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yaaaaassSssSSss u betta choke this thrussy!!! restrict my breathin kinggggg


@infinite–salt I’m done with you omfgjsksksjdjskdjfneox


@griffinsboyfriend idk y but i feel like u need 2 see this


why are you calling out every single one of my mc’s on main I hate u alkakddkk

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question do y’all think that duke erthax is a bear under all that armour or is he more of a bear-ish hunk?

You’re going to hell and yes.

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From “Confronting Holocaust Denial with David Baddiel”


Ah yes. REAL racism. Not the kind of FAKE racism spread to mostly impressionable young white boys who parrot everything Felix says in a desperate attempt to be cool and popular with their peers and thus grow up thinking racism is humour. Not that racism.


$10 says none of you even watched it. Ya’ll are obsessed.


The shit just never ends huh

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✨Shoutout to all the fat trans boys✨


Fat trans boys who aren’t on T
Fat trans boys who are never-T
Fat trans boys who don’t work out
Fat trans boys who hate working out
Fat trans boys who hate their body
Fat trans boys who love their body
Fat trans boys whose chests are too big to bind
Fat trans boys who hate binding
Fat trans boys who can’t go a day without binding
Fat trans boys who can’t bind for medical reasons
Fat trans boys who constantly see skinny muscular trans boys working out
Fat trans boys who are pre-op
Fat trans boys who are never-op

There isn’t enough representation of fat trans boys, and I want to know that you’re all perfect and you don’t owe the world your skinniness. 💙✨

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I’m sorry

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@griffinsboyfriend idk y but i feel like u need 2 see this


@infinite–salt I’m done with you omfgjsksksjdjskdjfneox

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that little booty hole

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Be careful or you’ll fall priestess

Thank you @somewillwin for this beautiful commission

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Elizabeth Warren absolutely murdering Michael Bloomberg over his appalling history with women during the Democratic debate

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yall look at this shit ad*be is tryna pull now on ppl who have outdated software:

(note for context: i’m all for piracy, but in this case my copy of CS6 was downloaded years ago when they were giving it away to students. i got it totally legally.)

so here is what NOT to do if you’re a loyal fan of adobe who has the cash to shell out for a newer and shittier version of the product you already paid for.

1) DON’T use your search bar to find and open the Run app

2) DON’T type in services.msc

3) DON’T find Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Services and right-click to get a dropdown menu, and don’t select ‘properties’

4) if you happen to click properties, DON’T use the startup type dropdown to locate the option to disable the program. be sure you DON’T click apply to finalize that change. 

5) DO NOT do the same thing in order to also disable Adobe Genuine Software Monitor 

if you do all of these things, this WILL disable adobe’s ability to monitor the software, and you will be forced to continue using the same older software that you already paid for instead of having to sign up for a newer, shittier version and pay more for it. so if you have lots of cash to spare and are cool with putting it the pockets of racketeering capitalists, definitely don’t do any of these things. 

however, you SHOULD reblog this to spread the word, as we certainly want to make sure lots of people know what NOT to do :)

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Let’s play “yes” or “no.” You ask me questions on anonymous or not, and I can only answer YES or NO.
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The discovery that men don’t find Margot Robbie attractive in Birds of Prey really just drives home the fact that I have no idea what straight men find attractive, and neither do I care

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nah bro, you live in a society, i live in a homoerotic victorian romance novel

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Things about journalism that tumblr never seems to grasp

  • Headlines have to be as streamline as possible. Aka, they can’t include names unless the article is about a well-known public figure.
  • Those “water is wet” articles do more then explain what you already know, they’re providing evidence and sources that support/explain what you already know.
  • Oh my god, there’s information after the headline.
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What’s the point of OH2 if Aurora isn’t a LI?

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Art Commission: Shreya Mistry by @cyanide-chicken

hello this is gorgeous


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I miss Griffin.

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