and now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.

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@moringottos is reading a biography of francis and apparently before he and ross went down to antarctica one of his sailors gave him a brown noddy as a pet? well to the ship. but i love this.

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Btw, “The North Georgia Gazette, and Winter Chronicle“ (Parry’s Arctic newspaper) was published on their return and can be read here.


Underneath the fanciful there’s loads of day-to-day details that never make it into the official narratives.

Lopez, Arctic Dreams:

This article identifies many of the contributors, based on Parry’s annotations in a copy of the published version.

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Unknown, Photograph of Northern Lights over Roald Amundsen’s ship Maud, 1918–1925

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this is my most primal reaction to this show

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a sort of Gothic Professor and apprentice au!

heavily inspired by Lucky Lazarus by @gigi-sinclair

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poem to your eyes \ a love poem \ © víctor m. alonso

[ your eyes, the color and bright of sea when reaches the shore]

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*taunts you with my quiet dignity*
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Lilah Fear at the 2020 European Championships

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a clip of Chant II from the Broadway previews of Hadestown, featuring the cut lines from Persephone and altered lyrics, as well as a earth-quake like “electric city” climax

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“How any man achieves his post on an expedition is less important than how he spends it and, well, that he- he measures up.

j f c this is so good im gonna yeet myself to the sun

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Some polar pins ❄️

The Franklin Expedition pin is by @pileofsith!

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I thought of a bad thing

Fitzjames: *at Sir John’s funeral*

Crozier: I’m so sorry for your

| ||

|| |_

Fitzjames, through tears: how the fuck did you just say that with your mouth

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I hated rubbing your feet! I can never forgive my hands for what they’ve done!

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You can’t

The Lament for Icarus - Herbert James Draper (1898)
Hercules on the Pyre - Guido Reni (1617)
Death of Achilles - Peter Paul Rubens (1635)
Theseus Victor of the Minotaur - Charles Edouard Chaise (1791)
Orpheus - Pierre Amedee Marcel-Beronneau (1897)
The slaughter of the suitors by Odysseus and Telemachus - Louis Vincent Palliere (1812)
Perseus Freeing Andromeda - Peter Paul Rubens (1607)
Bellerophon on Pegasus - Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (1746)

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Some backstage photos of Amy Manford, Lara Martins, John Ellis, and Nadim Naaman at POTO Greece. 

From Amy’s takeover of the POTO Greece Instagram. (x)

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Xylophone Progress XII: Complete


The actual construction went swimmingly. I used the organza interlining to invisibly hem the garment all around, then fell-stitched the lining in place at ¼ inch clearance from the edge.

I made this choice because in all the images I found, it seemed very clear that the stage xylophone has absolutely no fashion-fabric facing. The lining goes right up to the edge:

(If you check out the shoulder, that image also confirms that the stage xylophone has wool fronts only. I used red silk-cotton for the backing.) 

But if you want linings to double as facings, you either have to line with no slack/ease at all, or edge-finish the garment in some other way so that the lining doesn’t have to be responsible for keeping the edges neatly turned. Hence the hemming. The organza kept it nice and invisible:

As you can see, the hem and prickstitching can’t be seen from the outside. I’m pretty happy with how that turned out!

Hoping it arrives safe and sound! This was a really great experience.

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