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I’m back.

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I don’t know if you’re still interested in the Hamlet story and who the guy was, but I reverse searched the image and found that it was probably an actor named Taylor Walsh (not the Baywatch person) and they have also been in Oedipus and The Three Musketeers but those performances were a couple of years ago.



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Glazing the buns

I walked into the kitchen, where my boyfriend was in the process of stirring the cinnamon glaze for the cinnamon rolls he was baking. I grabbed him and lightly started kissing his neck. I looked up at him slightly pulling away. He gave me a kiss on the forehead, took my hand and placed it on his erect penis. I reached up to his face kissing his lips, moving my hands down to unbuckle his jeans. They dropped to the floor as he slid his hands into my panties, caressing my butt. (Which is amazing in case you’re wondering.) rubbing his penis that was still in his boxers, I looked up into his gorgeous dark brown eyes, I smiled as I glanced behind him at our kitchen window, I whispered “I love you. Goodnight.” “Night” he replied pulling up his pants. I took a step past him, to the window and pulled the blinds down more.. all of a sudden I feel him grab my hips, pushing me into the corner of the counter and stove. He pulled my underwear down and shoved his cock in me, I let out a moan and bent over. I have to stand on my tippy toes since I’m so short, it’s difficult because he feels so good that I just want to buckle at the pleasure.
The whole time he’s going at me, stare at the bun dough, and the cinnamon glaze on the stove. God it smelled so good. With one hand he squeezed my chest, the other hand firmly on my hip as he rammed me. Gasping I moved my hips around him. I let out one loud moan and he pushes himself deep into me. He came. I was fine not to finish, since he made me orgasm this morning, I was just thrilled to be able to smell amazingly good food while getting boned.
I swear, if you ever get the chance to have sex while baking do it. Just don’t get burned while doing it;).

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Two guys, one night

So this is the story of how I ended up sleeping with two guys in less than six hours!

I’ve been talking to a guy on tinder for a while and we’ve met up once but today was our second “date”. My family is out of town and he came over and we drank coffee and had this amazing, over the world sex. He’s 5 years older than me and so more experienced, which led to him being able to keep going for an hour and making me come three times. We took a shower together and he left.
A few hours later, my old fbw called me and told me he was close by and had half an hour before he had to go. This guy and I haven’t fucked in a year since I was dating a guy, but we’d been sleeping together for two years before me. Without a second of hesitation I said yes and he came over. Our sex isn’t even that good but it’s so familiar and casual, there really are no feelings but sexual attraction and we’re both 100% in it just for fun. We talk and joke a lot during the sex and we both have a great time but on the same time, the tinder guy seems to be in it for a relationship and I kind of want to keep them both :-)))

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i’m 20F and i just used my hairbrush (clean and all) as a dildo for the second time. it was sincerely the most intense and amazing orgasm i’ve ever had in my entire life.
it had been a few weeks since i had sex and i was horny and just broke things off with a casual hookup of mine. he had an enormous dick and pleasured me just by slowly inserting and stretching me out. it had this mix of pain and pleasure…. anyways…
the first time i used my hairbrush was amazing and i saw dried out cum on my brush. it was also my first time tasting my own cum, which wasn’t that bad lol.
the second time, i decided to use the brush and rub my clit at the same time… i came.. as usual.. but this time i kept going. i was too sensitive to keep rubbing, but i kept using the brush to push in and out of me. i noticed i would use the brush and have it slam into me harder and in just the right spot.. a few minutes later i was rubbing my clit again.. and i swear to god it was the most amazing feeling of all time. i came everywhere. it was the first time i saw cum on my pussy and upper inner thigh. i even got some of it on the ends of my shirt.
i recommend trying this because i have never felt so satisfied in my entire life (sexually)– especially if you don’t have a dildo, which i am definitely going to order someday.

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so, I’ve been seeing this guy maybe the last 3 weeks, almost a month. on our first date, he didn’t even try to kiss me and waited till our third date to do so. from there, i kind of knew it would take a while to get into more physical things, but, i’ve never had anyone be so respectful to me and NOT forward, so i was willing to be patient. there were little innuendos implied here and there but neither i nor he was going to force anything, as we both had a conversation about the joy of spontaneity in it all. we just kept going on dates, and eventually the simple good night kisses turned into heated making out almost every goodbye, haha. one night, we both had lots to drink and i guess we both had more liquid courage because we wound up committing a bit of foreplay after intensely making out. from there, it didn’t even really need to be said that we both were ready to actually have sex. we sexted a lot for a few days after that night as well. so, yesterday my coworkers and i ate at his job(he’s the manager so he had time to come sit and talk with us, looking INSANELY hot dressed for work). we were there for quite a while talking and then he walked me out and told me he’d be picking me up later. i got ready, showered, shaved, did the whole works because i was so nervous to be doing this with someone new(this was only going to be the third guy i’ve had sex with and the hottest ever at that). he picked me up and told me i looked great then we drove to his house. his roommate was there and i thought he was going to leave but he apparently heard everything, meanwhile i can get terribly loud, great! as soon as we got into his bedroom, we started making out. the fact he is taller than me made everything so much fun bc he’s strong enough to lift me and throw me all over the bed and drag me toward him however he wants. he picked me up and threw me on the bed and we were rolling around kissing for a while. then he started to tug on my shorts while kissing my nipples with my shirt up. he kissed my neck as he pulled my shorts off fast. he told me to turn around and started switching between spanking me and kissing my ass and fingering me repeatedly, teasing me so much. he told me i was so tight and then pulled my thong to the side and slammed into me. he stroked only 4 times before i knew i wanted to see him fucking me, so i took my underwear off and let him back in on top of me. he choked me and started fucking me fast and hard. he picked me up by the throat and said “did i say you could turn around? hm?” then flipped me back over and slammed back in even harder and spanked me some more. he pulled me by the hair and whispered in my ear “bad girls get spanked hard and fucked hard” that completely drove me crazy. i begged him to punish me and he started fucking me the fastest i’ve ever experienced. he asked me “is that what you want? huh? to be fucked hard?” i screamed yes as i came. i laid down flat on my stomach, coming down. he rolled me over and asked me if i thought my punishment was over. i said, out of breath, “no sir” and he said right. he picked my legs up and pressed my knees to my chest and was slow stroking, it drove me so wild. he was pulling out completely then slamming back in repeatedly. i grabbed his ass and didn’t let him pull back out again, but then he picked me up and flipped me back over, pulling my hair to ask me, “did i say you get to decide when i fuck you?” he started fucking me fast again and i came two more times. this time was actually different because he did something i’ve never had: just as i was on the verge of orgasm, he shoved his thumb into my ass as he was fucking me. it didn’t hurt, it just added more of a different pressure on top of the rush for me that i liked. i can’t even really remember the rest of the evening with the sex, because after that we did it many more times. the different thing with him though, was that even with all the roughness, he still was so sweet and gentle when i came to cuddling in between each time. even after i joked about not seeing each other again, he reminded me he really likes me. and that if i was to not want sex when we saw each other again, he wouldn’t care. i do really like him and he did ask me for the second time to be his girlfriend, i may wait a tad longer then say yes, but who knows. either way: BEST SEX EVER WITH THE GREATEST LOOKING GUY EVER.

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Five out of Five

Earlier this summer I decided that any time a guy asked if I was dtf, I would say yes (provided that they were clean, provided pictures of themselves, and used a condom) cause I have a HUGE kink for sex with strangers. It all started one night, I got a message from a guy ten years older than me saying that he was on his way through my town. I gave him the address to my apartment complex, and half an our later he was there. We met outside and decided that it’d be best to just fuck in the back of his car. We get in the back seat and start kissing, he’s grabbing at my boobs and I’m rubbing his dick through his jeans. I pull down my shorts and he fingers me a little bit. He asks if I’m into slapping, and he asks me to slap him across the face (turns out I’m into that) and he smacked me around a bit too. I suck his dick for a bit and then put a condom on him. He fucks me a bit, my legs are held up in headrests and my head is squished up against the door. He came pretty fast, I lost a headband, it was alright. The next night another guy asks. I say yea (obviously). But he lives over two hours away, and he says he’ll make the trip anyway. Its about two in the morning and we meet outside, and decide to fuck in the back of his car. This guy is WAY more prepared than the first guy. Seats are moved back, really nice music, we sit and talk and smoke a bowl together. We start kissing and he starts rubbing my pussy through my pants. He kisses his way down my body and slips my pants down. He eats me out for a while, fingers me (a little too aggressively). He takes his dick out, puts a condom on, and we’re fucking. And this guy is good, he’s hitting it right. He cums, but somehow stops himself so I can blow him. I suck him off for a while but then somebody pulled up next to us and we stopped and I had to leave lol. Guy three is the next day. He has the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Its about nine inches and super fucking thick. This is some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had (he went on to be a fwb and still is). We’re fucking in my living room and every thrust he makes fills me up completely. He gets a little soft so we take a break, I stick his cock between my tits and play around a bit. He then flips me over so I’m on my knees. He’s spanking me and fingering me doggy style. He just keeps going, rubbing my clit, pulling my hair, spanking me, fingering me. I cum so fucking hard, I actually screamed. He eased me off of that and then left. Day four I invite a guy over while my family is out for about an hour. As soon as the door closes, clothes are off, dick is hard, pussy is wet. This guy is super cute. We have pretty good sex, a lot of casual chit chat as we’re fucking. He cums and he’s really cute when he cums cause his body shivers. He asks to take a shower and I make him some coffee while he’s in there, we leave the door open while he’s showering and we keep talking. I really wish I would have kept in touch with him. The final installment of the week was the most interesting. This guy refuses to kiss me and immediately goes down on me. He eats pussy like a fucking champ. He knows when to speed up, when to slip a finger in, and when to slow it all down. I didn’t cum yet, but I offer to blow him to return the favor. He keeps fingering me as I’m going down on him. I can’t even blow him because I’m right on the edge and my body is tensing up in anticipation. I cum and suddenly I’m on my back, and he’s still fingering me and as soon as I finish one orgasm, I’m onto the next. He’s satisfied, gets dressed and leaves. He didn’t even want to cum, he just wanted to finger me. And thus concludes the best five days of my life. 

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Thunderstorm, AC, and Carpal Tunnel

Dating is hard when you’re a closeted gay lady. I was talking to this girl I met online for four months before we agreed to meet up. It was a convention so to save money, we decided to share a room with my two other friends.

The second night was a little spicier. When we got in bed, things got steamy. Tender kisses became rough. The touches scorched. My hand traveled further south and I ended up touching her vagina. She gasped pretty loudly and I was sure it woke my friend up who was in the other bed. My friend did wake up and told us to shut the fuck the up and played some thunderstorm noises. LOL.

I resumed rubbing her clit through her underwear. She was so soaked and she was already on her second underwear that evening alone (as she had changed after round 1). I wanted to go down on her, but I was too worried about the other person in the room, so when the AC got silent, we also took a pause. When the AC came back on, we continued to fuck around. LOL.

I think we did that for several hours because we only stopped when my otherfriend came back to the hotel room around 5AM. Surprised that I didn’t get carpal tunnel that night, to be honest.

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My second

 i went on a hike with my group of guy friends and female best friend about 3 weeks or so ago. i had a boyfriend at the time. mind you, my guy friends are all cousins and usually we hang out with only three of them, but this time they invited one of their other cousins so there was four. my bff had told me she had only met the other one one other time but that i might find him attractive. i waited to be the judge, and sure enough i found him quite handsome! we didn’t say even two words to each other that day though, as he is a photographer so he was more inclined on walking away to take landscape photos. i was shy to just up and speak to him as well. that went by and my boyfriend and i eventually broke up about two weeks after, amicably just based on distance and other internal problems. i didn’t expect for myself to try anything on getting back out there, as i was with him for two years, and he was my first. after a day or two, my bff revealed to me she told one of our friends that i thought he was cute. our friend told him and he asked him if it was okay to hit me up. I thought, why not get a rebound? for the first time it was something i was considering in full. sure enough, he private messaged me on instagram saying he was gonna break the ice and let me know he was told. from there, we talked bit then he asked for my number. after some flirty texting, he asked me if i wanted to hang out. the first night, we merely got frozen yogurt and walked on a pier then just went home after. the second time, however, was completely different. he needed to buy beer since he was going to Pride, so i went with him to the store. after we got done there he asked if i wanted to go for drinks so i said sure. we talked a lot at the bar over about 4 beers for him and 4 whiskey sours for me. we both were headed for tipsy but he felt like maybe he needed to get home already. he drove me home and gave me a hug and i was really disappointed bc my whole goal for that date was to at least make out with him nicely. i got inside and was about to start to wind down, when he called me and said he felt like he left too early and yeah so he wanted to come back. obvi my parents were in the house so i wasnt gonna bring him in so we just talked in the car a while. he brought a bottle back with him so we were taking shots as we were talking and eventually we got drunk. i can’t remember if it was me or him that initiated but we started to make out then i asked if we should move to the back seat. we did, and from there he went crazy on me. he pulled my shirt up(i never ever wear bras) and rubbed my nipples as we kissed then he quickly wanted my shorts off. as soon as he got them off he automatically started eating me out, and it was amazing and rough all at the same time. after that he slammed himself into me and started going super hard. with my ex, he was rough at times, but not 100% what i wanted. this guy was crazy, as soon as i said i wanted to be spanked, he started and never stopped. my ass was hot and red as he kept biting me everywhere and would always go back to eating me out then fucking me. eventually we stopped once we saw that it was 4am, and he needed to get home already. it was the most random, crazy thing ever but so worth the back pains in the morning haha. i found 4 hickeys: one on my neck, one on my nipple, one on my hip, and one on my actual vagina lip. hahaha i’m set to see him again today but we’re supposed to go his and smoke weed, watch movies and hopefully fuck. i can’t wait.

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Secret Lesbian Fucking

There was a lot of sexual tension between me and my gf when we went on a wedding trip with her family. I wanted to fuck her on the spot but her siblings and mom were always there. We slept in someone else’s living room with her fam that night. There was zero privacy. It was kinda dark, but her sisters were watching late night tv so there was some lighting and you could still see what was happening. They side eyed us every now and then. Lol.
When my gf was spooning me, I reached behind me all the way down to her wet pussy. I rubbed her clit furiously and she bucked her hips like crazy. I told her to not move too much bc it was so fucking obvious that she was grinding on my hand even under the piles of blankets. She said breathlessly into my ear, “I just can’t help it.” I rolled over and grabbed her thigh to put it on my hip. So I kept rubbing and fingering her while she groped my tits. It was so cute the way she had to cover her mouth so she doesn’t moan too loud. 😍
Pretty sure that her sisters realized what was happening bc they turned the tv volume up. If it weren’t for them, I probably would have gotten my lesbian clit rubbing fix that night too.

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Oh Captain
For some years now I’ve had this friend/ fuck buddy. We had gone quite some time without having sex, so I was beginning to assume we were at a point where we just had a friendship which was cool because we have a good time no matter what. The thing is though, he is an insanely good lay so I still occasionally try to get him into suggestive situations and hope to god he gets the hint. Which leads me to the following story. 
I invited him over to my humble home not expecting anything to happen, because I didn’t want to be disappointed if nothing did. We got a little drunk on Captain and were just hanging out in the living room on the couch reminiscing when out of nowhere– and possibly even mid sentence– he walked off to the hall without a word. I assumed he was going to the bathroom so I didn’t move from the spot I was perched on and just waited. I checked the time on my phone and it was a a little before 1am. 10 seconds later he comes back to the couch where I was sitting, grabs my hand and pulls me along with him into the hall. In a swift motion we were pinned up against one another making out. The light was off in the two bedrooms we were standing between as well as the hallway so it was pretty dark, but there was enough light filtering in from the living room for me to see that he was staring at my lips when he finally pulled away from me and asked, “Which room?” I was so delighted with his forwardness that I actually smiled. I pushed him towards the room to the right and said, “That one." 
I pushed him again so that he was stumbling back towards the bed while I pulled my shirt off over my head. I walked over to position myself on top of him on the bed but he regained his footing, got up, got ahold of my arms, and was trying to spin me around so he could get on top of me. This continued until finally we toppled over onto the bed drunk and dizzy and I laughed and said "we can’t just fight for the top all night.” He laid back and I got on top of him and slid his shirt off. We made out some more, slower and deeper this time while I grinded on his dick. I sat up and reached down and unfasted his pants. He immediately sat up, flipped me over and stood up at the edge of the bed. He kissed my lower belly and pulled my jeans and panties off. While standing he refastened his pants despite my protests. He got on top of me and kissed me again and grabbed my wrists when I once again used this opportunity to try and get his pants undone. He let them go to slide down and begin eating me out so I didn’t fight him. He swirled his tongue around my clit while he fingered me but every time I started to moan and arch my back he would stop and start kissing my thighs. He did this until I literally couldn’t take it and I begged him to stop.
He stood up and unfastened his pants and pulled his dick out without taking his pants off. He was completely hard and I was probably soaking wet what with all of the teasing. He climbed on top of me and rubbed his dick up and down from my clit to my vagina while we made out until after what seemed like forevever and an eternity he finally pushed himself into me. It felt so good to have his dick inside of me I thought I’d pass out from just that one stroke. He pulled out, wriggled out of his jeans, and kicked them off to the floor. I wrapped my legs around him and he kept pushing into me slowly while we made out.
The moon was shining onto the bed from the window which was actually pretty aesthetically pleasing. If I wasn’t so busy trying to get my back blown out I might have considered stopping for some pictures. He picked up the pace and I started moaning so loudly I’m pretty sure the neighbors could hear since I can hear them getting ready for work in the morning.
Then he started fucking me HARD. The cheap bed was sliding around and scatching up the hardwood. He gripped the wooden bedframe headboard while I clawed at his back gasping for air. I reached down and started rubbing my clit while the bed was ramming into the wall. He moaned, and pulled out shaking violently while he coated my thighs and the blanket with his cum.
He rolled over onto the bed next to me coated in sweat and I got on top of him and kissed him. We talked for a little bit but eventually that just led to making out again and I felt him get hard again underneath me. He thrusted up to push himself into me but I lifted myself up higher so he couldn’t. I took my bra off so he could see my tits in the moonlight and he ran his hands through his hair, mesmerized. I lowered myself onto his dick and rode him slowly while we just stared at each other. Then I leaned forward and rode him faster, rubbing my clit, while breathing in his ear until I came too. My breath shaking and one arm on the headboard I collected myself. Still staring into my eyes, he didn’t say a word. We both sat up and kissed and I got off of him and he went to smoke. When I checked the time it was 4:15am.
I haven’t fucked him since but I think about that night quite often.
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So I knew this guy from school and I never really thought anything of him but my friends really hyped him up to me. So I started texting him and I found out he had had a crush on me for the longest (7 months at that point I think). I was kinda looking for a summer fling and so I thought I’d pursue (of course making sure he knew it was casual) so I told him this and he’s a guy so he’s down for it. So I go over to his house while his parents are gone and I kinda stand there awkwardly and said “I’ve never done…casual… ya know” and he laughed and said he hadn’t either. And I laid down on his bed and we just started making out and then my shirt was off and he tried to get my bra off but it was a bralette so there weren’t any hooks and he asked “how do I get it off” and I said “you don’t”. Then he got it off and just started kissing me all over, then down down down to my pants and I knew he was gunna try and go down on me and I didn’t really want that because I’ve never received and he’s never given and it was our first time together. So he just pulls my pants down and slowly teases me until one finger is inside me, than another. It felt really good because he was the first visitor in about 6 months. Then I pulled his pants down and sucked his dick, which was really fucking big, 8 inches atleast and thick af. And you could tell he hadn’t had shit for head before because he was grabbing the wall and moaning and shit and he made me stop and said “I’m fucking you before I cum” (hot) so we get the condom and I put it on for him and then I tell him he’s gunna need to go easy because it’s been awhile and it’s gunna hurt, so I get on my back and he slowly slides into me, and I’m digging my nails into his back at first but then I slowly start to moan and it starts to feel really fucking good. Then I get on top and ride him and he grabs my waist and I do really well and we were telling jokes and laughing and having fun and shit and he grabs my boobs and leans up and kisses them and kisses me and yeah. Then I’m back on my back but my legs are up, and you know when your legs are up and air gets pushed into your vagina and then shoots out when you queef, that happened and we laughed and I got really embarrassed and he just said “ignore it” and kept going which felt really good, it feels good to not be shamed for natural shit. Well he finished and we cuddled for a bit and then I got my shit and left. We fucked once more since but he’s gone for awhile on vacation…can’t wait for him to get back.

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I, 21f, ended up ensnaring a VERY ATTRACTIVE but very naive 18m. The night I finally got it, I was at his fraternity house and asked if I could plug my phone in in his room. When we got there, I shut the door behind us and turned to him and said, “So are we gonna fuck or what?” I have never seen a boy take off his shirt so quickly. He struggled with my bra poor baby but once he got his hands on my skin it was like pure instinct took over. He had me groaning. I pushed him back on his bed and started teasing him. No matter how experienced he thought he was, I was more. I had complete control over him. But he tried to get that control back. We went back and forth trying to dominate each other and it was so hot. As young as he was, he actually got me off… more than once. Needless to say, he became a frequent fuck buddy

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A while back I used to have this friend who’d always make dirty jokes. So as a gag gift, me and other friends got him some sexy dice, underwear etc.
Fast forward to birthday party where we started drinking our very first weak and disgusting drinks. We ended up bringing the idea of trying out the dice, for fun.

That’s how I discovered ice play. Sweetly tortured a few of my friends with ice cubes and giggled when they moaned.
Anyway, we all made out and had fun.

We had other “parties” like that later on.
And during one of those, things got hotter. Like, oh, the 4 of us are naked in the shower hot. (it was a big shower)
Fast forward, my best (girl) friend gets out of the shower and goes to do something. When she comes back, I somehow got on my knees and I’m sucking the dick of two of my friends while another watches. My best friend is kinda like… “wtf?” so she goes back to whatever she was doing.

But that’s not it! Later that night, my ex who I still had a very physical connection with comes to make out with me. He takes me to the shower and I’m back on my knees. We stay there… For a long time. But it’s not a good time. So we get out and join the others to watch a movie.
He starts touching me under the blankets, but by that time I’m done and tired so I just kiss his cheek and fall asleep on him.

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So I’ve had this guy friend (we’ll call him C) for about a year now. He had always said he was straight and that was that. He is definitely my type - tall, dark hair, fun and loves to get drunk/do drugs etc. I hadn’t seen him for a few months because he had been away at uni I decided to have some friends round for drinks. Me and him were outside smoking a joint when he told me that he didn’t want to feel like he was missing out on anything and wanted to try something with a boy. Fast forward a few weeks as we’re at a club he tells me he wants to fuck. Then fast forward another few weeks and we’re at the pub with some friends. Everyone gets really drunk and there’s some drugs floating about, me and him end up at our other friends house so it’s just the three of us. We carry on drinking until about 3am by that point we’re all really drunk and the girl who’s house it is pulls out a sofa bed which me and C get into. Our other friend makes a Bed on the floor. We all start to go to sleep when C whispers ‘you’re facing the wrong way’ and starts to tickle my leg. I roll over and put my hand on his thigh which then leads to my hand down his jeans and into his underwear. I had heard that he had a big dick but I wasn’t prepared for what I found. He push my head under the covers and I started to suck him off. This happened 3 times over the next 2 hours all leading to me making him cum each time. Not forgetting that our other friend is literally next to us on the floor. It’s been a few weeks now and he keeps dropping hints he wants it to happen again and I’m so down for it to happen.

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College Problems

My freshman year of college my then boyfriend and I were screwing like rabbits. The primary issue we had was getting some privacy because we both lived in the dorms and each had two roommates. 

So one day we were getting pretty heated in his room, when the door opened. Which is why my boyfriend’s reclusive roommate caught both of us, stark naked, with the lights on. My boyfriend was kind of an ass so I didn’t rely on him to apologize, so I left a note on the whiteboard that just said “Sorry L!!”

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Sick day

As someone with very bad stomach problems I sometimes have days of random stomach pains/nausea/and dizziness. It usually never lasts longer than a few hours, nor is it bad enough to miss school.
One day last year I was feeling pretty bad and asked my boyfriend to kindly come visit.
He drove over, just as it was starting to get dark, and we sat and laughed in the car. I was already feeling better and by this time I felt good as new as we started a bit of steamy making out.
It wasn’t the best idea, but after some intense grinding neither of us really cared.
Eventually he started pushing me downwards. I’ve never enjoyed giving bjs, but didn’t mind it occasionally, so I gave it a go again.
The taste, feeling, my stomach issues, and intense gag reflex added up to a sick ending.
I threw up on his penis.
He immediately helped clean me up, and carried me back inside, and even apologized for asking, knowing I wasnt a fan of going down.
We’re able to laugh about it now, and see it as a strange-very awkward-bonding moment.

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So my girlfriend and I were at her house one day after school (both girls), we were in her room “watching movies” on her laptop. She was on top of me, totally naked and we were making out. I dont remember why, but she stood up a second to show me something and at that exact moment her brother opened the door without knocking, we though it was locked but apparently it wasnt. As soon as the door open she ducked down and was hidden by the bed, while i was sitting at the corner of the bed. Her brother asked her something and then left. But OMG that was close. We laughed so hard after that.

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Hah. Yep. That happened.

Okay okay, this has a bit of backstory lol but yeah. So I was having issues with my highschool sweetheart, let’s call him R, and we were dealing with a somewhat long distance relationship when college started up. He was a family friend (god, I know, I messed up big time here), really cute, and also my first. Sex was pretty whack tbh I did most of the work but his eating game was alright. But our second year of college was when everything went downhill. I had family issues and my grandmother had passed, and I felt R was blowing me off for weed and dealing. But anyways, I found comfort with one of the guys I was super close with who lived in the next suite over, and he was the first to comfort me when I got the phone call of my gran’s passing L so let’s call him M. R visited me at school one weekend, saw how me and M were really close, and basically flipped the shit. Then I realized how much things had changed between me and R, and actually how much tension there was with M. I decided I wanted to keep all my feelings on the DL, to not tell M how much I was attracted to him and let R down easy with a breakup when we’d next both be home on break. Well, yeah. That didn’t happen. I ended up making out with M one night after literally the most heated five seconds of sexual tension in the middle of play fighting on the floor of his suite. His lips were so soft, oh my god. Hands started wandering, and then lips started to too. At some point I ended up straddle-grinding on him and he was a crapload of hickeys all over my chest. Then he pushed me back on the coffee table and started kissing all up my thighs. I pulled my shorts and panties down and he did these things that had me squirting for the first time in my life. Anyways, to make a long story short: as guilty as I was, I cheated on my then-bf by actually having the most sensual and significant sex of my life with the guy next door. But holy fuck, was it worth it.

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