Bisexual/pansexual (still figuring it out), out and loud and proud, half-black, of Apache and Creek descent (working on reclaiming my ties and being claimed by them), married w/ fur babies, autistic Latter-Day spoonie, disabled bookwyrm, cis she/her. Lover of words and faerie tales, jill of many trades and mistress of a few, fanfic writer, book reviewer, queer novelist on the come up. I take fic commissions.







i’m a show runner for doctor who between 2005 and 2009 i need help budgeting my show here’s what i have:

special affects: 13 dollars and washing a film student’s car for them once every other week so they can do the affects on a microsoft desktop home computer

david tennant’s accent coach: 5 dollars

musical score: 3,000 dollars

ambient light varying in color to bathe billie piper in: 10,000 dollars

please help me my coworkers are so angry at me

#favorite thing about this post#is the implication that david tennant doesnt really have that accent cjvjfjdjd

he doesn’t, he’s Scottish and was putting on an English accent for the role

this is literally news to me i feel lied to

would now be a bad time to mention his birth name is David McDonald

There was another actor named David McDonald and it was against union rules to have two so he had to change it. 

OP, you should make it clear that this budget is not for the Estuary accent that David affected throughout the series, as he already had that skill himself. This budget is obviously for that one episode with Queen Victoria where he, a Scottish person with a Scottish accent playing an English person with an Estuary accent, pretended to have a bad Scottish accent. That was #acting and it was well worth the financial support. My real concerns with this budget are that it appears to be in dollars, and that it implies that British film students have cars. This is unrealistic and unreasonable

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it’s because you’re not supposed to buy them they’re supposed to be given to you by a lesbian in a lake


what is it that makes swords seem so unattainable? you can get one for like $20 on amazon. sure some of them are upwards of 300+ bucks but thats for the real artisan shit. if you just want a blade you can grind and swing around thats so cheap. replica swords arent hard to make. swords ARE a reality you can achieve. but they seem so lofty. like something beyond what any of us could ever dream of owning. and yet we can

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bare essentals

He’s a minamilist

Where’s all his inside stuff

Didn’t need it

WhERe aRe HiS ORgaNs?

In church.

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“My cat is afraid of tangerines, so i created a force field to protect the Christmas tree…”


That poor cat! 😍😂

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“I’m not chubby” is today’s tee on going live in just 15 minutes!

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Omg I want this 😍

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I was doing my makeup today while my brother was fixing his hair. It was quiet and we were both busy doing ourselves up, but after I put on mascara I noticed that Nico was staring at me. “Did you know that some guys wear mascara?” he said and I was like pfft, yeah, of course, dude. I know guys who put on way more than I do. Nico just nodded and continued with his hair. A few minutes later, he brought it up again. “I know a guy who played in my baseball team that would put on mascara. It was … cool, I guess.” And after a moment of awkward silence, I turned to him and went: “Nico, do you wanna try some on?”

Yep. He did. He told me so after a little bit of asking, but he felt intimidated to try it on himself. So, I grabbed a really natural looking mascara and lightly put on one coat for him. It wasn’t all cute and serene, btw, it was very us (”fuck, don’t poke my eye out, bro” “nico, are you fuckin serious, i’m not gonna” “aaah, fuck, you’re gonna poke me!” “stop moving!”). But afterward he looked at himself in the mirror and was hesitant. He said he didn’t know if he liked it. And i just shrugged because…I guess, I didn’t want him to think anything wild about it. He could wear mascara or not, but I didn’t want him to be insecure about it all the same. “Well, that’s fine,” I said. “It’s no big. You just wipe it off and it’s gone. You want me to pass you a wipe?”

But he kept staring at himself in the mirror and he was like: No, actually…I like it. It makes my eyes pop. Then Nico turned around and waggled his eyebrows at me and went: bitches love my eyes. they won’t stand a chance now.

Today, Nico came into my room while I was doing my nails and he asked me what’s good with my mascara and I was like ???. Anyways, that was his form of asking for mascara again, checking himself out in the mirror for a minute and a half, and finally declaring: “I fucks with how this makes my eyes look”

Yas. Normalize guys wearing makeup

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The lady is a succubus, which in this setting is mostly human but with superpowered pheromones that passively make humans aroused just by being in the same room and essentially drug people out of their minds if she touches them directly. [The effect is so strong that there’s an entire government agency devoted to observing (from a long distance) all known succubi to make sure they aren’t starting suicide cults or going on murder-rape binges or whatever.] This causes her a variety of problems in life; she has to get up extremely early and stay at work late to take mostly-empty trains in order to avoid being in a crowded metal box full of humans, for example. But worst is her nonexistent love life, because how can you ever be confident that somebody has genuine romantic feelings for you if you’re supernaturally attractive to everybody? Is it ever morally acceptable to have sex if holding hands is effectively a date-rape drug? 

The guy is a perfectly ordinary biology teacher, who crashed into her in the halls on his first day and got a huge dose of aphrodisiac. But she is a Respected Colleague so it would be Highly Unprofessional to think of her that way, not to mention how Inappropriate it would be for a high school teacher to do or say anything while there might be students around, and wait a minute wouldn’t treating her differently just because of her biology be Super Racist? so obviously it is his Duty to act Perfectly Normal and pretend that he Feels Nothing.

She sees that he seems to have no reaction, and this sparks her interest. Is he immune to her powers? Clearly this requires further investigation! For entirely scientific purposes, not because if he falls for her he’d be the first guy she could trust to do so for legitimate non-chemical reasons (and totally not because she might be able to bone him without feeling bad about it).

So you’ve got the world’s dorkiest succubus clumsily trying to seduce this guy and he’s trying very hard to drink enough Respect Women juice to make up for over half his blood travelling south every time he sees her. Then for added fun several of their students catch on to these shenanigans and they ship it so they decide to “help”.

you know I can respect that premise.

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going to begin using #3 AT ONCE

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normal ocean creatures: ah. viva la sea. the blue, it is harsh but it is my love. i am a magnificent creature in a magical place

the deep ocean weirdos: i don’t need oxygen to survive. i haven’t eaten since the fall of byzantium. i have 300 eyes on my eyeballs. its been 14000 years since I’ve bumped into another life form. I’ll kick anything’s ass. nothing can kill me not even death

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“As early as the 1920s, researchers giving IQ tests to non-Westerners realized that any test of intelligence is strongly, if subtly, imbued with cultural biases… Samoans, when given a test requiring them to trace a route form point A to point B, often chose not the most direct route (the “correct” answer), but rather the most aesthetically pleasing one. Australian aborigines find it difficult to understand why a friend would ask them to solve a difficult puzzle and not help them with it. Indeed, the assumption that one must provide answers alone, without assistance from those who are older and wiser, is a statement about the culture-bound view of intelligence. Certainly the smartest thing to do, when face with a difficult problem, is to seek the advice of more experienced relatives and friends!”

— Jonathan Marks - Anthropology and the Bell Curve (via mgrable)

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times. IQ tests measure how well someone takes IQ tests and that is it.

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TIL of Carl, a 5-year-old deaf boxer who is unbothered by court noises and accompanies kids during depositions and trials. He offers a sense of protection for children while they face their abusers in court.


Dude I really honest to god thought there was some 5 year old professional boxer out here helping other kids and like to find out its about a dog just really shook my core


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today my teacher said “we’re gonna do a new poem form today called a sonnet” and i said “sonnet the hedgehog” way louder than i intended to and everyone stared at me and that was a low point

I would’ve clapped, that’s fucking hilarious

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Please write stories that are problematic. 

Stories need conflict.

Write them to show what’s healthy. Write them to show what’s unhealthy.

Write them because problematic behaviors exists, and writing is a medium to explore and show– to teach and make the reader think. Shying away from these topics only creates ignorance

I see so many people telling writers to avoid anything that could be problematic, like writing about it is supporting it. They fail to see the importance of writing with depth and meaning. 

Writing has always been about conveying thoughts and ideas without fear of censorship. Being able to present problematic situations in a healthy way is important. 

Once more for the people in the back

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Like…I have 4 best friends (shut up, you can have more than one). One is my husband, but he’s #2 on the totem pole, followed by my two partners who are also my besties. First is my sister. My husband knows he’s second fiddle to my sister, doesn’t care, but WE GET ALONG. We actually LIKE being around each other. Because we LOVE each other.

Why marry someone you hate being around?

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tis the season

I forgot about this

I haven’t seen this show up on my dash ONCE yet this Chanukah season I have to do everything by myself


HOW is he DOING that??? 😍😃

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Daily reminder that colonizers have and are continuing to intentionally destroy the traditions and beliefs of indigenous peoples so as to replace them with the traditions and beliefs of the colonizers.


And no white people, you aren’t helping by appropriating Native traditions and languages. Fuck off.

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My dad took my trig book and studied it for 2 hours once so he could try to help me with my homework when my mom was out of state.

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A character can still be a great character without being a good person.

In fact, some of the best characters are terrible people.

Because a character’s worth should be based on how complex and interesting they are, not their morality if they were real.

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