Being A Fan Of Something Popular: Expectation vs Reality.

You can say Rick and Morty @dilfosaur

Are you kidding? This applies to every single fandom I’ve ever encountered.

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Okay but honestly if anyone wants to know what drag race is this is it

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Oh, don’t you worry about my strength. I have plenty. I’m not the helpless little girl I was when they came.

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Poe Dameron by Kevin Wada

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Still haven’t picked up Overwatch yet, but I already love Gabriel <3 

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me @ every party

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I just dislocated a fucking lung watching this lmfao

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why they keep doing her like this


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u know what’s wrong with tumblr now?? too many kids who weren’t here for glee. y'all have no idea. none of u understand the suffering we went through. the hell. the endless war. u come in here and u try to start The Discourse but u dont get that we already made these mistakes. we already had the discourse and its done now. its over. its all over and u should let it stay dead but u wont and that’s why we all hate u

I was not here for the days of glee but please relay that fandom history

its not history, its blood. i still see it all over this website. the vague posts. the deactivated urls. where do u think the word problematic became popular. where do u think the representational anger started. glee was the hungry gaping void that consumed us all. it said watch us and find yourself. there is someone for everyone. santana is a lesbian and kurt is gay and brittany is bisexual and quinn, god knows what quinn is, she’s straight but we have her say things like “you were singing to finn and only finn, right?” and artie is disabled. mercedes is black and our outlet for body positivity. we are all oppressed by something and we are different and we are outcasts and we are you. 

and we fell for it. we watched glee and we related to its characters and we fought its wars until it was too late. until it was nothing but a distorted picture of a parody of reality, a cracked mirror in which our souls were sucked and encased in glass. finn outed santana but it’s fine because he had good intentions. sam was supposed to be gay but we’re bringing blaine anderson in for that instead. the q in quinn is for queerbait. brittany was maybe raped but it was a one liner so who really knows. will schuester was a horrible fucking adult and should never have been allowed to care for children. finn, the white straight boy, did everything wrong but it was narratively presented as right. we turned on each other. klaine vs kum and finchel vs faberry. santana fought everyone so brittana stans fought everyone. character vs character, ship vs ship, blogger against blogger. we fucking hated each other. there was no glee fandom. there were character fandoms and ship fandoms and that is it and our mottos were all fuck glee.

we won every popularity contest, every online poll. we voted our fingers to the bone. we created art and wrote fanfic and made such excellent photo manips they were published in newspapers. we were prolific. we were consumers of the hell we created and we just kept producing more in a fucked up dystopian fandom chain of supply and demand. don’t get me started on the rpf. dianna wore a likes girls shirt on tour and made a statement an hour later revoking it. some people still say heya is real but it’s like a breath of the wind, a sound so bare i can’t quite make out the words. 

u asked for history. theres no history, only rage and pain and regret, the image of anonymous with a grey face and sunglasses telling u to kill urself because u thought artie was a dick for calling brittany stupid that one time. this website is a reflection of the hole glee left when it finished taking all it could from us, when the void could not consume anything more, and the posts on it now, the social justice “discourse” that is just giant piles of steaming, unsifted, unrefined shit is from those who refused to learn from us. the history is here and it followed us and we can never ever escape it.

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My gay professor literally sent me an email right after class laughing about how I, one of the few gay students in class, had to explain some reproductive concept to a class full of heteros and he was so shady about it - I AM LIVIN. 

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This is sickening 

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She on beat like a muhhfucka


shoutout to her for being so positive while going through chemo



The hood fucks with her heavily.

Hey so her name is Jennifer LaFace and she posted this video for her sister Colleen, who had been diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer back in July 2014. Here’s what she wrote on her website:

Every chemo appointment I would send her a video to make her laugh and smile! One of the videos went viral….. We’re talking 10 million views and it’s still going strong. I would have done anything to make my sister smile during such a difficult time. Colleen past April 2016. My life stood still. I couldn’t believe that my person was gone. She was a beautiful bouquet of love, kindness, sass and one heck of a dancer! Before Colleen was diagnosed she was an acting board member for a non profit organization that assist children suffering brain tumors.

I want to continue sharing and building upon my sister’s Heart & Legacy by providing support and care to families that are dealing with cancer.

Figured it was important to include this so that, besides bringing us all some much needed positivity, this video might keep some aspect of Colleen’s memory alive and maybe even further the causes she championed while alive. 

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