If We Go Down In Flames, The Smoke Is Going To Spell Our Names by, @ohthatbunnygirl

Reylo + Zmaj AU 

Summary: A tale of a Medieval princess who gains a new husband with a tail. 

For my lovely friend @ohthatbunnygirl ! Thank you for sharing your Zmaj AU. It’s very addicting, fun and widly entertaining story. I look forward to every update. I encourage everyone to check out her works. I made you a simple edit and I hope you like it. 

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Kelly Marie Tran has always been a ray of sunshine for the Star Wars fandom. Her gentle, fun and sweet personality is one-of-a-kind and her portrayal of Resistance mechanic Rose Tico has touched many hearts.

Unfortunately, Kelly had to leave online platforms in 2018 after receiving harrassment following her Star Wars appearance.

Many people have found or currently find themselves in the same situation. Cyberbullying, harassment and digital abuse is increasing, holding many back from enjoying the benefits that access to the internet can provide. Our current online environment lacks the balance and social rules of engagement that have been cultivated over generations, governing the behavior and relationships in the communities where we live, play and work – the physical world.

The Cybersmile Foundation are committed to helping everyone realize their true potential by supporting those that are bullied and abused online, changing the behavior of the bullies themselves and through education – preparing this and further generations for a safe and positive digital future.

Our hope with this campaign is to raise awareness and encourage online platforms and fandoms to share a safer space for everyone. We hope this also feels like a ‘thank you’ to Kelly and her work.

More information:

Donate now!

#SavingWhatWeLove #RoseTico #ReyloLove

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Let's all put our anger with what we're feeling about a certain someone who can't drop what happened in a movie a month ago into donating to Adam's charity :) we far surpassed our goal already and we hope to get to $100k!




welp, I guess I gotta go donate a fourth time now 💸💸 Reylos are out there doing the Lord’s work, stg. 😭💖

There’s also a SAVING WHAT WE LOVE gofundme that’s raising funds for The Cybersmile Foundation — campaigning for fandoms and online platforms to be a safe space for everyone, and for fandom to express their gratitude towards Kelly Marie Tran for her iconic portrayal of Rose Tico. Check it out, if you have a moment, and please support it! ✨

They bumped it up to 2k because Reylos and Rose fans hit that target in an hour! It’s at 1.2k now :) way to go, everyone! Rose would be so proud! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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post-TROS look. Tag yourself, I’m Anthony

JJ: You … You didn’t like it? … Guys?

He looks more and more unsettled. It’s fantastic.

Im Oscar

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“Unca Wanwo ”

I’ll stop wasting time on tears, I’ll let you live another fifty years!!!!!!!!!!  
it’s not enough!!!!!!!!! ​​​

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

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“Adam is a seaming dichotomy. In that, opposites are always present in his characters and within his humanity, but in fact he blurs the lines so seamlessly that new emotions are defined and he gives space for us to truly feel all. Ferocious vulnerability, generous contempt, protective availability, hopeful mistrust. I didn’t know how to define these feelings in myself until Adam gave me room to explore them through his characters.

[…] Adam is hilarious, no one has ever made me laugh this hard he’s bold, he’s totally brilliant. […] Working with Adam is staggering delicious in every way. He’s thrilling to watch in every genres and with the most diverse characters and just this year alone…"Burn this” on Broadway, “The Report”, “Star Wars” and, of course “Marriage Story”. It’s incredible. And in Marriage Story, he slayed me. He cut my heart wide open and make me staring into it. […] I wanna watch this performance for years. I wanna watch all his performances for years. He is bless, he’s bless to watch, to know and […] Adam, I truly consider you my family" - Laura Dern presenting Adam Driver at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

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x-wing owners be like

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I know all about waiting
                                            Ill come back for you, sweetheart. I promise.

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I am a simple man. I see baby yoda and I receive serotonin.

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Andrew Scott as The Priest in Fleabag, season 2
– costume design by Ray Holman

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Anakin opened his eyes and turned his gaze fully upon the grotesque features of Darth Sidious. He didnt even blink. As he looked upon that mask of corruption, the revulsion he felt was real, and it was powerful, and it was- Interesting.

On the mountain peak within himself, he weighed Padmes life against the Jedi Order. It was no contest.

He said, Yes.

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I blocked them. I blocked them all. They’re blocked, every single one of them. And not just the men, but the women and the children, too. They’re like animals, and I blocked them like animals.

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Daisy Ridley filming in Jordan for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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Were a dyad in the Force, Rey. Two that are one.

What do you mean this isn’t what happened on Tatooine? I’m still coping with the mess that is TROS and this is my escape mechanism 

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The mandalorian but baby yoda use flying walker instead of flying pod

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Chapter 2 is uploaded. Many thanks to @josskuhh for their awesome beta’ing! 

“I have received a missive from Tarkin,” she began hesitantly. Han’s face immediately darkened, his gaze immediately tracking north. Leia squeezed his hand. She knew he was thinking about the village they had lost, destroyed by Tarkin, as part of the Empire’s campaign to acquire everything–every acre of land, every village, every man, woman or child, swearing fealty, all to appease Sheev’s insatiable appetite. The lands they had salted were still not completely clear for use, the dark soil a scar in the verdant fields.

“He is insisting that we come to Coruscant. As soon as we can. And bring Ben,” she added, licking her lips. “He implies that he knows what Luke is up to.”

“And we are to answer to this?” Han demanded. “Is this just a flimsy excuse to order our execution?

Read more on A03 

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