I love the UK and Mystrade. Rupert Graves is the most beautiful man on the planet. Mark Gatiss is a precious person. I’m ridiculously pleased to have put that expression on Mark’s face. I am Lavender_and_Vanilla on AO3. All the credit goes to @myteapotthings for my avatar pic.


Magicae Argentea by EventHorizon

Chapters: 60/60!!!!!!

Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms

Rating: Mature

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Characters: Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade, Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Anthea, Mrs. Hudson

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Magic, mystrade, Don’t copy to another site


A chance encounter with the owner of an occult shop would normally be something Mycroft Holmes immediately erased from his mind, but something about this Greg Lestrade is too intriguing for that to occur…

The final chapter of Magicae Argentea just went up!  I want to thank all of you who gave me your kind support during the writing of this story.  It made the process a wonderful one and I hope the ending satisfies!

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105. “You can’t make up for it by giving me a tic-tac.”

Greg scowled as he slid into the back of the car.

Mycroft looked abashed.

“It was a lovely meal, though something was missing.” Greg pretended to think. “Oh yeah–you! I felt like a right idiot eating alone in that restaurant.”

Mycroft pulled a small box from his jacket pocket.

“You can’t make up for it by giving me a tic-tac.” Greg turned away.

Mycroft popped the mint into his own mouth. He reached over and took Greg’s hand, caressing each knuckle. Pulling Greg close he kissed his partner’s lips. “I’m sorry. How I can make it up to you?”

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Regarding the Crowley/Aziraphale Swap…

So by now most of us have probably already seen this Twitter exchange between Douglas MacKinnon and Neil Gaiman…

Well, I now present a third option brought to you by the one and only David Tennant:

Do you think Michael Sheen has a completely different theory as to when the switch happens?

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*during a case*

Eurus: Don’t worry, Sherlock. You’ve got everything you need to take them down.

Sherlock: You mean the power to believe in myself?

Eurus: No. The guns I packed for you

Eurus: Why don’t you ever use them

Eurus: Screw self worth

Eurus: Just shoot their fucking faces off

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What does it take…

‪to conquer Mycroft Holmes? A Roman general. And some eyeliner.‬

Veni, vidi, vici by @mottlemoth tonight at 19.00 on Discord. ‬

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Hello Tumblr Writers!


I have a serious inquiry for you! 

I am starting a podcast series! In this series I will be reading fics and stories from writers here on Tumblr and AO3! So if you’d like to be a part of this, just shoot me a message with links to whatever youd like me to read and any requests you have! And don’t worry! Everything I read will be properly credited to it’s writer!!!

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Crowley just walking in his flat appreciation.



Watching him saunter makes my stress melt. Opposite effect on his ferns, but I AIN’T THEM, so

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When you’re at a local NaNoWriMo write-in and the two loud obnoxious people at the end of the table start talking about writing porn like they’re being groundbreaking and then they bring up Benedict Cumberbatch being cute and  all the porn about him on AO3 and you’re just sitting there like

Total rookies.

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I did the thing.

Double Exposure, T, 1421 words. Slight AU, post-Reichenbach. Johnlock. Alternate first meeting. Fake Relationship. Kissing and stuff.


Oh god. Plot Bunny. Halp.




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 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin WallNovember 9, 1989.

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TLC {Polyamorous Mystrade/OFC}




A gift ficlet for @cumberbatchedandgatissmitten

Cumber, this is just a wee gift because A) you’re so kind, patient and all around lovely about my terrible existential angst over writing your RG auction fic, and B) cuz you deserve a little TLC :)

Juggling her keys, purse and tablet in one hand, Alia managed with the other to hang onto the sticky hand of her youngest, Ollie, who was tugging impatiently, trying to get back down the steps so he could go chase a cat which had darted into the bushes. “Oliver!” She finally snapped exasperated, “Stop! We’ve got to get inside. Besides, I can’t take care of a bloody cat on top of everything else.”

When his hazel eyes filled with hurt, she was instantly stabbed with remorse. It wasn’t his fault that the divorce proceedings had left her off-kilter, and that full-time work and mostly-full-time-single-mum-hood was proving crushing. You’ll get through this, she reminded herself. 

She’d bloody better, not much in the way of choice.

“Sorry, pet,” she soothed, giving his hand a squeeze. “I know you want to find the cat, but let’s go inside first to put down our things.” And pre-heat the oven so she could get some sort of dinner prepped for her three boys, start the laundry, sort the bills…

Door finally open, Alia let Ollie run ahead to fling himself in front of the telly, their usual after-school routine. She felt awful depending on it as a sort of nanny, but honestly what parent didn’t do that at least part of the time?

Glancing at the bench by the door, she spied Jeremy and Simon’s school things piled untidily in a heap and bit back a sharp sigh. At eleven and fifteen they weren’t any exception to how messy and frankly disgusting boys could be. Looking up, however, she blinked in shock; not only was the house tidy, for once, it also smelled pleasantly of lemon-scented cleaner, and aside from the school things, was shining with spotlessness. A state it hadn’t achieved since they’d moved in, essentially.

Overriding the smell of lemon was an even more amazing aroma: fragrant Indian food.


Keep reading

This story is now available on #AO3, as part of a new collection, Geometry. The collection will be receiving contributions from both myself, as well as @cumberbatchedandgatissmitten, for whom this ficlet was a gift. All stories will be polyamorous, between Mycroft, Greg and our OFC, Alia. Not all stories will be in the same ‘verse, but they will all contain these three in some variation of a relationship, either new, established or changing/growing.

Morning reblog.

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I ♡ readers


here’s to the readers who stay up past midnight reading just one more chapter

here’s to the readers who like one fic - so they go through our archive and read everything else

here’s to the readers who are still learning the language of the fic they’re reading, but they’re making it through anyhow

here’s to the readers who are too shy to tell us how much they love our story, so they just tell all of their friends about it instead

here’s to the readers who kudos - and then comment “kudos” when they can’t do it again

here’s to the readers who make rec lists or run fic reccing blogs

here’s to the readers who give out prompts and ask for metas and suggest ideas of things they’d love to see

here’s to the readers who hide their phones so that no one sees what they’re reading, but omg this fic is just so good!

here’s to the readers who keysmash, reaction gif, tag, comment, quote us back to us, and otherwise let us know that they loved our work

here’s to the readers

without you, we don’t exist

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*cue the jingle of holiday music*



Just a little reminder as we’ve moved into November, now is the time to release all those holiday plot bunnies you’ve collected. I’ll set up the Mystrade Holiday Collection 2019 on AO3 next week so we can put all the holiday goodies in one place. It’ll be an open collection for any and all Mystrade fics pertaining to winter holidays (whatever ones you please). Please spread the word.


For those looking for ideas or prompts I suggest…


Yes, it still works!


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