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sometimes you have written a 77-word sentence with 2 dashes and 5 commas in it, and that’s just how it goes

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Richard: *humming the hokey pokey*

Jim: stab the knife in, take the knife out, then stab the knife in and twist it all about!

Richard: you do th- oH NO

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Follow them on twitter!

Hey everyone! In case you didn’t know, this person runs a journal just for ace creators! Definitely check it out and consider submitting, and perhaps your content will get published as well!

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Appreciation Michael Fassbender: Military Uniform


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Friendly reminder to stay in the present

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I always whine a lot, but today was really good actually. And I have awesome friends and they love me for some reason. 

So, yeah, instead of whining, I wanted to share this for a change. Also, good night. Hib out.

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Don’t trust people who continue to tease you about something after you’ve made it clear that it hurts you and you’re self conscious about it.

Instead of trusting them, slap them in their faces.

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TIL that the word Boycott is named after an Irish landlord named Charles Boycott. After Boycott attempted to evict 11 tenants, the local community decided to shun him. Workers would not work for him, traders would not trade with him, and the postman would not deliver the post.

via reddit.com

Charles Cancelled

Except he wasn’t Irish. He was an English land agent who oversaw Irish tenants in Ireland for the English absentee landlord, Lord Erne.

That’s important. This scenario came about because the English colonised Ireland, took the land from the Irish and then rented the land back to the Irish again at crippling and exhorbitant rents. This gave rise to the Land War.

The Irish National Land League (Irish: Conradh na Talún) was the Irish political organisation that sought to help poor Irish tenant farmers. Its primary aim was to abolish landlordism in Ireland and enable tenant farmers to own the land they worked on. They helped Boycott’s workers to organise against him.

I’ve seen this “fun fact” thrown around the place a lot, and it never includes the fact that Boycott was the English agent of an English landlord, in a system that was oppressing the colonised Irish people. The above is an example of Irish people working together to beat their oppressors.

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Got this talk as an education major too. If you’re going into public service you serve all of the public.

If you’re going into public service you serve all of the public.

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@ , uh. @ all of you.




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Hope you guys have a great day!

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Slavic Cossack dancing known as Hopak 

Warning: Do not try this at home unless you were born with super Slavic knee strength 


Ahahah it’s not just knee strength you need, friend. It’s thighs, ass, ankles, calves, you need everything from your waist down to be horrifyingly fit and toned for this.

Also core strength. So include the waist. Everything from the nipples down. 

Don’t forget absurd back flexibility

 “Ballet is a really hard dance to master.”

Slavic dancing: “Hold my beer.”

My thighs are burning just watching.

this video just laughed at me for being out of shape.

I had a friend growing up that was from Slovakia or Ukraine, I don’t remember which. I knew him from kindergarten to 2nd grade. And since there wasn’t a large enough slavic community for this kind of dancing, he did competitive ballet. He would constantly complain that it wasn’t hard enough. Guys, its competitive ballet, one of the hardest sports you can be in as a young person. Those C-jumps the guys were doing? In american ballet or dance you usually only get your chest to where you head was. They have their bellybutton or hips where their head was. That’s fucking nuts with out running or a pre jump. This kind of dancing was constantly going on at their house. I would like to point out that’s insane. His mom and dad dance almost every day. Not as high since age. But still.

I need to know this - can you dance like this, Mr. Karamasov??

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the line between doing some things as self care vs doing them as depressive apathy is soooo fine, like oh do i wanna sleep all day because i’m tired and i need it or because i’m depressed and trying to escape? same with not going out, canceling plans, isolating yourself, like, ANYTHING comfortable in even a little excess is liable to be one or the other… the line is thin and im a tightrope walker who just joined the circus to get away from the family farm and ive never walked a tightrope before and i am lying in the hay on the ground.

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me about a horrible character: i love him he is my son

someone: i know he didn’t do anything wrong he was jus-

me: no he’s a fucking piece of shit that did everything wrong don’t do that

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I learned a new german word today: Inkompetenzkompensationskompetenz, which means ‘Competence in compensating for incompetence’

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Surreal Photography by Daniel Serva

Daniel Serva is a self-taught photographer born in Venezuela currently lives and works in Paraguay.

I’m a guy who does what he loves: taking pictures and creating alternate realities. My taste for surreal photography began one night in 2015. I wanted to draw what I felt in my notebook, tried it, but I’m not very good at drawing (yet), so I took my camera and the knowledge I had of digital manipulation and voilá. I felt so liberated and connected, I was able to express myself without even speaking (something I didn’t do before). From that moment I understood what it feels to do something with passion, I knew that my path would be photography because it makes me happy.

For more check out his Instagram and Flickr.

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