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top 10 images that punch you in the stomach and pummel you

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It’s Palpatine


Hux, five seconds before being obliterated by Kyle Ron or whatever: god I love men


jj abrams when he puts a love wins bumper sticker on the milennium falcon:

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TIL in 2010, after the devastating earthquake, Haiti was provided by Monsanto 475 tons of seeds to help people who lost their sources of income. Haitians burned as many as possible because they were genetically modified.

via reddit.com

This needs more context. The Monsanto seed was free, true, but required millions of dollars worth of Roundup to grow properly, (not free,) and one of the first genetic modifications allows Monsanto to produce seeds which will not produce fertile offspring. Haiti would have been desperate for seed next growing season. Several developing nations are essentially offer a barrel for Monsanto after taking “free” seed.

Haiti wasn’t stupid. They know colonizer tactics.

Yeah, Monsanto’s fucking evil, and it’s not “because GMO.” In this case it’s literally “you will be forced to buy seeds from us from now on in perpetuity, which we are hoping you’ll fall for under the guise of charity”

GMO crops get a bad rap BECAUSE OF MONSANTO. Fuck Monsanto. 

The problem with GMOs isn’t “scary science put poisons in the crops!”, it’s that these seeds are often patented by incredibly evil corporations who want to take advantage of farmers by making them reliant on purchasing in their seeds every year. Seed saving has been the norm of agriculture for most of our history, and seed companies largely changed that (not just with GMOs, but GMOs are a large part of that) and convinced poor farmers that their methods were archaic and stupid and that their seeds + pesticides would save them.

Now we have farmers still going broke across the world, Monsanto suing farmers for saving seed or getting accidentally cross-pollinated, people getting cancers from the ingredients in products like Roundup (and Monsanto thoroughly covering it up by ghostwriting all the contrary evidence, lol) and people committing suicide because of how badly they’ve been screwed by these companies. Don’t trust any seed company that gives free sterile seeds en masse- they’re playing the long game.

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Schools: don’t teach those skills anymore

Stuff: is made to not be repairable

Tools & Materials: are priced as a luxury

Working Hours: have expanded to take up a lot of people’s whole day and weekends

Wages: have stagnated so that everyone has to work full time

“News” media: Your dad is better at DIY than you, ya dick!

lets not forget:

Your parents: have never actually taught you any of those things either

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ok so people are making fun of this but adding this with other anti-global warming tactics will work

This isn’t adding ice just for the sake of denial, it’s adding to the Earth’s albedo. This in turn actually makes the Earth’s climate cooler, and then more ice will be produced naturally because of this.

It isn’t a process we need to continue forever, in fact it’s one that needs to be calculated so that we don’t do it TOO MUCH. The only worry would be cooling down too much.

So yes, this is a good idea. It simply isn’t the only thing we should do because we still have gross pollution.

….does Tumblr just hate sources or something? Ta-da. And here.

So for those of you (on Tumblr: everyone, apparently) who don’t like clicking links, this concept works by artificially filtering out salt, which in turn makes the water easier to freeze (since salt water has a lower freezing point than non-salt water). The process then uses ambient air temperature (and possibly some active freezing as well, it’s not super-clear) to freeze the water over the course of a month before the “iceberg” gets popped out and added to a growing sheet. There is a lot of “oh, but it doesn’t address greenhouse gases” (and the ice would have to be on land to really lower sea levels, but not a lot of acknowledgement that sea ice is important for reflecting the sun/preventing the ocean from absorbing too much of the sun’s heat, as mentioned above. They want to use renewable energy to power the subs, which could potentially double as ecotourism/research vessels, so that they wouldn’t be adding more emissions while creating ice.

It’s not meant as a solution to climate change, or to address greenhouse gasses, but as “a complement to ongoing efforts to curb emissions”. And yes, there’s probably still some work yet to be done on the design to make sure that it would be efficient as they want it to be, but it’s not like they haven’t considered the thermal factors or other limitations at all.

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it makes me so so angry knowing how terribly buzzfeed treats their employees and knowing that they are most definitely way underpaying ryan and shane for the amount viewership they’ve brought in with unsolved and how they’re absolutely going to fuck them over and make it so that if they ever want to leave buzzfeed they can’t take any part of the unsolved brand with them and will have to start from scratch. It’s so frustrating to see this happening in real time because ryan created buzzfeed unsolved as his own series that he has personally put so much hard work into from the start and made sure to make a QUALITY show and that’s why it has become so popular. He does so much research and writing work and also stars and voices almost every episode and he’s put so much of himself into it from day 1 that unsolved truly could not and can not exist without ryan bergara. And that’s why it makes me so nervous to see how bf has tried to branch out the “unsolved” brand in a bunch of weird unrelated directions, the number one reason being to capitalize on the unsolved name to get more views on other videos, but also to tie unsolved to buzzfeed as a specifically buzzfeed property rather than ryan’s property. Keep in mind that the “buzzfeed unsolved network” was launched just mere WEEKS before the try guys launched their own independent channel after leaving buzzfeed. I know this sounds like a tinfoil hat thing and that there are bigger problems in the world but to me it’s just so grossly obvious that after the try guys left buzzfeed and were able to successfully buy their own brand from bf to be independent creators, and ended up taking a huge fanbase with them, buzzfeed wanted to make sure that NEVER happened again and so have started trying to make “unsolved” a bigger buzzfeed brand (like tasty) that ryan and shane could never possibly buy for themselves and go independent with. And it’s also just so embarrassing the type of lazy content they’ve added to the channel to branch out and make it a buzzfeed brand. Like, look at this shit


almost everything on the unsolved network channel other than buzzfeed unsolved is clearly quickly-made, clickbait content with no other goals than getting more views and subscribers for the channel. They’ve also started posting stuff that is way more exploitative than anything that’s ever been on buzzfeed unsolved and is just trying to piggyback off the general popularity of the “conspiracy theory” genre and weird serial killer fandom stuff on youtube

anyway i know this is a long rant with 0 purpose other to say fuck buzzfeed and i just really hope ryan and shane are able to leave one day and take the really cool series they’ve created with them 

They did leave!! Theyre starting their own youtube series and company!!


First the tryguys now Ryan and Shane good for them

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Uh Oh! I forgot the keys to my reindeer! Gotta turn around


Goodbye Lads im heading to the north pole!

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i genuinely can’t think about millie bobby brown it depresses me so much that nobody seems to be looking out for this child. she’s been forced to grow up far too quickly (you can argue all you want that young girls are free to dress how they please and wear makeup if they want, but it’s ignorant to act like she hasn’t been pressured to grow up and look older than she is at a young age), overworks herself to the point of exhaustion (millie literally passing out in finn’s arms during scenes because they’re so much for her isn’t great acting, ti’s genuinely upsetting and concerning) and expected to provide for her entire family and carry a whole show and absolutely nobody seems to be looking out for her as much as they should. it doesn’t matter how talented or famous she is, she’s still a child and it’s horrifying that so many adults that are supposed to be in her corner have repeatedly let her down. she’s a child. she deserves to look and act like one.

in what world is this supposed to be something we praise? how is it not genuine cause for concern that A CHILD is overworking herself this much? why aren’t the adults who are supposed to be looking after her stepping in?

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The generational divide came and punched them in the face

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I’m Mod Silver ! please !!  I’m also  !! Me and my friends ( they all do not hate me !! its okay though, I have my friends… haha .. ) made this blog and I’m so excited to start .. I don’t know how to do introductions,, so I hope this suffices !


🌼 Mod Silver

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National Geographic photographers are metal as fuck

actually thought about doing this for a profession..

never a boring day, it seems.

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the timestamps on these tweets really set the whole interaction off

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