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PLEASE DON'T SEND ME SPOILERS UNLESS THE CHAPTER IS OUT AND TRANSLATED ALREADY || Ask before using anything you find on this page as a prompt for any other kind of fanwork!

i love they 💕💕💕

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she didn’t go back to sleep

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Anon said: Your tumblr isn’t… showing up? On my screen it says you don’t have posts.

I don’t have this problem so I don’t know how to help you, anon ):

Anon said: Do you love my hero academia as much as I do?

Depends on how much you love it!

Anon said: 12 days till I get portfolio results! Wish me luck!

This was six days ago! Which means it’s six days now!!! Good luck!!!!!!

Anon said: What other ships do u ship other than Kiribaku and are you a multi-shipper? (BTW I love your stuff❤️🧡)

Thank you! I am a multishipper, but I don’t seriously ship any ship involving kiri and baku that isn’t kiribaku! Currently my other favorite ones in bnha are kami//jirou, sero//mina, ocha//deku, kami//shin, eraser//mic and miri//tama 💕

Anon said: Can I just say that you always make the cutest shit, I love looking back through your past art

Ahhhh thank you so much!!!

Anon said: the fact that you’re out here still creating on tumblr and pulling 1000s of notes even in this dry, barren wasteland of a site is both inspiring and an absolute GIFT to us all. i adore ur art style man thanks for sharing all your stuff. always look forward to seeing you on my dash :)

Gods thank you so much!!! It actually baffles me, I’m so happy you guys are still out there supporting me this much!! 💕💕💕

Anon said: Imagine Mina just… clinging to her bakusquad. Nothing romantic. She’s just constantly got her arm looped through whoever is closest at the time. Bakugo has learned to deal with it.

Awww that would be so cute!! (TT^TT)

Anon said: It’s 6 am and I just went through your WHOLE BNHA art tag and WOW YOU HAVE IMPROVED A LOT SINCE AUG 2016!!! I LOVE YOUR ART

THANK YOU it’s all thanks to these two wonderful rowdy boys that have kept me drawing for the past four years!!!

Anon said: me, seeing the little sero (and mina!!!) in your sketches: 🥺🥺 i LOVE him thank u for the crumbs 🥺💘💖💕💖💕

Ah gosh I love those two so much it always makes me super glad to hear you guys appreciate my indulging in them! TT^TT thank you!!

Anon said: You draw toes really good! Kinda jealous, i cant draw feet yet, but I’ll get there 1 day too :O

Thank you!! And I’m sure you will, I was pretty dang shitty at drawing feet too before I sat down and decided that had to change haha

Anon said: how did you figured out anathomy and how do you draw bodies?

I didn’t really figure out anything tbh xD I’m still struggling with a lot of it, but my way of going about it was to simplify it all as much as I could to first and foremost learn the very basics of how a body is supposed to move and bend in a way that isn’t awkward? and then once I got comfortable with that I started adding details, and then more details, and then a little more details still, and I’m still to this day adding more and more details and shapes as I figure how something is actually supposed to work, and I genuinely believe this is a process I most probably will never be truly done with (but that’s part of the fun of drawing as well haha)

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shot through the heart and you’re to blame

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New black and white illustration is now up on my patreon for my $3+ friends!

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Two new pencil sketches pages are now up on my patreon for my $6+ friends!

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Anon said: Please wish me luck, I have an important art audition soon and I’m super scared.

Ahhhhhhhh I’m sure everything will be fine!!! Good luck, anon!!!!!!

Anon said: do you have instagram?

I don’t! and most probably never will

Anon said: you’re my fav acc holy shit i love ur art sm! thank you for sharing them with us!! have a fantastic day!

GOSH thank you so much for thinking so!! I hope you’ll have all the fantastic days too, anon!!!

Anon said: What if I told you that you’re my favorite artist and I check your blog daily?

I’d cry!!! Definitely!!!!!!!! TTATT

Anon said: Your drawings are lovely, absolutely amazing, and your artistic skills are incredible. I admire you deeply and just wanted to let you know. Also, what is your favourite BnH couple? I’m curious! Sending lots of love towards you 🥰🥰

Holy heck thank you so so so so much!!! You’re so nice oh my god ;;;;;;;;;;;;; and kiribaku, definitely! I have a couple more I ship a lot and a whole damn lot I enjoy the aesthetic and/or dynamic of, but krbk is the real one and only, for me TT^TT

Anon said: Hii, i really REALLY love your drawings, and I’m so happy to see u continue to improve (tho I still find it as great as your first uploaded drawing, really, u are amazing) I’m kinda sad/mad/smad that I know u from a random page that reposted your art, but I’m glad I found u at last!! I was wondering tho, I love your kiribaku and I adore your tododeku art (big multishiper) but what about todobaku, mm? I would love to see in your style, so cute and wholesome, so thank u if u do it, stay lovely!

Ahhhh thank you!!! And I do enjoy todobaku too! I have at least one piece for them in my todobaku tag, and if you’re into that there’s a couple of things in my todokiribaku tag too! I love the tdbk dynamic, I might draw them again soon enough T^T

Anon said: I live for your Sero Artwork. Boy doesn’t get enough love and you make him look sooooo good. 💛💛💛

Thank you!!! I’m glad you think so, it took a while to figure him out but now I have so so much fun drawing him! <3

Anon said: For your BNHA Fusion AU: I dunno why but I really wanna see a Dekusquad vs Bakusquad fusion cause I feel it would be a disaster in the making. Also maybe a teachers (Aizawa, Mic, All Might, midnight maybe?) fusion trying to stop them? Just some idea!

They’re all wonderful ideas anon, but I’m not really doing more art for that au anymore! I’m sorry ;;;

Anon said: Just a small actual question: how would be the best way to prepare a portfolio?

Damn anon, if you find an answer to that lemme know that I need to start making myself one too haha no, for real, the best I can tell you is to decide which kind of portfolio you want to make - which art field you mean to specialize in, is what I’m saying - and then look up examples of it on youtube. There’s a lot of videos that are just people scrolling and thumbing through their portfolios and explaining what they put where and how and why, and a lot of tutorials for how to put together a portfolio as well  - it’ll take a while to figure it out for both of us, but let’s both do our best!

Anon said: everytime i see you make an answers post i expect it to be tagged “franswers”, not “fran answers”.

I’ve had this pointed out to me so many times that by now I’m just being a dick and purposefully not going there ngl

Anon said: You like play some Videogame or VN? If you not I strongly recommend you to play “Your turn to die” which is free.

This was so weirdly omnious when I first read it LMAO but ah, I’m not a huge fan of games but sometimes I do get in the mood for those! So thank you so much for the rec, I’ll keep it in mind!!

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I can’t stand that you see right through me / I can’t stand when you look away

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back home💕

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kanamori!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sayaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a dood 😌

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✨four new exclusive pencil sketches are now up on patreon ✨

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“There’s nothing scary about you” and “you don’t need to be alone”, I was thinking about something like that when drawing this 🤔 of Kirishima having been alone, and of Bakugou giving him a place to belong

full res and brush settings are up on my patreon~

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Anon said: How are those doodles?? Your “doodles” are a million times better than any of my finished drawings (i love them btw they are so f*cking cute!!!!)

AHHHH THANK YOU!!!! They really are doodles though haha 

Anon said: What are your OCs’ names?? They are so cool I’m in love with them ♡♡

If you’re talking about the four in the latest original art post I made, then they’re Chris (with the undercut), Josh (with the long hair), Max (with the scarf) and Leo (with the eyepatch)!! I’m so so happy you like them, they’re old enough to be part of me by now so seeing them liked is always such a warm feeling!!

Anon said: Do you take prompts/suggestions? Sorry I don’t know your policy but would you consider drawing Bokuro ft jealous!Bo? I’ve always headcanoned that Kuroo is really popular with both boys and girls because of his confidence and effortless charm; whether he’s oblivious to this attention despite his intelligence or aware of it yet ignoring it is anyone’s guess~ I always look forward to your art and recently got into Haikyuu!! And damn, I do ship Kuroken too but you have me addicted to Bokuro now *_* ||  Aah finally got the FAQ open (blame mobile tumblr for being a bitch), and yup my last ask is def a suggestion and I hope you’ll consider using it~ Somewhat unrelated, do you regularly add stuff to your red bubble? I love your Kiribaku art but I’m a huge fan of Momo (&Todomomo) and Kuroo (&Bokuro), is there any chance you have something in the works with them up for sale soon? Thanks

GOSH thank you so much for liking my old hq stuff enough to ask for more!! I’m not sure if I’ll get back to drawing bokuro soon, honestly? So I can’t promise that if I’ll go through with the suggestion it’ll be soon, but I’ll definitely keep it in mind for when the mood strikes!! And about the shop, I add to it whenever I feel there’s enough stuff piled up to? Though I plan to start adding more often than that from now on - I don’t really have anything for momo and kuroo to add on rb that isn’t already there, but as soon as I’ll have more of either of them I’ll remember to put them up! Thank you so so much for the interest in buying from me!!

Anon said: Ok but that Kirishima art was absolutely amazing


Anon said: Hi! First I really really love your art and I make this little muffed scream every time I see your stuff pop up on me feed. You’re amazing!! Second, can I ask how you do shadows? I can never make them look right or lay across my character correctly. Yours always look so amazing

Thank you!!!!!! I actually used to have that same problem with shadows? However much I kept track of where the lightsource was and the shapes I was working with it always looked wrong, somehow - the way I fixed it was by adding more shadows, actually. If you’ll pick any of my colored pieces you’ll see I don’t really put down lights all that often, which means the base color ends up being my light color too, and everything else is just shadows getting darker the further I go from where the light hits the object I’m shading - generally, I use a soft tool like a brush or a marker to very roughly put down where I want the shadows to go, and then using the same tool I smudge and darken it till it looks right to me. I can’t really explain it any better than this? But I have a small tutorial for how I do this in my art tips tag, if you wanna give it a look!

Anon said: I come back to look at your art almost every day, especially when I’m feeling down; so I’d just like to thank you for posting your beautiful art for all of us to experience. On behalf of all of your followers, Thank you! :,)))

Anon you’re gonna make me cryyyyy!!!!!! ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; thank you so so much, both for this ask and for liking my stuff to begin with! <3

Anon said: Your anatomy is so so so so good! And don’t even get me started on your colours! Perfection

GOSH I still have a long long way to go, but thank you so much for thinking so!!! It makes all the effort feel worth it! ( TT^TT)<3

Anon said: I love everything about ur art! from the sketches to the full colored pieces, it’s the highlight of my week whenever you post! I was actually wondering where you get the ideas for clothes! I always see the variety and was wondering if you came up with them or are they from somewhere ^v^ keep up the amazing work!!

It’s a mixture of both, actually! I like to look at clothing, both irl (on people I see, or stuff in the shops I visit, or even pics and movies and tv shows!) and drawn too - in anime and illustrations and manga and cartoons! I look at them and try to remember how they’re made, and then when I draw I think about it all and come up with my own by mixing stuff I liked from all those things - unless I see a piece of clothing that’d work just right as it is on a character, in which case I just draw it either as best as I can from memory or, if I have it, using a ref! It’s one of the things I find the most fun when drawing, I’m glad to hear you like what I come up with!! Thank you so much!!!

Anon said: Thoughts on KiriTodo? Because I. Am. Hooked.

I like it!! I don’t actively ship it, since my only actual ship for Kirishima is kiribaku, but I like the look of him with todo, aesthetically, and their friendship is highly entertaining to me, which means their potential relationship in a romantic setting is too - and, as we’ve seen with my very random dip into the non-existent kirijiro fandom, that’s more than enough for me to decide maybe I’ll wanna go and draw for them, one of these days haha

Anon said: Haven’t seen KiriSero or KamiSero Fusions yet! Got some ideas for those? (Filling out the Bakusquad pentagon XD)

I really never got around to drawing those, did I! That’s actually surprising, hadn’t you pointed that out I’d have never realized - I’m not doing fusions anymore right now, but maybe I could make an exception for these two………… if the inspiration strikes, why not!

Anon said: Did you see the newer bnha episodes?! Miritama made it feel like a shoujo… (In a good way)

THIS IS SO OLD OH GOD sorry I didn’t get around to answering this sooner!!! The miritama relationship is really wonderful, isn’t it? They make me cry so much, soft warm boys, so in love…………. TT’’’TT <3<3<3

Anon said: This whole year has been a trainwreck for me and your blog was one of the few things that stayed constant, so thank you for being my favorite spot on the internet. Hope you keep drawing and I love your art so much!

AH, THANK YOU! I really really hope I’ll keep on drawing too!!! I’ll do my best 💪💪

Anon said: Some days I’ll just sit in bed at 2 am and be like “I need a hug” and then I read ur blog and it’s like a safe mental hug. So thanks for that.

That’s!!!!!!!!!! so sweet oh my god!!!!!!!!! ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I’m so glad my stuff can make you feel warm like that, anon!! <3<3

Anon said: So it says you don’t do requests in your faq does that include commissions as well

Not right now!! Maybe sometime at the beginning of next month, ✨Stay Tuned✨

Anon said: Hellooo hope you are having a good day. It’s always so fun to scroll through your blogs and enjoy your art 💕💕 Idk if it’s a little weird to ask but I also love your old aokaga art and I was wondering if you had any interest left in that fandom or would ever consider drawing for it again? xx

Gods, I really don’t know? It’s been so long since I’ve last engaged with anything related to knb…….. I still do love the ship though, so, maybe? I really have no clue, I might though!! Thank you so much for liking even such old things from me!!!!

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Redraw of one of my very first krbk pieces to check how much I’ve grown in the past three years thanks to these boys! 

And also to announce my patreon page going live!! Very excited about that, there’s gonna be wips and previews, exclusive content, early access to some pieces, a lot of skeching too if you’re into that - please do consider supporting me over there if you happen to like what I do!

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I’m back !!!! with some messy doods as I try to remember how to hold a pen ✍️

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