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Tips for Improving your Self -Esteem


The following suggestions may be helpful for a person who finds that they are struggling with low self-esteem:

1. It starts with a decision to be your own person. Don’t live your life to please, or impress, others.

2. Try to grasp the fact we have different goals and values … And don’t be swayed by people who criticise your dreams.

3. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s journey as we start from different places and face different challenges.

4. Be kind, understanding and patient with yourself. Accept mistakes and failures are part of all our lives. Also, choose to frame mistakes as learning opportunities.

5. You need to root for yourself, and seek to be your own best friend. Don’t put yourself down – in public, or when you’re alone.

6. Remind yourself a weakness can become a strength in time. It takes patience and effort – but eventually things change.

7. Make a list of what you’re good at, and keep adding to the list. Also, note the strengths that others see, and comment on, as well.

8. Treat yourself with respect and praise the things that you do

9. Find ways to dissipate and channel negative emotions. Don’t allow them to dictate the way you start to see yourself.

10. Spend time with those who like you, and can see your worth and value. Ignore those who attack you, and would like to see you fail.

11. Choose to stand up for yourself, and value being more assertive. Also, set and then enforce appropriate, healthy boundaries.

12. Admit your mistakes - then learn to laugh at yourself. It helps remove the pressure and the stress of “being perfect”.

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Siamo tutti politicamente a disagio con la vita
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Get your coffee, tie your hair back and get to work. You’ve got goals to achieve

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Oh my, your drawings are stunning! Just as the photos and your blog! But can I ask what supplies you use in your journals, especially the sketches(I love these hands! They are so well defined!) I really really wanted to be an art student, but I realised it after I had already entered highschool and I was too focused on learning a new language(my major) to draw. I won't have art classes anymore at school and now I myself am my only hope, haha. I strongly admire you😊


About the materials..

I use Caran d'ache watercolor pencils (the one that I used to draw the hands)

And often I use the NevskayaPalitra watercolors… I love them, they have an amazing quality

Hope that I was helpful!

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your posts and pictures are absolutely breathtaking, wow.


Aaww, too sweet.. thanks *.*

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Страхотен блог! Рисуваш добре и фотографиите ти се получават с атмосфера... Чак и на мен, макар и отегчен от учене, ми иде да седна да чета :) Продължавай в същия дух! Много успехи в учението :)


О толкова ти благодаря.. супер мило е това!! Много ме зарадва да го прочета и толкова съжалявам за късния си отговор!! ❤️❤️

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22 Ago 2019

Eccomi. Un estate che non ho affatto sentito.

È volata. Ho cominciato a lavorare. Non ho disegnato affatto. Tra un turno e l'altro, qualche ora di sonno e notti brille, questo mese è volato.

Non che ne manca quasi un altro, ma è come se fosse già finita tutta la spensieratezza. Già il clima è teso. Già mi immagino le ore di lezione.

Che panico. Arriveranno i primini. E se sono più bravi? E se invece sono “non molto simpatici”. Dovrebbero, loro oltre AI PROFESSORI, aspettarsi da noi qualcosa. E se li deludiamo? E se li deludo?

È molto infantile perdere tempo a pensare a ciò, ma mi viene inevitabile.


Nella foto un Bujo di Luglio.. una delle poche pagine che ho fatto quest'estate :’(.. e uno smoothie di banana, pesca, brahami, spirulina con fiocchi (😂di qualcosa?)

Eeeee STIKERS DI “Stikeri Mikeri” cariniiiissimi

Li fa una mia amica, passate a vederle la pagina

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The Signs as Boyfriends:


Aries: Generally high maintenance. Needs lots of energy and attention. No bones. Supported by sacs of helium. Explosive when ignited.

Taurus: Quiet and clingy. Just wants to be by your side. Pays for things without asking. Extremely high resistance to radiation. Glows blue in the dark due to intense cobalt saturation. 

Gemini: Moody and impulsive. Lots of adventures! Long phone calls. Makes you laugh. Bone structure fluctuates with the phases of the moon. 

Cancer: Buys you coffee every morning. Protects you from the world. Buried out by the train tracks.

Leo: Playful, but a bit of a brat. Accepts dominance but only after a bit of teasing. Concerned about your safety. Old radio circuitry implanted in their skull. Spends their spare time frantically writing down incomprehensible transmissions. Embarrassed by this. 

Virgo: Empathetic and touchy. Always wants to hold your hand. Big sweaters and rainy days. Largest predatory mammal in north america. 

Libra: Talkative, funny and sassy. Saves up to take you on weird dates to interesting places. A bit to competitive for their own good. Old jackets and beanies to cover the colony of mycellium that runs along their skin. 

Scorpio: Clumsy and caring in the most endearing way. Modest but heartfelt gifts that really mean something to you. Fiercely protective. Black market weapons dealer. Holds you. Enjoys being held in turn. 

Ophiuchus: Mysterious past. Covered in unnatural burns. Odd inhuman eyes constantly scanning the horizon. Hates the sound of beating wings. 

Sagittarius: Really fuckin cool. Popular but treats it like its nothing. Secretly likes the attention. Eyes only for you. Busy, but somehow takes time out of their schedule for you. No eyelids. Barbed, prehensile tongue.

Capricorn: Solitary and thoughtful. Loves deeply but never the best at showing it. Enjoys just spending time with you in silence. An introvert to the end. Poor eyesight, tracks your movement with an electrosensory organ. 

Aquarius: Voracious learner. Texts first. Makes plans without exactly telling you every time. Bit of a hassle but always a fun time. Requires a new host every six months or so.

Pisces: Artistic and a bit of a weirdo in the best kind of way. Dangerously lovable. A bit clueless. Extremely affectionate. Likes it when you’re rough with him. Cannot leave the ancestral territories for more than a few days at a time. 

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a life admin day: step one

good morning! sort of! it’s nearly noon! i’ve been working away this AM and i realized i wanted to keep you all updated with the process and i forgot for a hot minute, so here we go. please note: this is adapted from muchelle b’s “life admin days” and her videos where she goes through them are always a joy to watch. highly recommend.

but here we go, off to the races: the first step of a life admin day is brain dump a big ol’ life admin to-do list.

because this is a life admin to-do list, and not your general run-of-the-mill to-do lists (i love them too but there is a time and place, you feel), we’re creating a list of all those things you need to get done to make life run smoothly but that always end up getting chucked to the bottom of the priority list because a) we don’t want to do them and we’re avoiding them, or b) we’re busy with work and other commitments to the point where squeezing these bad guys in just never happens. 

a few examples of life admin to-do’s:

  • make the doctor’s appointment you’ve been putting off
  • schedule an appointment with the dentist to get your teeth cleaned
  • pick up your prescription re-fill
  • take a proper picture for your linkedin (u g h)
  • clear out that box of junk that’s been sitting in your hallway tripping you for the last three weeks
  • call the bank to get your credit card replaced since the magnetic strip stopped working on your current one
  • make an appointment to get your oil changed in your car
  • organize the tupperware drawer so you don’t want to scream every time you have to put a piece of tupperware away
  • deal with all of the donation items you have stacked in the closet
  • submit paperwork for insurance purposes or travel reimbursements
  • etc. etc. etc.

things i do not include, because these are for a day that is not a life admin day because life admin days do very specific work for me:

  • readings
  • assignments (unless you’ve been avoiding the heck out of those too, in which case maybe part of your life admin day can be ‘make a schedule for the rest of the week for getting x, y, z assignments done)
  • anything outside the normal realm of house-cleaning — if i start deepcleaning, i never stop and nothing else gets done :-)
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Officially yesterday I had my last exam for this semeser and I’m so happy to say that I get the ALL! Honestly it wasn’t that hard, but I wasted a way too much energies and time in unnecessary things (the reason for my missing from the platform)

Anyway, I started my first Job! I’m so e exited and I hope that this new srong routine that I have to respect, is gonna make me understand clearly what are my priorities.

For the moment it’s this from me.

I hope to be more productive on Tumblr soon!

Good evening!

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“Don’t say maybe if you want to say no.”


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Preparing for a New Semester

  • You don’t have to buy all new stationery. Even if you’re going into college or a brand new school. Most of your old notebooks, folders and pens will work! Believe me, it’s not worth buying an $8 pen because you heard your favourite studyblr talk about it.
  • One thing you will need, however, is a planner or some sort of bullet journal. Personally, I prefer a planner so that it appears more structured. I enjoyed bullet journalling, but it wasn’t set up and laid out for me and that really stressed me out. It depends on what you like, but just be sure to have something to remind you of upcoming assignments, homework or tests.
  • Make sure you’re in the right headspace. Meditate, start exercising or talk it out. This helped me so much when going into college. I would usually be terrified in new social situations, but being in the right headspace really helped me. Also, if you’re just going into college, the first month is going to be confusing. Just accept it for what it is, because everybody else feels it too. 
  • Enjoy it. The beginning of the semester is more than likely going to be the easiest time of the semester. Don’t get stressed out by the little things. For example, my best friend and I both took the same history module at the beginning of college and we were assigned to write a bibliography in a week. We stressed out so much that we didn’t get it finished until an hour before it was due. We realised that we were just stressing out the moment we handed it in, after all it was only worth 5% of our grade! Just do your best and don’t stress about the small things, like commas and full stops.

I hope you all have a good time in the next couple of months, no matter how stressful it is. Happy studying!

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Another week ends. It passed too much rapidly for me.. even if I actually spent so much energies I don’t have the feeling that I completed anything productive. I’m not ready for the pedagogy exam (that I’ll have in two days) and my composition draw is not ready... Anxiety is slowly coming back.

But I don’t want to be suggested by this momentary thoughts, so I’ll give you the exiting news: this afternoon I’ll upload my third vlog.

This time it’s a little longer, I experimented with adding music aaaaand I show my face and speak.

Sooo stay tuned because I’ll soon reblog the link… I’m really interested to know what do you think about it!!

(Ps.: you can find my other two vlogs links in the feed)

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Wow, these days my positivity is surprising me. I’m super energetic and always working on some initiative. I’m incredibly motivated…

The thing that is existing me mostly in these days is my new YouTube channel: and my first 2 uploaded Vlogs! I’m working so hard on it and all the process is taking me so much time and energy, but I really hope that it’s gonna worth it!

Anyway, in the pics you can see my 2019 Overview pages and the watercolour paint on which I worked yesterday… I love how it’s coming, what do you think?

(PS: on my blog you will find tge links to my videos♡ let me know your opinion!!)

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Finally happy new year from me too!!

In these first days I’m proud to say that I had so many changes in my lifestyle, my organisation, my reaction to events and determination to achieve goals… they are passed ondy 8 days, but I feel really powerful… and if it’s true that habits get built in 3 weeks, I’m not that far from it… so keep fighting for your dreams! We can do it!

Anyway, an other way which I would use to express my new determination is this blog… I’ll keep you in track of my new achievements!

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yooo it’s me again with part two of my reference masterpost, now focusing on life in general a little bit more (see part one for more school-based things)! enjoy ✨

health + food



summers + holidays

journals + notebooks

websites + apps

life in general

hope you liked both of the masterposts! please check out my study instagram and part one of this masterpost, ily all!!

ps here is a list of all my masterposts just in case 🐝

- helena xx

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“A year from now you will wish you had started today.”

— Karen Lamb

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“Don’t ever go back to what broke you. Remember why you left.”


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“Don’t do something permanently stupid just because you’re temporarily upset.”

— Unknown

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I Choose


- I choose to live by choice, not by chance.

- I choose to make changes, not excuses.

- I choose to be motivated, not manipulated.

- I choose to be useful, not used.

- I choose to excel, not to compete.

- I choose self-esteem, not self-pity.

- I choose to listen to my inner voice, not the random opinions of others.

Author unknown

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