I'm 22 and I'm FtM transgender and I'm bisexual. Megstiel is my OTP, but I also ship: Destiel (as a brotp), Chestervelle, Saileen, Denny, Deley, and Crobby.

Urgent News:


This just in, the fandom police has just announced that Dean Winchester has absolutely no room in his heart for anyone but Sam. 

If you even think for a minute that he is in love with anyone but his baby brother Sam, you’re watching the show entirely wrong. 

Castiel, Garth, Mary, Ellen, Jo, Kevin, Charlie, Lisa, Bobby, Benny? Dean doesn’t love any of them. We’re just reading into things. We’re making all of this up in our heads. 

And my queer friends, you are not allowed to see any part of your queer self in Dean Winchester. You’re stereotyping him. It’s illegal for anyone to stereotype anyone, because this anon said so. Dean said he’s straight so that means he’s straight. Because all people who have said they’re straight in the past are straight right now.

I guess I better tell my gay best friend that he’s actually straight because he said “I’m straight” five years ago.

My boyfriend has been getting a lot of asks like these, and he covers it up with sarcasm, but it hurts him. This one isn’t even as bad as the other ones he gets. I’ve seen messages that people have sent him. Some of them tell him to kill himself, some people say he’s a freak, a lot of people call him delusional because he ships Destiel, and one person has even told him that they hopes he “gets raped and dies”

These messages, they really upset him. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him cry because someone sent him anon hate like this.

And this is not okay. I don’t care how much you hate Destiel or Destiel shippers. This is NOT okay. If you send anon hate, you’re a shitty person. Stop doing this.

And one more thing, that really confuses me about anti bi!dean fans who ship Wincest. How the fuck can Dean be straight and still be in love with his brother Sam, who is a man? That doesn’t make sense. He’d have to be gay or bi to be in love with Sam too.

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Stoop Kid’s afraid to leave his stoop!

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I am autistic


Ok, so 10 years ago (when I was 11) my therapist had me tested for autism. Apparently I acted a lot like her son who has autism and she wanted to know for sure. And lo and behold, she was right. I am autistic. 

And this honestly explains so many things about me. My near obnoxious obsession with Destiel/Harry Potter/Superheroes. The meltdowns I have that used to be very common when I was in elementary/middle/high school. It explains my constant fidgeting and reason I’m so uncomfortable with touch (this is a common thing among people on the spectrum). 

But it really explains why I relate so much to Castiel. And why I get so defensive when people make fun of his quirks. 

See at first I thought it was me just being defensive because Castiel is my all time favorite character and I hate it when people make fun of him for his quirks (and that’s part of it, of course).

But lately I’ve been thinking about all the similarities between me and Castiel and some of the quirks that Castiel has, I have them too. And when people make fun Castiel for those quirks it doesn’t just hurt because he’s my favorite, it hurts because he’s just like me, and when you make fun of Castiel, it feels like you’re making fun of me.

It’s same thing with Dr. Shaun Murphy from The Good Doctor. He was the first character outside of Castiel that I ever felt a real connection too. I don’t share just a few traits with him, like I do with Castiel. Nearly every quirk that Shaun Murphy has, I have them too, everything but Savant Syndrome. Nearly everything that Dr. Shaun Murphy has had to overcome in the workplace, I’ve gone through them too. Heck, I’m still trying prove myself. To prove that I belong in college, that I can be a good lawyer. (Note: I either want to go to law school or own a comic book store, I haven’t decided which one I’m more passionate about).

I’m not one of the genius autistic people. And that’s another thing. That stereotype that most autistic people are either geniuses or people that can’t do anything for themselves, is just a stereotype.

As it turns out, most of us live quite normal, happy lives. We’re not geniuses. We have special interests that we’re experts on, but we’re not geniuses. I know everything there is to know about the early days of the United States and the supreme court system, but that’s not because I’m a genius. It’s because US History is my special interest. 

But basically the whole point of this post is to say 

When you make fun of an autistic character or an autistic coded character for their quirky habits, you’re not just making fun of that character, you’re making fun of the thousands of real people that are just like that character and you don’t even realize it. 

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Why do you ship Samifer? Didn't Lucifer like rape Sam or something? The only way shipping Samifer would be okay is if you're a survivor. If you're not then why are you a rape apologist?



I really shouldn’t have to say this. I really shouldn’t feel forced to say this. But I’ve been getting a lot of asks like these ever since I said I ship Samifer. But yes. I am a rape survivor. I ship Samifer to cope with it. And that’s all I’m going to say about this. Please don’t ask me to talk about it. I won’t do it. I’ve talked about it enough in court and in therapy. Please no more questions like this. 

You really shouldn’t be feeling forced to give out such personal information. Some people are just assholes who can’t let others ship peace. Ignore them, Maxy. And I’ll be back soon. Only 3 more weeks till I can see you again.

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you can say anything you want about D*stiel, but the bad D*stiel fans only make up one percent of their fandom. Sure they have issues with crosstagging (they get a little overly passionate about it), proxy fics, a few of them twist canon, but most of them are all sweet and caring and kind and positive. Trust me if you look in any of the anti ship tags you’ll see little to no hate from D*stielers. If you look in the anti D*stiel tag there is so much hate for them.

I mean do you really need to call them delusional because they like something you hate?

So please cut it with the BS saying that most of them are shitty.

This all is coming from an anti d*stiel fan

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Team Free Gabe

13x20//Unfinished Business

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Yeah, so before I shipped Sabriel as a crack ship, but after last night? 

My goddamn OTP

I agree 100%

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Meg: Could you see us as anything more than friends?

Castiel (completely oblivious): YES, YES, I’M GLAD YOU ASKED! I can totally picture us as unicorns!

I snorted

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Meg: Are you nervous?

Castiel: Yes.

Meg: Is this your first time?

Castiel: No, I’ve been nervous before.

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Drunk Dean (talking about Castiel): MY BEST FRIEND HAS A CRUSH ON YOU!!!

Meg: I know that, Dean. He’s my husband. 

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For height-dysphoric trans men - list of shorter male celebrities.

Posted by @ TRANSFlNN on twitter

Anyone got something like this for trans women because like…Being 6ft tall doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in this fight

ask and you shall recieve :)

6′0 Aisha Tyler

6′0 Allison Janney

6′0 Brooke Shields

6′0 Elle Macpherson

6′0 Famke Janssen

6′0 Geena Davis

6′0 Jane Lynch

6′0 Jeanene Fox

6′0 Jennie Finch

6′0  Kristen Johnston

6′0 Margaux Hemingway

6′0 Natasha Stefanenko

6′0 Saffron Burrows

6′0 Uma Thurman

6′1 Adriana Karembeu

6′1 Ana Hickmann

6′1 Brigitte Nielsen

6′1 Faith Minton

6′1 Janet McTeer

6′1 Julie Strain

6′1 Michelle Wie

6′1 Monika Schnarre

6′1 Pam Stone

6′1 Penny Lancaster

6′1 Tara Moss

6′1 Venus Williams

6′2 Dorothy Ford

6′2  Elizabeth Debicki

6′2 Ireland Baldwin

6′2 Jodie Kidd

6′2 Karlie Kloss

6′2 Lindsay Davenport

6′2  Maria Sharapova

6′2 Natalia Bush

6′2 Suzie Plakson

6′3 Dot-Marie Jones

6′3 Gabrielle Reece

6′3 Gwendoline Christie

6′3 Judy Gold

6′3 Kerri Walsh Jennings

6′4 Candace Parker

6′4   L'Wren Scott

6′4 Rebecca Lobo

6′5 Lisa Leslie

Size diversity in height (and weight!!) is real and does not care about gender-based stereotypes.

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games with






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me: *spends $3″


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Person on the phone: Hello, am I speaking to the head of the household?

Me, handing the phone to my cat: It’s for you

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man fuck math. if you know a number fuck you

There’s a number in your url

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“we almost dated” is such a weird relationship to have with someone

Plus the sequel “we never got closure”

And then the side adaptation “as a result I have a weird crush that never died”

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it must be so nice to be rich instead of like … having to develop a personality

shut up lol

buy my silence

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Casual reminder that if you send anon hate to someone because of their ship or because you hate their favorite character, you are a piece of shit

keep it on your own blog and don’t tag their ships or the characters, we can avoid fandom wars this way

A little louder for the people in the back

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Reblog this if you love Ronald Bilius Weasley
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