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Gotta do it

I don’t care what news I get I just want this stupid potato dog on my dash


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So I doodled one of these then instantly became obsessed with the idea and can’t stop and have been spamming twitter with brain wolf facts sorry everyone.

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Okay that virus that’s going around, is seriously fucking scary. I got the same thing on my computer about a week ago and I got rid of it, but it took a lot. This type of virus can control your browser, it can control your webcam, it can control all your files, and track you.

If you’ve seen the post already, do not click on the user if someone like this follows you. 


 If you do on accident, you will be taken to an FBI site, which tells you you’ve viewed pornography and stuff. Looks a little like this…


It asks you to pay a fine. ITS NOT REAL. DO NOT PAY IT. You won’t be able to leave the page, or close your browser. Your computer is probably infected now, and you need to remove it.

  1. Click ctrl-alt-delete at the same time and open task manager. Shut down your browser. Uninstall it completely. 
  2. Reset your computer to the last known date when you didn’t have the virus.  
  3. Install and Run malawarebytes. It’s a free service, that get’s rid of all bugs in your computer. The download link is hereMost antivirus softwares can’t detect things like this, so your best bet is to just download it. Run a full scan to ensure your computer is clean.
  4. Restart your computer, and you should be fine. 
  5. The main thing here is to not panic. I did, and it just makes the situation worse than it really is.  

If you have seen a post about it, you’ll see that icon, and a URL with random letters. Please don’t risk it, you’ll have to work really hard to get it off your computer. Be careful, and DO NOT PANIC. Here is another tutorial on how to get rid of it, 

Any more questions? Feel free to ask me. I got this off two of our computers, so it’s possible. BE SAFE

here is a link to a tutorial for how to remove this if you are on a Mac

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I somehow clicked on one of these things the other day and wowie was I in for a world of hell. Thankfully I got it under control and my I’m a-ok now but you REALLY DONT WANT TO GET THIS SHIT ON YOUR COMPUTER.

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Oh worm?


Since the original post was probably fake

Everyone who reblogs will receive a pokemon based off of their blog in their asks!

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>:(  )

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Young baby jacanas are known as “downies” and are capable of walking and swimming as soon as they’ve hatched.  Their father will not feed them, instead guiding them to feed and demonstrating how to hunt and uncover prey.  He will also keep a close eye on them; shortly after hatching, the father will clear the eggshells out of the nest, possibly to deter predators, and will coo at and brood his new family.  If he cannot find one of his chicks, the father will call loudly to try and attract it, and if a predator is detected, he will scream to summon the chicks’ larger and more powerful mother.  He will guard and nurture his little family for 40 to 70 days.

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if you see a link to website “tumblr.com” DO NOT OPEN IT! this is a scam site infested with porn bots and sex-trafficking, tell your friends

if you get a link to a page that looks like the tumblr login page, don’t enter your login information!!!  if you do you will be logged into tumblr

please be aware that posting to tumblr makes your posts visible on tumblr

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GUYS! I run out of anxiety pills and I need to get them! Please reblog this , share it plz, if you are interested please DM me! These are Holiday Adoptables but you can use them which season you want! of course!

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berdly has been found dead in hometown

Today is the only day you can legally reblog this.

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Full and finished short-story of the black cat.
Please have a heart for black pets in general, animals do not deserve this kind of hostility.
Please give credit when reposting, Thank you :)

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New Christmas Icon/Avatar Picture~🎶

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Wish y'all the best.

Also, thanks for 200 followers, I know I haven’t been posting a lot but I think with winter vacation coming up it might start to come back, I’ve gotten some ideas for my @ask-just-a-batbaldi. Ask blog, I’ll write them down from now on, same with this personal blog and re-start my ramblings, every time something like what happened with Team Yell happens, I’ll try to make a post or a drawing of it.

But yeah, that’s all for today, I’m gonna continue my nap and hope y'all have an absolutely amazing day~🎄🎆🎇🎶🎊🎉🦇🐱🌨❄

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New and first comic made on krita soon! owo

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How's the Dessy? It looks like they've grown some limbs!



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Pokémon Sword & Shield »» Gym Leaders   

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some day norman , some day >:u 

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NORMAN::nobody resists my drawings

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