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well would ya look at that


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Hes a little confused, but hes got the spirit


Me: “I need some serotonin.”

Husband: Stands up.

Husband: Sits back down.

Hisband: “I didn’t remember what serotonin was until after I stood up so I was deadass about to go get you some.”

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This is created for recent trending #whyIsign. #whyIsign was started by Stacy Abrams. She wanted to spread knowledge about sign language, how it helped so many deaf people and families, like myself, and to encourage more people to learn and use sign language, especially with deaf children.

I am eternally thankful for American Sign Language.

You can find #whyIsign on facebook, twitter, and instagram.


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never stop collecting little things that make you happy! rocks! buttons! feathers! flowers! sticks! bugs! bones! never stop!

how did a crow get a tumblr

with his fuckin email and a password how’d u get here

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#captain flint is not here for your toxic masculinity

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Hands can remember too.
—— Christa Wolf, tr. by John Cullen, from “Medea,” originally published c. 1996 (via violentwavesofemotion)
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Superman (1978) / Superman II (1980)

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Inktober 26

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I don’t even think it’s about controlling money, I think it’s about power over others.

Taxes don’t come with accolades or positive PR. Taxes don’t get you a wing of a hospital named after you. Taxes don’t let you let you host “fundraising” dinners where you can network with other obcenely rich people.

For a lot of these billionaires, donations are seen as a way to buy things without actually buying them. That’s what happened with the Notre Dame fire. All those billionaires that said they were giving millions to fix it? Not a single one paid unless they could completely control Notre Dame. Philanthropy is just another form of acquisition for these people.


Somebody already said it, they want control of how they spend their money & be praised for it. It was always about power, not about helping others.


Listen to Anand Giridharadas explain the whole thing on the brilliant SRV podcast 

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Question:  Have you ever had a near-death experience?

David Tennant answering audience questions at Wizard World Des Moines (June 2018) 
…and some additional gifs that feature his appendectomy scar

Wizard World Video Source: Inu Ghost on YouTube

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Okay but he’s right and he should say it.

“Smart” and “Cloud” also mean data gathering. I need to have a tangent, so pardon me while I run with this…

Here’s the thing: I’m a nerd. I want to be able to automate things in our home and to have usable data. So I want smart electrical plugs that allow me to have rules and show me what’s hooving up a ton of energy. That’s useful to me, but that’s not the bargain that tech companies are willing to strike with me, because they want to be able to gather data and sell it.

What’s annoying as hell is that every currently supported thing that does this wants to be a cloud-based application that requires me to install an app on my phone.

I. Do. Not. Want. This. 

I want my plugs on a network so I can flip open a browser on my laptop or phone or tablet and access them that way. I do not want them on or touching the goddamned internet. I do not want an information-gathering-and-data-leaking-phone-app.

The one thing that I’ve found that semi-reliably does this is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Every other goddamned option requires me to have it be app-controlled and I can’t control the data gathering from the manufacturer.

In this case, I am DEFINITELY an old-coot yelling at THE cloud.

Honestly, same. This is one of the few things that I’m glad to be too poor to afford the cool toys on. 

Same here. I don’t want my household appliances connected to the cloud. I don’t need my thermostat, fridge, or TV connected to the internet. I absolutely do not something like an Alexa. 

“Smart” and “Cloud” also mean data gathering.“

I work(ed) in tech. I have a decent understanding of what sort of data can be harvested through those things. I’m not ready to go off-grid and become a witch that lives in the woods, but there are days when it’s a tempting idea.

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height is gender neutral, body hair is gender neutral, breasts or lack thereof are gender neutral, secondary sex characteristics are gender neutral, voices are gender neutral, genitals are gender neutral, gonads are gender neutral, gametes are gender neutral, chromosomes are gender neutral, bodies are gender neutral.

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they call him prince charming because he’s always really polite to strangers to cover for the fact that he doesn’t know if he’s supposed to recognize them from somewhere and when you’re a prince that shit starts wars


rip prince charming, who had to let the whole kingdom make jokes about his foot fetish for the rest of his life because every blonde with an updo looks basically the same as far as he can tell


#‘i met the perfect woman but it was a special occasion’#'so now wherever she is her makeup and hair are probably different’#'this is my nightmare’


did cinderella ever talk to her man about his faceblindness

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So there’s this huge dudebro in my class, who, yesterday, sat next to me. And I’m sitting there sweating because like… I’m wearing my shirt with the lesbian flag on it, and he’s the most popular jock in school, and always has this look on his face that say ‘I can and will kill you’. He looks me up and down, stares at me for a minute and then goes, “So. Girls in skirts and long socks, am I right?”

To which I nodded solemnly, both out of agreement, surprise and also a healthy amount of awkward fear. He nodded and went, “You get it.”

I said, “Yep.” He fistbumped me, and on went our lives.

Oh! I forgot to mention! I saw him at lunch the same day, and he ran up to me, tapped me on the shoulder, pointed at this super sweet girl who comes to GSA and asked if she’s gay. I told him he should ask her because that’s not my place and he said he would.

I thought that would be the end of it.

Except ten minutes later he came back and told me he found out (she’s bi) and that both of us have a shot. I said “You more than me.” because he’s attractive and popular. 

But this wholesome dumbass looked really confused and asked, “Because I’m tall?’

So this isn’t lesbian/jock solidarity but I thought you guys would want to know-

My math teacher was trying to fix the rolling whiteboard and he just offhand said “This would be easier with a wrench”

And deadass, dudebro said “Hang on” and then proceeded to pull a fucking wrench out of his backpack

Update- after school today he saw me in the library and he didn’t say anything? He just pointed at the book he was holding and I gave him a thumbs up because it’s a pretty good book, and he went “Yes!” Really quiet and pumped his fist and then left

Okay so today he asked me if I know how to help people having a panic attack and I was like yeah? And he smiled at me and then went “cool I think I’m having one”

And I was like what the fuck Colin we’re in the middle of Tech class sit down and we went out in the hall and sat there for a while and he told me about the test he’s stressed about so we kind of went over his study guide and when he was feeling better he kind of like… smacked his head against mine gently? And I helped him up even though he’s almost a foot taller than me and yeah

Today at lunch we walked to the football field and laid in the grass and I told him thank you for being my friend (because I don’t have that many) and fistbumped me and said, “You always looked so nice and chill, how could I not want to be your friend?”

And honestly y’all, I would’ve started crying if he hadn’t sneezed and accidentally smacked me

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Today I learned that the university of Coimbra in Portugal has a great 18th-century library, the Biblioteca Joanina, that maintains a colony of bats to effectively control the population of paper-eating insects called papirófagos. These bats are less than an inch long. They roost during the day behind the bookcases and come out at night. There doesn’t seem to be any English word for papirófago, a cursory search turns up no details about what sort of insect they are, and ngl I am slightly concerned about them as a phenomenon. But I think my overarching point here is clear: 

This library keeps tiny bats that look after the books.


I’m here for tiny bats saving books.


What good and noble tiny flitters!!!! <3

My nayme is Batt
And wen its nite
On sylente wings
I flye to fite

The lybrarie’s
My battlefielde
Haffe to be killed

My foes emerge
From payper nooks
I eate them all

I sayve the books


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Every mother with trans children should take Cher as an example.

ok i love her but lets not give brownie points because she called him her son. thats like. minimum requirement for a decent human being.

Ok, you know what? No. Brownie points to Cher. She publicly announced her love and acceptance of her SON and yeah some people would call that “the minimum requirement” of decency, but as someone whose mother gushes about her acceptance in private and sometimes uses gender neutral terms for me (not the male ones I prefer) but aggressively misgenders me in public to keep things from being “awkward”, cher’s public acknowledgement and expression of her love and acceptance for her son is a big deal. Yes this SHOULD BE the bare minimum of parental decency, but right now it’s not and I’m glad to see Chaz and Cher showing the world that this is the way things are supposed to be.

What is up with the idea that we shouldn’t acknowledge when people do something good/nice/etc. because “everyone should be doing that anyway”? It is BY acknowledging the things we see as good that we tell others how we see the world and enforce what we consider proper behavior. There is literally never a time when it doesn’t make sense to acknowledge something positive. And acknowledging something positive does NOT make some sort of blanket statement about the person like they can do no wrong either. We can acknowledge a positive, and also criticize a negative; there is no zero-sum game here.

Reinforcing good behavior is just as important, in fact more important, than criticizing bad behavior when it comes to making a change.  This is true of training pets, children, and cis people.

Also of note: a little history on Chaz Bono and his mom.

Back when Chaz was still presenting as his AGAB, he came out as a lesbian. This was in….I’m gonna say 1990? 1991? I don’t remember exactly. A point in time where that was Really A Terrible Fucking Thing, is the point here.

Cher freaked right the fuck out.

And her fan base basically went “you’re a gay icon and you’re out here doing this? For fucking shame, Cher.”

And it kind of took her aback, and she shut up, and when we heard her talk about it again it was “yeah it was hard to accept but…” which is considered gross now but was pretty astonishing in a world where Ellen DeGeneres couldn’t yet come out of the closet.

Skip ahead to the early 2010s, when Chaz went “so, um. Actually? Not a lesbian. I’m a straight man.” Again: at this point, mainstream trans activism wasn’t a thing. This was as wild a thing to do as when he came out as a lesbian.


The first time she said anything about it at all was like six months later, and it was something along the lines of “well I’ve been using ‘she’ for over 40 years so sometimes I forget but I’ve really been working on it because it makes my son happy to know he’s my son.” And to the best of my knowledge, she’s only ever had a single public slip-up, and it was at a point where she was using Chaz’s deadname in a story about his childhood. Someone told her that’s not a good thing to do AND SHE NEVER DID IT AGAIN.

Cher isn’t just out here doing the right thing. Cher is out here LEARNING the right thing. You think she spent those six months sulking? You don’t know Cher very well. I’d bet a nickel she spent those six months finding accessible options (yes, Cher is disabled, surprise) for every GLAAD publication she could get her hands on.

She is a gold standard of activism. “I fucked up once, it was a learning experience, I’m going to not do that again and show how to not do that.”

Give credit where it’s due.

And of course, learning publicly means we get to learn with her. In my cis-het case, I learn to do better. But for some kid out there, it means that they get to have message that when you find a label that (more or less) fits, you can ask people respect that. 

Which seems kind of important.

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