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it’s missing desire and decorum hours

I’ll never have enough of Ernest. 💔

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I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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So my wonderful friend @flowerpowell agreed to help me start on the path to writing AUs. She gave me the challenge to write a coffee shop AU with the Ernest x MC pairing, so… here’s what I wrote. Hope you guys will like this short one-shot!

Bartholomew (Ernest x MC Coffee Shop AU)

Dedicated to @flowerpowell, my favorite AU expert and wonderful friend! ❤

Pairing: Ernest x MC (Katherine)

Summary: Katherine tries to hide her feelings for the handsome returning customer, but not well enough.

Taglist: @itsbrindleybinch @mariaoz @desiree-0816 @a-i-n-a-a-s-h and @lady-kato! ❤

Unedited. ^-^


The door opened, and in walked a well-dressed man. He held the door open to a pregnant woman and smiled kindly as she passed him. It was as if the winter cold didn’t bother him in the least, even if the snow was starting to color his coat white.

Katherine shyly glanced in his direction. He was completely oblivious to all the looks she gave him, even though everyone else was not. She didn’t know what to do with these growing feelings, so instead she focused on the notebook in front of her. What was she writing, again?

Just as she was about to continue where she left off, a soothing voice spoke. “Hello, Katherine.”

Katherine blushed. How did he make even his words as warm and chocolatey as hot chocolate? She raised her head, and then she was looking into his pure blue eyes.

Her heart pounded rapidly. Maybe because she felt like she was flying in the purest sky to ever exist. Her skin warmed from the shining sun, as gentle as the man in front of her. It was a strange sensation, but one she looked forward to every day.

The illusion ended quickly. Katherine knew she couldn’t dwell for long. The last thing she wanted was for him to know. She would seem weak, and foolish, and a bit too dreamy. It was better to act naturally.

“Hello,” she forced a smile. For a second, she wondered if she should say his name, but she couldn’t. Or wouldn’t. Whatever.

Ernest cleared his throat. “I’d like to order one cappuchino, please.”

He didn’t look at her eyes, luckily. She didn’t know what she would do if he did. She was enough of a wreck as it was, anyway.

“O-of course,” Katherine replied. “I’ll get it done.”

She tried to take care of it, but her hands shook the whole time. She could feel Briar, her best friend, watching her from the side. She was also a co-worker, coincidentally, but it was clear that Briar was having way too much fun in letting Katherine fend for herself.

Seriously. Briar wasn’t even trying to hide that she wasn’t busy.

The cappuchino was done too quickly. Making it was her only reprieve from facing him, but here Katherine was, facing Ernest again. She poured the drink in a plastic cup, and hurriedly wrote Ernest’s name on it.

She didn’t even try and stop herself from adding the little heart after his name.

“Here.” Hesitantly, she passed him the coffee. He took it, and then…

He smiled at her. As if she just made his day with that one cup of coffee. As if he waited the whole day to see her. As if…

Katherine didn’t know how to explain it. All she knew was that Ernest’s smile was the most beautiful thing she saw in her life; that every day would be perfect if she could see his smile at least once.

“Thank you,” he whispered. She loved the way his accent blended with his voice. She loved how that whisper felt like hers, and hers alone.

Before she could say anything in reply, Ernest sat across from her. Her mouth refused to work, and a million thoughts ran through Katherine’s head. He was so close…

What could she say to him?

Just as she was about to open her mouth, the bell shook. Katherine picked her head immediately, and saw an old woman walking toward her.

Katherine wanted to speak, but Ernest’s close proximity unsettled her. She fidgeted instead.

“Excuse me,” the woman sighed, “I would like one mocha and one hot chocolate.”

Katherine obediently filled the order, before handing the lady her request. She watched as Ernest helped the woman, but then another customer came. And another, and another. At some point Ernest came in, but Katherine barely noticed. The coffee shop was so busy even Briar’s help hardly made a difference.

However, sometimes Katherine felt the weight of Ernest’s gaze on her. He watched her work, more from curiousity than judgement. When she glanced at him, she saw him frowning as if something bothered him.

For some reason, Ernest waited there until the sky turned dark and her shift ended. It was getting late, and the thought sent tingles through her. Why was he still here?

“I’ll take care of everything,” Briar announced. She winked at Katherine, gave her a slight smirk, and walked off, leaving the two of them alone.

At some point, his voice interrupted the quiet. “Katherine, can I ask for a favor?”

She smiled. “Of course!”

“My friend wants a coffee. Can you make it for me?”

“Of course.”

Ernest gave her instructions, and five minutes later the drink was made. She noticed it was the same as Ernest’s favorite, but didn’t dare to point it out. Instead she asked him for his friend’s name.


Katherine hurriedly scribbled his name, and with a smile held out the drink. Ernest took it from her hand, his fingers gently brushing hers. He scanned the cup, before his voice broke the silence. “There’s no heart at the end.”

Katherine’s cheeks reddened. She lowered her gaze to the counter, admiring the shapes in the white marble.

“I was in a rush,” she started to explain. “I’ll do it n-”

Ernest’s light eyes met hers. She was stunned at the way he looked at her as if he knew she was hiding something. Katherine gulped. She focused on the coffee cup, her tongue refusing to work. Why was he looking at her like that?

“It wasn’t a mistake, Katherine. You didn’t give any other customer a heart on their cup. I’m the only one.” He took his cup and turned it around so the heart was perfectly visible. “Why?”

Katherine’s cheeks reddened. She glanced in the direction she knew Briar was, but it was clear she was all alone. She forced herself to meet Ernest’s eyes, even if only that act made her aware to how close they were.

“I-” she hesitated. Katherine closed her mouth, opened it and then closed it again, before she finally spoke. “I like you. T-that’s why.”

There. No more games, no more lies. Here was the truth.

She lowered her gaze, but then Ernest was holding her chin. His eyes gazed at her with love and adoration, sending new tingles all throughout her.

He wanted to speak. She could see it. Katherine just wished he would, finally.

“I-” his cheeks darkened, “I like you too.”

At first, Katherine just stood there and gaped at him. Then, she finally found her voice. “You do?”

Ernest nodded shyly. “Yes. That’s why…” he cleared his throat and lowered his gaze, “that’s why I stayed here until now. I wanted to ask you out on a proper date, without all the curious eyes.”

“Oh.” Katherine swallowed. She looked back at Ernest, but he was now focused on the floor. “O-okay.”

“Really? Katherine, I-”

He froze. They both did. Only now did they realize how close they were standing, and…

Katherine wanted to kiss him. She really did. And the desire also made him stop in his tracks. His eyes glanced at her lips and he swallowed, as if searching for the way to think.

She closed her eyes, so she wouldn’t see their nearness. Somehow, it made it even more tempting to come closer.

So she took a step…





“At Thursday.”


“Eight p.m?”

They weren’t standing close anymore. Now, they were far enough for both of them to think clearly. It was a thought that comforted her yet frustrated her. If only…

“I’d love to,” Ernest replied with a small smile.

He gave a slight wave, before taking the cold coffee she made for him and taking a sip. Katherine watched as he walked away, and her heartbeat accelerated once again. She could hardly believe that finally…

“Seems like you got a date!” Briar called as she entered. “How does it feel to finally do something about lover boy?”

Katherine let out a breath of relief. “Amazing.”

She wondered where this would take her.

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“Home” Prince Hamid and MC from the book Desire and Decorum

A commission art for @missameliep who gave me this wonderful opportunity to work on this piece 😊 And I’m just working on a few more commissions, I may open commissions again by January 😁

OMG, this is beautiful! Stunning! Gorgeous! Breathtaking!

Truly a masterpiece. ❤

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Sent by anonymous

I love all the D&D LIs, I might go back and restart the series at some point to choose a different route


I miss you, Ernest. 💔

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Shipping Asks


1. What was your first OTP? 

2. What is your current OTP?

3. Do you have any OT3/OT+ ships? What are your favorites?

4. What is/are your favorite trope(s)?

5. What is/are your least favorite trope(s)?

6. Do you have a certain kind of ship you’re more attracted to?

7. Are most of your ships “pure” or “problematic”?

8. Who is the most shippable person you can think of?

9. Are there any fandoms you don’t have any ships for?

10. Do characters have to have canon interactions for you to ship them?

11. What makes a great ship in your own opinion?

12. What drives you away from a ship?

13. Is there anything you ship but refuse to interact with the community for?

14. Has a fanbase ever made you ship or not ship something? Why?

15. Do you like/participate in ship wars? Why or why not?

16. Are there any ships you just can’t/don’t understand? What are they?

17. Are there any popular ships that you just don’t like? What are they?

18. What is your favorite unpopular ship?

19. Do you prefer fluff, angst, or smut for your ships? 

20. Do you prefer bigger fanbases or smaller ones?

21. Have you ever received hate for a ship you liked? 

22. Do you have any ships that you ship, but would never want to see as canon?

23. Have you ever had a ship become canon, but you didn’t like how it was portrayed?

24. What is your favorite canon ship?

25. What are your favorite ships from a dead fandom?

26. What are your favorite shipping scenes?

27. What are your views on reader x canon ships?

28. What is your best shipping advice?

29. Do you like OCs (Original Characters)?

30. What are some of your favorite shipping blogs?

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Please, please let me be in the test group. I’ll pay.

I love my daily diamond pack buy thing and renew it every time. I would totally do a VIP pack.

I’m just worried that the daily diamond rewards will be available only for VIPs, because it kinda sounds like that.

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Guys thank you so much! ❤

When I started this blog I never expected to get so many followers. Like really. I’m so honored to have 400, because that is a big deal. ^-^

So I was thinking of doing a personalised fic giveaway. You can choose any LI x MC pairing, and I’ll write you a drabble or a fic. It’ll technically be LI x reader, and you’ll get to pick what to call yourself over there and if you want a prompt from a past or present monthly challenge.


  • In order to enter, you must follow me and reblog this post.
  • The winner will let me know which pairing they want me to write for through DM after they win.
  • Please don’t follow and unfollow after the contest ends.
  • Pairings I will not write for: ones with incest, minor x adult or Justin x MC.
  • I WILL NOT WRITE ANYTHING SEXUAL. The most my fics will have is kissing, and even that won’t be makeouts.
  • Winter- holiday theme: I’ll write for general winter holidays. I may make up a few holidays, but won’t write anything really Christmas-y.
  • I hold the right to deny or accept any request the winner makes if I don’t feel comfortable writing it for whatever reason.
  • There may be bonus prizes. I don’t know if there will be, but there may be.

But there’s more! ^-^

Since I got such a positive reaction to my HCs, I’m gonna have 24 hours in which I write HCs for any book is chosen. To vote all you need to do is reblog and write over there which book you would like me to do HCs for. ^-^

Entry will be open till December 14, 11:59:59 PM IST (GMT+2). The HC date will be announced shortly after.

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How about Aiden?


Oooh time for the music to start! Or for this matter, the headcannons. ;)

  • Aiden is the opposite of a sports fan. He never cared much for sport, and HATES when people tell him he needs to exercise. He would much rather spend his time on music than any of that “nonsense”, and doesn’t see that as a problem.
  • When he plays on his piano, it’s usually classical music. However, sometimes he plays songs he likes or melodies he composed on it. And even though he enjoys the composing process more than all, he still does it only sometimes.
  • He may like music, but hates singing. He can play any beautiful tune in the world, but will NEVER sing to it. He doesn’t even understand why so many people want to be singers, and what’s such a big deal about a beautiful voice. Isn’t a wonderful composition infinitely better?
  • The only part of school he sees as important is band practice. He doesn’t really like or respect anything else.
  • He has an allergy to hamsters, but doesn’t mind. He never wanted a pet anyway.

Hope you liked this, nonny! I don’t know Aiden like at all, so I really hope I captured his personality well! ❤ (And didn’t contradict anything in cannon!)

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Avery :)





It is time to give some attention to Avery, sweetest and kindest pop star ever! 😍

Since I see Avery as male, I’ll address him in that way. ^-^

  • It’s hard for Avery to be away from home. He misses his family, his friends, and the life he left behind. But he’s happy he gets to fulfill the dream of earning a living through making music.
  • He owns a car, one he takes out when he needs to escape from the daily stress. The driving calms him, increases his confidence and reminds him how he really is just like anyone else.
  • He likes to draw. Sometimes, when he leaves the city, he takes a notepad with him so he could draw the view.
  • He’s an early bird, which is why Fiona never has a problem with waking him up on time. MC, though…
  • He always admired all different kinds of artists, but never saw himself as much of one. If you ask him, MC is a much better singer than he will ever be. (Considering she wrote the lyrics to all her songs.)
  • And, bonus… He’s a GIANT Harry Potter fan, and a very proud Hufflepuff.

Thanks for the ask, @she-wolf-1698! This was so so fun! I really enjoyed it, and I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it! ❤

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Guys, thank you so much for all the HCs requests! I’m truly having a blast writing them! Lets me get to know the characters a bit better! ❤

Of course, you’re welcome to send me more requests! This is really fun! ^-^

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Andy Kang for the headcanons


Oooh I never expected an Andy Kang request! Thanks for this ask, nonny! ❤

Here are a few HCs, from what I know of him. ^-^

  • He tried a few sports before he settled on playing basketball. He just felt the most comfortable in that court, and loved the teamwork aspect of it all.
  • He was always a horror/action fan. Ever since he was a little kid, he would imagine himself becoming one of the heroes over there. (Because he felt trapped.)
  • He never reads books, not even comics. He’s all into watching movies, though. A true movie geek.
  • He loves being an only child, since he gets all the attention. It also guarentees he’ll be the only King Kang. ;)
  • He truly believes in actions, not words. He uses that quote way too often, but his friends are already used to it. Just another one of his quirks.

Hope you liked this, nonny! I liked writing it- it was challenging! ^-^

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Beckett Harrington ❤️


Beckettttttt 😍

Don’t mind my squealing. With Beckett, it’s constant. 😉

Anyway, HCs for our beloved Beckett! ❤

  • With all the time Beckett and MC spend together, she once managed to force him to watch Harry Potter with him. He didn’t like it.
  • The only Attuneless books he likes are mystery novels. He doesn’t find the appeal for any other genre. (Romance- pointless; Fantasy- why read that when there really is magick?; Mystery- challenges the mind. So… bearable, if MC forces him to read Attuneless books.)
  • He started yoga to help with the stress of school, mainly. He wasn’t interested in sports, because that required teamwork, and we all know how social Beckett really is.
  • He was one of those kids in school that never let others copy from them, because he believes in hard work.
  • When he was a kid he would sit hours on puzzles. He outgrew it at some point, but he still sees the puzzle Katrina gave him for Christmas a few years ago as one of the best gifts he ever recieved.

Some of these I’m confident of, some a little less. I hope you liked them, @drakewalkerfantasy!

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Simon! ☺️


Oooh Simon, our sweet, lovable boy! ❤

Thanks for the ask, Tally! ❤

So here are my Simon HCs:

  • He had a crush on MC in elementary school, but then was really shy. He mostly grew out of his shyness, though, a bit later in life.
  • He loves reading crime and mystery novels. They challenge is mind, which is why he’s dreamed to be a crime reporter for so long.
  • He wanted a dog his whole life but unfortunately never had the opportunity to get one. His parents didn’t let him and his landlord doesn’t let him either.
  • He loves upbeat music, but when he’s calm he listens to soft rock. He listens to pretty much everything, though.
  • He wants to know how to play piano, but unfortunately never got the chance. (His apartment’s too small and there was never enough room at home, either.)

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One of my favorite side characters of Choices for sure! Such a queen. 🙌

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to summarize today’s chapter;

  • atlas pissing off the ghost
  • atlas teaching a new spell
  • griffin being the only one who had functioning braincells during the attack
  • pulling a baking prank on atlas
  • mistletoe is apparently poisonous
  • atlas not sharing cookie dough—THE NERVE
  • atlas getting pissed and hungry
  • atlas hoping to see a dead body inside chateau delune
  • ghost cat
  • atlas being dragged by tyler’s rpg cartoon dragon
  • ghost delune kid getting mad at the pend pals for attacking her dragon when she basically attacked and trapped them herself,,, man i don’t understand ghouls

basically atlas ernhardt in this holiday special is a mood

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Yayyy thank you, nonny! ❤

So I’m gonna tag the #1 Maxwell stan @itsbrindleybinch to hear what she has to say about these HCs:

  • Maxwell makes time every day to take Chance out on a walk. MC usually joins him with Lady Lucky, and the puppies stay behind with the others.
  • He is such a geek. He found out a bit about geek culture on multiple trips around the world, and since then enjoys watching Star Wars, Doctor Who and Sherlock. Oh, and he’s a HUGE fan of Ben Park.
  • He still keeps in contact with Leo. They talk a lot, and Maxwell knows he could always be comfortable with him. Leo gets to see often the deep side of him, one not many others get to see.
  • He loves cooking, and always did. He likes sneaking into the kitchen sometimes and baking something, and he spoiled MC quite a few times with his generosity.
  • He doesn’t fall in love easily, but when he does, it’s all the way. ❤

Hope you enjoyed these, nonny! And Tally, I hope I gave him more justice! ❤

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message me a character and i'll tell you five headcanons i have about them
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Sent by anonymous

Okay, am I the only one who romanced Caleb in HSS?


Nope, I romanced him! Tbh I couldn’t choose between him and Michael, so I did a playthrough with each. ^-^

Caleb was really sweet. ❤

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