Hello friends. I am an 22 year old Panamanian who enjoys



Just saw some real dystopian shit on the news. A fedex driver in Wisconsin came to pick up a return package for a damaged piece of furniture that was 144 lbs, and while having to carry it back to the truck by himself in the snow he, pretty understandably, complained to the person he was talking to on the phone about it and cursed about it. However, the homeowner had a ring camera recording the whole thing, and she sent the footage to fedex to complain AND somehow it got on the news. Can you fucking imagine if like, every time you ever complained about something you have to do at work somebody secretly recorded it, sent it to your boss, and THEN got it on the fucking news, even across the country. Can you imagine being angry because a fedex driver, during the busiest time of the year who’s probably severely overworked, complained about having to carry a very heavy package by himself (in the video you can literally hear him complain that somebody else who was supposed to be with him wasn’t there and he had to do it by himself). Goddamn hell world

customers really expect you to eat their shit and tell them it tastes delicious. the sort of mindset consumerism and service culture has encouraged in our society is just. disgostin

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A 16 year-old child, Carlos Hernandez, died in ICE custody. HE HAD THE FLU!

How is it people aren’t freaking out over this?

Hey fun fact! When you see the police in full military gear arresting people for protesting the govr killing people in concentration camps; You Live in a Fascist State. What are you going to do about it?

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It’s disgraceful to our country to do this

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Congrats to Generation Z on their very first kill! May the blood on your lips taste sweeter than wine!

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Answering the door for dinner delivery

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me daily after 5p

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I get scared when I’m showering and I hear noise like what if my family is being murdered out there and I have no time to get dressed I am going to have to fight this person naked; tiddies flying and all dat shit

I had this too for a while, but then I remembered that occasionally ancient Celtic warriors would fight fully nude just to show their opponent how unafraid and fierce they were. I think any home invader would be more than a little taken aback by an angry, flaily, wibbly-wobbly naked person fighting them.

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say what you will about this movie but this was a solid line

What do you mean say what you will? This entire movie is such a TREASURE Nic Cage is trying to steal it!

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TIL English inventor Joseph Merlin designed the first roller skates for a masquerade party in 1760. Not bothering to practice, he smashed into a wall length mirror upon entrance.


This is the best, most on-brand way for roller skates to be introduced to the world.

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he was described as the PERFECT MALE SPECIMEN and frankenstein collected body parts FROM HANDSOME MEN to make a LITERAL ADONIS


mods are asleep post sexy frankenstein’s creature

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what a good day to remember that butch lesbians (ESPECIALLY trans, poc, and/or fat butch lesbians) aren’t fucking predatory 

“trans butch lesbian”? More like heterosexual man.

Reblog the Fred of TERF banishment to keep your blog TERF free for a year.

Op where is your url?

OP is God. Respect them.

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And it is important because you are not a therapist. You could say the wrong thing in the wrong moment and the consequences could be terrible.

Listen. Always listen. But you don’t have to always know what to say back.


as a friend, you are allowed to say “i would really love to help you right now, but i cant push back my own issues to help you. im going through my own problems right now, and thats what i need to focus on”. it is NOT selfish. you arent going to be of any help to the people you care about if youre in bad shape and not taking care of yourself. its only going to make you worse for wear.


this is how yall end up going around calling every ex-friend your abuser. its nice for your friends to be able to drop everything for you when youre having a bad time, but its literally NOT mandatory. your friends should not have to ignore their own problems to fix yours. get some therapy.


do people on tumblr like. realize that friendships arent therapy

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Friday the 13th

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reblog to annoy Megyn Kelly and Fox News. 

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Somebody give me creative reigns for a TV show. Picture this - Elvira and Dolly Parton starring side-by-side as twin sisters, both witches from humble roots. They’ve each lived wild lives independently and with a little huffy hostility towards each other, following different paths to become powerful enchantresses. As they reach old age, they realize the only thing they can’t replace with magic…. is family. 

This is the greatest day of my life.

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this is really chilling

Before her death she was also responsible for this mosaic of George Bush Sr. that you had to step on to get into a hotel in Baghdad. Truly iconic

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I’m willing to risk it

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taking my chance.

It’s today, only today

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