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A huge number of people are already getting fucked over when it comes to being allowed to cast a vote in the upcoming elections. Let’s try to minimize what that number COULD be as much as possible.

It might also be useful to have the number for the ACLU written down (or already in your phone) so you can CALL THEM while still at the polling place and get whatever information is needed in order to see about having the ACLU sue them. Write down names. Get witnesses. Take photos. MAKE IT VERY CLEAR TO THE POLLSTERS THAT YOU ARE GOING TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. (Unless you have reason to believe they’re going to be assholes and try to have you arrested for doing so, in which case, be as subtle as possible.)

Some more info on this, state by state.

^^ Really look at the state by state info so just in case this happens you’ll know what to do!

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The saga of finding the perfect relationship name for Syd.



Still wondering why these absolutely extra legends ignored the GOLD MINE that is “my gay of sunshine”

I cannot, for the life of me, understand why in the blue hell would they cancel this amazing show? 🤔

I’m so glad we’re getting a new season!

“What if I told people you’re my better whole?”



“In fact we specifically said ‘do not help us’“

That line made me cackle :D

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I fear I’m not meant for greatness. We all fear, but fear can be a gift.

The Green Knight (2020) dir. David Lowery

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i noticed my burnout comic was making rounds but the full comic is no longer available after the collegehumor website went offline…. so here it is!!!

i wrote/drew this back in 2018 when i was struggling w hella burnout and depression. i hope everyone is taking care of themselves :3

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i just got home from seeing birds of prey and i’m just so ANGRY ok like every time i see a movie/tv show written/directed by women, starring women, made for women, i leave the theater feeling so HYPE and SEEN and like i can do ANYTHING and the way women love MATTERS, like hustlers and little women and the witcher made me want to eat the world RAW, and i just feel so much RAGE because this is how men get to feel ALL THE TIME about NEARLY EVERYTHING EVER MADE and they don’t even REALIZE it, they have no idea the world could or should be ANY DIFFERENT no wonder men can be such entitled MONSTERS they think everything is FOR THEM because it IS

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me, gracefully pushing canon out the window : this does NOT SPARK JOY


ignoring canon because i simply do not vibe with it

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parents who tell their daughters they are ugly are bad parents

everyone who is replying to this with some variety of “that’s just how life is”


your parents fucked up and should not have treated you that way

they were wrong and you should say it

This includes implied ugliness.

  • you need to lose weight
  • you’ll attract more boys if
  • you’re wearing that?
  • i wouldn’t wear that
  • this will flatter you more
  • you should wear more makeup
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is this what growing up is like










me at 14: wow, protagonists in media my age! how relateable!


In the same vein:

Me at 14: oh protagonists that are 17-20-ish, they’re basically adults, right?

Me at 28: Oh my Gods you’re babies who left you in charge?!

Ariel: Daddy, I love him!
Me at 14: Yeah, girl, you tell him!
Me at 30:

Marnie in Halloweentown: I’m thirteen, okay? I’m practically grown up! I’m certainly old enough to make my own choices – right?

Me at 7: Right!

Me at 13: Right! …Well, okay, maybe not practically grown up, but still, right!

Me at 28:

You either die young or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

This is so true

Me as teenager: Yeah, girl, you hook up with that older guy, this is super hot!

Me as an adult: all of these men should be arrested

Me age 24 re-reading Harry Potter

This, a thousand times this.

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stop depriving non-white actors opportunities to act and get recognized!

Voice actors often don’t know who they’re reading for or what franchise they’re in (that’s what the strike was recently about, so they’d know whether they were in a small first time game or the 4th installment of a major franchise, if they were replacing a beloved voice actor, etc.) so please don’t harass the actors, until recently they legally didn’t have the right to know who they were reading for and were usually not told until months or even years later. 

Definitely go after casting, directors, and studios executives. Those are the people making the decisions. 

Example of a VA not knowing (and getting screwed on top of it).

They still don’t have the right to know. They got fucking nothing out of that strike. They can know the code name (which might be a serial number or whatever) and if it’s a sequel. That’s it. That’s the extent of the “transparency” they won from the strike.

As a perfect example of this controversy, if you haven’t looked up interviews surrounding Laura Bailey as Nadine Ross, it’s worth it.

Laura Bailey herself explained that when she auditioned for the role, she was given no information about what the character looked like. It was only after she was hired and arrived for recording that she was shown concept art and discovered the character was a WOC. She was uncomfortable about the situation.

Meanwhile, Neil Druckmann revealed that they were already working on concept art of the character when they hired Laura Bailey. They finalized the character’s design as a WOC after they’d hired a white voice actress, so that was a conscious decision. He was also very flippant about the situation as a whole.

Like people above have said: Yes, whitewashed casting is a legitimate and real issue. But unlike actors in film and stage, voice actors are often totally blind to what they’re auditioning for. They get fucked by NDAs and legal red tape bullshit. Go after the casting directors and execs and high-position game devs that knowingly make these decisions. 

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I’m building an app of the analog brain, so follow this account for updates!

(I have a day job and am doing this for fun, so yes the app will be open source and completely free)


Sometimes (lots of times) (all the time), I have the urge to do a thing but i dont know what. Or, I feel weird, but can’t figure out why or what to do to fix it. ADHD, executive dysfunction, how I feel, and the phase of the moon can all make it really hard for me to think of a solution to the issue – or even know what the issue IS. And while meds and regular sleep certainly help, for better or for worse my brain just isn’t wired for this.

So, I decided to outsource my brain.

I couldn’t find an app that did what I wanted or was customizable enough for me to fake it. Therefore I built an analog external brain to do my thinking for me.

First, I bought a small, 100-or-so page notebook. It was about eight bucks at my Local Corporate Book Retailer.

Then, I logicked out all the possibilities I might have trouble braining, and started adding each step to the book – kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure novel.

Here’s an example path, which starts with me knowing what I want, and the analog brain telling me how to get there. I twisted my ankle a couple weeks ago and keep forgetting to do things to make it better, so here’s my solution:

[image: Do you know what you want? Yes -> 1, No -> 32. Yes is circled]

Yes, analog brain, I know what I want! Let me flip to page 1.

[Image of Page 1: What do you want to do? Exercise -> 2 is circled. Other options include Read -> 13, Watch something -> 20, Eat ->31, Be creative -> 25, Have an adventure ->26, Clean something ->28, Learn something->29.]

Still know what I want, so I flip to page 2.

[Image page 2: What kind of exercise do you want to do? PT -> 5 is circled. Other options include Weights -> 3, Cardio -> 4, Yoga -> 9, Something quick -> 10, Hiking -> 11, Adventure -> 12]

Skipping some pages now! Since this is meant to bounce me around, it doesn’t make sense to try and read it in order. (On the plus side, that makes it super easy to add new options to any part of the tree).

[Image page 5: What kind of PT? Ankle ->6 is circled. Other options include Knee->6a, Neck->7, Shoulders->8.]

(When I first numbered the pages, 6 and 6a werw stuck together, whoooops)

[Image page 6: A list of ankle PT exercises]

Eyyyyy my external brain showed me how to do my flippin’ PT so my ankle stops hurting! Yay!

But what about when I don’t know wtf is wrong or wtf I want? There’s an app analog brain for that! (Yes I’m aware its called a decision tree or process flow or what have you. Let me have this).

[Image: Do you know what you want? No->32 is circled]

No, spacebook, idfk what’s wrong, I can’t brain today.

[Image page 32: How are you feeling? In pain ->33 is circled. Other options include Overstimulated->37, Understimulated, Panicky->43.]

(As you can see, I have plans to add a page for overstimulated but have not done it yet.)

Oh yeah my ankle kinda hurts, maybe I can do something about that…

[Image of page 33: What kind of pain? Knee/ankle/neck/etc ->35 is circled. Other options include Menstrual nonsense->34, Head->38.]

[Image of page 35: Joint/old injury pain: Take advil, Ice or heat, Massage, Foam roll, Warm bath, PT exercises. Under the last option are subsets Ankle->6 (circled), Neck->6a, Knees->7.]

…Aaaand now I’m back around to my list of ankle PT exercises! And I didnt have to think at all!

Anyway – all it takes to make something like this for yourself is a notebook and some time to think the logic through. You can start by making lists (not in the notebook) of questions you have trouble braining in the moment, and what some solutions are. Then number your pages, and get started!

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tchaikowsky donating his skull to the royal shakespeare company in the hopes of becoming yorick is the most dramatic ass dark academia shit ever and you can’t convince me otherwise 

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS TRUE and you will not believe it that they never used on actual productions, only rehearsals because people got creeped out and didn’t want to use it, UNTIL DAVID TENNANT IN 2008


They had to stop using cause once the audience found out that was Tchaikovsky’s fucking bones(!) they got creeped out too and didn’t want it there, BUT DAVID JUST WENT “YEAH, LET ME HOLD THIS PIANIST’S FUCKING SKULL, WHO CARES”

David Tennant was the only one brave enough to fulfill Tchaikovsky‘s dying wish

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bro remember when mad max happened. remember when max was treated like an animal and so behaved like one and saw himself as one and then he met a bunch of women who were all struggling to be seen as human too and they treated him with compassion and he was like “i would die for all of you then. good.” wtf 

max being chained up and used for his blood at the start of the film then giving it freely at the end of it because he loves furiosa?????? giving her his name at last like a parting gift????? wtf!!!!!! we are not things!!!!!!!!!!

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It also forced your mouth to make saliva!

When you go into fight or flight mode, non-crucial body functions stop working so you have more energy to do what you need to do to survive (oooor to spiral into a panic attack). By forcing yourself to make saliva it helps calm you down because since fight or flight is an all or nothing response, they can’t happen at the same time.

Learned that from my old therapist, who would use it with veterans with ptsd


He explained his reasoning to me when he got home.

1. I would initially think “what the fuck” and be distracted from the anxiety. (Correct.)

2. The cold of the ice would shock my system, bringing me back to the physical world and reality, drawing my focus to the cold in my mouth, and keep my brain away from thinking “I’m panicking, I must be dying.” (Correct.)

3. He assumed I hadn’t drank much water today and wanted to keep me hydrated. (Triple correct.)


I was just about to spiral into a bad panic attack, and my boyfriend goes “Stick an ice cube in your mouth.” I’m not really sure where he got the idea, and I kinda laughed at it because I didn’t see how it would help, but he was insistent. So I did it.

And now I’m on my second cube, because it worked.

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if i was doing the Kobayashi Maru i would just win

RIP to starfleet command but i’m different

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this has been the only good addition to this post


Alfred: she got a hyena 

Bruce: oh shit

Alfred: she named it after you

Bruce: Aww


batman not being in birds of prey is so funny to me bc its like once he hears about harley’s situation, he fucks off to a different country for a “vacation”, and gets the occasional update from alfred that’s like “well sir, she blew up the ace chemicals.” and bruce is like:

and then he goes back to doing weird justice league grade bullshit detective work.

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Dev Patel as Sir Gawain in THE GREEN KNIGHT (2020) dir. David Lowery

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I feel SEEN.

In which the spouse and I both realize we’re vindictive southern belles. 

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That rooster is stoned


how dare you make the funniest post about jaskier in the entire fandom


I see no difference.

haha yeah so is the cartoon bird on the left

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yall look at this shit ad*be is tryna pull now on ppl who have outdated software:

(note for context: i’m all for piracy, but in this case my copy of CS6 was downloaded years ago when they were giving it away to students. i got it totally legally.)

so here is what NOT to do if you’re a loyal fan of adobe who has the cash to shell out for a newer and shittier version of the product you already paid for.

1) DON’T use your search bar to find and open the Run app

2) DON’T type in services.msc

3) DON’T find Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Services and right-click to get a dropdown menu, and don’t select ‘properties’

4) if you happen to click properties, DON’T use the startup type dropdown to locate the option to disable the program. be sure you DON’T click apply to finalize that change. 

5) DO NOT do the same thing in order to also disable Adobe Genuine Software Monitor 

if you do all of these things, this WILL disable adobe’s ability to monitor the software, and you will be forced to continue using the same older software that you already paid for instead of having to sign up for a newer, shittier version and pay more for it. so if you have lots of cash to spare and are cool with putting it the pockets of racketeering capitalists, definitely don’t do any of these things. 

however, you SHOULD reblog this to spread the word, as we certainly want to make sure lots of people know what NOT to do :)


Pretend to be upset.

OP how could you

I hope none of my friends who use Adobe programs find this, follow your detailed instructions, and spread the word. That would be devastating!

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