblogging this again because the absolute joy in this video is something I haven’t seen in such a long time that I’d forgotten this aspect of humanity.

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The Heart of the Sea- Part Two




Loki x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Summary- In a desperate attempt to escape your cruel fiancée you stow away on a ship to the Americas. But when you are discovered and made to walk the plank. You are sure that this is the end for you, but after several days of clinging to a piece of wood, a ship comes across you.

Message- Here’s part two! This is one year after part one.  Want a part 3? Here’s information about Ko-fi bribes!

Warnings- abuse, jumping the plank, pregnant reader, murder 

Part One 

Word Count- 561

Keep reading

Don’t forget to comment


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If y’all wanna know the true power of hate, just remember that Alan Turing, the breaker of the enigma code in WWII, was driven to suicide by being forced to undergo chemical castration as a punishment for his homosexuality.

Historians say he saved 14 to 21 million lives.

I’d also like to say in the time we studied WWII in school, the history textbooks never mentioned him. I had never heard of the guy until I watched “The Imitation Game” which I 110% recommend you watch if you haven’t.Alan Turing was a blessing to humanity who saved (once again) 14 to 21 million lives, and he is left out of history because he was gay.

And this is just one example?? So many brilliant and heroic people are left out of history because of their race, their gender, their sexuality, their religion, and it’s just because some bigots in positions of influence get to decide what parts of history are remembered.

This man has had a profound effect on the world, it’s estimated he shortened the war by 2 years, saved countless lives and was the father of modern computing. Without him the world would be a very different, and very dark place.

He wasn’t just chemically castrated. The injections they have him were intended to decrease his libido as part his sentence for “gross indecency”. About 2 years after his trial he was found dead in his apartment next to a half eaten apple that was filled with cyanide (which became the inspiration for the Apple logo).

Turing is one of the most amazing people in all of history. He developed our modern method of computing (see: the Turing Machine) and advanced computer science by immeasurable amounts. And he dies when he was 41. Just imagine if he lived in a world where he was accepted. Imagine the technology we would have today and how many more lives would have been saved. No person deserves what Turing got, especially not someone as brilliant as him.


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