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abba was right, at waterloo napoleon did surrender

abba was right about a lot of things, OP

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If I saw a guy laying on the ice with blood gushing out of his head I’d simply blow the play down

rip nhl refs but i’m different

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Canada doesn’t have any of this tough American “hope that pain goes away because you can’t afford to see a doctor again this year.” We’re having a positive FRENZY of preventive care!

In Canada I saw my doctor for strep throat BEFORE it turned into pneumonia.

I know people whose cancer got caught BEFORE it became inoperable!

Why, sometimes when we’re sick we don’t go in to work at all, and then all our coworkers miss out on getting what we have too!


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Important note to all Dracula fans - Coca-Cola was invented in 1886, and the story is set in 1897. This means you can authentically hint at coca-cola in any and all fanworks set around the book’s time period.

(not that it’s very impressive, since Dracula himself wouldn’t drink it, but certainly the American suitor can!)

Van Hellsing absolutely wired on classic cocaine coca cola defeating dracula

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Bruins doing strange faces on the the ice: a brief compilation

one of you asked for this at some point. here it is.

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help I’ve fallen and am perfectly capable of getting up but refuse to


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why do so many people not realize that everyone on earth has at least two grandmas 

“visiting your grandma? but i thought she passed away-“ 

“no my other grandma" 

“oh did your grandpa remarry? or was she gay?“ 

like do you or do you not understand the concept of a family tree

swedish has a solution to this

mor= mother
far= father

thus mormor= my mothers mother, and farmor= my fathers mother

similarly morfar= my mothers father and farfar= my fathers father

Swedish is the only valid language

Because I’m adopted and my adopted parents got divorced and both remarried I actually have twelve grandparents

youve become too powerful

summon the grandma horde

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~ March winds

It fucken wimdy.

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what will i ever need to use physics for


oh ok

The best part of this is that non hockey fans would be like ‘wtf is an octopus doing on the ice’ but hockey fans are like ‘oh, its a red wings game’.

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WSH@BOS 11/16/19

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The progression.

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How the media depicts the Apollo 11 mission:

Actual quotes from the Apollo 11 mission:

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I saw everyone on twitter tearing Emma Watson apart for saying she’s self - partnered instead of single and decided to watch her interview for British Vogue to know what the hell was she trying to say with that. I was very surprised to find a 30 minute video in which amongst other things she talks about the following:

  • She felt undeserving when she was appointed as UN Women goodwill ambassador and sought out Gloria Steinem to learn about feminist activism.
  • She thinks the criticism she received for being a white feminist was useful because it made her educate herself.
  • She says there’s a desperate need to reform the education system in the UK to change the way they are taught the history of how Britain has been involved in foreign affairs and how they profited from slavery.
  • She felt anxious about approaching 30 because there’s a lot of pressure to have a husband and a baby by then and she’s still figuring her life out.
  • She was so young when she was casted in Harry Potter that she doesn’t remember much of her life before it and she went to therapy to deal with her issues with fame. She used to feel very guilty for being unhappy because she thought she should enjoy fame more.
  • The interviewer is a transgender woman and they discuss transgender issues for a while. Emma is in regular contact with a trans child which makes the topic of trans rights emotional for her because she’s very anxious for this kid’s safety.
  • She talks about her role as Meg March in the new Little Women movie and defends that unlike what many people say choosing to be a wife and a mother doesn’t make Meg a less feminist character and quotes a line from the movie, “Just because my dreams are different than yours it doesn’t mean they are unimportant.”  
  • She wishes more people would realize she’s not Hermione Granger but also understands why they want to see that in her because Hermione is a symbol for her too.
  • She used to think she could never be happy without a partner and now that she has learnt to navigate that better and is genuinely happy single she’s started to think of herself as self - partnered in contrast to the time when she thought of herself as single = lonely.

Every media outlet decided to focus in an out of context quote from the three minutes she talked about her dating life when the actual interview had a lot of depth and way more important things were discussed. I’m sad and angry but not surprised.

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