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one of these days someone is going to delete a load bearing anonymous ask and this website will collapse 

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Keyboard monster wants to TYPE and he WILL NOT BE STOPPED

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Don’t invite me to your wedding i will look better than you and it will be embarrassing for us both

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This came to my sons kindergarten graduation

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Saw this at my local Wal-Mart yesterday.

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This is Chupey





Hello! This my 6 month old pup named Chupey, short for Chupacabra. His DNA test puts him as mostly Pitt/rott mix….but you wouldn’t know it! Most of his deformaties seem to be external rather than internal. We have done blood tests and had several physical exams and things seem to be mostly in order. He had deformed genitals and was cryptorchid, so we neutered him last week. Now he is drinking and peeing more since the surgery. A blood test a few days ago showed elevated liver enzymes but nothing else of concern, kidneys are fine. So we are trying to get the enzymes under control and hopefully he won’t have to go under the knife again!

But he is happy and loving life so that’s all that matters. He is such a sweet pup and I hope I get lots of time with him!

I just wanted to see what you thought of his funky appearance(especially his ears. His embark DNA test revealed nothing in his genes that would explain why he looks the way he does). If you want to see more pics of him, he has an Instagram @cheers.for.chupey  :)

Just superb, you funky little cryptid.

Thats my little guy! I am glad everyone is enjoying his “unique” appearance :)

Update on my little Chupey, who I swear gets even more weird looking as he ages! Currently at 9 months old, his teeth are one of the biggest parts on him!

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choose your fighter

the correct answer was…………………hobgoblin 3

Ladies and gentlemen hobgoblin number three

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Art Deco raspberry necklace and earrings, c. 1920 (via).

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Rewatching Ringing Bell and this one sheep in the background is making me lose my shit

I know that’s supposed to be a simplified muzzle but all I can see is


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Not only are ocean sunfish (Mola mola) the largest bony fish, but they also grow the most of any vertebrate - they grow to 60 million times their size from when they hatch! A typical growth rate for an ocean sunfish is 500g a day!

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The Four Horses of Apocalypse.

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tbh I think if we saw a neanderthal on the street we probably wouldn’t know they weren’t quite…us…we’d just be like “huh, that guy sure had a broad face also he must deadlift”

The newer reconstructions that they are doing show this so clearly. Both men and women, they looked….pretty much like us. Just heavier bone structure. Clearly Not Quite Us if you studied closely, but put on modern clothes, modern hairstyles, and…. yeah, they’re human.

They just look like us if we had slightly thicker bones and bigger skulls.

I love the facial expression! 

Grandpa about to tell me a story about mammoth hunting……

And they were so much smarter than we’ve given them credit for in pop culture. They were capable of creating art, which has been confirmed with cave paintings. Neanderthals had imagination. And a Neanderthal skeleton was found with an intact hyoid bone that showed they were probably capable of speaking, so they may have had language too! 

I know I bring him up a lot but I have to talk about Shanidar 1. He is a Neanderthal man who lived in what is now Shanidar, Iraq. At some point in his early life he suffered a serious blow to the head,possibly leading to paralysis on the right side of his body that caused him to lose the use of his leg and arm, and he might also have been blinded in one eye. Around 40,000 years ago that would’ve been an immediate death sentence unless he was cared for by his tribe, and he was. He was cared for so well that he lived to be 35-45 years old, an advanced age for Neanderthals. They were capable of compassion, perhaps even love. This also means that “survival of the fittest” is a bit bullshit imho.   

this is a really good post but i have a few things i’d like to point out:

experts have been speculating that neanderthals were capable of speech since at least the 1970s-80s. a fully preserved neanderthal hyoid bone was discovered in 1989, but it wasn’t until recently that we have the non-destructive analysis tools to determine that the specimen is virtually identical in shape and function to the hyoid bone of modern humans, meaning neanderthals likely spoke, and may have been capable of complex language. because of the dimensions of their vocal tract, though, they probably couldn’t produce the same quantal vowel sounds as anatomically modern humans, making their speech sound different than ours. (fun fact: this study also found that because of their relatively short vocal tract in comparison with that of homo sapiens, neanderthals may have had higher pitched voices, in the soprano range)

neanderthals could most definitely experience emotions, including compassion and love. they buried their dead. they cared for their disabled and elderly. they used feathers and bird claws for personal ornamentation. all of these things are very human things. compassion and love are also very human things.

and there’s a reason for this–neanderthals were extremely closely related to us. while recent research has upheld their status as a separate species (homo neanderthalensis) instead of a subspecies of homo sapiens, they could and did interbreed with our anatomically modern human ancestors. almost all modern humans carry a small percentage of neanderthal DNA (about 2% for people of non-african descent).

so yeah, they aren’t quite us. but they’re very, very close.

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Did you know that Moomin creator Tove Jansson illustrated J.R.R Tolkiens The Hobbit for the 1962 swedish edition? These are just a few of the illustrations in the book.

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lovely spring afternoon featuring Thorben and Girtha

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Evolution Series: The Feathered Terrorists

The so-called Terror Birds did justice to their Mesozoic ancestors, taking the role of apex predators for millions of years in South America - some even made the trek north, reaching as far as Florida and Texas before dying out.

*The animals represented here are not to scale and don’t represent a direct line of descent, but rather plausible models for how this amazing transition happened.*

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Bubble Coral Shrimp (Vir philippinensis)

Photo credit:  q phiaBrianKaido Haagen

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