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Maxfield Parrish, Village School House, 1937

signed Maxfield Parrish and dated 1937 (lower left); also titled village School house (on the reverse)
oil on Masonite
30 ¾ by 25 inches
(78.1 by 63.5 cm)


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Château de Marqueyssac
Inst @lukeedwardhall

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“Magical frozen forest.”

Roanoke Ridge, New Hanover.

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Two Worlds 

This was my last painting of 2019 and I simply tried to draw something fun and experiment with shapes… and of course I had to include smol Ash :3c I also hope to paint more environments this year since last year I didn’t have much time to do that due to work. Enjoy!

Official site | YouTube | Instagram | DeviantART | ArtStation | Twitter

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god i Hope all dinos look like that


forbidden cat 


They were also very small. You could easily pick one up and hold it.

…Damn now I want one.


Sinosauropteryx is one of the only dinosaurs where we know exactly what they looked like and exactly what color it was

And it was gosh darn cute

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Art of Nature III
Iceland-based photographer Ben Simon Rehn shares absolutely stunning visuals of Iceland.

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A l g e r i a

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My blog policy is If you see something, say something

Outstanding. This is what I’m talking about people.

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It’s only murder if they find the body. Otherwise, it’s just a missing person. Just saying.
—— Loki, who heard the words “lets murder baby thanos” from Rhodey and decided he wanted to join that conversation (via worstloki)
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Love is for children. I owe him a debt.
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i hate the fact sharon carter got so fucked over too like??? ur telling me. that the woman who stood up against the injustice of HYDRA fearlessly, the badass agent, the one who threw herself @ bucky when he was brainwashed to try n stop him despite the harm that could n did come to her. wouldnt be apart of literally all of this?? infinity war n endgame. sharon shouldve fucking been in that awesome, chills-inducing scene with all the badass women of marvel. (it also wouldve been a better ending if she n steve moved on together at the end n i dont even rlly ship them). psa: sharon 👏 carter 👏 deserved 👏 more 👏👏👏👏👏👏

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I’m dead again 😭😭

Other version of vomir

She save him again before she died……

She won’t let him die on her watch!…

P.s. but I like the cinema ver. more, cuz the clintasha heart!

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“I’m the logical play. I have nothing to lose” FUCK YOU MARVEL

Here’s what makes me angriest:

It makes sense that this is Natasha’s POV. She’s spent the entire movie watching everything slip away from her. This could have been insightful and meaningful- if they’d refuted it in the text.

They could have had any character point out how much she has, and how much she’s needed. It would have been easily established with a single line. They chose not to.

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another crime of endgame: instead of making Rhodey the Vice President like they have thought originally, they decided to scrap the idea and reduce his role to some kind of comic relief delivering deadpan snarks most of the time… 

“We took it out because it didn’t have any story weight, but I believe that during one draft, in the five year jump, Rhodey became vice president,”

‘’’’‘Didn’t have any story weight’’’’’’ but somehow edgy clint poc killing spree and gay russo had!! OKAYyy

Il would have been good to actually give him a real story instead of having him destroying mythology of the MCU by being a snarky one liner.

Guess they needed to bring more spiritual and deep moments like :
- Clint killing people
- Hulk’s dab
- Gay Russo
- Thor on Fortnite

Clearly making Rhodes the Vice President because the Snap most likely took half of the government away, all countries around the world are crumbling, and we need someone trustworthy and solid to try holding it together, is pointless next to the beauty of all this.


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#captain america#steve rogers#you’ll pry ‘fucked up but forever trying steve rogers’ out of my meaty alive hands#happy endings aren’t required to look like pages in a 1961 sears catalogue#sometimes a happy ending is a character finally knowing they’ve done something right#sometimes a happy ending is reuniting a team or friends#sometimes a happy ending is just knowing the worst is over#do we as a fandom honestly believe steve rogers’ deepest fantasy is a picket fence life?#i tend to believe his deepest fantasy is that his life has been meaningful. that’s why zemo’s taunt- a zero sum game- cut to the bone#does returning to the past with peggy fulfill that need? maybe. maybe it does. he can know he meant something to her.#and he’ll always know he helped defeat thanos. so maybe it’s totally fine.#but has steve rogers ever demonstrated a capacity for sitting on the sidelines? i submit that he has not. so what did he do all those years?#the movie can’t answer that question without breaking its own timelines and rules about those timelines#that’s why the ending sucks so much for me#because for the movie’s own internal logic to work steve has to have lived a quiet and unnoticed life in the sane timeline#which like……….. i call bullshit guys#it’s not that he can 'do this all day.’ he obviously can’t. that’s always been largely bravado. it’s that he can’t not do *something.*  (via robotmango)


they could have made him as broken as they wanted. on his wits end. absolutely losing it. he could have had a tremor in his hand, an unwashed face, a notebook of unreadable scrawl. he could have been traumatized & stubbornly in denial, refusing to believe they lost and refusing to mourn because of that. he could have been spiraling out of control. but it would have also shown steve rogers refusing to give up no matter what


steve rogers should have been nomad in avengers endgame, not suburban steve. get that bitch a fucking motorcycle, a leather jacket, and a nihilistic outlook on life. a wallet with crumpled twenties and a faded photo he pulls out on tough days, of him and his team. him and his family. give him conspiracies and a safe house full of old case files and classified information he’s stolen from abandoned military bases and dead end after dead end. send him into shady bars and old buildings and to people who had a shred of information. send him to San Fran where he goes to a storage unit and finds an old van and an old friend and suddenly there’s hope again. but most of all??? he could have kept the BEARD.

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marvel: you’re going to say goodbye to the characters you spent your life watching

me looking at their characterization: i don’t know these people

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Worthy 💪

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