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a christmas carol (1843) - charles dickens

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I love that the culture is shifting from the holidays being full of mandatory, uncomfortable, sometimes unbearable, family functions— to having an active hand in who you choose to celebrate with. I am glad to see a growing normalization of ‘Friendsgiving,’ sharing space with just one other special person, or even spending holidays alone, relaxing. All of these are acceptable options.

Spend time with people who love and respect you, even if that person is yourself.

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whether or not romeo & juliet’s marriage would have worked out is not the point. rather, the point is that love cannot flourish in a world filled with hatred and an unwillingness to change, which is the main reason why modern adaptations would benefit from being about a gay couple. in this essay, i will

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Steve had always been of service, but I think that was because he felt it was the right thing to do. When we pick him up in “Endgame,” it is almost born of necessity. Like, if he’s not of service in some way, he’ll drive himself mad. It almost felt medicinal, quotidian, meditative. When his eyes open in the morning, the only thing he can think to do is get up, put on clothes and then go try to help people because if he doesn’t, something may unravel. - Chris Evans

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Pride & Prejudice (2005) dir. Joe Wright

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i wanna make a moodboard of jj abrams saying he didn’t wanna make finnpoe canon coz he sees them as “deeper than romance” and m*ftiss saying johnlock won’t be canon coz “their friendship is deeper than romance” and they wouldn’t wanna ruin it and neilman saying zira and crowley are ethereal beings and can’t be gay and akthully their 6000 years long relationship is deeper than romance but it’s up to the viewer xoxo and what the clown writer of the clown movie said about reddie and I’ve never given a fuck about spn but whatever they said about destiel and what the goldfinch director said about deciding to leave out the relationship between theo and boris and the other 47674622 examples I could bring up about a writer/director trying to make excuses for gaybaiting but I’m just so fucking tired I really am

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“Books are a dialogue between souls.”

— Ben Okri, from A Way of Being Free (via allmyselves)

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tiny brain: brooklyn nine nine isnt cop propaganda

average brain: brooklyn nine nine IS cop propaganda and that means u cant watch it

giant brain: brooklyn nine nine is absolutely cop propaganda and 1 episode about the treatment of black people by cops in no way fixes that, however i still watch and enjoy it because i am a mature person with critical thinking skills who understands that boycotting every problematic piece of media is a fruitless endeavor. especially because boycotting b99 specifically would mean sacrificing the many other great things it brings to tv, including its humor, its diversity, its strong & well-rounded female characters, its presentation of healthy friendships & relationships, its subversion of harmful stereotypes, and its constant social commentary on political issues such as transphobia, gun control, flaws in the prison system etc which other shows wouldnt DARE touch

galaxy brain: BOOOooooOOoooNE!!

Interdimensional Brain: B99 has had plots and subplots about the problems with the police as an institution since it started. The episode that was specifically about racial profiling wasn’t anything new for the show, which has consistently featured “good guys who are cops” as its protagonists instead of a simplistic “cops are the good guys” narrative, making it very much not propaganda. It isn’t “cop propaganda” any more than The Office is “capitalist propaganda” or Parks and Recreation is “state propaganda.” Let’s realize that a workplace comedy being set in an institution you disagree with doesn’t make it propaganda.


Most of the recurring antagonists in B99 are corrupt higher-ups in the police force who give the Nine-Nine shit because the Nine-Nine raises a stink when the commissioner lets his own son get away with tagging cars and using taxpayer dollars to fix them.

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Ancient Romans had 'overwhelming' genetic diversity, study finds
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when hozier starts enunciating it’s over for you bitches

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You’re in her dms I’m a blackthorn tree being felled by her held by her fueling the pyre of her enemies we are not the same

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The Motorcycle Diaries (2002), dir. Walter Salles
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No offense but *coughs into a white cloth, then dramatically unfolds it to reveal that it is spotted with blood, foreshadowing my tragic death by tuberculosis at the ending of the film*

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The Three Graces (by FdC Foto)

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The Quiraing - Isle of Skye

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