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Tallsbian saga(so far!) in order! 

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“transition poses some ethical questions. Such as, from what age should you be allowed to irreversibly change your body.“

This of course completely ignores the fact that puberty makes irreversible changes to your body. But let us just rephrase the question: “from what age do you gain bodily autonomy?” Now it gets very easy to answer: From the moment you’re fucking born.

I’m sorry, I’m reblogging this twice in a row it is that important

Stand up and say it again for the people in the back row. 

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It´s stupid to be so emotional over a phone breaking but the thing is, this never happened to me. A cracked screen? Yeah. But a phone falling face first on the ground and not even turning on anymore? That never happened. My phones were all way too resilient for that. And now there are years of pictures lost because nowadays phones seem to be able to handle anything.

Call me old-fashioned but I´m not a fan of the cloud system. Especially after my e-mail account got hacked after I signed a petition, putting all my deeply personal stuff in a place where I can´t personally make sure no one can get to them without my permission doesn´t sit well with me. Ironically enough, I actually thought about backing up my pictures on my laptop recently but there was so much stuff going on that I never got to it. Now all the pictures of Julian and me, of my friends, my dog and even my mother´s grave are gone.

Urghs this just had to happen now, hasn´t it? God forbid I catch a proper break

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You guys realize you’re interacting with other human beings on here, right?

I just think that maybe some of you should be like, normal

and by that I mean that like. you need to realize there are boundaries with interactions with strangers

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november is the thursday of months

november is like if you took october and december but instead of adding them together you subtracted them from each other

I have no idea what this means but I know it’s true on a gut level

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Sooo my phone fell down after I came from the doc and now it won´t turn on. I may or may not have sat on the ground crying for a while because there are a lot of personal, very important pictures that I hadn´t gotten around to save on my laptop yet. Julian will see if he can at least fix it enough so I can save all the important stuff. So if I´m not responding to any whatsapp messages, that´s why

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Just in case Lina: I´ve seen your post. My phone died so I can´t go through my posts properly but I´ll take care of it as soon as I either have a new phone or my phone works again. Thank you for everything <3

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So, Boris Johnson wrote an essay in which he talked about the Sistine Chapel and then said : “There is nothing like it in Muslim art of that or any age, not just because it is beyond the technical accomplishment of Islamic art, but because it is so theologically offensive to Islam.”




NOT TO MENTION the fact that the prohibition against direct images in Islam was actually the reason for the development of the incredible advances in higher mathematics of the Islamic Golden Age because they were required to create these structures. The Islamic World basically took the ban on images as a “hold my beer” thing and created an entire artistic culture based on mathematics and architecture where art and science fed into and glorified each other, 700 years before the Italian Renaissance.


In conclusion

Those beautiful little cascading crenallated niches aren’t just beautiful but functional as well: they created the most incredible acoustics imaginable. Clap your hands beneath them and the sound carries in rippling echoes. It’s amazing! I’d love to hear what they sound like with someone speaking

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It was a political marriage. We both deserved better.


I’m sorry but if you were unhappy being married to this handsome (and well behaved! 99 whole days without biting!) fellow then quite frankly he deserved better


my perfidious husband:


I had a dream that I was in an unhappy political marriage with my friend’s parrot. I’m not sure why it was necessary but I felt the heavy burden of obligation when I took him to a ‘bring your spouse to work’ day at my job and everyone praised his little hat and how good he was at throwing paper. I stared forlornly out the window, not really present, and imagined what my life would be like if I had been able to marry for love.

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Mental illness is literally not an excuse


I never heard that, but regardless… Assault is assault


Wasn’t it reported that he had intense anxiety problems bc of Supernatural?


This guy was in a drunken rage, put someone in a choke hold and punched the manager of his restaurant


You don’t see that much white energy behind a goddamn actual innocent person.


stan culture was a mistake

I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if all the stuff with the show ending made him crack but he still violently assaulted his employees.

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every time i think about lil wayne i remember this interview and get sad

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We’re losing the fight

People please please please spread this. Hong Kong is under attack. We used to be an amazing city, we still are. We served as the link between East and West, and had a relatively good relationship with Mainland China. We were technically a part of them, but we kept our own laws and government under the Basic Law (HK law agreed on by both China and England). We had freedom; freedom of speech, religion, protest, all that. We stood up for what’s right.

Throughout Hong Kong’s history, we’ve always had a great relationship with the police force. Just look at the Umbrella Revolution of 2014, it was pretty dang peaceful considering the number of people out on the streets. Sure there were isolated incidents, but overall? There was a mural agreement between protestor and police. We do what we have to do, we fight for what we believe is right, we try to minimalize casualties. That’s not the case anymore

The city has turned into a battlefield. The police have become demons. They’re ruthlessly beating innocent civilians and passerbys. They sprayed pepper spray into a crowded train compartment. They pepper sprayed a pregnant woman directly in the face several times before proceeding to pull her to the ground and beat her. They shot people in the chest, leg, and eye point black. A lot of us don’t even think they are the police of Hong Kong anymore. We believe they are soldiers from the Mainland. They are tearing the city apart

I also feel the need to clear up some things. We are NOT fighting for independence. This started out as a protest against the extradition treaty that would strip Hong Kong of our right to free speech. It has evolved into a protest against police brutality and government negligence, and those two things have only gotten worse and worse. Again, this is not a fight for independence. We just want our city back, we just want One Country Two Systems (the agreement made between China and England. Hong Kong will be a part of China, but have a separate government and a separate justice and social system) back

PLEASE BOOST THIS. Not enough people know about the violence against the citizens. Outside media has painted the protesters as the villains when that is not the case. I’ll come back to add photos and videos to this post, but as for right now, please just BOOST THE HECK OUT OF THIS

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sexual tension is out, platonic tension is in. I need enemies who have fought each other so many times that they’ve developed a mutual fondness, realized they have a lot in common, and have to stop themselves from slipping into friendly conversation when they’re supposed to be kicking each other’s asses.

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the winter cold blowing in through a crack,
blowing out every candle turning the house to black,
nothing can be seen nor heard

Hel, daughter of Loki, the goddess who presides over the realm of Helheim

for @penumbralluminance  , from your @femmefatalenet secret santa  ♥

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Love, respect, and cherish fat femmes or else.

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Classic German comedy be like



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Just realized that as we go into the rawring twenties this is the first time FOB, Panic!, AND MCR have all been active at the same time since 2009

“the rawring twenties” ok first of all how DARE you

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Heartbreaking scene from the film

Schindler’s List (1993)


 Everyone knows the story, right? His protected workers?  How none of his ammo worked?  The full story is a lot more complex and a hell of a lot more breathtaking.

He wasn’t a saint. in fact, he was a bit of a douche, all things considered. Whored around on his wife, worked for the Abwehr, he was a member of the nazi party - not a particularly devout follower, but because he was a big fat remora fish who realised this particular shark could give him business opportunities, and if he wined and dined the upper crust that scored him even better ones.  He realised very quickly he could make an absolute killing on the black market and dove in headfirst with the profiteering.  Hell, he initially hired Jews in his factory because nazi strictures made them much much cheaper labour than hiring normal Polish labourers.  

But the thing is, once you start surrounding yourself with a particular, persecuted demographic, you begin to notice things.  You hear things, things you aren’t insulated from.  You begin to realise something.

And Oskar Schindler began to dimly grasp what was happening and he realised that it was not something he could countenance.  And his whole gameplay changed.

He no longer wined and dined for business opportunities, but to protect his workers.  He went flat out fucking balls to the wall to rescue a group of his workers from the jaws of Auschwitz, and built them a “camp” that offered at least the barest of human comforts, right under SS supervision.  He moved his entire fucking factory to save his workers, he realised an SS-provided list of names was left with blank spaces and just started filling in more.  He blew everything he had made profiteering and scheming to protect 1200 people because he found that there was a fucking line and it had to be drawn. He arranged for three thousand Jewish women to be moved to textile factories in the Sudetenland to give them a chance of surviving the war.   He blew all his money, resources and time on feeding, caring for and trying to protect as many Jews as he could.

After the war he failed every business venture he tried.  He became a raging alcoholic, surviving on donations sent by Schindlerjuden.  According to some, he traded the ring gifted to him by his workers for Schnapps.  He died in relative obscurity, almost penniless.

He wasn’t a great man, or a saint. He was an average schmuck, and spent most of his time fucking around until he abruptly found himself in a situation where he couldn’t.  He almost stumbled into his decency.  But once he had, he absolutely took hold of it,  and directly because of him 8,500 people are alive today.

Never, ever doubt the ability of a single human to RISE.

This guy is Giorgio Perlasca.


He started out a fascist. Right from the beginning. He fought in East Africa during the Second Italo-Abyssinian War, and in the Spanish Civil War. He was awarded a diplomatic mission from fucking Francisco Franco.

Then, he starts noticing things he doesn’t like. He doesn’t like how close to Nazis they’re getting. And then, in 1938, racial laws against Jewish people are passed in Italy and that is when he realizes that fascism is a pile of shit, and that he fucked up, but at that point he’s in too deep. He had a duty to his country, he thought, and worked to aid the army. What else could he do?

As it turns out, a lot.

On 8 September 1943, Italy surrenders to the Allied forces. Italians had to choose whether to join the fascist Italian Social Republic or side with the Allies. He chooses the latter and, due to his status as a veteran in the Spanish Civil War, he obtains political asylum at the Spanish Embassy in Budapest, changing his name in ‘Jorge’.

That could have been the end of it for him. He could have stayed safe and comfortable until the end of the war. He did not.

Perlasca worked with the Spanish Chargé d'Affaires, Ángel Sanz Briz, and other diplomats of neutral states to smuggle Jews out of Hungary. The system he devised consisted of furnishing ‘protection cards’ which placed Jews under the guardianship of various neutral states. He helped Jews find refuge in protected houses under the control of various embassies, which had extraterritorial conventions that gave them an equivalent to sovereignty. They could provide asylum for Jews.

When Sanz Briz was removed from Hungary to Switzerland in November 1944, he invited Perlasca to accompany him to safety. However, Perlasca chose to remain in Hungary. The Hungarian government ordered the Spanish Embassy building and the extraterritorial houses where the Jews took refuge to be cleared out. Perlasca immediately made the false announcement that Sanz Briz was due to return from a short leave, and that he had been appointed his deputy for the meantime. 

Throughout the winter, Perlasca was active in hiding, shielding and feeding thousands of Jews in Budapest. He continued issuing safe conduct passes (initiated by Sanz Briz), on the basis of a Spanish law passed in 1924 that granted citizenship to Jews of Sephardic origin (descendants of Iberian Jews expelled from Spain in the late 15th century). 

In December 1944, Perlasca rescued two boys from being herded onto a freight train in defiance of a German lieutenant colonel on the scene. The Swedish diplomat-rescuer Raoul Wallenberg, also present there, later told Perlasca that the officer who had challenged him was Adolf Eichmann. During 45 days period from 1 December 1944 to 16 January 1945, Perlasca helped save more than 5,000 Jews.

After the war, he returned to Italy and lived a quiet life. He told no one what had had done in Hungary - not even to his wife, who got the shock of her life when a group of Hungarian Jews finally found him in 1987, only five years before his death. When asked why he’d done what he did he just answered - “What would you have done in my place?”

He started out a fascist. He became of one the Righteous Among the Nations.

You don’t have to be a saint. You may have been on the wrong side. You may have made choices that are bad and stupid and just plain wrong. You don’t necessarily have to even be that good a person. But sometimes it comes down to one choice and one choice only and sometimes, despite everything, you just do the right thing

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Executive chef at a top Thai restaurant tells Gordon Ramsay that his Pad Thai is trash [x]

Lmao “what do you want to know from me?” Fuck!

So no one thinks that Gordon’s being “Put in his place” or something, this is from Gordon’s show where he specifically goes to places around the world to be schooled in how they do their cuisine and un-fuck the British (Imperialist but we can’t admit that on TV, but he does hint STRONGLY at it in some episodes) way of cooking “exotic” dishes by learning from the people who do it best.

That’s the world’s most successful chef putting himself in a position to learn from chefs around the world in world-class restaurants, grandmother’s houses, in a cramped make-shift kitchen on a rocking and speeding steam train, and more. He doesn’t shy away from learning from people who’ve never been in the remote vicinity of a culinary arts school or run a “professional” kitchen.

And here he’s showing a chef what he thinks of as Pad Thai and if you don’t think one of the most talented chefs on earth didn’t know he was specifically setting himself up to fail to make a point to his audience, then hopefully you do now! <3 

the context- he wasnt saying ‘heres my world famous pad tai for you to sample, a recipe i hold more dear then my own mother’ its closer to  ‘here, this is how i was taught to cook pad tai in liverpool by a man named charles, how far off am i?’

I also think the precise criticism is interesting. The other chef doesn’t say it’s bad. He definitely doesn’t say it’s trash. He doesn’t say it’s a bad meal. What he says is that it’s not pad thai. It’s been labelled as a specific thing and it doesn’t resemble that thing to someone from that culture.

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