idk what emotions are accessed by listening to neighbourhood #3 by arcade fire but i sure am feeling them

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Looks like I strayed to the arms that were open,
No shortage of sordid, no protest from me

Quick redraw of this old thing because i’m avoiding doing an essay :v I sometimes see it reblogged and I Hate It So Much, so I Redraw It! Also side by side

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sunny plot

dee, walking into the bar a person who we have never met and will never see again is coming to do Important Thing to the bar and we need to pretend we care for aproximately 21 minutes (30 with commercials)

mac and dennis playing pool bickering and flirting as if their entire lives are a one act play about love as written by an overcaffeinated grad student at 4:24am do our jobs? what? no. we r going to play our fifth game 2day. dennis has to bend over and stick his ass out or he WILL die

frank, inexplicably naked weird food joke

charlie on a bar stool wearing holey jeans, a gray hoodie and four years worth of undereye bags sometimes i feel like i and the rat have become one. i know not where my life ends and it begins. why are we put on this earth? just to suffer? every day i see words and cannot read them. i shall write a song.

cricket, carrying his own vivisected guts i am still homeless and here to make a joke about it

dee full on midsommar level female grief wailing

frank charlie my son who is not my son of my children who are all not my children. let us go bang some whores under the bridge

mac and dennis somehow having sex while not having sex on the pool table

cricket i had sex with another dog today :)

end scene

all of us on tumblr who have complicated relationships with our fathers this is the best comedy writing and relationships we have ever seen. please give this show several emmys. i am writing my dissertation on its brilliance and nuance. this is the next mona lisa.

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My cat Bishop sits outside my door every morning once she hears the alarm clock go off.

The morning murps

Someone has waited HOURS to tell you all the gossip.

this is like the cat version of the professor clip of him going “hello!” every morning the same way

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went with a classic dom/sub undertones blowjob. enjoy!

send me reddie prompts (sfw or nsfw!)


Most of the time when Eddie gets into bed with Richie, he doesn’t consider himself submissive, per se. He likes it when Richie guides him, likes it when he can just lay back and lose his mind a little, but he doesn’t think that necessarily makes him submissive. He just likes what he likes.

At least, that’s what he thinks until Richie slips up and calls him a whore for his cock one night while snapping his hips against Eddie’s ass, and Eddie moans so loud and so broken that he’s almost embarrassed.

Richie won’t let him live it down after that, and the subtle jabs about Eddie being forced on his knees and used for Richie’s pleasure—while made usually as a joke—have him thinking more and more about being used. 

It makes him shaky and hot with desire.

Keep reading

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One medium Pepsi please.

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Ophelias, 1905-2019:

  1. Sada Yacco as Ophelia in Hamlet, 1905.
  2. Vivien Leigh as Ophelia in an Old Vic production of Hamlet,1937.
  3. Marianne Faithfull as Ophelia in Hamlet at the Royal Opera House, London, 1969.
  4. Adrienne Thompson as Ophelia in Hamlet at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, 1988.
  5. Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ophelia in Hamlet at Donmar West End and Broadway, 2009. 
  6. Mariah Gale as Ophelia in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Hamlet, 2009.
  7. Ruth Negga as Ophelia in the National Theatre’s Hamlet, 2010. 
  8. Shubham Saraf as Ophelia in Hamlet, Globe Theatre, 2018. 
  9. Mimi Ndiweni as Ophelia in the RSC’s Ghana-inspired version of Hamlet, 2018.
  10. Gana Bayarsaikhan as Ophelia in the Shakespeare’s Globe’s Shakespeare within the Abbey, 2019.
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Bill Hader on SNL (3/??)

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Détail de « Une lecture d'Homère », par Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1885)

Detail of “A Reading from Homer”, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1885)

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Are you a “can’t write dialogue” writer or a “can’t describe anything” writer

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my desire to finish the clown novel so I’m informed enough to write the cool fic idea I have (unstoppable force) v. my total fucking hatred of st*phen k*ng’s shitty writing (immovable object)

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we’ve been here before

richie/eddie, fix it fic, chapter 8/?

Richie starts seeing Eddie everywhere after Derry. He’s obviously hallucinating, until he isn’t.

chapter 8 up here!

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I’m losing it over professor x and the old spice guy turning away from their closeted gay friend whose life long unspoken love just got clown murdered (snapped in half by a clown? Impaled by a clown? I just realized I don’t know how he actually dies) in order to intimately forehead bump each other while sad closeted friend stands a foot behind them smeared w sewage and blood

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just ordered my graduation regalia and it’s. rly hitting me that i’ve finished my undergrad lmao What

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not to be dramatic but i would die for this cat

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My pronouns are That Bastard and my gender is [REDACTED]

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I haven’t seen Stan’s OCD talked about that much, and a lot of people recognize that it’s not just “lol I love being organized,” but I don’t know how severe people are imagining it to be, but like, the passage from the book where Stan is desperate to get clean and is scratching at himself is a pretty accurate portrayal. People literally self harm because of their tics and compulsions.

Wyatt said Stan has OCD, but he didn’t really act like it. However, OCD most frequently occurs due to a traumatic event, severe stress, or abuse. And oh look what happened to Stan in the summer of 1989 :0 

And OCD is commonly correlated with increased suicide risk, and well… 

So I genuinely think Wyatt was onto something. I don’t know if it was all Wyatt’s idea or if he was talking with Andy about it, I do not expect a 12yo to have known that much about psychiatric shit.

But there are one of two possibilities as I see it. Because Stan in the movie does not engage in any compulsions, nor does he seem to have any obsessions (chalk that up to lack of focus on his character though). 

Option one is that Stan develops the disorder later in life, which is a fair route to take. Stan might very badly cope with the trauma and stress of dealing with bullying, his bar mitzvah, his dad’s expectations, and Pennywise all at once. I think it tracks.

Option two is that Stan actually has OCPD, not OCD. If you read up on OCPD, it’s more characterized by obsessions of orderliness, tidiness, cleanliness, and so on. That fits Stan pretty well. That’s more aligned with always putting his kickstand down, as opposed to OCD where we’d probably see him put the kickstand down, and then up, and repeat x number of times because his brain was literally unable to process that yes the kickstand is down, my bike will not fall over, it’s okay. 

OCPD is also characterized by rigidity, especially with worldview. Stan is very insistent on his own particular worldview, and it’s polarizing. Stan has a strong sense of right and wrong, black and white, real and unreal. If things challenge this worldview they make him uncomfortable. He’s inflexible. This leads him to being inefficient, anxious, with a pervading sense of dread and lost time. 

Stan would have a powerful need to exert control on the outer world to make sense of it, because his inner world is unable to process the unpredictability and randomness of real life. Both disorders involve a high probability of hoarding, need for symmetry and organization (as contradictory as that is with hoarding), and OCPD apparently does manifest as compulsions too.

The main key difference between OCD and OCPD is that the obsessions and compulsions are seen as perfectly rational and healthy for a person with OCPD. That’s what makes it a personality disorder. People with personality disorders rarely self report feeling like anything is wrong because they’re just wired differently. And yes this also makes OCPD not uncommonly comorbid with autism, which full tea I think Stan is on the spectrum too. 

There’s also overlap with depression and anxiety too, things we know affect Stan. Also, interesting. A majority of patients with some kind of eating disorder would qualify as having OCPD? We don’t know what Stan’s eating habits are like but I’m sure they’d be affected by OCD and OCPD alike.

Anyway, it’s… way more in character from what we’ve seen for Stan to think his compulsions and obsessions are perfectly normal and for him to even view other people as not normal for not sharing them. So, subtle differences I know, but I think Stan actually has OCPD, not OCD, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk sis!

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richie “trashmouth” tozier spotted in LA walking his dog with a close friend 

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